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>> No. 30043 Anonymous
5th October 2020
Monday 11:42 pm
30043 Stolen Phone
Aight lads, my phone just got stolen in East London. I've disabled the sim, sent a notification to Find My Device on google and remotely logged out of Google Facebook and Whatsapp. Is there anything else I should do (apart from go back to primary school to learn about interaction with strangers)? I don't really use apps for really sensitive things, and I have a pattern login, but I'm still a bit on edge.
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>> No. 30044 Anonymous
5th October 2020
Monday 11:55 pm
30044 spacer
Report it to the police? Do you have the IMEI number? On another note, how did this "interaction" lead to a robbery?
>> No. 30045 Anonymous
6th October 2020
Tuesday 12:04 am
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>> No. 30046 Anonymous
6th October 2020
Tuesday 12:16 am
30046 spacer
I was going on the thought that there is basically nothing the police can do, I guess it's worth it though actually. Happened because I'm an idiot, two guys come up to me and ask for a light and I'm like yeah sure no prob, and one minute later I realise my phone's gone.
>> No. 30047 Anonymous
6th October 2020
Tuesday 12:42 am
30047 spacer
Oh. Pick pocketing? Less violent than I thought. Anyway, police won't do anything. They are cunts. I got robbed when I was 15, and they basically asked me if I were lying. Why would I lie? I am still confused by that question 15 years later.

It is still good to have a paper trail of the robbery. Also, you could go all "Taken" on them, and track them. Maybe rob them back at 5am with a couple of mates with knives and bats? I don't want to incriminate myself... but 5 grand is a lot of money to stumble upon.
>> No. 30048 Anonymous
6th October 2020
Tuesday 12:46 am
30048 spacer
Won't be able to access my IMEI number til I can use my landline tomorrow, I'm assuming since I disabled the SIM there's nothing they can do even if they have the IMEI?
Yeah, very amicable pickpocketing, I assume I look like a proper chump when I walk down the street so no threat of violence is needed against me. In real life I think the worst thing that can happen is that they rob or blackmail the £50 I own from me, but I'm also worried they'll hack onto my fb page I haven't used in 5 years and post "im gay".
>> No. 30049 Anonymous
6th October 2020
Tuesday 1:18 am
30049 spacer
Might as well write it off. I think you should still report it to the police.

From my understanding, they will probably reset everything and resell it. I don't think they want to personally snoop through your stuff, since it would take a bit of work to log into your accounts, and get all your data. I hope you backed up your data.

Live and learn. People are cunts.
>> No. 30050 Anonymous
6th October 2020
Tuesday 7:20 am
30050 spacer
>I'm still a bit on edge.

I think it's a sad fact of life that if you live in London, you're going to get robbed from time to time. It is unsettling, and there is almost nothing you can do about it. Console yourself with the fact that these people were obviously in a desperate situation to be doing this, and they didn't harm you.

Write it off, and move on. It's just a device, no matter how jarring the whole process is. You will learn from this about how you interact with others in the street, and you will learn to not make eye contact or be as "helpful" to most strangers, no matter how upsetting those concepts are. For kind, open people, these are difficult lessons to learn, but you will.
>> No. 30051 Anonymous
6th October 2020
Tuesday 12:19 pm
30051 spacer
Thanks dude, I will try to remember all that next time I'm walking home pissed at 11PM on a Monday.

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