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>> No. 23625 Anonymous
4th May 2020
Monday 9:43 pm
23625 iRacing
At times, difficult to believe this is a game.

Expand all images.
>> No. 23626 Anonymous
4th May 2020
Monday 10:13 pm
23626 spacer
I've been a wretched "sim racer" for a while now, so it's been very interesting seeing it fill the gap real racing left when lockdown measures came into effect. It's also a shame so many real life racing drivers are apparently complete wankers, but there we go. Speaking of which this is the race in which Lando Norris gets break checked by a guy coming onto the final lap while leading the pack. I can understand it might be difficult for a real driver to take a game seriously, but as I think this was going out live on television. Not that sim racing has to be super serious* or anything, but behave a bit better than a bad public lobby.


In fact, has anyone who doesn't play racing games been watching any of the virtual motor sports? What's your take on it?
>> No. 23627 Anonymous
4th May 2020
Monday 10:27 pm
23627 spacer
I've watched a bit of Nicaraguan football and marble racing but I think e-sports might be a bit too much for me.


Got to love the editing from the official Liga Primera channel.
>> No. 23628 Anonymous
4th May 2020
Monday 10:29 pm
23628 spacer

Absolutely ruined by the end of the race with deliberate crashing, how they fuck they think they can do that is beyond me. If the meta for simracing becomes shunting people at the end, who will watch?
>> No. 23629 Anonymous
4th May 2020
Monday 10:35 pm
23629 spacer

I'm not a sim racer though I'm big into racing and motorsports, so I've got a toe in the water, the longer this lockdown goes on the more I'm considering starting out, if you have and advice - I don't have the space for a proper seat setup or anything, but wouldn't mind a half decent wheel and pedals. I think I have mates who play Assetto Corsa.

I enjoyed the Formula E sims they did recently, they seemed to be taken a bit more seriously. I'm quite fine with drivers pushing cars in ways they might not with real life consequences, but ramming people seems like a stupid idea that is surely bad for viewership.
>> No. 23630 Anonymous
5th May 2020
Tuesday 7:59 am
23630 spacer
Costco have the Logitech G29 wheel and pedals on special for about a hundred quid at the moment. I have one of these and a fold-out Playseat, which is pretty good. I haven't yet gone the whole hog and built a PC for this, all on the PS4 but would like to as I've always been tempted by the iRacing thing. Assetto Corsa is good, but I also like Project Cars and F1.
>> No. 23634 Anonymous
5th May 2020
Tuesday 1:10 pm
23634 spacer

>Costco have the Logitech G29 wheel and pedals on special for about a hundred quid at the moment.

That's an incredible deal, are you sure? It's £280 elsewhere. Thank you for the heads up anyway.
>> No. 23636 Anonymous
5th May 2020
Tuesday 2:43 pm
23636 spacer
Quite sure - in the section with the TVs at the start by the door. I already had one, which I bought years ago (at a much higher price) so it really caught my eye. As per usual, they don't list it on their site, but they are definitely at my local store.
>> No. 23639 Anonymous
5th May 2020
Tuesday 3:02 pm
23639 spacer

That's fantastic. I dread to think what Costco is like during these End Times but it'll be worth the trip, as I was looking at buying a very used G27 for fifty quid more than that. Worst case scenario if they don't have them at my store I can still buy a giant cake to cheer me up.
>> No. 23643 Anonymous
6th May 2020
Wednesday 6:56 pm
23643 spacer
I went to my local Costco (Trafford Park) last Tuesday evening and it's the quietest I've ever seen it.

If the G29 is in there for £100 I might even jump in the car right now.
>> No. 23644 Anonymous
6th May 2020
Wednesday 7:23 pm
23644 spacer
It's nearer about £130, so basically half price. But it's there, I am quite sure of it.
>> No. 23645 Anonymous
6th May 2020
Wednesday 7:30 pm
23645 spacer

Sadly weren't any at my local one, but we're a bit backwoods up here, it's not the biggest Costco in the world.

