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>> No. 31475 Anonymous
18th January 2022
Tuesday 11:14 pm
31475 Healthiest way to smoke weed?
This is a bit meandering. I'm not sure what the actual problem is, because the solutions are obvious. I think I just want to vent and look for people who may have similar experiences or proclivities.

I know the easy answer is weed vape, but it's too easy and I'll just end up stoned all the time again. I want to control my weed use like I've managed to with my alcohol. 11 years ago I was on a 70CL of Whyte & Mackay a night, 5 years ago I'd have to finish every drink in the house before I could call it a night. A couple of years ago I guess I got control of it and now it's absolutely no bother to have a spirits cabinet and leave beers in the fridge, and just have a single beer, or a single glass off wine and leave the bottle. I don't know what's changed. Same with sugar as well, I used to be a fucking fiend but now I can take it or leave it. Actual sugar I mean, not coke. Wanking's a tough one but it really depends on how busy I am.

So can I get there with weed, or is it too risky to try considering I obviously have an addictive personality?

I stopped blazin' a week ago. I've done this for the last 3 Januaries for a couple of weeks, never with the intention of 'quitting' but just gaining some control over it. Of course when I felt in control, I'd go back to smoking every day because I was doing nothing bar work and video games. Now I'm doing an AAT level 3 which would be my first qualification since my incredibly useful Classics degree, and I think that will help galvanize me because I don't want to be forgetting everything I learn and I actually need some sort of credibility in my industry.

I've been smoking most days since uni, and basically every day since I graduated 10 years ago. Maybe a gram of whatever a day on average, always mixed with baccy. I used to use it for specific reasons, because it stopped me feeling sad about relationship dramas or relaxed me or it was with mates or, or...but then a few years ago it just became an all-the-time thing. Before work at the bar, before work at the call center, but only once or twice since I got into accounting and only when I was really fucked off about something.

I don't really like this. I don't know how to unwind without weed; video games don't work, reading doesn't work, meditation doesn't work although I could give it more of a shot. And while I should definitely not be smoking every day for no reason, a joint definitely has a use. I never used to smoke pure weed rollups because it burned my throat in a kind of weird way, almost like an excess of mint. I tried again for the first time in a decade or so this December and had none of that, I couldn't feel any physical sensation in the throat at all tbh, which I assume is because of the cumulative damage - but I then realized the sensation I crave is the burn of some mildly dry baccy/weed mix, and the feeling I want is of being a little bit blazed but by no means monged. I've avoided stuff like Amnesia now because it's just couch-lock and I'm kind of past that (and fucking Star 'Dawg', what the hell is that? Tastes like petrol).

I'm also down to...well, I've had 2 cigarettes today, usually I have up to 10-12 when I'm working and zero when I'm just at home doing nothing because why smoke tabs when you can smoke joints when you've got no obligations? Anyway, quitting tabs isn't too big a problem, it's the weed that I'm going to always want. Same with booze, only I can easily keep bottles in the cabinet in the fridge without touching them, and I'm perfectly capable of just having one. Which I'm very proud of considering I tried

I feel almost uncomfortable with the moderately increased level of energy I have. I don't want to increased risk of dementia, but that actually looks like it's going the way of the dodo with recent advances so by the time it could hit me it'll probably be quite curable. I hope. But lung cancer won't be, and so I can't keep smoking baccy and shouldn't be inhaling plant matter regardless. Also it can't be good for my brain in general; I was never a good storyteller, and could never structure a joke properly, but I process information quickly, and retain knowledge very well, and I don't want that to decline faster than it has to. Also there's the apathy as well. I know I was always a bit detached and apathetic about people and their problems, unless I could actively solve them (in which case it's the problem rather than the person that I'm interested in), but it's not great.

Randy said it best: Weed makes you feel fine with being bored. And that's fine, when you've actually achieved something.

I don't know what to do. I want to be able to involve weed in my life in a healthy way. If I've done it with alcohol and sugar, and to an extent wanking, can I do it with weed too? Have any of you lads managed to do it?
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>> No. 31476 Anonymous
18th January 2022
Tuesday 11:18 pm
31476 spacer
*Forgot to edit down this paragraph during proofreading.

I'm also down to...well, I've had 2 cigarettes today, usually I have up to 10-12 when I'm working and zero when I'm just at home doing nothing because why smoke tabs when you can smoke joints when you've got no obligations? Anyway, quitting tabs isn't too big a problem, it's the weed that I'm going to always want. I've got nicotine patches and a vape which keeps unlocking itself in my pocket if it's not off (Smok RPM), and I can get a new one if I need to and it does the job and keeps me from smoking tabs too much.

