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>> No. 20156 Anonymous
19th December 2013
Thursday 11:57 pm
20156 Vaporisers
So, who here's tagging along with this latest drugs craze?

I know there was at least one of you with good knowledge on this subject in a smoking thread we had on /b/ a while ago, but I thought we could do with a general dedicated thread now it seems more and more of us are getting them.

I've personally just invested about £50 for two Kanger e-Smart batteries with clearomisers, liquid and addendums and I'm quite enjoying this whole vaping business. It seems to be even more moreish than cigarettes, and I'm looking forward to going through some of the tastier flavours. What setups have you got? Any comment on my kit (510 battery, T3 clearomisers) if you're familiar with it? I seem to already be getting that sucking/gargling noise which is apparently to do with the liquid being in parts of the apparatus it shouldn't be, but have followed YouTube guides to try and clear it out to no avail.

Anyway, yes. Vaporising general.
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>> No. 20157 Anonymous
20th December 2013
Friday 12:03 am
20157 spacer
Just to clarify, are you talking about tobacco substitute vaping, or 'vaporising' in a more general sense?
>> No. 20158 Anonymous
20th December 2013
Friday 12:05 am
20158 spacer
Last time I tried an e-cig or vaporiser or whatever they're called they turned out to be just as expensive as cigarettes. That and I could only buy them in a pharmacy which is a bit of a walk further than the several shops that sell cigarettes. I know it's silly to talk about convenience when this is my health at stake but besides the price and convenience I never felt like they gave me a good alternative to a regular cigarette. There was also the fact I could never really tell if I used it too much or too little.

Have these sort of things changed? Can I purchase them in any old chain newsagent? Are they cheaper? Have they introduced any sort of counter on them to say when you've had the equivalent of one cigarette?
>> No. 20159 Anonymous
20th December 2013
Friday 12:12 am
20159 spacer
There's loads of addictive chemicals in cigarettes and just going with the nicotine doesn't suffice, for me.
>> No. 20160 Anonymous
20th December 2013
Friday 12:25 am
20160 spacer
Sure, both. I gather they both use the same sort of kit? A battery, an atomiser/clearomiser capsule and a sort of oil-like liquid into which your drug of choice is dissolved. Or am I completely wrong? I'd like to learn either way if the kit involved in nicotine vaping and...other vaping is different.
>> No. 20161 Anonymous
20th December 2013
Friday 12:42 am
20161 spacer
My point was more that if this thread isn't going to pertain to nicotine replacement it should really go in /A/.
>> No. 20162 Anonymous
20th December 2013
Friday 12:57 am
20162 spacer
I posted a thread about e-cigarettes a year or two ago and it was in /b/. I think /g/ is an unusual choice.
>> No. 20164 Anonymous
20th December 2013
Friday 3:01 am
20164 spacer
Probably I'm being very nerdy and enjoying my new little toy too much; I was reading up about building your own clearomisers and cleaning them and shit which is all very techy. I agree with your >>20161 points though and I might well repost this in /A/ in the morning but right now it's time for my bedtime wank and some more practicing smoke rings before I hit the hay.
>> No. 20165 Anonymous
20th December 2013
Friday 9:53 am
20165 spacer
>Last time I tried an e-cig or vaporiser or whatever they're called they turned out to be just as expensive as cigarettes.
That's either very expensive liquid, or you're talking about a different kind of product. It should be significantly cheaper.

>There was also the fact I could never really tell if I used it too much or too little.
This is something you do get used to. I overdid it (whilst also drinking alcohol) the first time I used one and at the end of the night I ended up nauseated and jittery. I had to sit up with the light on and wait for it to pass for about half an hour, all I wanted to do was go to sleep.
>> No. 20167 Anonymous
20th December 2013
Friday 11:42 am
20167 spacer


The disposable e-cigs you find in newsagents and the like are both expensive and shite. You want to go to a specialist e-cig retailer or online and buy a refillable kit.

First, I'll rattle through the most important jargon. An e-cigarette has three main parts; The battery, the atomiser head and the e-liquid tank. The system works by allowing e-liquid to flow onto the atomiser through a wick, where it is vapourised by high heat. The atomiser itself is simply a coil of high-resistance wire, heated by current from the battery.

The de-facto standard for e-cigarette batteries is the eGo-type, the sort pictured above. These are about the size of your finger, last for about 6 hours of heavy use (or more than a day of moderate vaping) and can be recharged hundreds of times before they need replacing.

Because the connection to the battery is standardised, there is a huge diversity of atomiser and liquid tank systems to choose from. Most people today opt for a clearomiser system, where the e-liquid is held in a clear plastic tank and the atomiser head is immersed in the liquid. A typical clearomizer like a CE4 or a Kanger Evod will hold about 1.5ml of e-liquid, which is roughly equivalent to 10 cigarettes. A larger clearomizer like a Vivi Nova will hold 3-5ml of e-liquid. Some cheaper clearomizers like the CE4 are disposable, but most quality units have a replaceable coil head.

I'll break down the costs of the setup I use day-to-day:

A Kanger Evod kit costs about £30 on eBay. This includes two eGo-type batteries, two clearomizers, five spare atty heads and a charger. This is a really good quality setup that provides lovely thick clouds of vapour and is very durable. If you just want to try out a refillable system, you can buy a Hangsen Echo starter kit for less than £10. You can buy very cheap unbranded kits, but just don't, they're dreadful.

I get about two weeks out of an atomizer head and they cost me £1 each. You can eke more life out of an atty head by dismantling them and cleaning them, if you can be arsed.