I think I remember seeing them in around Christmas time, but I don't think I knew what they were worth and didn't have any interest in them at the time, so I don't even know how they were priced back then. Ah well - at least I got some doughnuts and some 99p petrol.
>> No. 23646 Anonymous
6th May 2020
Wednesday 8:03 pm
23646 spacer
My local Costco was the one being featured in all the viral videos of people rioting and loading up with lorry loads of toilet paper, at the start of the lockdown. That said, I've found that if I go at 7pm, there is no queue and it is quiet.
>> No. 23647 Anonymous
6th May 2020
Wednesday 8:28 pm
23647 spacer

Mine was a lot quieter too, usually even at 6pm there's queues. Ironically they're using more tills than they used to, just spaced further apart.
>> No. 23648 Anonymous
6th May 2020
Wednesday 9:11 pm
23648 spacer
> a giant cake to cheer me up

One of my video game ideas is Gang Beasts vs Costco where the giant cakes (and tyres) feature heavily. There'll be a special level where you get the 25 litres of Turtle Wax boost. The main character will almost certainly wear those man-nappies they sell in huge packs. Haven't figured out how to use the snack/nut section yet but as soon as I do, will code the whole thing.
>> No. 23649 Anonymous
6th May 2020
Wednesday 10:40 pm
23649 spacer

You chug barrels of nuts/pretzels to gain a weight advantage while sacrificing speed - eat enough and you get a sumo/ground pound area of effect attack that pushes people back.

You can also go into the fag section to gain haste but at the expense of reduced stamina.
>> No. 23650 Anonymous
6th May 2020
Wednesday 10:48 pm
23650 spacer
All of the cut scenes are going to be that bit at that end when they check your receipt/trolley. Because it's vs Gang Beasts you might even have to fight them badly then to even start the next level.

Gang Beasts is as big a work of art as Costco. More than any game I have seen, it just makes me laugh and Costco in a stupid way is the same.
>> No. 23651 Anonymous
6th May 2020
Wednesday 11:35 pm
23651 spacer

I like the bit where they check the trolley as I'm invariably eating a huge fucking slice of pizza by then. Truly Costco is the most Yank experience you can have in this country.

Gang beasts is so much fun, too. It reminds me in a lot of ways old WWF games my mates and I used to play, but somehow takes itself even less seriously. It will never not be funny the way you pick someone up and dump them off a ledge, as they desperately claw at your face for purchase.
>> No. 23652 Anonymous
7th May 2020
Thursday 8:21 am
23652 spacer
>>23646 <checks costco webpage>
closest store: 52 miles. Sigh.
>> No. 23653 Anonymous
7th May 2020
Thursday 10:36 am
23653 spacer
Think of it as practice for your first endurance series.
>> No. 23654 Anonymous
7th May 2020
Thursday 5:06 pm
23654 spacer
It's not quite as good a deal, but Argos are currently bundling the G29/G920 and shifter for £200.

If you were planning to buy the shifter anyway, it's only 20 quid difference from the Costco price for the full kit, plus they deliver and you don't need to be a member.

Only issue is stock seems to be sporadic. I could get the G920 bundle right now, but I think I'd rather have the couple of extra buttons and super cool rev LED bar you get on the 29 so I'll just have to hope they restock.
>> No. 23657 Anonymous
8th May 2020
Friday 9:00 am
23657 spacer
I've been playing a bit of Dirt Rally 2 since it was featured as one of the PS4 free games for April, its a lot of fun and surprisingly playable with a controller, at least with the older lower powered cars. The Group B cars can fuck right off though, they go hurtling into the trees if you so much as breathe on the throttle, fuck knows how you are supposed to have any semblance of control over those things.
>> No. 23658 Anonymous
8th May 2020
Friday 9:08 am
23658 spacer
I never got the shifter when I got my G29, mostly because I thought it looked extra naff. To be quite honest, at first I was one of those automatic-using luddites as I never got my head around the flappy paddle gear changes, but I have now and its infinitely better. I wish my VW Up had flappy paddles in real life now.
>> No. 23659 Anonymous
8th May 2020
Friday 10:38 am
23659 spacer

It does look pretty naff, but I think it's probably not terrible, especially if you 3D print or CNC an H pattern gate for it.

I like flappy paddles in general, I have driven a few real cars with them and they're great, but a lot of my sim interest lies in classics and group B rally so a manual option is a must, to get that heel toe action in. If I was primarily an F1 nerk it'd be different.

For me I can see this going one of two ways - the wheel gathering dust under my bed after a week or two of using it, or me ending up spending thousands on a rig by the end of the month. There's really no inbetween.
>> No. 23660 Anonymous
8th May 2020
Friday 10:56 am
23660 spacer
Yeah right.

