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>> No. 4996 Anonymous
29th January 2020
Wednesday 10:42 pm
4996 Quitting Smoking
I'm going to attempt to quit smoking and was wondering if any of you had tips or experiences to share? We did have a thread a few years back but it seems to have disappeared from the catalogue, though from what I remember Allen Carr's book was highly recommended.

My stats if they help put things into context:
7 a day on weekdays, 4 on weekends. 9 years of smoking.

The discrepancy on the weekdays is that I have a work routine of smoking during my breaks. There's a question there of what I'm supposed to do if I'm not smoking.
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>> No. 4997 Anonymous
29th January 2020
Wednesday 10:54 pm
4997 spacer
>The discrepancy on the weekdays is that I have a work routine of smoking during my breaks.

That, for me, is the hardest bit to get over. If I don't go out with the smokers I have to sit in the fucking funeral home atmosphere of the staff room with the other cunts.

Personally I've had success by simply switching to vaping. I'm sure it's not 100% as healthy as quitting entirely but fuck it, it's good enough for me; I don't have a single fag most days, I only ever feel tempted when I have a drink. I cut it down gradually at first and rationed out the cigs, using vaping to substitute because it wasn't quite the same at first.

Gradually I was at the point of vaping more than smoking, and after that I dropped the cigs entirely, and now I actually like vaping better.
>> No. 4998 Anonymous
29th January 2020
Wednesday 11:24 pm
4998 spacer
Yeah - the work breaks are very difficult to break. You get all the benefits of a break, a bit of a gossip and chat with some people who you probably wouldn't otherwise talk to.

Alan Carr's book is okay - a little repetitive - but it's a system and has worked for many people.

OP Have you tried stepping back to vaping? That brings its own risks/addictions, but my own view is that it seemed a lot better for my body than actual cigarettes.
>> No. 4999 Anonymous
29th January 2020
Wednesday 11:40 pm
4999 spacer
I actually do own a vape from previous attempts at quitting. I think I got down to one ciggie a day with it but would like to quit totally rather than opt for the healthier alternative.
>> No. 5000 Anonymous
30th January 2020
Thursday 12:23 am
5000 spacer
Actually, looking back I now remember from my previous attempts that I did very well with something to distract me at home. Specifically video games as I find I can easily lose myself in those and focus on objectives with the associated dopamine hit.

During one such attempt I played some classics RPGs for the first time, namely VTMB and the two KOTORs. These in addition to Pharaoh and Rollercoaster Tycoon did wonders so if any /v/ lads want to chime in with recommendations then feel free.
>> No. 5001 Anonymous
30th January 2020
Thursday 12:29 am
5001 spacer

I've lost entire days to Civ II, honestly just looked up at the clock and realised it's eleven hours later.
>> No. 5002 Anonymous
30th January 2020
Thursday 12:35 am
5002 spacer
>brings its own risks/addictions
I used to smoke ~5 rollies on a regular weekday and maybe twice that at the weekend with beers. I switched over to vaping and for a year or two it was great - I much preferred it to smoking, and while personally I felt the health impact was overstated, it was definitely an improvement.

Then I went through a particularly dark time in life, having trouble with medication and other things. Long story short, I wound up so hopelessly addicted to vaping that I was not able to get out of bed without firing up a storm for at least 20 minutes. Nicotine consumption significantly controlled my life. I tried cutting back many times and in many different ways, and I failed.

Eventually I realised that I was never going to be able to get back to the "good old days" of just having a few puffs here and there. I spoke to my GP, who prescribed me patches, while I weaned down the nic in my liquid. This wasn't much fun - I started out wearing three "20-a-day" patches at once, which just barely took the edge off cravings - and it was a long way down, but it worked. Finally I vaped for a couple of months with no nic in the liquid, before one day finding that some subconscious part of my brain had flipped to perceiving vaping as a waste of time. I kept it around for when I was drinking and so on, but the association was gone. That was over a year ago, I've not been back and to my surprise (and delight) I don't get any cravings even when drinking.

