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>> No. 2773 Anonymous
9th September 2019
Monday 3:50 pm
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Can i grow brambles from seed laden fox poo? Grind up some rabit droppings from the same environment as fertaliser and growth medium, and mix it with the assumed nutrient rich fecal matter? I imagine the feeds would be fermented, activated or some shit after going through the foxes
How would i actually do this? How do you go about testing chemical conditions within the soils? How do i know what brambles need?
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>> No. 2774 Anonymous
9th September 2019
Monday 4:18 pm
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How is it that you have more access to fox and rabbit droppings than soil?
>> No. 2775 Anonymous
9th September 2019
Monday 5:11 pm
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My limited understanding is that soil is vastly decomposed matter like leaves, grasses and whatever happens to fall. So it makes sense that you could grow from processed grasses like rabbit droppings, plus the blackberry nutrient and seed that have passed through the fox. It'd be nice to test whether that snapshot of the ecosystem sustains itself.

It's more an introduction to botany and ecology than actually growing, but having blackberries next year would be a welcome result.
>> No. 2776 Anonymous
9th September 2019
Monday 5:23 pm
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I'm still not sure I understand what you actually have in mind.
Rabbit droppings would make a perfectly fine manure if you had some way of gathering them in vast quantities, you're definitely better off just buying some compost or finding the manure of larger herbivores. Not a great idea to trespass on farmland but if there's a stables anywhere near you, the horses will regularly shit on the road and you can gather it up with a bag for free.

Most brambles are very hardy, you'll have noticed they tend to grow all over the place wild, but in their case
>Seed often does not germinate until the second year after shedding. Seeds have a hard seed coat and a chilling requirement to overcome. Plants take three years to flower from seed.
you're not going to get blackberries by next year. Unless you wait until spring and buy a young one. You could buy two and give one rabbit manure to see if it makes any difference to the growth if you're that keen on experimenting.

Don't play about with fox shit though, even if you were to sterilise it, it would smell fucking awful all the time.
>> No. 2777 Anonymous
9th September 2019
Monday 7:26 pm
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Just cut a few stalks off a living bramble and stick them in water and they'll hopefully take root.

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