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>> No. 4970 Anonymous
9th January 2020
Thursday 5:43 pm
4970 Anti-depressants
Started to get that fogginess in my brain after 9 months on SSRIs and it's really fucking with my output at work. Doctor suggested reviewing for a shift over to SNRIs but will it actually help? From what I can tell, they all provide some degree of brain buggery and as this condition has left me on the brink of failing university, I'd rather not hang in hope.

From what I've been reading from independent studies, I may well be better off finding a ket dealer.
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>> No. 4971 Anonymous
9th January 2020
Thursday 6:05 pm
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What's the "fogginess" like exactly? Is it more a distracted lack of focus or more of a lethargy? SNRIs will likely be worse in the former case and better in the latter case.

Ketamine infusions are available in the UK although not via most NHS trusts and you'd need one of those one in a million GPs to get a referral in the first place. Like most mental health treatment you'll probably have to go private, whether you do so via a clinic or a few grams off whatever darknet market is still operating in 2020 is up to you (and your wallet, where you live etc), I guess.
>> No. 4972 Anonymous
9th January 2020
Thursday 6:32 pm
4972 spacer

A distracted lack of focus sums it up nicely. I have all the ideas in my head but actually getting them onto paper is a mammoth task.

I know a guy who could likely source the ket through alternative methods but I'd like to get some professional advice hence why I'm coming here and not to my GP, right? I've not done anything like that before so are there user guides or something along those lines anywhere?
>> No. 4973 Anonymous
9th January 2020
Thursday 7:24 pm
4973 spacer

>A distracted lack of focus sums it up nicely. I have all the ideas in my head but actually getting them onto paper is a mammoth task.

I'm just hijacking your thread but this neatly sums up my experiences whenever I try anything academic and I'm not even on SSRIs
>> No. 4974 Anonymous
9th January 2020
Thursday 7:47 pm
4974 spacer

Spravato (FDA-approved s-ketamine nasal spray) is generally dosed at 56mg or 86mg with 8 doses a month being recommended by the company that makes it.

As the ketamine you're likely to be able to buy will be racemic (made up of both r and s enantiomers of ketamine) and also quite likely not 100% pure you should probably start with 50mg doses and work your way up to about 150mg over time. Ketamine can make the world seem fairly... odd... for about 30-45 minutes (although it can seem like a lot longer) so if you have someone you trust who can sit with you the first few times it might be nice. (Luckily by the time you get to a dose where the really weird stuff happens you're unable to move and basically unaware of your surroundings anyway, but it might be nice to have someone to chat to and make you a cup of tea while you settle back into reality).
>> No. 4975 Anonymous
10th January 2020
Friday 1:53 am
4975 spacer

Oxford NHS Trust offer a ketamine treatment service, but it's privately funded and it isn't cheap.


Before you go taking a load of black-market wobble powder, experiment with your medication options. You might see a significant improvement if you just reduce your dose by 25% or so, because side effects have a non-linear relationship with dose. Conversely, your brain fog might be a symptom of depression rather than a side effect and you could benefit from increasing your dose or switching to a different drug. You could try reboxetine, an NRI which is effective in the treatment of both major depressive disorder and ADHD, or a drug with dopaminergic action like buproprion or buspirone.
>> No. 4976 Anonymous
12th January 2020
Sunday 2:45 am
4976 OP
I've been trying out skipping on my meds for the past five days or so (prior to making this thread) and I definitely feel more mental clarity. I take them later in the day because of the higher sustained dosage I'm on so I'd rather not risk withdrawal effects but the results of my little experiment have certainly got me thinking.
>> No. 4982 Anonymous
14th January 2020
Tuesday 4:32 am
4982 spacer
Can I ask which SSRI you're currently taking?
>> No. 4985 Anonymous
14th January 2020
Tuesday 4:48 pm
4985 spacer
Citalopram, 40mg.

Still going cold turkey on it. Mood swing yesterday evening over something trivial followed by a bit of an existential meltdown and an early night. Could've easily got quite nasty the missus managed to calm me down.

Doctor's appt scheduled for Monday afternoon and a preliminary session with a counselor set for Wednesday.
>> No. 4986 Anonymous
14th January 2020
Tuesday 8:12 pm
4986 spacer

I can't recommend going cold turkey, for reasons you (and your missus) are becoming aware. You'll feel pretty fucking grim for several weeks, because your serotonin system is going absolutely haywire. If you can't bear to go back on the full 40mg, I'd suggest at least splitting them to 20mg until you can see a doctor and sort out a tapering-off regimen.
>> No. 4989 Anonymous
22nd January 2020
Wednesday 1:05 pm
4989 spacer

Saw my delightfully MILFy GP on Monday and she wasn't too enthused about me going cold turkey but didn't give me a bollocking either.

Funnily enough she'd just come over from the Oxford trust that was trialing the s-ketamine and we talked about it a little. She was keen to try something more out of the box for me (i.e. not SSRIs) and we discussed my options. I'm starting on 37.mg (70mg/day) venlafaxine, Easing into it with just the evening dose for the first week and then going all-in. If either of you have any experience with it, I'd love to hear it.

Counselling in a few hours. First time jumping back in for two years. At £50/hr it better blow my fucking bollocks off because at this point I don't think I'd handle it well if not.

I appreciate the kind words and guidance.
>> No. 4991 Anonymous
22nd January 2020
Wednesday 4:59 pm
4991 spacer
I was on venlafaxine for a few months, it did make a positive difference but it raised my blood pressure so my GP took me off it.
>> No. 4993 Anonymous
22nd January 2020
Wednesday 6:13 pm
4993 spacer

I was on it for almost a year I think? Think it was the same dosage too. It killed my sex drive, but that's naturally freakish so I was still able to have sex etc, I just didn't feel horny and stopped masturbating every day, maybe once a week ish.

If I took it on an empty stomach, I'd start sweating profusely until I threw up. I used this to get out of work once. Scary the first time but then realised it was just a thing.

When I came off it cold turkey, I felt okay but in day to day life...it's hard to describe, I think everyone's experienced it, but it was like a disorientation where say, whenever I moved my head and field of vision, it felt like it took my brain a few fractions of a second to catch up. Stepping off the pavement onto the road it felt like my perception of things was bouncing.

That wasn't constant, but it happened daily.

Other than that, I think it really helped me from topping myself when I was losing my job, had my mum tell me she didn't care any more over the phone, and was losing my girlfriend. Managed to salvage all of that while I was taking it.

Good luck mate, hope it works out for you.

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