The irony in all of that is that I had to quit cigarettes to get properly addicted to nicotine. I want to be clear that I don't mean to scare anyone, with any of this, but I will say this much: vaping can fill the cracks in your day far more surreptitiously than cigarettes. Realistically you need 10-15 minutes to have a cig, it's socially proscribed in most places these days, and tobacco is hideously expensive. By comparison, if your work and life permits (as mine did) you can be vaping high-strength liquid from first thing when you wake up until lights out at night for fuck all money. It's easy and cheap to vape levels of nicotine that you wouldn't get close to on with tobacco. Don't do this.

Set out a plan of reduction, and get on board with the idea of spending a couple of months at the end vaping with no actual nicotine. You won't miss it when it's gone, honest.
>> No. 5005 Anonymous
30th January 2020
Thursday 4:07 pm
5005 spacer
I've considered using nicotine patches as an appetite suppressant but i don't think it's the right way to go in hop of loosing weight 'effortlessly'.
>> No. 5012 Anonymous
30th January 2020
Thursday 6:17 pm
5012 spacer
A mate of mine was very successful quitting fags with patches, and he was a proper full blown smoker- Started at the age of about 13, two on a morning before work, one when he got there, two on every break kind of smoker.

He still smokes weed (without tobacco and mainly bongs) though, so I don't think the habit-breaking part was quite as hard for him, and I can't help but think it's kind of cheating really. It's finding something else to replace the ritual that's really difficult.
>> No. 5013 Anonymous
30th January 2020
Thursday 8:27 pm
5013 spacer
What I'm struggling with about quitting is not the physical cravings, but the routine of it. Like a smoke when I wake up, a smoke on my way to work, a smoke at break time, a smoke between programs on the telly. I've tried vaping but I don't enjoy it, but feel like I need a ritual of sorts to replace the smoking.
>> No. 5014 Anonymous
30th January 2020
Thursday 8:28 pm
5014 spacer
Have a wank m8
>> No. 5015 Anonymous
30th January 2020
Thursday 8:39 pm
5015 spacer

Wanking more than 5 times a day for a prolonged period of time will break your cock mate. Believe me I know.
>> No. 5016 Anonymous
30th January 2020
Thursday 8:54 pm
5016 spacer
Sounds like you've got a shitty cock mate. Believe me that's not universal.
>> No. 5017 Anonymous
30th January 2020
Thursday 8:59 pm
5017 spacer

Not when you're a teenager no, but as you get older you'll find your regenerative properties lacking in comparison to your peak physical years.
>> No. 5018 Anonymous
30th January 2020
Thursday 9:02 pm
5018 spacer
How old do you mean? If you're talking thirties you're full of shit. If you mean forties then obviously you should have found something better to do by then.
>> No. 5019 Anonymous
30th January 2020
Thursday 9:39 pm
5019 spacer
>as you get older you'll find your regenerative properties lacking

Speak for yourself lad, fifty year old reporting in.
>> No. 5021 Anonymous
30th January 2020
Thursday 9:53 pm
5021 spacer

You are in fact the one who's full of shit. It's a pretty linear decline for some men. Some men don't decline at all. Some men find themselves practically impotent as soon as their puberty finishes. I'm just hitting my 30s, and it's been a good couple of years since I stopped bothering going for a round two during sex.

Then again, that's probably also because I've had plenty of sex in my time, and to be honest I can take it or leave it nowadays. I've done it all before, and I've done a lot of things many men never will. By contrast, there's a single mid-30s lad at work, the type who exudes that specific desperation of an undesirable man who hasn't had a shag in years, and I bet he could go the full ten rounds and still have plenty left in the tank.
>> No. 5023 Anonymous
30th January 2020
Thursday 10:04 pm
5023 spacer
It's strange how you say I'm full of shit and then immediately go on to restate what I started with.
>> No. 5024 Anonymous
30th January 2020
Thursday 11:01 pm
5024 spacer

What about a lovely cup of tea?

>Wanking more than 5 times a day for a prolonged period of time will break your cock mate. Believe me I know.

Sounds like bollocks.
>> No. 5062 Anonymous
9th February 2020
Sunday 11:21 pm
5062 spacer
Fucking hell this is hard work. On Wednesday I arrived 5 minutes before the start of a presentation for work and that was enough to make me crack and buy a pack. Managed to leave the pack alone until just now when the craving after a roast finally got the better of me.

Wish they still did packs of 10 so that when I do crack it's not such a commitment.
>> No. 5063 Anonymous
10th February 2020
Monday 12:12 am
5063 spacer

>Wish they still did packs of 10 so that when I do crack it's not such a commitment.

