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>> No. 21570 Anonymous
4th May 2016
Wednesday 11:13 am
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>> No. 21571 Anonymous
4th May 2016
Wednesday 11:43 am
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>"The lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our life-time"
I can't tell if I think that's a great reference to make or just crass.
>> No. 21572 Anonymous
4th May 2016
Wednesday 6:18 pm
21572 spacer

Very dark trailer, even by Warhammer 40k standards. Someone's got a right hate boner for the Blood Ravens. Looks like they'll be joining the Lamenters and Celestial Lions in the "all but totally shagged to bloody death" category of chapters. Poor chaps killed one grot in that whole trailer.


Just another bump on the endlessly tumultuous journey that is figuring out how seriously we're supposed to take 40k.
>> No. 21573 Anonymous
4th May 2016
Wednesday 6:26 pm
21573 spacer

GW universes have always had crypto-fascist undertones apart from Gorkamorka, obviously. You can probably trace it back to Tolkien.
>> No. 21574 Anonymous
4th May 2016
Wednesday 7:18 pm
21574 spacer

About as seriously as you'd take anything else you got into at the peak of your 90s teenlad metal/goth kid phase? (And really, if you got into it by any other route then I have to worry about you.)


They're really not undertones lad, they're as blatant and central to the fiction as can be. They have nothing approaching optimism or freedom, and the only folk portrayed as even approaching the concepts are always hive-scum or ruthlessly darwinian vermin underworlds.

Are you lads playing daft buggers with me or what?
>> No. 21575 Anonymous
4th May 2016
Wednesday 7:32 pm
21575 spacer

But that's not what I was saying. I'm talking about how seriously the universe is taken by its writers, that's why I said "supposed to".
>> No. 21576 Anonymous
4th May 2016
Wednesday 7:58 pm
21576 spacer

maxresdefault (2).jpg

It's certainly true that the Human Imperium has a lot in common with fascism, but when you live in a world where your biggest enemies are Gods who feed off the collective emotions of your entire race, there's not really any other option. A human living in the 40K universe wouldn't have been born if it wasn't for millennia of overtly fascist rule.

God-Emperor Corbyn wouldn't have lasted five minutes against Horus.

What are you on about lad? You can ask the same about any work of fiction.
>> No. 21577 Anonymous
4th May 2016
Wednesday 9:31 pm
21577 spacer


The art direction for the Eldar in this actually makes them look properly alien and interesting, it's awesome.

Current gameplay screenshots are disappointingly cartoony in comparison :( I like the gameplay tidbits we've got though, returning to larger battles that were sorely missed in DoW 2.
>> No. 21579 Anonymous
4th May 2016
Wednesday 10:44 pm
21579 spacer

Those screenshots are from pre-alpha though, last thing that generally gets added in a games development are the graphics. DoW2 has better graphics than the current screenshots. Just think they're showing off some new units which weren't in previous games (Dire avengers, knights etc)

Not to mention it's slated for release next year, we're not even half way through this one so give it chance.
>> No. 21581 Anonymous
5th May 2016
Thursday 7:44 am
21581 spacer

Ah yes, I was wondering where I'd seen that art style before. Good observation.
>> No. 21582 Anonymous
5th May 2016
Thursday 8:38 am
21582 spacer
The statue of the Emperor doesn't look unlike that, or something Giger would do, all organic and knobbly.

I'm not sure about the Titans running through mountains like they're playing rugby. They're huge, plodding, venerable machines. Besides, if you have guns, why would you charge an enemy who only has a sword?
Space Marine armour light enough to get blown about in the wind, an ork footsoldier strong enough to tear off a marine's arm with one hand but a marine strong enough to hold back an ork in whatever the fuck sort of exo-suit that was?
Good art design but the video direction is poor. The trailer for the first DoW was much better.
>> No. 21583 Anonymous
5th May 2016
Thursday 4:41 pm
21583 spacer

Stranger things can happen. You could be the Emperor himself and still get taken out in one turn when you roll a handful of 1s.
>> No. 21584 Anonymous
5th May 2016
Thursday 5:32 pm
21584 spacer
There seems to be a bevy of GW licensed video games coming down the pipe right now, which should be good, because the universe has been screaming out for more games for a long time now.

Here's the trailer from Terminator Simulator that looks like a novel blast-a-thon.


I do hope they get the confidence some games that aren't so humie centric though.
>> No. 21585 Anonymous
5th May 2016
Thursday 6:03 pm
21585 spacer


I've always wanted a space marine-esque game but with an Ork Boy from the ranks of lowly boyz getting to the top as a warboss
>> No. 21586 Anonymous
5th May 2016
Thursday 6:21 pm
21586 spacer
The only reason I have faith in this is from E.Y.E, Streaum's other game, which was pretty great.
>> No. 21587 Anonymous
5th May 2016
Thursday 6:40 pm
21587 spacer
>I do hope they get the confidence some games that aren't so humie centric though.

I think the lingering memories of Fire Warrior are still too fresh for them to try that again any time soon.
>> No. 21588 Anonymous
5th May 2016
Thursday 8:00 pm
21588 spacer
Nice. Now THIS is something I like.
>> No. 21589 Anonymous
5th May 2016
Thursday 8:02 pm
21589 spacer

That was their own fault because the Tau are crap and were brand new at the time to boot. I don't think too many people would object to playing as Eldar.

But, I'll just sit here and wait until they put playable Skaven in Warhammer: Total War, and then boycott them forever if they don't.
>> No. 21590 Anonymous
5th May 2016
Thursday 11:38 pm
21590 spacer
You should check out EYE Divine Cybermancy by the same studio, it's the only reason I'm moderately excited about Space Hulk and I'm a cynical cunt that doesn't get excited for anything. Only other game I'm interested in right now is Mount and Blade: Bannerlord


You can get EYE on Steam for £1 when it's on sale.
>> No. 21591 Anonymous
5th May 2016
Thursday 11:52 pm
21591 spacer
You the OP of >>/e/19315?
>> No. 21592 Anonymous
5th May 2016
Thursday 11:55 pm
21592 spacer
I think so.
>> No. 21593 Anonymous
6th May 2016
Friday 2:42 am
21593 spacer
Well if we're playing by tabletop rules, both the Orks and the Titans clearly cross what should be impassable terrain.

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