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>> No. 2792 Anonymous
29th February 2020
Saturday 9:01 pm
2792 Mushroom Growing
Finally got round to entering the world of indoor mycology again.
Looked like a massive weirdo for getting a 9Kg bale of straw delivered to my office but hopefully it'll be worth it.

Starting off small with some elm mushrooms, not tried them before but they're meant to be similarly easy to grow to oysters.
On a whim I also got some oyster mushroom wood dowels and stuck them in some firewood I had lying around, not sure if it'll take but worth a shot I guess.
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>> No. 2793 Anonymous
29th February 2020
Saturday 9:14 pm
2793 spacer
I've been having a nightmare sterilising my woodchip substrate, even pressure cooking it for an hour and a half it still reliably colonises with some scary looking black and green moulds instead of what I innoculated it with. That takes, sometimes, but hasn't spread very well even in the one grow bag that hasn't gone green/black. Any suggestions?
>> No. 2794 Anonymous
29th February 2020
Saturday 9:38 pm
2794 spacer

Dunno m8. I've only ever grown them from kits where the spores were already injected into some subtrate.
>> No. 2795 Anonymous
29th February 2020
Saturday 10:01 pm
2795 spacer
I'm by no means an expert, but I'd make the assumption that you don't have a problem getting the woodchips sterilised, you have a problem with contamination getting in afterwards. Are you inoculating with spore or spawn?
Professional setups do as much of the smaller-scale work as possible under a laminar-flow hood providing HEPA filtered air, large-scale inoculation of the substrate is ideally done in a dedicated room with positive-pressure filtration. These things are way out of the reach of our-ilk but cleanliness is vital.
>> No. 2796 Anonymous
29th February 2020
Saturday 10:13 pm
2796 spacer

Spawn. I transfer the substrate from the pressure cooker to the bags with nitrile gloves on then tie it off before innoculating it in the kitchen. It just seems surprising that there's enough of this one specific saprotrophic floating around to invade every time I do it.
Doing it smaller scale with spores is easier as you can sterilise in a semi-sealed container and inject through but I've tried doing a boil in the bag and it melts the bag.
>> No. 2824 Anonymous
31st March 2020
Tuesday 8:27 pm
2824 spacer

Not ideal in that I've got a massive clump that are going to crowd each other out, but it's to be expected with the very poor temperature and humidity control I've got.

Sorry for the slow response, but yeah it's easy to get that sort of contamination in a kitchen like that.
What sort of bags are you using? I've ordered cheapo growbags off ebay, and they stand up to being boiled with no issue, although that's boiling in an open pot, not in a pressure cooker.
>> No. 2825 Anonymous
31st March 2020
Tuesday 9:25 pm
2825 spacer
You'll be in mushrooms for months, by the look of it. Where do you source your spores?
>> No. 2826 Anonymous
31st March 2020
Tuesday 9:31 pm
2826 spacer
I just used some supermarket freezerbags, that's probably the bigger issue.
>> No. 2827 Anonymous
31st March 2020
Tuesday 9:46 pm
2827 spacer
I buy spawn from here:

I wouldn't bet on this lasting months though, you tend to get a big drop in yield after the first flush or two.

The site above sells bags too, but the Chinesium ebay ones work well enough for me. Definitely worth it over freezerbags though.
>> No. 2828 Anonymous
31st March 2020
Tuesday 9:48 pm
2828 spacer
Those look really good mate - where do you put the boxes normally?
>> No. 2829 Anonymous
31st March 2020
Tuesday 9:51 pm
2829 spacer
On the floor of my spare room next to my airing cupboard.
>> No. 2830 Anonymous
1st April 2020
Wednesday 7:25 pm
2830 spacer
That looks amazing, well done.

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