I buy my e-liquid from an importer called premiere-cigs.co.uk, who buy direct from the factory in China. I pay £5.50 for 30ml of e-liquid and vape about 2ml a day. Most people vape 2-3ml of liquid a day, while a very heavy chain-vaper might get through 5 or 6ml. A 30ml bottle from a high-street shop will cost £10-£12 and a hand-made gourmet liquid might cost up to £18 for 30ml.

Doing the sums, the equivalent of a 15-a-day habit costs me less than 60p.
>> No. 20174 Anonymous
20th December 2013
Friday 12:35 pm
20174 spacer
I love you and I love your posts.

When refilling your clearomisers do you both using a fine-tipped pipette or anything like that, or have you got such sick pouring skills at this stage that you just do it straight from the bottle? I am wary of having to replace the T3 clearomisers all the time and hearing from you that they last two weeks tops sounds a bit of an arse-on. Also, this might sound like a stupid question, but since I haven't encountered it yet - how can you tell when a clearomiser has burnt out?
>> No. 20177 Anonymous
20th December 2013
Friday 1:31 pm
20177 spacer

I just pour straight from the bottle, it's not particularly difficult with most clearos if you tilt the tank at an angle and drip the liquid down the side, like pouring a pint of Guinness. Some people prefer to decant into a needle-tipped squeezy bottle and refill using that, although it's generally only necessary with some clearo or cartridge designs that have a very narrow opening.

Clearo coils will eventually burn out totally and stop producing any vapour, but they generally need cleaning or replacing well before that. The heat causes the atomiser coil to accumulate a layer of brown gunk that makes the vapour taste burnt and stale. Fortunately the Kanger atomiser heads are very easy to dismantle and clean and with a little practice you can do it in a couple of minutes. With regular cleaning you can get weeks and weeks out of an atty head. You can see videos of how to do this on Youtube.

If you're really economical, it's possible to completely rebuild an atomiser head to as-new condition by replacing the wicks and rewiring the coil, which costs just a few pence. Again, there are plenty of tutorial videos on Youtube, and you can buy the materials (silica wick and Kanthal wire) for a couple of quid on eBay.

You don't need to replace the whole clearo with a T3, as you can just replace the atomiser head. There are two slightly different versions of the T3, the T3 and the T3s. The T3 is the older model and replacement atomiser heads have been discontinued, but you can still find them from some dealers for about £2 each. The T3s is a newer version that takes smaller and slightly cheaper replacement coils that screw into the base, but it is possible to upgrade a T3 to a T3s by replacing the base - you just need to buy a spare T3s base, available for £2 from the link below or from some other dealers. If you shop around you can find a pack of 5 replacement T3s coils for about £8.

>> No. 20198 Anonymous
20th December 2013
Friday 5:41 pm
20198 spacer
Oh wait actually it turns out I'm full of shit, it's not the TS3 that my kit came with, but something called 808Ds. I have a feeling these are probably incredibly cheap and disposable clearos; I don't suppose you know if I buy the TS3/s once all my spares have burnt out whether it'll fit the battery I have? They're described as "320mah high capacity manual batteries with 510 threading" - is the amperage too low for the TS3 clearos?

Sorry to be a dunce, I'm still learning all this stuff and it is all a bit baffling.
>> No. 20199 Anonymous
20th December 2013
Friday 6:50 pm
20199 spacer

No problem at all. 808 threading is an alternative connector, used on slimmer e-cigarettes than the more common eGo style. There are a smaller range of clearomizers available in 808 threading; You can buy an adapter for a couple of quid to connect 510 or eGo clearos if you want, although it'll be a bit of a top-heavy setup with a large eGo clearo.

The kanger 808 clearos are perfectly good bits of kit and provide a good vape, although they are designed as a disposable item. You can buy 5 for about a tenner on eBay and elsewhere, so they're not vastly more expensive than replacement coils for recoilable clearos. Disposable clearos can be revived simply by soaking them in hot water or rubbing alcohol, drying thoroughly and then doing something called dry burning - see the video below for details.

>> No. 21173 Anonymous
17th March 2014
Monday 1:33 pm
21173 spacer
I got one in Abu Dhabi for about a £5 with 5 or 6 refills before it hit the UK as a big market. Pretty fun.
>> No. 21174 Anonymous
17th March 2014
Monday 2:13 pm
21174 spacer
Not trying to be a smartass, genuine question:

Shouldn't it be either 'vapouriser' or 'vaporizer' for UK/US respectively?

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 21175 Anonymous
17th March 2014
Monday 2:52 pm
21175 spacer

>> No. 21176 Anonymous
17th March 2014
Monday 4:47 pm
21176 spacer


Everything we fought for was a lie. I'm not sure where to go from here.
>> No. 21177 Anonymous
17th March 2014
Monday 5:35 pm
21177 spacer
What do those Oxonians known anyway, all they're good for is rowing.
>> No. 21178 Anonymous
17th March 2014
Monday 9:45 pm
21178 Clearomizer
Hello! Got myself a freshcig starter kit, one battery, one clearomizer and some oil for £20. Looking at stocking up on clearomizers but for fresh cig own brand they're £5 a pop. I can find them much cheaper online unbranded. They're sealed bottom CE4 clearomizers. Do I need to buy own brand or will any sort do if they're CE4?

See pic
>> No. 21179 Anonymous
17th March 2014
Monday 10:04 pm
21179 spacer

The battery you have is an eGo type, which will accept virtually all clearomisers. The item description for a clearo will usually state that it's eGo compatible. CE4 clearos are a generic style, manufactured by lots of different Chinese companies. They work reasonably well and are very cheap (about £13 for 10), but I'm not a huge fan - they're prone to leaking and tend to give dry hits when the liquid level runs low. Personally I much prefer bottom-coil clearomisers like the Kanger Evod; They're slightly more expensive up-front (about £5) but you can replace the coil rather than replacing the whole clearo unit, so in the long-run they're no more expensive than CE4s.
>> No. 21180 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 1:34 pm
21180 CUNTS
why do people think its ok to smoke these on a bus or anywhere they feel like it?

