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>> No. 21384 Anonymous
24th January 2016
Sunday 6:54 am
21384 spacer


Less than two weeks to go. Everything I've seen looks fantastic.

Thinking about it as I've been playing through Enemy Within again, a lot of the appeal for me lies in my memories of tabletop games, all the RNG and squad building and customisation and over-the-top scifi silliness really gets to that bit of me that still wants to play with Warhammer but can't excuse the ludicrous expense.
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>> No. 21385 Anonymous
24th January 2016
Sunday 11:43 am
21385 spacer
Well, the first one was fucking ace. But, what's the deal with the aliens having conquered Earth? Didn't I already kick their arse?
>> No. 21386 Anonymous
24th January 2016
Sunday 1:31 pm
21386 spacer

>Well, the first one was fucking ace. But, what's the deal with the aliens having conquered Earth? Didn't I already kick their arse?

It's probably an alternate universe where I was in charge.
>> No. 21388 Anonymous
24th January 2016
Sunday 1:44 pm
21388 spacer
Hey, get lost! I've dodged and weaved some would say I've had Lightning Reflexes, chortle, chortle through all but the earliest info about XCOM2 so when I do play it, it'll be the first game in a while where every button press is a fresh experience.

But also enjoy your thread, hope the game lives up to the hype, and the DLC is available for torrent.


It got entirely retconned.
>> No. 21389 Anonymous
24th January 2016
Sunday 3:01 pm
21389 spacer

The canon ending is that you lost, because the game is genuinely that hard. Most people didn't win and it is this they are basing the sequel on.
>> No. 21390 Anonymous
24th January 2016
Sunday 5:05 pm
21390 spacer


Oh wow.
>> No. 21391 Anonymous
24th January 2016
Sunday 5:32 pm
21391 spacer

My missus is one of those illustrious few, but she only managed it by save scumming her way through the entire campaign.
>> No. 21392 Anonymous
24th January 2016
Sunday 8:24 pm
21392 spacer

If you look at most games on Steam a surprising amount of people haven't finished them. A lot of people haven't even started them.
>> No. 21397 Anonymous
8th February 2016
Monday 2:26 am
21397 spacer
A fairly odd bit of promo material here...


Also the game's fantastic, although the performance is bad for most people apparently. Certainly is in my case, so I've had to turn down the shadow settings, go down to FXAA and disable the AO to get decent framerates.
>> No. 21398 Anonymous
8th February 2016
Monday 8:14 am
21398 spacer

A disturbing crossover between two worlds that should never meet, like getting a blowie from your Nan.

I'm a little miffed that minimum specs seem to be creeping up, mostly because they've remained fairly level for so many years. Lately it's been feeling more like 2002, when a machine that was shit hot last year will be just shit by the next.
>> No. 21399 Anonymous
8th February 2016
Monday 12:17 pm
21399 spacer

The performance is bad but as it's just a turn based game it's still very playable so long as you sacrifice some settings.

I doubt specs will shoot up as fast as they did around the late 90s/early 00s ever again though. Sure there's been a bit of a hike recently, but any decent PC build from the last six years or so should still be grand (maybe given a GPU upgrade at some point).

Source: I'm still running an i5 750, I love this processor.
>> No. 21400 Anonymous
8th February 2016
Monday 2:15 pm
21400 spacer

CPU performance has hardly improved in the last five years. Moore's law predicts that the i7-6700k should be 400% faster than the i7-2600k, but it's only about 30% faster. Intel have reached some hard limits in semiconductor technology that can't be overcome by throwing money at the problem.

AMD and Nvidia are one generation away from hitting the same process node wall, which will strongly limit their opportunity for improvement. The GPUs of 2022 won't be noticeably better than those of 2017. They can go to ever larger die areas as with the Titan, but that just increases cost and the problems of heat and power.