Sorry about the OP image, I didn't realise it was so fucking large.
>> No. 31477 Anonymous
18th January 2022
Tuesday 11:20 pm
31477 spacer
I found alcohol much harder to give up than smoking green. All of these things are habitual, and you need to find something else to replace it. Given that you've managed alcohol and sugar I'm sure you can do it. I don't know about meditation, I find going for a walk better, but we're all different.

>Weed makes you feel fine with being bored

I think you hit the nail on the head here, and thats the problem. I wish I could suggest more, but I just wanted to express some empathy as I've felt many of the things you've said here.
>> No. 31478 Anonymous
19th January 2022
Wednesday 12:08 am
31478 spacer
This resonates with me. I'm also trying to re-evaluate my relationship with the icky sticky, and I too keep the Randy Marsh quote handy to remind myself the dangers of smoking too much.

That you're able to give up for a full month every year is great. Have you considered just seeing how much longer you can go after that? That's how I ended up vegetarian.
>> No. 31479 Anonymous
19th January 2022
Wednesday 1:32 am
31479 DR PinkiePoo

I made the switch to a vape last January OP. Best decision I ever made because I suddenly didn't need to roll and go out for a joint anymore, I could just have a vape whenever I wanted. And that's what I did, when I felt the urge to smoke I went on the vape. I didn't satisfy a nicotine urge and I had to grin and bear with it, but I got stoned. And then something impressive happened. I started thinking "OH, I'll pack my vape and have a smoke" but then get distracted by something else, that's how I went my first day without smoking weed accidentally (aside from being in a drought) in over a decade, I just forgot. It's been a year and I vape once a week if I have occasion to.

As well a vape lets you control the high a lot more. Vape at 170-80 and you're not gonna be zonked, go higher, get more wrecked.

I used to structure my whole days around weed, get home in the evening from work and roll and smoke, then just do something for an hour or so before it was time to go out for the next one.

Weed has a psychological addiction but you're never going to tackle that if you don't deal with the very insidious and potent addiction that nicotine has over you first. Separate the 2 and figure out which is which. A year a go I'd never dream I'd be like I am now, I always wondered how I was gonna stop because I couldn't imagine life without a joint in the evening and I knew I was fucking my lungs as well. Well the thing driving it was nicotine, just I couldn't tell the difference.

Good luck OP
>> No. 31480 Anonymous
19th January 2022
Wednesday 4:49 am
31480 spacer
I know this will sound like a really trite answer, but have you tried psychedelics?

More drugs to help with your issues with drugs, I kniw; but the thing is with me, getting into psychedelics totally put me off weed. I was never an every day smoker because I never really had the opportunity to be, but I would smoke pretty often- At least weekly for most of my early 20s. But after I got into psychedelics for a bit, and had various trips with and without the use of cannabis, I had a quite powerful change in perspective on the stuff.

Frankly, I just realised I don't actually like it. I was smoking it because it was a drug, and it does a bit more to you than alcohol, when you want to be on a drug. But I don't actually like the effects- It never just chilled me out or anything like that, for me it always made me overanalyse things and become very socially anxious. I consciously ignored those negative aspects because I liked watching movies and getting way too deep into it, and because I thought being a stoner was cool. But when I was able to step back and look at it clearly in that ego-supressed tippy state, I saw that I wasn't actually getting much out of it. It was a waste of time and money.

Maybe it won't be the same for you because tour relationship with the substance itself is different, but I bet there will be some sort of inner profundity you can unlock on a bit of acid that will help you realise your goal. I'll only very occasionally smoke weed now, if I'm in the mood for it specifically (one of those long extra horny wanks for instance.)
>> No. 31481 Anonymous
19th January 2022
Wednesday 1:55 pm
31481 spacer
I can't be arsed to read all that wall on my phone but to answer the question, why not just eat it? Make some cannabutter or whatever, use it as a cooking ingredient. Make THC jelly babies if you want. None of it's very difficult and you can control the dose quite precisely.
>> No. 31482 Anonymous
19th January 2022
Wednesday 4:08 pm
31482 spacer

Probably not the advice you're looking for but marshmallow leaf is a reasonable substitute for tobacco. Get a good quality and you'll taste it, but it doesn't burn the same nor give that sluggy tobacco hit. Infact I stopped smoking gange shortly after substituting tobacco for marshmallow - it's just not the same.
>> No. 31483 Anonymous
19th January 2022
Wednesday 6:33 pm
31483 spacer
I just got bored of the high as I got older, no longer enjoyed smoking socially and would just have the odd joint before bed. Realised it was a bit pointless smoking and going straight to sleep so just gradually stopped.

I still like to have a small bit of something to hand as I will smoke a joint maybe once every 3/4 months. The only time I really enjoy it now is if I'm out walking by myself in nature somewhere then a very small j can be quite nice. Otherwise I'm not fussed. I do still drink too much though. Dunno if that's any help really.

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