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>> No. 5936 Anonymous
9th November 2021
Tuesday 8:42 pm
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How often do you think a man should shower, not after you get sweaty but in general? I think I might have one every 2-3 days.
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>> No. 5937 Anonymous
9th November 2021
Tuesday 8:50 pm
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I've always tried to go for every day, but if we're all being honest you don't need to every day, especially if all you're doing is sitting about the house. Daily showers are mostly just a perfunctory five minute rinse; you have the "proper" shower or a nice soak where you lather everything up and scrub your hair every two or three.

I think three days is definitely the longest your interval should be though. I've been through periods of crisis depression where I really couldn't even look after myself, and it allowed me to become intimately acquainted with the way grime accumulates on the human body. Even at a baseline of "sitting on the sofa watching telly", without any heavy activity, you're greasy after two days, you start to smell noticeably at three. Beyond that your dead skin gets flaky and gunk accumulates under your nails from scratching your head etc after four days. After five your ballsack/arsehole will start to smell utterly rank and the various folds/clefts of your body will start to get red, sore and inflamed as the grease, sweat and bacteria accumulates. A week or more and you start to look and smell like a homeless person, even if all you've been doing is sitting on the couch.

Humans are pretty disgusting.
>> No. 5938 Anonymous
9th November 2021
Tuesday 9:13 pm
5938 spacer
>Humans are pretty disgusting.

Why are sores, skin infections, or dandruff seemingly much rarer for other mammals? Is this because we're hairless freaks in the animal world?

It's confusing, because I know other animals groom, but it seems hard to believe that licking yourself could have the same effect as a proper scrub in the shower.
>> No. 5939 Anonymous
9th November 2021
Tuesday 9:58 pm
5939 spacer
We're hairless freaks that doesn't help, we also wash ourselves with soap that utterly screws with our bodies natural oil production and healthy bacteria so abruptly stopping showering is even worse for us than not showering at all.

Last year I stopped shampooing my hair, instead I just scrub it in hot water daily and use apple cider vinegar as a rinse and conditioner, and for the first time in my life I don't get dandruff anymore after trying every other treatment under the sun. I still find I need to use a little shampoo every couple of weeks to keep my hair from getting too greasy but I avoid getting any on my scalp.

I still use shower gel to clean my body because I don't want to be stinky, but I have the least problems if I use a mild sensitive gel like sanex.
>> No. 5940 Anonymous
9th November 2021
Tuesday 10:45 pm
5940 spacer

I haven't used shower gel in years, I swear stuff like that is a straight up con designed to mess with your body's flora and make you smell worse. If you don't use it at all, you won't smell nearly as much- A squirt of deodorant will actually last the day, and when you do get a sweat on your natural smell is far less offensive than it would be otherwise.

I think diet also has a huge impact on your body odour, mind you, so don't take it as a given. I don't eat much smelly stuff like onions or curries so I never really have much trouble. My ex and current missus always said I smell good even when I could actually smell BO on myself, so a steady diet of pepperoni pizza and hoi-sin stir fry is evidently good for your musk.
>> No. 5941 Anonymous
9th November 2021
Tuesday 11:04 pm
5941 spacer
I do once a day, regardless of exercise. More than once a day is idiotic. And I don't wash my hair in the shower every day, but I do use shower gel and shave in there every day.
>> No. 5942 Anonymous
9th November 2021
Tuesday 11:45 pm
5942 spacer
I do every other day, sometimes three.

I'll say this though, I've gone weeks in the past and it's never as bad as you think it would be, assuming you're not being hugely active and/or ay least wipe your knob every now and then.

I know what you're thinking "you stank and people were too nice to tell you" no, I work with cunts, I'd have been told immediately.
>> No. 5943 Anonymous
9th November 2021
Tuesday 11:50 pm
5943 spacer

You can get away with it as long as you give your bollocks and your pits a whore's wash, and perhaps have a good Polish bath. But you definitely looked like shit, that I can assure you. People just don't tend to say anything because it's easier to ignore than if you stink of BO.

I know because I did the same when I was really depressed in a job I didn't care about, and I turned up looking like I'd just rolled in from a night sleeping rough most days. I think some people actually may have suspected that. I just didn't care.

Looking back though it's quite shameful, because these days I realise I can actually be quite handsome when I look after myself.
>> No. 5944 Anonymous
9th November 2021
Tuesday 11:56 pm
5944 spacer

I dunno, I shave my head and my skin has always been shit, so there's not much else a shower improves.

I love a nice long shower now, even when I'm depressed. I think the fancy rain head shower thingy helps.
>> No. 5945 Anonymous
9th November 2021
Tuesday 11:56 pm
5945 spacer

Oil production in animals gives them a glossy coat, for us it festers. I seem to remember reading a theory that we actually get acne because the excess oil helps lube up a babies head for birth.

Then there are Koreans who have that gene that stops them smelling so they just walk around without any deodorant on.

>My ex and current missus always said I smell good

Maybe they just like a stinky-man though?

I don't fall for the shower-gel scam either but use a bar of soap and a proper sponge to get the grease. And stick the imperial leather stickers all over the place.

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