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>> No. 20793 Anonymous
13th July 2015
Monday 1:44 pm
20793 British Fallout Mods
Anyone know of any Britain, or even just England, centred Fallout 3/NV mods? The best I can find is some half decent armour sets and a shitty little overhaul mod.

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>> No. 20795 Anonymous
13th July 2015
Monday 4:06 pm
20795 spacer
That's oddly specific.

While we're talking about modding Fallout, I've just started my first playthrough of New Vegas - can anyone suggest the must-have mods for it? Preferably ones that won't necessitate starting a new game. I've already got stuff like the Stutter Remover, Anti-Crash, some of the Someguy series including Bounties.

And is there a mod that lets you look at recipes away from the crafting tables? I mean what the fuck is that about. I've been continually googling on this subject but apart from a couple of other disgruntled players no-one seems to have a problem with not being able to look up the ingredients you need to make something when you're actually out scavenging for them. Apparently they've all memorised everything.
>> No. 20798 Anonymous
13th July 2015
Monday 6:30 pm
20798 spacer
I personally like New Vegas Restoration as it makes the Strip look nice -- not grubby and shit.
I have a map mod that colours the map in and adds some icons showing locations of collectables.
The Wasteland Explorer quest is a 'dummy' quest that has no marker on the compass, which satisfies my autism when I'm out exploring.
I have a mod which I don't remember the name of that takes away the brown filter and makes everything more vibrant and colourful.
>> No. 20803 Anonymous
13th July 2015
Monday 8:56 pm
20803 spacer

It's called Fellout. Also look for the grass mod and the hi res texture pack.
>> No. 20804 Anonymous
14th July 2015
Tuesday 12:19 am
20804 spacer

The only mod I would consider essential was put together by the lead developer, Josh Sawyer. It makes a lot of minor tweaks; most notably carry weight and HP are now more dependent on stats, and XP gain is halved.
Details: http://fallout.gamepedia.com/JSawyer
Download: http://diogenes-lamp.info/jsawyer_fnv_mod.zip

The next most important thing is a UI mod.
>> No. 20814 Anonymous
15th July 2015
Wednesday 1:26 am
20814 spacer

There's a good one, I can't remember the name but it makes most of the UI invisible until you need it.

Also a sprint mod which you hold down shift and it consumes your VATS gauge but you can go really fast for a couple seconds.

Also there's another one that adds many new perks to the game and makes it much more interesting and unique each time.

And then not to forget the backpack mod!
>> No. 20815 Anonymous
15th July 2015
Wednesday 10:53 am
20815 spacer


I really like both Freeside Open and The Strip Open. I can see why they added all the extra gates to the areas, because Freeside chugs in a few places, but the mods go some way to making it feel like a proper city.

Aside from those I like Realistic Wasteland Lighting because the default lighting and post processing is awful.
>> No. 20824 Anonymous
15th July 2015
Wednesday 8:30 pm
20824 spacer
Electro-City. It adds more lights to the wasteland and installs solar-powered lampposts on the highways so you can see what you're doing when you leave at night. This is especially useful if you install Fellout which makes it REALLY REALLY DARK at night, doubly so when combined with the Realistic Wasteland mod mentioned above. Also I like a star-dome replacement mod to make it look more pretty, and also replacing the pipboy with the Readius so when you wear the Ranger Armor you get to have both gloves. For that you need NVSE.
>> No. 20825 Anonymous
15th July 2015
Wednesday 9:03 pm
20825 spacer


Oh, boy it really does. I took Early Riser after checking it out, because it's bedtime anyway once the sun's down.

Getting trapped in a midnight sandstorm is a riot.
>> No. 20826 Anonymous
16th July 2015
Thursday 1:34 am
20826 spacer

There's a cool weather mod you can get as well. It will rain or sandstorm massively etc. The rain is acid rain.
>> No. 20827 Anonymous
16th July 2015
Thursday 1:41 am
20827 spacer
I installed Nevada Skies. At night I couldn't see my arse in front of my face, so I had to install the Brighter Nights .esp. During sandstorms I couldn't see anything either so I disabled them too. Weather is one thing but making the game unplayable isn't exactly fun.
>> No. 20828 Anonymous
16th July 2015
Thursday 2:19 am
20828 spacer


Realistic Wasteland Lighting is great, especially when combined with the washed out version of NMCs texture pack . The vanilla game never quite nailed the atmosphere of being in a scorching hot desert, and the other weather/lighting mods I've tried made the environments too dark, even during the daytime.

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