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>> No. 5721 Anonymous
26th April 2021
Monday 7:20 pm
5721 The No Sugar Thread
I think I might try cutting processed sugar from my diet. How hard can it be. Do you two have any tips on this and have you tried it before?

I might go slow and start with lowering my intake because I don't much fancy having flu-like symptoms at the moment. It seems like I'll also need to be really careful on what I buy because the devil's flour gets in everything.
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>> No. 5722 Anonymous
26th April 2021
Monday 7:27 pm
5722 spacer
WTAF? Unless your diet is currently so much sugar that you don't ever need to poo and your new diet will be the first fibre you've had in a decade, traumatising your ringpiece, I suspect you will be fine, despite what these maniacs are telling you.
JFDI, if you want.
>> No. 5723 Anonymous
26th April 2021
Monday 7:32 pm
5723 spacer
I went low sugar for one week once. It was horrible. I remember the moment I gave in I felt drunk and happy. We are all addicted.
>> No. 5724 Anonymous
26th April 2021
Monday 7:36 pm
5724 spacer

OP seems to have confused sugar with heroin.
>> No. 5725 Anonymous
26th April 2021
Monday 7:37 pm
5725 spacer
Haven't you ever asked yourself why that's such an easy mistake to make?
>> No. 5726 Anonymous
26th April 2021
Monday 7:43 pm
5726 spacer
I started a keto/low carb diet last week to get lean for the summer (tried it a couple of years ago and found it worked really well). I felt pretty tired for the first three days and had to have hour long naps shortly after waking up, but it seems my body has finally adjusted to being in a ketogenic state because I feel more energised than I did when I ate carbs.
>> No. 5727 Anonymous
26th April 2021
Monday 7:49 pm
5727 spacer
What symptoms did you get and what foods did you have to swap out? I will need to prepare and by the looks of things that includes stocking up on shitpaper.

There's a famous study suggesting that sugar is more addictive than cocaine for rats.
>> No. 5728 Anonymous
26th April 2021
Monday 9:24 pm
5728 spacer

Where do you get cocaine for rats?
>> No. 5729 Anonymous
26th April 2021
Monday 9:42 pm
5729 spacer
Half gram for 5 rats down the old dog n pickle.

On topic though I reckon I'd be able to massively cut down if it weren't for booze. I can deal with no sweeties or soft drinks but I fucking love to get pissed and it's nearly all full of sugar innit. Unless you want to drink vodka and soda like a pansy.
>> No. 5730 Anonymous
26th April 2021
Monday 10:09 pm
5730 spacer
You can start drinking straight whisky and pretend you're a classy ad exec from the 60s.
>> No. 5731 Anonymous
26th April 2021
Monday 10:12 pm
5731 spacer
Only for the first three glasses.
>> No. 5732 Anonymous
26th April 2021
Monday 10:14 pm
5732 spacer
As is often the case, Phil Lynott said it best.

>> No. 5733 Anonymous
26th April 2021
Monday 10:25 pm
5733 spacer
This is something of a complaint I have for booze in that you don't see sugar content clearly labelled and often it will be missing from the ingredient list. There also seems to be fuck all of a clear consensus on how the carbs from Ales and the like square to the white stuff where you might still be looking at a 2-3 teaspoon equivalents in some pints.

Apparently the low carb option is tequila but frankly, I'll take my chances with diabetes if that's the choice.
>> No. 5734 Anonymous
26th April 2021
Monday 10:32 pm
5734 spacer
>Apparently the low carb option is tequila but frankly, I'll take my chances with diabetes if that's the choice.

Really? I love tequila I'm happy to drink that instead.
>> No. 5735 Anonymous
27th April 2021
Tuesday 10:22 am
5735 spacer
Better to be a Phil Lynott than a Pat Morris:

>> No. 5736 Anonymous
28th April 2021
Wednesday 6:38 am
5736 spacer

Any clear spirit is going to be basically the same, about 110 calories per 50ml, because they're all roughly 40% abv. That other 60% is largely water.

I think vodka is technically the best bet, but only by about 10 calories. Some people claim that clear spirits have less calories than dark spirits, some even claim dark spirits have sugar or carbohydrate in them - this is false*, it's still roughly the same. If you take every double measure of spirit you drink to have 115ish calories then you will not be far off.