(A good day to you Sir!)
(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 21181 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 1:40 pm
21181 spacer
Probably because there's no second hand smoke and they're not affecting anyone around them in any meaningful way?
>> No. 21182 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 1:45 pm
21182 spacer
oh no, not vapour!
>> No. 21183 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 2:30 pm
21183 spacer
You're the cunt, lad. I hate smoking with a passion, but if everyone switched from fags to these I'd kiss them.
>> No. 21184 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 3:22 pm
21184 spacer
Enjoy your herpes.
>> No. 21185 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 3:29 pm
21185 spacer
Right now I'm both smoking regular fags and using a vaporiser.

What do I get then?
>> No. 21186 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 3:44 pm
21186 spacer

A little tickle on the bollock. The left one.
>> No. 21187 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 4:37 pm
21187 spacer
I dunno. A faster pathway to cancer?
>> No. 21188 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 5:58 pm
21188 spacer
>>21179 So would these work with my battery?


For example
>> No. 21189 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 6:09 pm
21189 spacer

Yes, as would any other clearo described as eGo compatible.
>> No. 21190 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 8:08 pm
21190 spacer
>>21189 Thank you sir, you've saved me a small fortune.

>> No. 21192 Anonymous
19th March 2014
Wednesday 11:48 am
21192 spacer
I haven't smoked in about a year, but I still sometimes catch myself pressing my fingers to my lips in a smoking motion and thinking it'd be a nice sensation.

Honestly it's more about having something to keep my hands busy. Would a cape be worthwhile for someone like me?
>> No. 21193 Anonymous
19th March 2014
Wednesday 12:45 pm
21193 spacer

no capes 2.gif
Maybe, though do be aware that the long-term effects of inhaling vaporised polyglycol, flavouring and nicotine solution haven't really been studied yet. It could be that they're very minimal, or there could be some crazy link between inhaling PG and developing rat testicles on the end of your nose. They just don't know yet, though some studies I found suggested that they can have similar effects on your airways as smoking:


Although the literature is still extremely limited, I'm sure with their growing popularity there will be more research being published soon. The reviews I can find seem to be tentatively settling on vaping as a "harm reduction" - it's probably not as bad as smoking because it removes the combustion products of smoking tobacco, but it's probably not as good as not inhaling anything into your poor little lungy-wungies at all. Nicotine is still nicotine.


I'd suggest for you that if you were to get one of these, you can actually buy liquids with no nicotine in them at all. 0% concentrations simply have the flavourings in the PG or VG solution and since you've already kicked nicotine as a habit, it makes little sense for you to get your brain hooked on it again.

>Would a cape
>> No. 21194 Anonymous
19th March 2014
Wednesday 1:17 pm
21194 spacer

Propylene glycol has been used for decades for theatrical fog. Its long-term safety is fairly well understood, mainly due to a series of lawsuits in the US in the late 80s brought by trade unions representing workers in the theatre and nightclub industries. PG is a mild respiratory irritant, but that's the worst of it. The toxicology of the various flavourings are very well understood, they're virtually all off-the-shelf ingredients with a long history of use in perfumes and air fresheners. Several independent analyses have shown that e-cigarette vapour contains no significant level of carcinogens and levels of toxicants well within accepted safe levels. The most toxic thing in e-cigarette vapour is nicotine, but even that isn't very harmful in normal doses. In the absolute worst case, the risk associated with e-cigarette use is similar to that of snus, or about 1/100 that of cigarette smoking.

E-cigarettes aren't harmless, but the risks are very slight and I think there's a real danger in overstating those risks. Tobacco smoking is extraordinarily harmful and the promotion of e-cigarettes as a safer alternative should be our top public health priority. Obviously it is preferable if non-smokers and ex-smokers don't use nicotine, but that caution mustn't be allowed to get in the way of the promotion of e-cigarettes as a livesaving tool in protecting the health of current smokers.
>> No. 21195 Anonymous
19th March 2014
Wednesday 1:47 pm
21195 spacer
I get uneasy when I hear you say
>Propylene glycol has been used for decades for theatrical fog.
People aren't inhaling e-cig vapour like actors might occasionally inhale theatrical fog. They are inhaling it directly, from a very hot coil, deep into their lungs, in high concentration. Doesn't this call for different tests? I'm not calling you out, I honestly have no idea.
>> No. 21196 Anonymous
19th March 2014
Wednesday 2:00 pm
21196 spacer
>In the absolute worst case, the risk associated with e-cigarette use is similar to that of snus, or about 1/100 that of cigarette smoking.

[citation needed]
>> No. 21271 Anonymous
5th April 2014
Saturday 12:21 pm
21271 spacer
I was thinking of switching to a vaporiser for the good of my health but decided to switch to American Spirit tobacco instead as it's organic.
>> No. 21272 Anonymous
5th April 2014
Saturday 2:14 pm
21272 spacer
I had a Tinder match who looks like her.
>> No. 21273 Anonymous
7th April 2014
Monday 2:08 pm
21273 spacer
Our lass has just bought a cheap vape off Amazon. If it's nice I'll look into getting a proper decent set for us to share.

I was kind of hoping to get one that at least matches the kind of size and shape of a normal cig, are there any decent ones like that? It seems like the Kanger is amongst the better choices, but again, I'd like something slimmer and lighter.
>> No. 21274 Anonymous
7th April 2014
Monday 6:30 pm
21274 spacer

The problem with cig-a-likes is that they aren't big enough to offer decent battery life. Cigarette-style e-cigs used to be the only game in town a couple of years ago, but the market shifted towards bigger e-cigs mainly for convenience reasons.