Also, if you're buying a wheel and NOT getting a fold-out playseat, then I heartily recommend a WheelStandPro as it means you can have the wheel free standing, which in some living rooms means you can sit on the sofa and drive. They're cheap and really good. It also means the whole thing folds away nicely when you're not using it.
>> No. 23661 Anonymous
8th May 2020
Friday 3:09 pm
23661 spacer

I had looked at that stand and a similar one with a foldy out playseat, though to play on the living room telly I'd have to be doing some sort of in home streaming from the gaming PC in the office. I feel like It'll be easier and more comfortable just sitting at my desk in my Aeron with the wheels chocked - not that I have much space to roll back anyway.

As an update I managed to snag a G27 on ebay for £100, which was preferable to waiting for the G29 to come back into stock at my Costco.

This is all just reminding me that I know a lad with a full on flight sim cockpit in his garage, he wanted me to go look at the wiring as he keeps blowing breakers with it - so no matter what I spend on this I'll never top him.
>> No. 23668 Anonymous
9th May 2020
Saturday 7:36 pm
23668 spacer
Didn't even know there were Costcos in the UK until this thread. I hate the country.
>> No. 23669 Anonymous
9th May 2020
Saturday 11:14 pm
23669 spacer
There's just nowt out there, regarding wheels. This is like when Lionel French Kiss positively reviewed a kayboard I'd been planning to buy; gone, never seeing that again, but times a thousand.
>> No. 23670 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 12:56 am
23670 spacer

They are massively overpriced at the moment because everyone wants them as a lockdown toy. Used wheels a decade old are going for basically retail on ebay.
>> No. 23671 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 12:56 am
23671 spacer

>There's just nowt out there, regarding wheels

>> No. 23672 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 3:43 am
23672 spacer

Same for most computer hardware. Between the weak pound, supply shortages due to cancelled flights and everyone being stuck indoors, pricing is an absolute pisstake right now.


>Have you ever tried to imagine a world without wheels?

No, funnily enough.
>> No. 23673 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 4:15 pm
23673 spacer

They play this - I think a much longer version - at the national railway museum in York. It's very good.
>> No. 23674 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 5:25 pm
23674 spacer
I don't think Sergio Aguero is good at computers.
>> No. 23675 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 6:01 pm
23675 spacer
I am more interested in virtual GP than I have been in real F1 since the 2000s.

Hope Jimmy Broadbent gets some points, as a shed dweller he deserves our support.
>> No. 23676 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 6:05 pm
23676 spacer
>as a shed dweller he deserves our support.
Finally, someone had the guts to say it. We merely admire sheds, he has dedicated his life to one.
>> No. 23677 Anonymous
11th May 2020
Monday 12:13 pm
23677 spacer
Decided I'm going to sort my life out before buying a racing wheel. You'll have to find a replacement for the .gs Le Mans team.
>> No. 23678 Anonymous
11th May 2020
Monday 12:18 pm
23678 spacer
Sounds like you're steering in the right direction.
>> No. 23679 Anonymous
11th May 2020
Monday 12:29 pm
23679 spacer
We're all pleased you're getting back on track.
>> No. 23680 Anonymous
11th May 2020
Monday 1:42 pm
23680 spacer
Thanks, lads, just hope I can catch a break this time.
>> No. 23681 Anonymous
11th May 2020
Monday 1:57 pm
23681 spacer
Sounds like you've got the drive for it.
>> No. 23691 Anonymous
14th May 2020
Thursday 4:26 pm
23691 spacer
Bought a wheel. It's not for me, think I'm sending it back.
>> No. 23695 Anonymous
14th May 2020
Thursday 5:48 pm
23695 spacer
Had a similar experience. Bought a G27 thinking I'd get into sim racing, but after 15 or so hours in Assetto Corsa I just got bored of it. Driving without feeling the g-forces and sense of danger is pretty boring, so I think to make it exciting in a video game you need to really amp up the sensation of speed and go the arcade route like Midnight Club or the futuristic route like F-Zero.
>> No. 23697 Anonymous
14th May 2020
Thursday 6:28 pm
23697 spacer

I somewhat agree, Assetto Corsa either doesn't represent speed very well, or probably more accurately represents it too well - 60mph on a track looks and feels nothing like 60mph on a street, and that makes it much harder to judge the speed you should be going around a corner. I imagine everyone's first turn in AC ends up going very badly indeed. Widening the FOV helps a bit, but that's not the best solution in the world, even though AC has fantastic tools to align the camera when you do.