*Rum is the exception here. Pure rum is no different calorically to any other spirit, but rum as a product is a wild frontier not protected by rules and regulations in the same way as other staple spirits, so producers are free to put sugars or whatever they feel like into their rum to make it how they want it.

There's no escaping that pure alcohol has a specific amount of calories, so no matter what you drink, to get the same level of drunk you'll be consuming the exact same calories from the ethanol itself. Wine and beer obviously contain unfermented sugars, carbs, proteins etc etc which add to the count, and you have to drink more of them to get drunk.

So the most efficient way to get drunk without taking on too many calories is just to do shots. Or have a vodka soda or a highball or a gin and slimline or a whiskey and diet coke, etc etc.

Or you could try vaping your alcohol.
>> No. 5737 Anonymous
28th April 2021
Wednesday 6:39 am
5737 spacer

I forgot what thread we were in, I should have just said spirits don't have sugar.
>> No. 5738 Anonymous
28th April 2021
Wednesday 11:16 pm
5738 spacer
I'm not low carb but I cut out sugar if it is an ingredient. How hard that is will depend on your current diet, for me cutting out "full fat" soft drinks, juices, biscuits and sweets covered most of my intake. Ketchup (bottled sauces in general) and flavoured booze are easy traps. Beyond that always read the lable. It takes a bit of practice but you'll soon get the hang of what you should avoid.

Simple carbs get turned into sugars in your gut eventually, so you should not get anything more than mild withdrawals. Even "complex" carbs end up there. If you're used to downing a 2l of sugar/caffeine cola in the morning things might be different of course.
>> No. 5739 Anonymous
29th April 2021
Thursday 1:41 am
5739 spacer
My biggest challenge is in finding replacements. I'm not sure that I'm happy replacing biccies with rice cakes given they're nutritionally empty but the other alternatives all have their own drawbacks. I'll outlive Kitkat-lad but at what cost?

I bet summer will be shit as well.
>> No. 5740 Anonymous
29th April 2021
Thursday 6:30 pm
5740 spacer

You could try replacing biscuits with almonds/cashew nuts/walnuts/brazil nuts/etc.
>> No. 5741 Anonymous
29th April 2021
Thursday 7:07 pm
5741 spacer

Lad who only ate mincemeat for a month to lose fat here I am not sure how much this is what I did specific or just a normal result of a low sugar diet. The sugar cravings are unpleasant and incredibly so at first. Your body has an expectation of it being there. So expect an insulin crash. After a while without refined sugar. Your palette changes. You become aware of sweetness in foods you never though were sweet previously, and some foods you will become hyper aware of after tastes, and what will seem like an over use of a particular flavouring. Energy wise you will probably need a stricter routine for food and sleep as deviations will hit you harder than they would have previously.
>> No. 5742 Anonymous
29th April 2021
Thursday 8:31 pm
5742 spacer
The problem with nuts is not only that they're little carb bombs where most retail brands have added sugar but the betters ones fat wise are also the ones that will fuck up your teeth. And they're also expensive.

A handful is great but whose ever opened a bag of something and then thought "right I've had a handful, that's enough for today".
>> No. 5743 Anonymous
29th April 2021
Thursday 9:11 pm
5743 spacer
I should do an update for day 3:
-Farting has drastically increased due to a changing diet
-There has been a few brief spells of light-headedness today
-Meat is great, nice bit of ham or chicken omnomnom. I suppose the veg equivalent would carrots but they're untrustworthy sugar wise.

I've probably come at this harder than I should've but know it's an all or nothing thing with me.
>> No. 5744 Anonymous
29th April 2021
Thursday 9:28 pm
5744 spacer
Farting does increase with any change in diet. I think it might be a good sign.
>> No. 5745 Anonymous
29th April 2021
Thursday 11:03 pm
5745 spacer
If this is true it sounds like constantly changing diet would result in an exponential increase in farting until it's continuous until post-mortem. Be careful, diet lads.
>> No. 5746 Anonymous
30th April 2021
Friday 12:15 am
5746 spacer
You lads have brought an interesting idea to me head: If this is a period of turmoil for my gut flora then it must also be an ideal time to take proactive action to encourage colonisation by better strains of gut flora. Either by taking those probiotic pills or simply eating the kinds of foods that will keep me on the straight and narrow forever.