I'm not a particularly heavy smoker, but I used to go through at least six cigarette-style batteries a day. Now I just carry a single large e-cig, which easily lasts me all day. It feels a bit weird at first because the hand-to-mouth habit is very different, but it soon becomes second nature. I'm at the point that a real cigarette feels strange to me now, they're so dainty and insubstantial compared to the solid heft of my usual e-cig. Even the standard eGo type e-cigs feel quite petite compared to my usual setup. There's a bit of a mental shift in thinking about carrying your e-cig (singular) rather than some cigarettes (plural) but the convenience is tremendous.

If you're set on a cig-a-like, I would suggest a Personal Charging Case (PCC) system. A PCC is a battery-powered charger about the size of a fag packet that allows you to charge a cigarette-sized e-cig in your pocket. I believe that the best PCC systems at the moment are the Innokin AIO and the Joyetech eMode.
>> No. 21656 Anonymous
20th April 2014
Sunday 9:07 pm
21656 spacer
>Now I just carry a single large e-cig

Would you be interested in discussing your setup, intheknowlad?
>> No. 21657 Anonymous
20th April 2014
Sunday 9:19 pm
21657 spacer
If you just want something that looks like a cig then go to a joke shop and get one filled with sherbet for £1.99.
>> No. 21659 Anonymous
20th April 2014
Sunday 10:21 pm
21659 spacer

My usual out-and-about rig is a stock Kanger Evod, sometimes with a Joyetech Twist battery depending on the liquid. At home (or if I'm travelling) I use a Joyetech eVic with a Kanger Protank II. I feel a bit self-conscious using the eVic in public due to the sheer size of the thing, and it's not exactly pocketable. Non-enthusiasts just don't believe that I get exactly the same quality of vapour from both setups, but with the same atomiser and voltage, the only real difference is battery life and liquid capacity.

I've heard very good things about the new Kanger dual coil atomiser, so I'll probably upgrade my clearos when I've run down my stock of atomisers.

As regards liquids, my mainstay is RY4 from a variety of manufacturers. I'll often carry another Evod with a fruit flavour for a change of pace, or if I'm trying to be discreet. I don't like to attract attention, so I tend to either vape out in a smoking area or have a crafty vape in a quiet corner.

Light fruity flavours like lemon and peach tend to just blend in with the background aroma of cleaning products and perfumes, rather than announcing themselves as e-cig vapour as a tobacco flavour does. I have a little trick of exhaling down my jacket sleeve, which sounds ridiculous but works remarkably well - with a little sleight-of-hand, it just looks like you're scratching your nose.
>> No. 22289 Anonymous
17th June 2014
Tuesday 4:52 pm
22289 spacer

Pic related is what I paid for on Saturday. It arrived this morning and I'm just testing it out now.

£38 is a bit more than I'd like it to have cost but the delivery was very prompt, everything is in good working order and overall I'm happy with what I've paid for. This is a good starting kit for anyone interested in giving vaping a go, in my opinion. I hadn't smoked for 10 days prior to now and I'm currently having a very pleasant nicotine buzz. The golden virginia e-liquid, which came with the starter kit, is pretty good, and I'm looking forward to trying new ones.
>> No. 22290 Anonymous
17th June 2014
Tuesday 4:56 pm
22290 spacer

Er, £34, rather.

Gratitude to the lads who gave their advice in this thread, it was very useful in informing my choice.
>> No. 22294 Anonymous
17th June 2014
Tuesday 5:30 pm
22294 spacer
You seem worried that Liberty Flights could identify you from this screenshot. How come?
>> No. 22295 Anonymous
17th June 2014
Tuesday 6:10 pm
22295 spacer
Unrelated but I've also purchased from Liberty Flights and found their delivery to be similarly speedy, and their own-juices are alright (except the chocolate praline one. Blurgh.)
>> No. 22296 Anonymous
17th June 2014
Tuesday 6:19 pm
22296 spacer
I'm just exercising prudence. It's unlikely that my anonymity would be compromised from giving an unedited screenshot but it wasn't a lot of work to negate the risk.
>> No. 22297 Anonymous
17th June 2014
Tuesday 6:45 pm
22297 spacer

Well, apart from not clearing the EXIF data...
>> No. 22299 Anonymous
17th June 2014
Tuesday 6:55 pm
22299 spacer
It's my understanding that .pngs have no exif data.
>> No. 22444 Anonymous
10th July 2014
Thursday 12:42 pm
22444 spacer

free shit.png
This lad reporting. I left a review of their site on Trustpilot criticising some of the layout and how it could be improved, they only went and posted me all of pic related gratis. I got a receipt by email 'confirming my order' and thought I was a victim of ID theft for a minute or two until I gave them a ring to ask what was going on.
>> No. 22445 Anonymous
10th July 2014
Thursday 3:08 pm
22445 spacer
What specifically did you outline that could be improved on the site? I don't recall it being particularly unintuitive.
>> No. 22446 Anonymous
10th July 2014
Thursday 3:15 pm
22446 spacer

lf kits.png
I was especially critical that to find key information like prices, you had to manually view each product's page. For example, see pic related.

As well as getting a load of free stuff I got an email from their staff, in which they mentioned:

>With regard to your comments, for sure you are right, our site is five years old now and is in the process of being reviewed. Our Marketing Team have a huge undertaking on their hands and are working steadily through this. To this end, you will see various changes begin to appear.