Moore's law is dead. Where we go from here is anyone's guess.
>> No. 21401 Anonymous
8th February 2016
Monday 2:21 pm
21401 spacer
Bloody hell, he looks like he's hardly aged.
>> No. 21402 Anonymous
8th February 2016
Monday 4:28 pm
21402 spacer

Nvidia are creating a false economy by moneyhatting games and using tesselation to gimp AMD cards and their older models to stimulate the market and force people to upgrade.

Most performance problems in Nvidia sponsered games can be solved on an AMD card by forcing tesselation to a 16x limit in the control panel and using the AMD optimised shader in global settings so it affects all games. Nvidia users don't have that option unfortunately, so they get fucked if they have anything less than a 970 whereas 280s and 290s can still run most new games at the same level they could 3 years ago with a bit of fiddling. Even the 4GB 7970 is still a viable card and is usually the recommended minimum for 1080p in most new games that aren't made by Warner Bros or Ubisoft.
>> No. 21403 Anonymous
8th February 2016
Monday 5:01 pm
21403 spacer

I'm really not sure what you're on about lad, I've got a 760 from a few years ago now and it still runs everything at just about full. Haven't run into any problems as yet touch wood.

Considering the GPU is the only bit you need to upgrade much these days, if you had halfway decent RAM and CPU to begin with, I'm hardly seeing this entire big bad nVidia lassooing the market situation.

Moreover I'm not sure why people stick so stubbornly to manufacturers. nVidia currently bribe devs to make games run better on them so I go with them, if the situation flips round to what it was a few years back where AMD dominate I'd happily go with them too. As long as I can remember, AMD's drivers have always been a festering sack of shit, anway, so it's really just picking the lesser of two evils.
>> No. 21404 Anonymous
8th February 2016
Monday 5:49 pm
21404 spacer

Nividia's custom .dll files which they provide to make games run better on Nvidia cards set tessellation to 64x by default on all cards which adversely affects AMD cards because they can't tessellate for shit and older generations of Nvidia cards. I had horrible problems with my 780ti trying to play Arkham Knight and Ass Creed Unity and they weren't exactly ground breaking. AK is on Unreal 3, and engine which was master 5 years ago if not sooner, and Ass Creed have been using the same engine since 3, arguably 2. These games shouldn't be a problem to run.

I'm not blaming the whole thing on Nvidia, devs are a hive of incompetence these days with a few exceptions like Rockstar North and CD Project who despite Nividia's tessellation fuckery managed to have their games run almost the same on all comparable cards.
>> No. 21405 Anonymous
8th February 2016
Monday 5:51 pm
21405 spacer

>Moore's law predicts that the i7-6700k should be 400% faster than the i7-2600k

No it doesn't.

Moore's law predicts that the number of transistors per cm^2 will have increased by 400%, which it has.
>> No. 21407 Anonymous
8th February 2016
Monday 6:36 pm
21407 spacer

You're technically correct about the definition of Moore's law, but useful transistor counts haven't increased nearly as quickly as the law predicts. Also, the raw transistor count hasn't kept pace with Moore's law - a quad-core Sandy Bridge chip has ~1.1bn transistors versus -1.75bn for Skylake. Moore's law would have predicted over 4bn transistors.

Yields are dropping, so a large proportion of that additional count goes into redundancy and optional features like cache and iGPU cores. The transistor count of the execution pipeline has barely increased.

At least as significant is the problem of hotspots. As features shrink, the most active parts of the CPU get hotter. Some of this has been mitigated by lower voltages, but Intel are spending increasing engineering resources on managing thermal issues. AMD are absolutely floundering in this respect, as manifested in the dismal performance of Bulldozer.
>> No. 21408 Anonymous
11th February 2016
Thursday 2:00 pm
21408 spacer
There's an article in this month's PC Gamer about how Bethesda was right not to develop a new engine for Fallout 4, because as the cost of making games continues to astronomically increase, developers who may be very small teams of people are dispensing with reinventing the wheel when they are more comfortable just polishing the wheel up real nice. I think it mentions Assassin's Creed on Unreal 3 amongst its other long-lived examples like Unity and Source.
>> No. 21409 Anonymous
11th February 2016
Thursday 3:08 pm
21409 spacer

XCom have been forced into this position.
The council is a legitimate political party.

