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>> No. 23789 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 3:21 pm
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Is there a specific genre I should be refering to when looking for '4x, grand strategy RPG's? Games that'll let me do all the things in Stellaris, Anno1701, Europa Universalis, etc, but as an individual character as part of the world.

Mount&Blade Bannerlord looks pretty cool but I'm pretty sure my computer won't run it and it looks heavily combat oriented.

Sid Meier's Pirates! was fun but there's just something not quite right about it, and was too open as a sandbox.

X3 was probably the best I've played of this sort of thing, though it can take a long time to set anything up. The pace of gameplay can be really nice for immersion.

What I really want to play is a character who can interact with the game world in such a way as to influence the development of empires, rather than playing the head of those empires specifically. So if my guy attacks trade caravans, the networked towns will run out of food (or whatever). If my guy organises trade caravans instead, he can help supply a settlements demands and watch it grow. He can set up bandit camps to intercept traffic and build fortifications to defend against militia attacks; or issue bounties on bandits. You could go adventuring in caves and ruins and return with a cartloads of phat loot (accidentally inflating the regions currency in the progress). Supply nation X with a magical inventory to turn the tide in their war with nation Y.

EVE Online looks like a very effective medium for experiencing something like this but i lack the social skills to join a guild, let alone run one.

Oblivion or Skyrim would work nicely if the setting was much deeper and you could recruit NPCs for activites other than combat. Maybe hire a house from which to run your adventurer/merchants guild.

Have you found anything like this? Guild simulator or something?
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>> No. 23790 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 4:13 pm
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Kenshi and Starsector look like they might be what you're after, but I haven't got around to playing them yet.
>> No. 23791 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 4:25 pm
23791 spacer
Been a while since I played them, so my memory of them might be off, but have you tried the King's Bounty games? The reboot and its sequels from the noughties/tens. Strategy and map exploration and building up an army, but focusing on your character with RPG type mechanics.
>> No. 23792 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 5:41 pm
23792 spacer
>Guild simulator or something?

Well, there is this series called 'The Guild'...

You control the head of a family and his descendants, making alliances, enemies, making in-depth political and economic decisions, but also directly controlling your avatar walking around in the world.
>> No. 23798 Anonymous
9th June 2020
Tuesday 12:19 pm
23798 spacer
I've gone with Star Sector and Kenshi - thank you to those who offered alternatives; they didn't quite pique my interest like these two did.

Star Sector is very fun. But for a few typos it's very polished; nothing so far has felt like feature creap dispite what appears to be great depth and a lengthy development time (still in Alpha after 10 years?!).

Kenshi looks like it was intended to be an MMO. My specs aren't quite up to par and I've yet to mod in lower textures and other workarounds, ao I haven't played it very much yet, but what I have seems interesting in that boring roleplay kind of way. It's not great fastforwarding while watching your guy mine a rock for 20 minutes, but when you have to sneak by the fight at the city gates while returning your ore, that's pretty fun. Once I start building and hiring companions it should get more interesting.

These two videos really sold me on the games. It was only after that i realised I'd been played by goods storytelling. The gameplay in both is a lot slower than portrayed, but they're still pretty fun when you adjust your mindset.


>> No. 23808 Anonymous
9th June 2020
Tuesday 11:17 pm
23808 spacer
I've not watched the video but Kenshi seems like a misery simulator. If you play an ordinary schmoe in a Mad Max-type world then of course you're going to get exploited and shat on.

I did watch a video of one guy's playthrough which was the story of how he got into a fight in his starting city, was enslaved, broke his legs, escaped, crawled back through the wasteland, and got into a cycle of being enslaved and attempting to escape by crawling until he eventually died.

Is that a good story for so-called story simulator to generate? Is it fun? Don't mean to be a grumpy sod, I do have Kenshi on my wishlist, but it's just a bit questionable.

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