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>> No. 30405 Anonymous
16th February 2021
Tuesday 7:42 pm
30405 Finding a therapist
I know there have been lots of threads involving therapy, but I don't think there's been about how to actually find the right therapist.

I've been wanting to get therapy for a while, but whenever I muster up the motivation to do it, I never know where to start. When I search on https://www.counselling-directory.org.uk/ I get over a thousand results near me, which makes me feel overwhelmed.

I have no idea about what kind of therapy would be best for me, so how am I supposed to choose? Do I just try the first one which comes up and see how it goes?
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>> No. 30406 Anonymous
16th February 2021
Tuesday 7:46 pm
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Harmony from The Queen's Nose is now a therapist.

>> No. 30407 Anonymous
16th February 2021
Tuesday 8:18 pm
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I too am interested in this as I've heard tales of people having to try multiple therapists which I really don't have the cash for, I want to be as sure as possible before biting the bullet.

If it's any help to you OP, so far I've browsed MyOnlineTherapy due to the good reviews and some of the lists of qualifications therapists have on there are extensive. It is £49 for an initial 30 minute meeting and after that £99 per hour session though so it's not anything I can do long term but that's just me, there's also the benefit of being able to do it just through text if you so wish, so you can then revisit conversations and advice they've given you.

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