I just found this elsewhere and thought it was good.
>> No. 21410 Anonymous
11th February 2016
Thursday 3:38 pm
21410 spacer
Best inhale a bit more helium there, m7.
>> No. 21411 Anonymous
11th February 2016
Thursday 3:59 pm
21411 spacer

XCom have been forced into this position.
The council is a legitimate political party.
>> No. 21412 Anonymous
11th February 2016
Thursday 4:14 pm
21412 spacer
... which supports terrorism.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 21413 Anonymous
13th February 2016
Saturday 2:01 am
21413 spacer
I... have to complete Long War once, just once, before I can allow myself to buy XCOM2.

>7 missions a week including a bomb and a terror mission

I'm never gonna make it. Tell my wife I love him.
>> No. 21436 Anonymous
22nd February 2016
Monday 12:11 pm
21436 spacer
So have they fixed this yet? I've got a GTX 670 and I'd rather not fork out if it's going to run like shit.

PC exclusive, too, it's downright shameful that so many people are having problems. I've heard of hard crashes (on otherwise stable systems), for fuck's sake.
>> No. 21444 Anonymous
23rd February 2016
Tuesday 4:41 am
21444 spacer

The performance is poor on my system, so I've turned off most of the graphical effects, but it still looks good with just the textures turned up. Not sure how the 670 compares to a 750ti but it should perform better.

I've not had any hard crashes after 40 hours playing and what few bugs there were that caused crashes have been fixed up this week.
>> No. 21446 Anonymous
23rd February 2016
Tuesday 4:49 am
21446 spacer

This character creation stuff is brilliant.
>> No. 21448 Anonymous
23rd February 2016
Tuesday 9:18 am
21448 spacer
Needs a bit more purple, I think.
>> No. 21449 Anonymous
23rd February 2016
Tuesday 7:12 pm
21449 spacer

When he's psychic he'll be bloody scary.
>> No. 21450 Anonymous
23rd February 2016
Tuesday 11:14 pm
21450 spacer
Agreed. Quite close if so.
>> No. 21451 Anonymous
24th February 2016
Wednesday 5:15 pm
21451 spacer

This game is much better with Jeremy Corbyn.

>> No. 21452 Anonymous
25th February 2016
Thursday 12:23 am
21452 spacer
>it reminds me of playing FTL, a slightly more fun game

Shots fired...

>> No. 21453 Anonymous
25th February 2016
Thursday 1:12 am
21453 spacer

Its 88 metacritic score and 74% positive on Steam are utterly decimated by this video game blogger's review.

No, wait. It has problems which need patched, but overall it's a solid game that wont be everyone's cup of tea, because it's hard, and a blogger has no real responsibility to be impartial other than what they impose on themselves and are expressing their opinion and not offering an objective review.

If PC Gamer had shit on it like that, It would have warranted a "shots fired". As it stands, this game has received almost universal critical acclaim while the user base continues to play it religiously, albeit while crying out for patches due to frame rate shitting the bed in areas and glitches which make no sense.
>> No. 21454 Anonymous
25th February 2016
Thursday 1:48 am
21454 spacer
I presume you didn't actually watch the video. He liked the game, his issues were mostly that they've gone with the 'safe sequel' route i.e. more of the same but without the novelty that made it good the first time. The fact that it was such a nit-picky review in itself shows that it's fundamentally solid.

Also, "shots fired" is clearly just an off-the-cuff comment. Though having said that, I do indeed take more notice of what random vloggers think of a game than anything the high-profile gaming media produces - have you learned nothing?
>> No. 21455 Anonymous
25th February 2016
Thursday 2:29 am
21455 spacer

>> No. 21456 Anonymous
25th February 2016
Thursday 7:03 pm
21456 spacer
The only critic I trust thumbed up Xcom 2, I'll wait for payday and a sale

>> No. 21656 Anonymous
28th June 2016
Tuesday 7:33 pm
21656 spacer

better than the 'original' in most respects, a worthy sequel

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