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>> No. 20934 Anonymous
20th August 2015
Thursday 12:12 am
20934 Metal Gear Solid V
Looked back to find the other thread, but it's over a year old and locked so decided to make a new one.

Less than two weeks until Phantom Pain is released, so finally got round to properly playing Ground Zeroes. Played it a bit at release and it was too different so I stopped playing, but now I've spent some time with it I think I prefer the gameplay to previous games in the series. Reminds me somewhat of Thief or Deus Ex, big open area with many routes to do the missions, instead of the previous games relative linearity. Really like the tagging enemies thing, encourages a very tactical and slow sort of stealth. Controls a lot better too, feels less rigid.

Main issues I have with it are relatively minor. Mainly concerns the stripped down codec, I'll miss all the optional conversations. And though Keifer Sutherland's voice acting is good, it's jarring for it to not be the voice used in every other game in the series.

Skull Face seems like an interesting villain though. Nice combination of weird enough to fit in with Psycho Mantis and The Pain and all that, but sinister and grounded enough to not seem out of place in what looks to be a very depressing story.

Anyway, MGSV hype.
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>> No. 20937 Anonymous
21st August 2015
Friday 1:07 pm
20937 spacer
Spoilers have been leaked.

Looks like I'm avoiding a few sites for a couple of weeks.
>> No. 20947 Anonymous
30th August 2015
Sunday 12:58 pm
20947 spacer
It would come out the same day as I start a new job wouldn't it. Couldn't have been a week earlier, the cunts.
>> No. 21006 Anonymous
13th September 2015
Sunday 12:47 pm
21006 spacer
Anyone tried the online counterpart to this, or is it not live yet, or what? I can't find much information on it.
>> No. 21007 Anonymous
14th September 2015
Monday 10:32 am
21007 spacer
It's one of those shitty delayed online releases like with GTAV. Apparently due out on consoles in early October, and on PC in January.
>> No. 21008 Anonymous
14th September 2015
Monday 8:23 pm
21008 spacer
Who cares? It's MGS, the multiplayer will be token at best, these days all AAA games need to have some way of enabling 12 year olds to teabag each other online.
>> No. 21009 Anonymous
14th September 2015
Monday 8:25 pm
21009 spacer

I can only assume you never played MGO for MGS4, as it was ace and it will make a welcome return. The reason it's being delayed is because the game released unfinished and is missing the final chapter as well as it's online mode.
>> No. 21010 Anonymous
14th September 2015
Monday 8:27 pm
21010 spacer
What's so bad about multiplayer, lad?
>> No. 21019 Anonymous
30th September 2015
Wednesday 11:56 am
21019 spacer


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