Which is I think the first time a business has ever contacted me regarding my feedback.
>> No. 22447 Anonymous
10th July 2014
Thursday 3:24 pm
22447 spacer
Perhaps I'm being incredibly snobbish but the way they use English is now putting me off big time. They sound like a non-native speaker trying to use more complicated language than they really understand how to structure.

I'm probably the only person who would be discouraged from using a business based on this.
>> No. 22448 Anonymous
10th July 2014
Thursday 3:45 pm
22448 spacer
What's the problem? How would you improve the blurbs?
>> No. 22449 Anonymous
10th July 2014
Thursday 3:56 pm
22449 spacer

It doesn't contain pricing information (which is standard on most online shopping sites, see e.g. pic related), as I said, so the browsing procedure is lengthened unnecessarily. Did you actually read my post?
>> No. 22450 Anonymous
10th July 2014
Thursday 4:00 pm
22450 spacer

Result. The Protank series are some of the best clearomisers available, so you've done well there. Add a variable voltage battery (Vision Spinner/Evod VV/eGo Twist) and you've got an absolutely killer setup.

>> No. 22451 Anonymous
10th July 2014
Thursday 4:03 pm
22451 spacer
>Add a variable voltage battery (Vision Spinner/Evod VV/eGo Twist) and you've got an absolutely killer setup.

Neat, I was really surprised that they'd package a tank in with the deal. If a vaping company was to send out free stuff I'd always have thought it'd be juice rather than hardware.
>> No. 22452 Anonymous
10th July 2014
Thursday 4:03 pm
22452 spacer
You and >>22447 appear to be different people talking about different problems. I'm asking him why their use of English strikes him as non-native and how he'd have structured the same information, not about omitted prices.
>> No. 22453 Anonymous
10th July 2014
Thursday 4:07 pm
22453 spacer
I'm sorry, you're right. Welp.
>> No. 22454 Anonymous
10th July 2014
Thursday 4:15 pm
22454 spacer

Blurbs are generally copy and pasted from the manufacturer, which in turn are usually poorly translated from Mandarin.

Personally, I think it's irrelevant - I pay no attention to the blurb, given that there are so many expert and impartial reviews available of just about any e-cigarette relaited gubbin.

I'm not massively keen on Liberty Flights, but that's mainly a pricing thing - £24 for a Vision Spinner 1300 is a bit of a pisstake when Vape Escape have them for £17.50 and some eBay dealers are doing them for even less.
>> No. 22455 Anonymous
10th July 2014
Thursday 5:33 pm
22455 spacer
I'm not sure why you thought I was talking about their blurbs - I didn't even read them myself. It was the highlighted snippet of the email they sent him in >>22446 (the greentext) that set my Johnny foreigner alarm off. There's just something a bit strange about the way they phrase things ("for sure you are right"? Who says it like that?), it doesn't make me feel encouraged if I ever had to actually communicate with them about a refund or something. You might disagree.
>> No. 22456 Anonymous
10th July 2014
Thursday 5:46 pm
22456 spacer
You're wrong. I rang the company, the lady I spoke to was English, they've got shops all over England and they're an English company.
>> No. 22457 Anonymous
10th July 2014
Thursday 5:50 pm
22457 spacer

Could have been a well spoken Welshy, m8, don't bloody trust 'em.
>> No. 22458 Anonymous
10th July 2014
Thursday 5:51 pm
22458 spacer
Fair enough. English people who can't actually write English that well aren't unheard of.
>> No. 22459 Anonymous
10th July 2014
Thursday 11:30 pm
22459 spacer
I'll accept my half of the blame for the wrong assumption, but perhaps you should have been more expressive than to mention a vague sense of foreignness about a completely unspecified piece of "their writing". How could someone who doesn't share your feeling possibly know? On the other hand, I'm definitely able to discern from the rest of his post the only email message present without you pointing out the colour used to quote it.
>> No. 22460 Anonymous
11th July 2014
Friday 3:54 am
22460 spacer

Mate...calm down. It was a brief misunderstanding, in a thread about vaporisers on an anonymous imageboard of absolutely no consequence.

Chill out.
>> No. 22461 Anonymous
11th July 2014
Friday 10:01 am
22461 spacer
>imageboard of absolutely no consequence
Ouch. You just going to take that, purps?
>> No. 22751 Anonymous
8th August 2014
Friday 6:18 pm
22751 spacer
Turns out that they're killers after all.

>Exploding E-cigarette may have caused death of Merseyside man

>> No. 22752 Anonymous
8th August 2014
Friday 6:38 pm
22752 spacer
Was probably a charger or e-cigarette with shit components and circuitry as described in the other thread.
>> No. 22753 Anonymous
8th August 2014
Friday 6:41 pm
22753 spacer
Yes, that's what the article says.
>> No. 22754 Anonymous
8th August 2014
Friday 7:43 pm
22754 spacer

Also it was in the same room as an oxygen generator. Even a minor fire will quickly rage out of control in an oxygen-enriched atmosphere.

The local fire brigade have reportedly engaged in a "reassurance campaign", which suggests that they're treating it as an isolated incident caused by an unusual set of circumstances.
>> No. 22755 Anonymous
8th August 2014
Friday 7:47 pm
22755 spacer
The article says it's the ninth e-cig fire in Merseyside since the start of last year. THEY'RE EXPLODING DEATH TRAPS. It's probably safer to have a love and cherisher explode his beefy load into your mouth than to put an e-cig in there.
>> No. 22756 Anonymous
8th August 2014
Friday 8:01 pm
22756 spacer
Why don't you just not smoke anything in the first place you thick bastards?
>> No. 22757 Anonymous
8th August 2014
Friday 8:04 pm
22757 spacer

As mentioned in this thread >>22598 the problem is shit chargers, not e-cigarettes. The same thing is happening with mobile phones and tablets - the market is flooded with cheap Chinese chargers that don't meet EU safety standards and pose a fire risk.

