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>> No. 31764 Anonymous
5th July 2022
Tuesday 12:16 am
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One area I've always felt myself lacking is in dirty talk, I don't know whether I'm on outlier here but mostly my sex is pretty quite even if I don't receive any complaints. Mostly just some '...your my woman' kind of caveman talk in bed when in a relationship.

Do you have any tips on this to increase a ladies pleasure?
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>> No. 31765 Anonymous
6th July 2022
Wednesday 1:13 pm
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I think it's one of those things where you've either got it, or you don't, honestly. Some people like it, others aren't that bothered.

I think what stops a lot of people is that when you actually step back and look at it and think about the things you say in the heat of the moment, without the benefit of sexual arousal clouding your brain, it sounds cheesy, cringeworthy, embarrassing as fuck. You have to get past the shyness and just embrace talking about how big your cock is, and how deep in her cunt it is, and how tight she is, and what a naughty slut she is, and how you want to breed her, etc etc. Whatever it is that does it for you/her. Just embrace it. You only live once, and you only get to spend half of that time having a halfway decent sex life, before you're too old and grey to bother any more.

Some people just can't get over that, though, and to be honest they're the people I get along with the least sexually. You're already naked, exposed, both baring your body with your weird lumps and that one embarrassingly located birthmark and so on. If you can't loosen up and let go at that stage, then when can you? I almost see it as a sign of conceitedness.

Anyway it varies from person to person, but I think a good place to start is working out what words they like to have used. My ex was the first girl I'd met who preferred to have it called her "cunt", for instance. Then find out what concepts about sex really excite them. A partner I had once kept saying something along the lines of "You're proper gonna bucket me out!" which I thought sounded daft, but I realised after a bit that it was a turn on for her being gaped, stretched, or what have you, so I responded in kind by talking about how I was gonna leave her all loose and saggy and so on. She loved it.

You have to get to know the lass a bit and tailor it to their tastes, is what I'm saying. Some lasses don't need it, I'm shagging a lass at the moment who's much more physical than verbal or mental, plus doesn't speak the best English. So it would have diminishing returns. But still no harm putting in a few comments here and there. You might as well just give it a go.
>> No. 31766 Anonymous
6th July 2022
Wednesday 1:29 pm
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My first girlfriend told me she was "sopping wet" while we were fooling around and that totally put me out of the moment.

I've only dirty talked one sexual partner, and it was very half hearted on my part. I remember once she sent me a text saying something like "I'm shoving a dildo up my pussy and thinking about you. What do you think of that?" It was a weird question, but I treated the whole exchange like a social link on Persona, just saying what she wants to hear then I get good points because she likes me more.

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