I bet VR fixes a lot of this, but like you say, you still don't feel the forces which is a huge part of it for, me, especially when braking. The best game I've played on a wheel so far is Grid, which I think has a good balance between arcadey and realism - the driving does match up with my real life experiences on a track, it's just turned up to 11 in terms of excitement and speed. I'm currently downloading the 100GB(!) of Dirt 2.0, I have high hopes for rallying on a wheel like this.

For a motorsport nerd like me, I do still see value in it, I honestly feel like my driving technique is improving from playing it, in a way that perhaps I wouldn't get just from a controller - the wheel does really react realistically to the forces put upon the car, and having 1:1 steering input is spot on. But now we're talking about me being a fucking sadact trying to shave seconds of his time at the nordschleife, which I appreciate isn't for everyone, it's barely a game at that point.

Also probably my favourite arcadey racing game is Forza Horizon 4, but the steering wheel coding in that game is absolutely fucking dogshit, due to the way each car has their own steering rack ratios but doesn't adapt your wheel's range of motion for it.

All in all I like it, but I'm really, really into driving and track days and shit, so my review is about as useful as a pilot telling you to buy a £300 sim yoke.
>> No. 23698 Anonymous
14th May 2020
Thursday 7:55 pm
23698 spacer

Here's a handy calculator for choosing the most accurate FOV setting in all major racing sims to match your particular monitor setup.

>> No. 24575 Anonymous
24th November 2020
Tuesday 8:28 pm
24575 costco public service announcement
Not worth a new thread, so I'll shove it here.

Costco are doing wheels cheap again - this time the G920 which works on Xbox and PC (not PS4/etc though).
>> No. 24576 Anonymous
24th November 2020
Tuesday 10:13 pm
24576 spacer

Amazon are offering nearly the same price, for anyone who's not a Costco member. They've also got the G29 for the same price and bundles with the h-pattern shifter for £30 more.

>> No. 24577 Anonymous
25th November 2020
Wednesday 1:07 am
24577 spacer
I wish the T150 with three pedals wasn't so much more expensive than the two pedal version. Also it's hard finding good reviews of these things because the internet's polluted by so many "10 best such and such" lists that are only there so you'll click their Amazon link. Anyway, I'm edging towards the T150 regardless as I'll mostly be driving poncy modern racing cars with no need for glutches anyway, though it feels like a compromise between good wheel, bad pedals, but I guess that's what you get at this price point.
>> No. 24578 Anonymous
25th November 2020
Wednesday 1:10 am
24578 spacer
I'm going to bed.
>> No. 24579 Anonymous
25th November 2020
Wednesday 1:18 am
24579 spacer
>I guess that's what you get at this price point

Exactly - and it this price point, any wheel is better than using none. I think you have to start getting into the £500++ level before you start to get things that actually feel like a proper car, these are just miles and miles better than using a joystick. I haven't seen a single gearstick anywhere on any simulator that looks or feels like those in a car, so flappy paddles it is.
>> No. 24580 Anonymous
25th November 2020
Wednesday 1:37 am
24580 spacer
I didn't go to bed I ordered a "Used - Very Good" T150 from Amazon for £86. It was listed as £120, but at checkout, which I was only looking at to see when the delivery would be, it had a £34 "warehouse discount", which I never knew was a thing because I only use it to watch films really. There was another one left if anyone's interested/their inhibitions are lowered because it's late.
>> No. 24581 Anonymous
25th November 2020
Wednesday 8:11 am
24581 spacer

Also, if you do have a Costco membership, you can get a tenner off any online order over £100 with the code DEALS10.
>> No. 24582 Anonymous
26th November 2020
Thursday 9:20 pm
24582 spacer
My T150 arrived! The previous owner had managed to half demolish the USB connector in such a way that it was too squished together to fit in a socket, but after some prying it just about squeezes its way in. I really don't know how they did that, I don't think I've ever seen someone do that before. All in all though while it's clear I can't drive and my desk is being shaken apart by the minute, I am enjoying it. I think I'll hold off jumping into a public ACC lobby until I can reliably take T1 at... well anywhere. Also the USB is running through the connector on my Logitech keyboard, because it's the most solid one around and it didn't feel at all good jamming it in and yanking it out of my mobo ports, anyway I just like that chimeric combo of brands and hardware so I thought I'd mention it. The force feedback is also highlighting what a thin-wristed little wimp I am.

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