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>> No. 30213 Anonymous
5th December 2020
Saturday 3:39 pm
30213 Therapist
I have started seeing a therapist via Zoom. He spent some sessions just smiling and nodding to whatever I was saying, no feedback at all. At the end of my last session, he offered me this:


I read about it, and my answer was:

"That's one of the biggest crocks of shit I have seen in my life"

"No, you do not understand, it works, it is based on the 2.6 Gigahertz frequency of the human body..."

"Do you even know what a Gigahertz is?"


"You are talking out of your ass."

Any advice? I should be having another session with him in a couple of weeks, but I am not so sure anymore.
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>> No. 30214 Anonymous
5th December 2020
Saturday 3:44 pm
30214 spacer
>2.6 Gigahertz frequency
Isn't that the same frequency Wifi and microwave ovens operate at? I'd probably ask for my money back, but then you also said "ass" so maybe you deserve this.
>> No. 30215 Anonymous
5th December 2020
Saturday 3:52 pm
30215 spacer

Wireless is either 2.5 or 5, but I agree. I should have asked for a refund.
>> No. 30216 Anonymous
5th December 2020
Saturday 5:36 pm
30216 spacer
I think there's potential legitimacy to a lot of Woo stuff, but it does sound like you've been had. What credentials did this person offer? I've heard it's not difficult to become a certified therapist as opposed to psychotherapy and psychiatry.
Don't be hard on yourself - i once brought a tinfoil wrapped flower from a group of those 'think of the children' old ladies that hang around outside shopping centers. I managed refuse their offers of palmreading, however.
>> No. 30217 Anonymous
5th December 2020
Saturday 7:21 pm
30217 spacer
>Emotional Freedom Techniques
>2.6 Gigahertz

And you're not certain whether you should see him again or not?
No, lad. No. Provided you're not shitposting, you need a therapist that takes the first few sessions feeling you out and adopting their approach to your well-being accordingly.

Fuck him off and please try to focus on building up your self esteem in future sessions so that you don't fall into such a trap again.
>> No. 30218 Anonymous
5th December 2020
Saturday 7:46 pm
30218 spacer

I had not fallen for his trap, it was the ending of the second session when I asked him what therapy plan was he willing to follow. I had no way to detect his idiocy, especially because he did not say a single word during the sessions.

I could try to find another one, but I took months before finding a male therapist willing to take my case. The other therapist either told me that they were not dealing with cases like mine, or just ghosted me. One just did not attend the scheduled meeting and I had to threaten him to get reimbursed!
>> No. 30219 Anonymous
5th December 2020
Saturday 8:02 pm
30219 spacer
>just ghosted me
I suppose years of deep personal work have allowed them to set boundaries and honour their mild discomfort and minor inconvenience.

I don't know anything about therapy. I hope you find someone worthwhile though.
>> No. 30220 Anonymous
5th December 2020
Saturday 8:18 pm
30220 spacer

>took months before finding a male therapist willing to take my case.
>The other therapist either told me that they were not dealing with cases like mine

What kind of thing are we talking here?
Do you eat your own poop? do you eat other peoples?
>> No. 30221 Anonymous
5th December 2020
Saturday 9:31 pm
30221 spacer

Much worse than that. Lots of child sexual abuse involved.
>> No. 30222 Anonymous
5th December 2020
Saturday 11:55 pm
30222 spacer

Have you considered talking to the police about it? I imagine once the burden of secrecy is lifted you could begin processing the guilt, whichever position you're in. Ofcourse that burden would be replaced by another but it might be bearable with the knowledge that you're doing what's right.

https://www.stopitnow.org.uk/ exists, with a free anonymous helpline and valuable resources.
>> No. 30223 Anonymous
6th December 2020
Sunday 1:57 am
30223 spacer

Thanks for your kind words, but it happened decades ago, in a shithole country far away from UK. The police won't care (they did not care back then), and all people involved are either dead, in a retirement home with dementia, or have moved on with their lives. People prefer to deal with those issues in private.
>> No. 30415 Anonymous
18th February 2021
Thursday 9:15 am
30415 spacer
There 2 sides to that
1 side he wants you to keep paying him so he probably would just say shit for you to think he is helping but really isn't
2 side that sounds like that would actually help. Like did you think anybody though thar waving a clock in front of somebody, but it did.

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