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>> No. 23979 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 6:58 pm
23979 MS Flight Sim 2018
I am strangely excited about the upcoming launch of the new Flight Simulator. Already have a very good X-Plane setup, but they seem to have done a right number on the FS scenery this time, albeit an initial 90Gb (!) install.

Anyone else, at all? Gonna need a bigger PC.
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>> No. 23981 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 7:11 pm
23981 spacer
Well I've heard mixed reviews. I'm not sure it will take off.
>> No. 23982 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 7:21 pm
23982 spacer
Can you play with a 360 controller? If you can I might get it.
>> No. 23984 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 8:30 pm
23984 spacer

I am definitely looking forward to it, I am about five levels of sad old man deep in to flight sims, in that I like to be the pretendy air traffic controller online more than I like being the pretendy plane driver.

I could imagine a .gs virtual airline.
>> No. 23985 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 8:43 pm
23985 spacer

>> No. 23987 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 9:30 pm
23987 spacer
Pretend air traffic is serious geekdom - I salute you!
>> No. 23988 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 11:06 pm
23988 spacer
I once spoke with a chap in a small rural pub in Lancashire shortly after Sullenberger had pulled off that water landing in New York. He said it wasn't that hard and he could do that in his flight simulator.
>> No. 23989 Anonymous
17th July 2020
Friday 2:42 am
23989 spacer

Not even that huge by modern standards. GTA:V is that size and the latest CoD is something like 140GB.

I've got mixed feelings about the latest FS release - they've clearly put the work in, but the pricing structure is a bit of a piss take.
>> No. 23990 Anonymous
17th July 2020
Friday 7:44 am
23990 spacer
Pricing structure?
>> No. 23991 Anonymous
17th July 2020
Friday 9:21 am
23991 spacer
There are more expensive editions which contain more planes and more unique airports. I think the edition with the most stuff is about £110.
>> No. 23992 Anonymous
17th July 2020
Friday 9:41 am
23992 spacer
I've seen this "it's a sim so we can charge you 'sell a kidney' prices" lots and I was wondering if anyone knows whether it's just a cash grab, they won't sell as many copies as CoD or the MCC so they have to charge more to break even or are there actually additional costs involved with making sims that justify higher prices for the customer? It seems to me that it's often just a case of a captured audience who can't "vote with their feet" because some sims have de facto or near monopolies on their genre.
>> No. 23993 Anonymous
17th July 2020
Friday 10:01 am
23993 spacer
The standard edition of Flight Sim is among the 100+ games you can play for a month for £1 and £4/month thereafter.
>> No. 23994 Anonymous
17th July 2020
Friday 11:02 am
23994 spacer

They're a for-profit company, they're just charging as much as they think they can get away with.

I've got no problem with DLC in principle, but I hate day zero DLC and "premium editions". Salami-slicing a game on release day just feels grubby and exploitative, especially when you're parcelling off some of the most desirable content.
>> No. 24175 Anonymous
23rd August 2020
Sunday 10:59 pm
24175 spacer

I enjoyed watching this one.

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