This could be a new form of transhumanism where we make an aggressive change to diet as a means to redesign your health. The only challenge is getting the best possible new strains inside me.
>> No. 5747 Anonymous
30th April 2021
Friday 9:00 am
5747 spacer
If you want the best possible strains you'll be wanting Mutaflor. It's bacteria taken from the shite of a German soldier in the first world war who was particularly resistant to dysentery.
>> No. 5748 Anonymous
30th April 2021
Friday 12:23 pm
5748 spacer
I thought probiotics were bollocks?
>> No. 5749 Anonymous
30th April 2021
Friday 12:32 pm
5749 spacer

Not bollocks as much as poorly understood. It's currently hard to manipulate gut bacteria with just a single pill full of cultures. Modifications in diet and poop transplants are very effective, though.

Perhaps in the future there'll be a more reliable protocol for the use of probiotics.
>> No. 5750 Anonymous
30th April 2021
Friday 12:43 pm
5750 spacer

That Michael Moseley bloke from the TV documentaries where he's always putting himself up as a guinea pig for embarrassing medical stuff because that's his fetish said they're worth taking. Although that's in reference to the Yakult drink or that wierd Greek soured milk stuff rather than just taking a tablet or a shot of shit.
>> No. 5751 Anonymous
30th April 2021
Friday 1:47 pm
5751 spacer
>particularly resistant to dysentery

I mean that's all well and good but it's similar to other products on the market where day-day life benefits aren't really shown. Take for example:

The bacteria selected seem to benefit coeliac disease sufferers but for a £30-40 box of pills I'd want my teenage stomach back that can live on rubbish. I'd pay good money for that.

The problem with probiotics is in surviving transit from shelf to intestine - this is why they now recommend you take them at breakfast when your stomach has its lowest acidity. It's pretty apparent from anyone who has had a tummy bug that things can survive the journey though.

One would think that a suppository would be more effective but I imagine pouring Yakult up your arse from a handstand is a messy job.
>> No. 5752 Anonymous
30th April 2021
Friday 2:18 pm
5752 spacer
>> No. 5753 Anonymous
30th April 2021
Friday 2:50 pm
5753 spacer


>I imagine pouring Yakult up your arse from a handstand is a messy job.

Fortunately we have the perfect delivery method.
>> No. 5754 Anonymous
30th April 2021
Friday 7:28 pm
5754 spacer
Can confirm from personal experience that a syringe does this job perfectly.
The other thing makes it more fun but is an entirely superfluous frivolity.
>> No. 5755 Anonymous
30th April 2021
Friday 10:36 pm
5755 spacer
Much like how vegetarian food that doesn't try to replicate meat products is bleddy fantastic, don't try to replace like-for-like.

As >>5741 says, once you're weaned of sugar you won't miss it.

The default example of "diminishing returns" in basic economics is a "Mars Bar". The assumption is that you can eat one, maybe two, but soon you feel sick and don't want more. Mars Bars are bascially just sugar with different kinds of binding agent, the example was made up in a time when sugar was still somewhat scarce.
>> No. 5756 Anonymous
1st May 2021
Saturday 8:44 pm
5756 spacer
Trying to actually find low sugar products is a ballache. It's like they make it deliberately hard to even search on a supermarket website and don't even get me started when you use google and suddenly get pictures of maple syrup on pancakes. If I were diabetic I'd be in proper trouble.

