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>> No. 5149 Anonymous
16th April 2020
Thursday 9:30 am
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What cardio exercises do you do?

I'm fully aware that I need to be doing more cardio but I just find it so boring. I can get in the mindset to do weights but not cardio. I'm assuming something like HIIT and breaking it down into sets of exercises is the best way to get into it.
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>> No. 5150 Anonymous
16th April 2020
Thursday 9:32 am
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Get. A. Bike.

Ride somewhere pretty and not on a fucking road like a prize cunt.
>> No. 5151 Anonymous
16th April 2020
Thursday 10:13 am
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Let's just say that biking isn't for me.
>> No. 5152 Anonymous
16th April 2020
Thursday 10:24 am
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Dancing like a mad cunt in a rave is the only one I've ever found I want to do. Everything else is an exercise in tedium by about the 10th session.
>> No. 5153 Anonymous
16th April 2020
Thursday 11:23 am
5153 spacer
Get a load of this country bumpkin with his prettiness privilege.
>> No. 5154 Anonymous
16th April 2020
Thursday 11:38 am
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I live in a city and have lived in London. There's always somewhere pretty. You might need to take roads or the car to get there but it's never particularly far away.
>> No. 5156 Anonymous
16th April 2020
Thursday 8:00 pm
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000 knee pull.png
Step-up on a 12" block, 5 sets of 20 alternating legs.

Press ups + Superman back extensions, 5 sets of 20 alternating exercises.

Knee pulls + crunches, 5 sets of 20 alternating exercises.

Jogging on the spot, 5 mins.

Should take about 30 mins.
>> No. 5157 Anonymous
16th April 2020
Thursday 8:40 pm
5157 spacer
When doing sit ups and those laying leg raise things i find the tension mainly occurs in the upper limit of my legs, near the hip joint, rather than my abs. Why is this and how can i localise the tension toward my abs more?
>> No. 5158 Anonymous
16th April 2020
Thursday 8:59 pm
5158 spacer
Shadow boxing is great and there's plenty of videos online for that, or get a reflex ball, they're also good fun but only if you have to space to use it in. Same goes for a skipping rope. If you can't get out/self motivate for a run often, there's always burpees, they're the best bodyweight exercise for burning calories per minute of doing them but your legs will hate you.

The wrong muscles are taking over. Your hip flexors are activating more than your abdominals. Make sure you're contracting your abs as you do the movement, but it might be better to find some corrective exercises online. It's always a good idea to spend some time doing an exercise slowly and focusing on the range of movement to hit those muscles efficiently, like building a good foundation.

I'd help more but I'm a tad baked right now.
>> No. 5160 Anonymous
16th April 2020
Thursday 9:01 pm
5160 spacer
Organised exercise classes have always worked for me; basically martial arts and yoga. Obviously I can't do any of that right now, and probably for the rest of the year.

At the moment I'm just doing a punch of push ups. I might be coming out of this a fat cunt with a liver like foie gras, but I'll be coming out of it as a fat cunt with a liver like foie gras who can do a lot of push ups.
>> No. 5161 Anonymous
17th April 2020
Friday 9:24 pm
5161 spacer

I died
>> No. 5162 Anonymous
17th April 2020
Friday 11:10 pm
5162 spacer
I'm used to climbing (V5-ish), but now I'm basically locked up in an attic. I still do all the stretches, but cardio is hard. I have a 2l bottle filled with water I use for calithenics. I don't have weights at home, and none of my doors are good enough for pull ups. Maybe I should try and climb the neighbours and and consider it route done if they don't shout at me.
>> No. 5163 Anonymous
18th April 2020
Saturday 3:04 am
5163 spacer

Do you have anywhere you could hang a campus board?
>> No. 5164 Anonymous
19th April 2020
Sunday 3:37 pm
5164 spacer

If you have a sturdy table in your home you can do horizontal rows, hits the same muscles as pull ups. If you haven't got a table to use, put a broom/stick/bar over/between two chairs and do them that way. For weights, a litre of water weighs 2.2lbs, books can be fairly heavy too or just big rocks, fill a backpack with them and you can do double handed bicep curls, or weighted press ups/lunges/whatever else you can think of. It's mostly just down to how creative you can get.

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