Because the market is quite new, people tend to buy e-cigarettes from market stalls and local traders rather than reputable companies, increasing the likelihood that they'll end up with an unsafe charger. E-cigarette kits are often shipped from China with an EU or US charger, so the seller is incentivised to substitute it with the cheapest possible UK charger to maximise their profits.

>> No. 22758 Anonymous
8th August 2014
Friday 8:05 pm
22758 spacer

Because nicotine is fucking lovely.
>> No. 22760 Anonymous
9th August 2014
Saturday 3:24 pm
22760 spacer
Is it really though? It smells like shit and the hit you get is very poor quality and short lasting just like you are in bed with your smoker's lungs.
>> No. 22761 Anonymous
9th August 2014
Saturday 6:26 pm
22761 spacer
>>22760 It's either that or be a smug, herbal tea drinking cyclist in Lycra shorts. I'd rather greatly shorten my life expectancy and look cool.
>> No. 22762 Anonymous
9th August 2014
Saturday 6:30 pm
22762 spacer

That's why I took up smoking. The reality is that I smoke like a bumder though, so it doesn't really work for me. I imagine if I looked like Clint Eastwood circa A Fistful of Dollars it would help immensely, but then if I looked like that I wouldn't need cool-aides.
>> No. 22763 Anonymous
9th August 2014
Saturday 9:57 pm
22763 spacer
I don't even vape with nicotine anymore.
>> No. 22764 Anonymous
9th August 2014
Saturday 10:01 pm
22764 spacer

Fags smell like shit, my e-cigarette smells lovely - peach, blueberry, vanilla, caramel. I often get comments from strangers on the nice smell. I regularly work in a local cafe and the proprietor is always keen to get a sniff of whatever I'm vaping that day. I've taken to vaping weird flavours just to amuse her; Red wine and ylang ylang went down well, mentholated bacon not so much.
>> No. 22765 Anonymous
9th August 2014
Saturday 10:25 pm
22765 spacer
Hahaha bacon cigarettes. That's just rank.
>> No. 22767 Anonymous
10th August 2014
Sunday 12:02 am
22767 spacer

Smoky bacon.
>> No. 22779 Anonymous
10th August 2014
Sunday 3:42 pm
22779 spacer

That guy's accent is absolutely ludicrous; he sounds like a shitty 80s stand-up, pretending to do a ridiculously exaggerated scouse accent, rather than an actual scouser.
>> No. 22781 Anonymous
10th August 2014
Sunday 3:45 pm
22781 spacer
Maybe he's from somewhere in Merseyside with an obscure variation of Scouse not generally heard.
>> No. 23005 Anonymous
24th August 2014
Sunday 12:22 pm
23005 spacer

Here's the new toy: Kanger Aspire tank and iTazte vv. Really liking the variable voltage and adjustable airflow with this, it's very fun for producing ridiculous clouds of vapour. Only downside is that it's so heavy (mostly due to the Aspire tank) that I'm petrified of dropping it and taking it outside. Being as I need to be able to vape everywhere to get me off smoking I'm considering buying a cheaper, shittier tank that I don't mind breaking if I drop it, and that doesn't look quite so flashy. Any ideas for one that would fit the bill?
>> No. 23007 Anonymous
24th August 2014
Sunday 1:15 pm
23007 spacer
> Being as I need to be able to vape everywhere to get me off smoking I'm considering buying a cheaper, shittier tank that I don't mind breaking if I drop it, and that doesn't look quite so flashy. Any ideas for one that would fit the bill?

You could buy a simple cartomizer [sic], like the ones that come with starter kits. They're dead cheap and very portable. I might have a closer look at your tank, sounds interesting, I really want to get a better vape than what I have at the moment.
>> No. 23008 Anonymous
24th August 2014
Sunday 2:07 pm
23008 spacer


If you're after a cheap and durable tank that still gives good vapour, you're probably wanting an Evod 2. It costs a fiver, has no glass parts and takes the same coils as your Aerotank. You'll probably want to stick with glass if you use citrus or cinnamon liquids (as these can cause polycarbonate tanks to crack), in which case take a look at the Evod Glass.


I'm a huge fan of the newly-released Kanger eMow kit, it's my top recommendation if you're looking for something better than a standard eGo kit but don't want a complicated mod setup. The Mow clearomiser is based on the class-leading Aerotank, uses the same coils and has adjustable airflow, but is smaller, narrower and has a metal shroud protecting the glass sleeve.

The matching eMow battery has excellent capacity (1300mah), basic variable voltage (switchable between 3.7v, 4.2v and 4.8v) and looks similar to a standard eGo battery but is slightly wider. The complete unit is relatively short in length, nicely balanced and looks quite discreet. Yours for £32 on eBay, complete with a charger and five spare coils. The Mow tank also fits flush with the Vision Spinner 2, if you prefer precise voltage adjustment.
>> No. 23009 Anonymous
24th August 2014
Sunday 2:26 pm
23009 spacer
I was already considering the plastic Evod - I just need to remember to not put my peppermint blend in there. I'm not going to blow money on glass when there's every possibility I'll drop the bloody thing in a pavement pizza. Thanks for the recommendation.
>> No. 23011 Anonymous
24th August 2014
Sunday 4:31 pm
23011 spacer
>Info re eMow etc

Thanks lad, will investigate further upon receipt of monthly paycheque.
>> No. 23012 Anonymous
24th August 2014
Sunday 4:48 pm
23012 spacer