I just spent the past hour working out the curry sauce with the lowest sugar content and apparently it's butter chicken.
>> No. 5757 Anonymous
2nd May 2021
Sunday 12:03 am
5757 spacer

Just make most food yourself. Use a tin of chopped tomatoes for sauce and use a variety of vegetables for every meal. If you want to eat healthy, it's hard to go wrong
>> No. 5764 Anonymous
12th May 2021
Wednesday 9:59 pm
5764 spacer
23 April: 82.7kg and 17.6% bodyfat
12 May: 77.5lg and 14.8% bodyfat

Keto is basically a cheat code for losing weight.
>> No. 5765 Anonymous
13th May 2021
Thursday 1:44 am
5765 spacer
I remember posting in that fit thread saying I was cutting out sugar in my coffee as a gentle start towards a healthier lifestyle, and some twat started screeching on at me about how that was pointless and wouldn't do anything because it's a drop in the ocean compared to all the rest of the bollocks I must eat to be gaining weight.

Well I've since worked it out, and weighed the amount of milk and sugar I typically put in my cups of coffee. Turns out they were roughly 60 calories a cup, and that's a low estimate. So no, bitter ex-fatlad, the sugar in my coffees was not an insignificant source of calories, in fact it was quite significant indeed. At five to eight cups a day I was clocking up nearly 500 calories in my beverages alone.

Now, I'm admittedly an edge case. The amount of coffee I drink is aleready a replacement for my previous addiction to something like ten cans a day of full fat coke. I've always had terrible habits because my parents failed to raise me properly, so I'm not suggesting this is a fantastic new diet everyone can go on to magically shed five stone. For most people it is true that cutting out the sugar in your coffee would do fuck all, because most people already stick to one or two cups a day at most, and only put a modest teaspoon or two in- But I am not most people, and for me it did at least halt the growth of my worrying FUPA.

So yeah, fuck you, whoever that lad was.
>> No. 5766 Anonymous
13th May 2021
Thursday 2:04 am
5766 spacer
>At five to eight cups a day

Otherlad is right. You'd be better off cutting the coffee and spooning the sugar up your arse. I can only imagine the bloat and state of your breath.
>> No. 5767 Anonymous
13th May 2021
Thursday 2:23 am
5767 spacer

Well, at least I've successfully changed my habits, so I'm not that fussed by your sour grapes m8.

Why don't you go try giving the lads in the resting actor's thread grief for correcting their poor lifestyle choices if you must be a bellend.
>> No. 5768 Anonymous
13th May 2021
Thursday 2:06 pm
5768 spacer
I'm right with you on that technique - my poison is tea, and I drink it at about the rate you do on coffee; I've grown up having two sugars in tea, breaking that habit is/has been/will be difficult, but it has a big effect on the number of calories/crap carbs I eat per day.

It is - but challenging if you're vegan. I managed to do a keto/high-fat diet for a couple of weeks, and got into ketosis regularly (bought a meter and did daily tests at the same time), but too many avocados/cauliflower rice.
>> No. 5769 Anonymous
13th May 2021
Thursday 3:07 pm
5769 spacer

You sound like that lad that got really annoyed that we told him to go to a doctor when he reported his arse was bleeding.
>> No. 5770 Anonymous
20th May 2021
Thursday 12:11 am
5770 spacer
Something I've noticed from all this is that I'm starting to see my shopping bill cut in half. Used to be that I'd spend about £20 a shop but now it's usually around a tenner and that's not just actual sweets at work but avoiding sugar in general which means my overall shopping has improved.

I think the best part is cutting out the biscuits. For some reason one cracker/crispbread brand will always be on sale and you don't end up suddenly finding you've eaten half the packet without thinking. Lately I've made a nice Tzatziki sauce to go with (be careful with Greek yogurt, some of them take the piss on sugar) so I can dip in and out which is much nicer and more refreshing than custard creams.
>> No. 5771 Anonymous
20th May 2021
Thursday 12:46 am
5771 spacer

I think I had a right to be when I'd been spooning sugar up it on your advice. Can't bloody win with you lot.
>> No. 5772 Anonymous
20th May 2021
Thursday 10:01 am
5772 spacer
It's incredible how much supermarket floor space is spent on processed food, when you think about it. My Tesco Extra has one aisle for fresh meat and two or three aisles for fruit and vegetables, and the remaining twenty or thirty aisles are for stuff that just refashions them in different ways.
>> No. 5788 Anonymous
28th May 2021
Friday 12:07 am
5788 spacer

One of the withdrawal symptoms you rarely see mentioned is thirst, or more exactly dry mouth. The fact that I also seem to be gurning makes me wonder if some good Samaritan is putting MDMA in London's water supply.

