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>> No. 30730 Anonymous
4th May 2021
Tuesday 3:09 pm
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I think i just accused someone of inapropriate behaviour around children.

A public swimming pool with glass walls around, one directly on a footpath.
The person was stood against the window with a young dog, peering into the pool of children across the far end.
As i aproached, it seemed to me a lifeguard was also coming 'round to investigate from inside - no eye contact was made. What other reason would staff have to come all the way to the opposite end of the pool where no users were present?
As i passed i asked loudly "Do you have a family in there?", to which the person said yes and mumbled something as i walked off.

It's generally known that this location is inapropriate to stop at, especially so if your face is pressed to the glass like this persons was.

All i can think is to talk with the receptionist/manager and offer to pay for blinds to be put in the relevant windows.
I'm trying to convice myself it was right to 'confront' this person yet i feel bad for doing so.
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>> No. 30731 Anonymous
4th May 2021
Tuesday 3:26 pm
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It’s funny how over 10 years this place has changed from the anarchy of the internet hate machine to the hot spot for curtain twitching neighbourhood watch of interest in the status quo.
>> No. 30732 Anonymous
4th May 2021
Tuesday 3:37 pm
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We've all grown up and had little certified webmasters of our own. ANYONE TOUCHES MY KIDS I'LL DO TIME
>> No. 30733 Anonymous
4th May 2021
Tuesday 3:38 pm
30733 spacer
I guess during those 10 years we've all grown up.
>> No. 30735 Anonymous
4th May 2021
Tuesday 4:37 pm
30735 spacer
If I were you I'd wonder why I gave a toss? Someone staring through the window of a swimming pool for an extended period of time is obviously a creep, but no-one was in immediate danger, so I'd say it's a matter for the staff to handle, and you say they appeared to be aware. Apart from that, it's none of your business. Giving your hard-earned cash to the pool so they can redecorate sounds almost as mental as the bloke with the dog.
>> No. 30736 Anonymous
4th May 2021
Tuesday 4:40 pm
30736 spacer
If growing up just means repeating the cycle of the people who came before us, and becoming the people you probably hated when we were young, sure.

Give it a few more years and I am sure people will be talking about the left wing like it has no value and a mental illness to even consider, and what the kids need is national service to teach them some values.

I am sure most of you are already at the stage of having dinner parties where you just talk about how the host chose the wallpaper.
>> No. 30737 Anonymous
4th May 2021
Tuesday 4:51 pm
30737 spacer
Or all the fun people left.
>> No. 30738 Anonymous
4th May 2021
Tuesday 5:20 pm
30738 spacer
It probably wasn't unless you were looking for a fight. You're best off not getting involved with these things, especially concerning children, unless someone is in immediate danger and even then it's a risky move. Although maybe that's why our kids keep getting abducted by whaling parties.

Can't say I blame you. If I found someone in my wanking spot I'd be annoyed too.

This place hasn't changed since 2011 m8. We just have more generals now. I distinctly remember a enlightened discussion on the merits of air ionisers around that time.
>> No. 30739 Anonymous
4th May 2021
Tuesday 5:27 pm
30739 spacer
Aren't swimming pools shut due to corona?
>> No. 30740 Anonymous
4th May 2021
Tuesday 5:34 pm
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>> No. 30741 Anonymous
4th May 2021
Tuesday 5:48 pm
30741 spacer
Is it a problem to think we should all strive to meet an example of public behaviour? That we could all encourage and support one another in reaching that model?
Do you really want to be part of a community that excuses peeping on children as they play in a pool?
Why can a person not take responcibility rather than passing it down to someone else? Simply because there's money involved?

I am scared to live in a community where this is tollerated. Ofcourse i don't actually know that this person was peeping at the kids - it just seemed suspicious, unusual behaviour. I could indeed ask myself if i want to live in a community rife with paranoia, where anyone met in the wrong place at the wrong time is accused of pedophillia.
>> No. 30742 Anonymous
4th May 2021
Tuesday 5:50 pm
30742 spacer

>This place hasn't changed since 2011 m8. We just have more generals now. I distinctly remember a enlightened discussion on the merits of air ionisers around that time.

I don't see how at all that is relevant to OP turning into a NIMBY.
>> No. 30743 Anonymous
4th May 2021
Tuesday 6:43 pm
30743 spacer

>Ofcourse i don't actually know that this person was peeping at the kids

This is the part that's the problem.
>> No. 30745 Anonymous
4th May 2021
Tuesday 7:52 pm
30745 spacer
I for one would rather not be part of a community of paranoid curtain twitchers who scream carpet-bagger! every time a lone man pauses to check their phone within half a mile of a playground.
That kind of behaviour has a much more corrosive effect on the community as a whole than the occasional potentially creepy guy who's motives the OP jumped to conclusions about looking over a pool fence.

For example:

I remember reading an article about a similar survey from the UK a couple of years ago with similar results but google isn't being particularly helpful.
>> No. 30748 Anonymous
4th May 2021
Tuesday 8:53 pm
30748 spacer

Maybe the issue here is my perception with regard to children. Both my parents were abused, so i've been vaguely aware of that sort of thing from too young an age. It's like i'm trying to push too far the other way. Projection, init?
Just for context, >>/emo/30452 was my thread also.

I still think the pool guy's was unusual behavior, and i sort of recognised the alleged culprit as someone who was locally known to be engaging in disproportionately aged relationships (though i didn't know that until after i spoke - he looked back at me).
The day previous to this i recognised someone else in the same general location who was historically accused of public masturbation before children. This must have been playing on my mind.

The recolection of these 2 factors seems to add more weight away from the 'just let it be' attitude apparent here (which i may well be misunderstanding). I'm moderately aware of the process by which we search for complimentary evidence and discard anything contrary to our conclusions, by the way.
This is emotionally charged so it's difficult to let go - how could someone forgive themselves for discarding the safety of a child for fuck sake.
Where is the ballance between hypervigilance and complete apathy?
How do people develop their ability to appropriately detect and mitigate threats?

I'm not sure where to go from here. It's quite possible i made a mistake in my comment to the guy looking into the pool - i've made such faux pas before though of lesser consequence.

>Most men are reluctant to help lost kids
This one time a kid fell off his scooter near me with an audiable slap to the concrete. The kids parent was quite a way off and appeared to make little effort to help him, so i knelt down to pat him on the back. You can't just walk away from that, you know? When i bent down the woman started running toward us shouting "thank you!" in that sort of 'please dont' kind of way. He was a little shocked to interact with me, so I picked up the scooter and left before the woman made it to us.
>> No. 30749 Anonymous
4th May 2021
Tuesday 8:58 pm
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