Further, thanks for the info in this thread everyone. This is now my 9th week without any tobacco intake at all, with zero cravings, even in the company of smokers offering me fags, and it's almost completely thanks to this thread and other vaping communities online.
>> No. 23013 Anonymous
24th August 2014
Sunday 8:45 pm
23013 spacer
Nice one mate, I gave in and had a fag after dinner today but after that pack's finished I won't have any excuse to go back to fags.
>> No. 23049 Anonymous
29th August 2014
Friday 11:33 am
23049 spacer
Is it possible to add a couple of drops of caffiene to one of the baccy-free liquids and have inhalable caffiene? I drink way too many energy drinks and they truly are full of shit. I don't smoke cigs so I don't really want to get dependent on a second substance.
>> No. 23050 Anonymous
29th August 2014
Friday 12:08 pm
23050 spacer
If you need that caffeine that badly, start drinking espresso only or using energy pills/Pro-Plus. Those are just caffeine and a bit of glucose. If you wanted to find out whether a liquid caffeine solution would vape properly, you're going to need to find out at what temperature it vaporises, then find a setup that'll provide that. I think you're rather overcomplicating things by going straight for a vape.

There are easier ways to get your caffeine fix, or improve your energy levels. Go have a look in /A/ for discussions on nootropics and modafinil, or /fat/ on how to be healthier.
>> No. 23093 Anonymous
7th September 2014
Sunday 9:56 pm
23093 spacer

I'm in the market for a new setup myself. My faithful vision spinner died a month ago, and I bought a cheap battery to replace it. Nothing but problems with the cheap battery. The EVOD cleaoromiser I'm using is also getting old so I'm thinking might as well have a brand new kit.

I like the look of this one. Those Aspire batteries are apparently good and heard good things about those Mini Nautilus tanks too.

Has anyone got experience with these Aspire goods, before I depart with £45?

(I been vaping for a few years and had most luck with using kanger, vision and joycetech parts in the past, but fancy a change, especially if this is superior)
>> No. 23094 Anonymous
7th September 2014
Sunday 11:47 pm
23094 spacer

Aspire and Kanger are very closely matched. The old Aspire dual coil was almost identical to the Kanger dual coil, with a slightly different arrangement of wicks. They both give excellent, reliable vapour at reasonable voltages. Some people prefer one system or the other (I'm a loyal Kanger user), but there's no clear consensus as to which is better. The new BVC coil head is very highly regarded and some reviewers are calling it the best atomiser ever, though I haven't had chance to try one yet myself.
>> No. 23095 Anonymous
8th September 2014
Monday 11:25 am
23095 spacer

Cheers m8. Right going to have to order as i'm smoking to much tobacco at the moment. That's the issue when you don't have a decent setup!
>> No. 23096 Anonymous
8th September 2014
Monday 8:58 pm
23096 spacer

Bought one of these. The main body came broken (after experimentation is was revealed that the positive wire isn't actually attached to the positive terminal and it is too short to do so.

A new one is in the post. Also bought some base and flavours to mix my own liquid.
>> No. 23193 Anonymous
2nd October 2014
Thursday 1:53 pm
23193 spacer

A quick heads-up if anyone is looking for an e-cig kit and isn't sure what to buy.

I've just received the brand new Kanger eMow Mega kit, and it is an absolute corker. Vaping performance is a gnat's fart away from a high-end mod, but it's as easy to use as any eGo setup and the full kit (battery, clearo, charger and five spare coils) costs just £36 from myepack.co.uk or on eBay.

Build quality is excellent, it's surprisingly compact and balanced, and it looks brilliant especially in the metallic colours. It totally trumps the standard eMow kit for a couple of quid more.

I have been recommending the Vision Spinner 2 with the Kanger Mow tank, but the eMow Mega is a better option and works out slightly cheaper.
>> No. 23194 Anonymous
2nd October 2014
Thursday 1:57 pm
23194 spacer
Could you wankers stop making that annoying gurgling sound each time you "vape", please?
>> No. 23195 Anonymous
2nd October 2014
Thursday 2:10 pm
23195 spacer
I've rebuilt my wick and coils loads of times, and each time it tastes like burning. I have a mechanical mod so I burn off the shit by just running the coal for 20 seconds on and off, and it tastes okay the first few hits, then after that it begins to taste of burning. Should I mix up some new liquid or could there be another cause?
>> No. 23196 Anonymous
2nd October 2014
Thursday 2:21 pm
23196 spacer
Er, no. That's the sound of the liquid vaporising.
>> No. 23197 Anonymous
2nd October 2014
Thursday 2:48 pm
23197 spacer

Rebuildable atomisers are pernickety things. What type of atomiser are you using? What gauge of resistance wire? What wicking material? What sort of build are you using, and what is the resistance?

It sounds like you might just be running too much power for the wicks to handle, leading to dry hits. Without knowing more, I'd suggest trying a couple of extra turns on your coils and/or a thicker wick.
>> No. 23200 Anonymous
2nd October 2014
Thursday 9:01 pm
23200 spacer

This lad again.

I've kicked vaping and smoking altogether. Since the start I'd been lowering my nicotine content from 1.8g/10ml to 1.2, 0.8, etc. I was on 0.0/10ml for a week and just completely lost the craving completely. I've given my batteries and shit to someone else at work who might want to give it a try.

Thanks for all your help everyone.

Would-be ex smokers, you need to give this kind of thing a go, it's really life changing. Don't skimp on the quality, invest a few quid in it.
>> No. 23201 Anonymous
2nd October 2014
Thursday 9:22 pm
23201 spacer

Congratulations lad, it's always nice to hear when people are making positive changes in their life. I'm content to keep vaping, but I hear from a lot of people who have successfully used vaping to taper off nicotine completely like you did. It seems to work a hell of a lot better than conventional NRT.
>> No. 23367 Anonymous
30th October 2014
Thursday 4:03 am
23367 spacer
Apologies for bumping a thread which has been dormant for a month but I wondered where this thread buggered off to when I kept seeing this bastarding thread all the time.