Monkey business aside, by the sounds of it I've either gone into ketosis or I'm just outright losing water because of the drop in insulin. The gurning is likely mineral deficiency caused by peeing, so it's magnesium I'm picking up from Holland and Barratt tomorrow right, /A/lads? There's over £20 difference at stake between the keto supplements that contain magnesium.

You'll notice that most of the keto stuff is 18+. Which is odd and makes me wonder how kids have been getting high.
>> No. 5789 Anonymous
28th May 2021
Friday 1:19 am
5789 spacer
Extra magnesium is great. You can also get it by having a bath with Epsom salts. Feels good man.
>> No. 5790 Anonymous
28th May 2021
Friday 4:35 pm
5790 spacer
Keto supplements are bollocks. I looked at the back and the highest %RDA was 17% - ended up getting two magnesium and zinc bottles for £4.99.

The zinc is probably just an added bonus but I hear it makes you spunk more.
>> No. 5791 Anonymous
28th May 2021
Friday 5:26 pm
5791 spacer
Reading the %RDA of magnesium is meaningless if you don't check what its made of.
Magnesium oxide is cheap so most tablets use it, but only something like 10% of whats in the tablet actually gets absorbed into your body. Magnesium citrate is a better choice.
Magnesium sulphate (epsom salts) is good and is well absorbed, but tends not to get used in supplements partly because it's meant to be easier to overdose on, but I've added a pinch to a glass of water every day for years with no issues, just enough to bring the water up to the same sort of level as is in san pellegrino spring water.
>> No. 5792 Anonymous
28th May 2021
Friday 5:55 pm
5792 spacer
I bought a ketone meter - about 40 quid on Amazon - the test strips are a little pricey, but when I was experimenting with low-carb at the beginning of the year I found the feedback invaluable; I know what proper ketosis feels like now, and can repeat it.
>> No. 5800 Anonymous
2nd June 2021
Wednesday 6:37 pm
5800 spacer
Cauliflower rice is fantastic. It feels similar enough to real rice and does just as good of a job at being a neutral sauce absorber for the stir-fries and curry-esque dishes I always make.

Worth the cost of getting a cheap food processor (I tried using a cheese grater but the little cauliflower bits fly around everywhere).
>> No. 5970 Anonymous
23rd December 2021
Thursday 1:11 am
5970 spacer
Is there a way to work out in advance how much weight I would lose if I did this? I have never even considered such a thing for a variety of reasons, but as I sit here with the Wuhan wheeze, I've noticed I have not eaten between meals for three full days now. I don't do any exercise either, and I basically just nap off and on, but if snack foods are so bad for me, I would expect the weight to start dropping off me soon, even though my actual meals are unchanged.

Based on guesses made by someone who doesn't give a shit and has always refused to care about these things out of principle, I would estimate my intake has gone from 3000 calories/day down to 2500 calories/day by leaving the Kit Kats in the cupboard. It's like the habit has just vanished, although I guess it will return. In terms of my size, I'm 5'8" and I weigh approximately 96kg. I can't say how many calories it burns to just live my normal life, but I usually cycle 50 miles a week to and from work, and then sit moderately still while I'm at work.

Let's say I kept this up for two weeks. Would I lose a visible amount of weight? How can I calculate such a thing?
>> No. 5971 Anonymous
23rd December 2021
Thursday 1:15 am
5971 spacer

>> No. 5972 Anonymous
23rd December 2021
Thursday 1:50 am
5972 spacer
Hey, I'll lose a pound a week! So if I do this all Christmas, that's 1.5kg. Thank you for the helpful website, although I can't imagine I will actually do that.
>> No. 5973 Anonymous
23rd December 2021
Thursday 1:26 pm
5973 spacer


You need to calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). Your BMR is how many calories you burn per day just living. Eat fewer than that many calories per day, you lose weight. Add some exercise calories, you lose weight.

Most people can cope with a 500 - 800 calorie deficit per day, and lose weight quickly, they just don't know how. You can then easily turn that into 2kg per month loss. Picture related, I lost almost 14kg this year.

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