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>> No. 21414 Anonymous
17th February 2016
Wednesday 4:35 pm
21414 Street Fighter V
Anyone got this? Pretty solid game so far, shame about wobbly servers on day one, and a weird lack of content at launch. I do appreciate that they're planning a few years of consistent additional content instead of releasing Turbo/Hyper/Ultra/Arcade Edition updates, and being able to buy DLC characters using money earned in game.

Game itself is interesting, the V-System thing is neat, and they've made some pretty bold choices with the roster. It's doesn't feel like a Street Fighter II nostalgia-fest which is the angle SFIV seemed to come from. And even returning characters have had their designs and/or gameplay changed, Vega is no longer a charge character and has a stance switching mechanic which is cool.

It's a good game so far. Thumbs up.
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>> No. 21416 Anonymous
18th February 2016
Thursday 12:34 am
21416 spacer

Is Ryu still a 3-pump chump or have they beefed up his combo game? With him, I always felt like I was just making openings for his specials and he was boring as fuck to fight as, but he's still my favourite character for some reason.
>> No. 21417 Anonymous
18th February 2016
Thursday 2:07 pm
21417 spacer
I'll let you know when the Linux version is released.
>> No. 21418 Anonymous
18th February 2016
Thursday 6:32 pm
21418 spacer
I've never really been a Ryu fan, but I find him more fun to play in this. He has a parry ability which is nice, and allows him to rapidly turn the tide of battle. Way better than before at keeping pressure up.
>> No. 21424 Anonymous
20th February 2016
Saturday 10:13 pm
21424 spacer
Never been good at combos but I understand that 1 frame links are just gone and many moves are just simpler to execute.

I'm currently maining Ryu and as >>21418 says, parrying is an excellent V skill as long as you remember there's a small startup. It's fun in a fireball war with a Ken player as parrying is enough to confuse them - just mix it up with various strength hadokens after that any they'll soon be jumping in to eat a nice uppercut -> shoryuken punish.
>> No. 21425 Anonymous
20th February 2016
Saturday 10:51 pm
21425 spacer
Nash's V-Skill is pretty great against projectile spammers. The range and the time it's active make it a doddle to use. Nash in general is good, he's like Guile but with teleportation, and no longer a charge character. I wonder if they'll make any tweaks to Guile when he comes out in April, because if he plays the same way he has done in all the previous games, there's no real reason to use him over Nash.
>> No. 21426 Anonymous
21st February 2016
Sunday 12:30 am
21426 spacer

I've not tried Nash yet but I faced one before and he wrecked house. I wanted to try Bison this time round but I just can't do charge characters. Hearing that Nash is a non-charging Guile is intriguing, so I'll have to give him a go - tomorrow I'll have to give Rashid a pop too.
>> No. 21429 Anonymous
21st February 2016
Sunday 12:19 pm
21429 spacer
Charge characters don't gel with me, which is a shame as I really wanted to play F.A.N.G. Rashid is a lot of fun to play as, but I think his attack power is the lowest in the game so it's all about maintaining constant pressure.

Anyone been looking at the tier lists? Obviously there's fluctuation as it's newly out, but Chun, Nash, Karin, Vega and Bison have all stayed in the top 5, while Zangief is staying at the bottom by quite some margin.

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