I dunno mate, crack is moreish as fuck no matter how many fags you buy to go with it.
>> No. 5064 Anonymous
10th February 2020
Monday 12:26 pm
5064 spacer
>I'm sure it's not 100% as healthy as quitting entirely
You're right: it's 95% as healthy as quitting entirely.

OP, if you can switch to vaping, and maybe bear in the mind the personal experience of >>5002, it would do wonders for you.

If not, I don't think stuff like >>5062 is such an issue. Cold turkey is really, really hard, so don't beat yourself up if you crack. Cutting down is enough - just try and go as long as you possibly can without a smoke, and try to make those breaks longer and longer until you don't have cravings at all.
>> No. 5074 Anonymous
15th February 2020
Saturday 1:52 am
5074 spacer
>>5002 Thank you, great post.

Vaping got me off the 'grets but I'm still struggling with the final steps. Chugging 3mg/ml at my desk and tapering to zero nic or putting the vape out of immediate reach has me back on the rollies. Probably a matter of mindset, I can easily abstain in the right social situations but left on my own end up huffing the douche flute like a champ.

Any further advice for getting out of the habit entirely would be much appreciated. Nicotine is a harsh and fruitless mistress.
>> No. 5085 Anonymous
16th February 2020
Sunday 12:08 pm
5085 spacer
>Chugging 3mg/ml at my desk and tapering to zero nic or putting the vape out of immediate reach has me back on the rollies.
Sounds like you're reducing too much, too fast. Wear patches to get the nicotine you want and use the vape just as a physical crutch. Slowly reduce the patches over time - if you speak to your GP they should be happy to keep on prescribing them for as long as you feel is necessary. Obviously there are the three different strengths of patches, but you can also cut them down to size.

Don't try and get ahead of yourself and reduce too fast, or you'll just end up back on the cigs, as you've found. Slow and steady.
>> No. 5086 Anonymous
16th February 2020
Sunday 12:27 pm
5086 spacer
Nicotine gum is what got me off the fags for good. It not only gives you a hit of nicotine but chewing it also keeps the mouth busy.
>> No. 5087 Anonymous
16th February 2020
Sunday 12:30 pm
5087 spacer

It's worth bearing in mind that vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking according to Public Health England, so even if you're vaping like a steam train you've gained most of the health benefits of quitting smoking. Quitting vaping is a bonus, but the important thing is staying off the fags.
>> No. 5088 Anonymous
16th February 2020
Sunday 2:19 pm
5088 spacer
I stopped smoking about the time of this thread starting. I was wheezing away with a chest infection outside in the cold and rain puffing away furiously on a pipe and I had a 'what the fuck am I doing?' Moment.

I am definitely still getting the itch but the fact that i was pretentious enough to smoke aromatic pipe tobacco means I'd have to go out my way to acquire more helps.

Might resort to vaping but for now I am alright.
>> No. 5089 Anonymous
16th February 2020
Sunday 5:08 pm
5089 spacer
Alan Carr's book is really working so far. I'm not even sure there is much "method" to it, what has really hit home is a section early-on where he just highlights the whole absurdity of it in terms other than health.

The example that if the shop doesn't have your brand you will still buy a shit brand that tastes awful to you is something I've never thought about. Made me feel like one those people who crack open the fag bins for ends.
>> No. 5090 Anonymous
16th February 2020
Sunday 5:27 pm
5090 spacer
Not sure there is much of a method to it - it's just pleasant repetition of things you already know and agree to. It's a clever book, but there isn't a great deal to it.
>> No. 5091 Anonymous
16th February 2020
Sunday 6:19 pm
5091 spacer

Vaping is more or less the same thing as smoking flavoured pipe tobacco, honestly. Even the way the inhale feels is far less like a cigarette and more like a good wide bowled pipe.

You'd probably take a shine to it if you tried. Maybe get some zero-nicotine flavours to try.
>> No. 5172 Anonymous
6th May 2020
Wednesday 7:41 pm
5172 spacer
This won't work for everyone but I found that just seeing how long I could go without one helped. At 9 months now and I'm so determined not to ruin my streak that I haven't been tempted to have one since I quit.

Cutting back on boozing also really helped

Good luck bigman

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