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>> No. 22746 Anonymous
13th March 2019
Wednesday 12:39 pm
22746 ALL of the Halos are coming to PC

I'm genuinely chuffed about this. Playing Reach WITHOUT the awful frame drops and ugly motion blur is going to be heaven.

Unless they pack the release with micro transactions and I have to go on the kind of spree they don't give people medals for.
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>> No. 22747 Anonymous
13th March 2019
Wednesday 12:48 pm
22747 spacer
>Unless they pack the release with micro transactions

That seems doubtful, simply because the Xbone MCC didn't have any of that.

I'm still holding out hope that they stick it on that "play anywhere" thing so I don't have to buy it again.
>> No. 22748 Anonymous
13th March 2019
Wednesday 3:59 pm
22748 spacer
What's so special about Halo?
>> No. 22749 Anonymous
13th March 2019
Wednesday 4:17 pm
22749 spacer
It is the spiritual successor of Unreal Tournament, at least in my eyes.
>> No. 22750 Anonymous
13th March 2019
Wednesday 5:47 pm
22750 spacer
I've played a lot of UT and a little Halo but I can't say I agree.
>> No. 22751 Anonymous
13th March 2019
Wednesday 6:02 pm
22751 spacer
Please continue. I've just completed UT99's CTF challenge, yet another time.
>> No. 22752 Anonymous
13th March 2019
Wednesday 9:48 pm
22752 spacer
Halo 2 got me back into FPS on PC after burning myself out with CS:S and I couldn't help thinking "God, this reminds me of how much fun I had with UT back in the day!" due to the community, intensity, competitiveness of matches and the absolutely disgusting frags it let you do if you were skilled.

That's as much as I'd thought about it in years, to be honest, as I've not played UT since 2004 and I didn't bother buying a 360 or Bone.
>> No. 22753 Anonymous
13th March 2019
Wednesday 10:24 pm
22753 spacer
Does it have instagib CTF?
>> No. 22754 Anonymous
13th March 2019
Wednesday 10:44 pm
22754 spacer

It ushered in the current era of shooters and was a fresh setting with the big open worlds and vehicles and things.

Also most importantly Halo was pretty much the best console multiplayer shooter released, then Halo 2 kicked it up a notch. The only other series with comparably customisable and fully featured multiplayer that I can think of was Timesplitters, which is a very different shooter.
>> No. 22755 Anonymous
14th March 2019
Thursday 6:21 pm
22755 spacer
Sort of, actually. No shields and rifle starts is a single headshot to get a kill.
>> No. 22756 Anonymous
14th March 2019
Thursday 6:43 pm
22756 spacer
The visuals are very memorable and unique*, from the colourful guns and enemies to the beautiful sky boxes, you've got a quality campaign (at least until 4) and the multiplayer is probably the most fleshed out I've known in an FPS. Obviously it's all a matter of taste, but I also prefer the pace of the gunfights over Quake or Counter Strike, which were always 2fast4me even before I hit the e-sports retirement age I'm at now. But going back to how diverse the multiplayer can be, you could probably edit player speeds, health and weapon damage to have a Quake-like custom game mode quite easily, or just race ATVs, or get chased by an unkillable zombie ghost. Basically it can be anything you like, hopefully doubly so once it's on PC.

*Yes, I am aware they cribbed plenty of ideas also.
>> No. 22757 Anonymous
14th March 2019
Thursday 6:58 pm
22757 spacer
I played the first Halo recently for the first time since it came out, and I was surprised by how open it was. It has the reputation for the dumbing down of FPS games, but even early missions don't hold your hand with excessive way points like modern games have.
>> No. 22758 Anonymous
14th March 2019
Thursday 7:07 pm
22758 spacer

The one thing it probably did better than anything else is AI. It feels believable for reactions in a war zone, each type of creature has it's own personality that comes through. I don't recall anything doing as good of job of it before or since.
>> No. 22760 Anonymous
14th March 2019
Thursday 7:25 pm
22760 spacer

All of this. I remember the Halo series being the first games in a long, long time that really made me want to play through them on every difficulty and get all the achievements and all that. There's nothing that brings four hopeless nerds together like spending days or weeks trying to get the LASO achievements. The AI really helped with that, it wasn't just "more" enemies running at you, they were actively more aggressive.

More than anything else, the appeal of Halo to me was that I grew up with it. It's a game I could play in my room on my little 14" telly, I didn't have to borrow the family PC and sit in the living room and all of that, it was mine. Even if the games were shite I'd probably still have that feeling, but they also happened to be very good.

Halo is also the reason a lot of my online life exists, I have friends I made on Xbox live before it was even called Xbox live, that I still talk to today. I have friends from the Rooster Teeth and Machinima communities, both companies that simply wouldn't exist without Halo. It was a Big Deal for console gaming back then and that won't be forgotten easily by someone my age.

Halo CE being on PC, and able to run directly from a flash drive was excellent craic too. We used to just play each other in it in school/college computer labs when nobody was looking.
>> No. 22761 Anonymous
16th March 2019
Saturday 5:10 pm
22761 spacer
> "God, this reminds me of how much fun I had with UT back in the day!"
Same, that's why I've been replaying UT99 recently. Got to the DM-Phoboss, getting massively wrecked there.
I also have the GOTY edition which sadly has some decent DM maps replaced by some other ones that I like less.

Sort of want to play UT2004 again too. I have my reservations though, as I remember the 2004 was pretty intense too and somehow differently intense. For example, in UT99 the November Sub Pen CTF map had the most vicious combat situations right in the middle. In 2004, the middle seemed to be rather dead. There were more 'tension pockets' across the map, the overall pressure just wasn't there.
It also felt a bit more Quake-ish in general to me.

Thanks for the comments. Perhaps I'll find some time to try it if it really comes to PC.

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