Got myself one of these e-cigs about half a month ago. Issue is that I only just found out they're banned for indoor use in my uni halls which kind of ruins the point for me. I looked into it and discovered they banned them because the fuckers explode if you get the wrong type while they're on charge. How do I go about preventing mine from horribly burning me, making my face half plastic, causing PTSD and knackering my laptop. I'm scared to let it charge and willing to accept I'll probably smoke until I drop dead.
>> No. 23368 Anonymous
30th October 2014
Thursday 4:08 am
23368 spacer

Just preemptively melt half your face off, chicken. Just be sure to get the right half.
>> No. 23369 Anonymous
30th October 2014
Thursday 4:27 am
23369 spacer

See >>22757. The main problem is substandard mains chargers. Don't use crap mains chargers, don't use the very cheapest unbranded eGo type batteries, don't leave things charging overnight. E-cigarettes use the same battery technology as mobile phones and aren't innately more dangerous, but a lot of people are using really substandard e-cigarette batteries and chargers bought from market stalls and the like. Quality branded products from the likes of Kanger, Innokin or Aspire are fully CE tested and meet all relevant electrical safety standards.

If you're really paranoid, you can buy something called a "lipo safety bag" off eBay for a few pounds. This is a small blast- and fire-proof bag for use while charging, originally designed for model plane enthusiasts who use large and powerful lithium batteries that may have been ruptured by crash damage.
>> No. 23371 Anonymous
31st October 2014
Friday 1:46 pm
23371 spacer
My tobacco finally ran out today, so I decided to try out the vaporising kit I received a couple of days ago - Nautilus Mini clearomiser, Vision Spinner 2 battery, USB charger, and a 30ml of Liqua 'cuban cigar' e-liquid. Around £52 in total.

Not bad at all. The 'throat hit' is very similar to what I was used to with my rollies (helps to have an adjustable clearomizer and variable voltage battery). The 'cuban cigar' e-juice I ordered doesn't taste anything like a cuban cigar; it's more like a very rough approximation of what liquorice pipe tobacco would taste like if you were to smoke it from a hookah.

Overall it's pretty good; I'll be making a permanent switch from tobacco to e-cigs. I decided to get into e-cigs because smoking, along with idleness, really fucked up lung capacity and heart rate (my resting heart rate is around 100bpm). I end up short of breath and with a pounding heart after walking up a long flight of stairs, or running a short distance to catch a bus. Hopefully I'll see an improvement in the coming months.
>> No. 23372 Anonymous
1st November 2014
Saturday 12:59 am
23372 spacer
>The 'cuban cigar' e-juice I ordered doesn't taste anything like a cuban cigar; it's more like a very rough approximation of what liquorice pipe tobacco would taste like if you were to smoke it from a hookah.

I've found that generally the more exotic the juice sounds, the more disappointing it is. Simple fruit/mint flavours from decent companies (so they don't taste like washing up liquid) are a strong option that many people find success with.

Glad to hear you're finding the switch manageable.
>> No. 23494 Anonymous
20th December 2014
Saturday 4:36 pm
23494 spacer
I must have posted it in a different vaping thread but the problem with the chargers happened again. The people who run the premiere-cigs site kindly explained that even though they're USB chargers you shouldn't plug them in to USB slots as it fucks everything so please could I use the mains charger with the two new USBs, all of which they were sending me free of charge.
I know they're just wires and lumps of plastic worth sod all but I was really chuffed with that customer service; my email had just asked for a diagnosis of the problem, not for them to solve it.
Then they arrived and I find all my old batteries no longer work so I had to wait another day for fresh ones. Not their fault though, that.
>> No. 23495 Anonymous
20th December 2014
Saturday 4:40 pm
23495 spacer

Beware of cheap off-brand chargers. I've never had a problem charging from computer USB ports or portable powerbanks, but I'll only use branded Kanger or Joyetech 510 chargers. The cheapo chargers often have really poor current regulation, so they can trash your battery if you use a USB port that supplies more current than the standard mains adapter.
>> No. 23496 Anonymous
20th December 2014
Saturday 4:47 pm
23496 spacer

I think that's the point they were making, warning me that their chargers kill the battery if it's not on the mains. No visible branding on them or the packaging. I haven't been exploded yet though. I do wonder what it was that made my computer suddenly start outputting a stronger current temporarily but only twice in three months. I'm sure I wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary.
>> No. 23497 Anonymous
20th December 2014
Saturday 5:26 pm
23497 spacer
Your computer isn't suddenly outputting a higher current. Your PC is probably the single most reliable and stable source of a 5V current in your house.

It's more likely that they've fucked around with the connectors so that they're using the data pins to carry extra current. And that's why only their own charger works.
>> No. 23498 Anonymous
20th December 2014
Saturday 5:29 pm
23498 spacer
You are aware that volts aren't the unit of current, aren't you?
>> No. 23499 Anonymous
20th December 2014
Saturday 5:34 pm
23499 spacer
>It's more likely that they've fucked around with the connectors so that they're using the data pins to carry extra current.
But it worked for most of the year with no problems, then all of a sudden 2 chargers died. Replaced them, maybe two months later 2 chargers die again and take the batteries with them. Perhaps the data pins are only active when I'm doing something that makes the computer try to interact with them.
>> No. 23500 Anonymous
20th December 2014
Saturday 6:08 pm
23500 spacer
Yes, I know it's not a particularly correct way of saying it, but I doubted that it's something that anyone other than an electrical engineering grammar nazi would bother to call out.
I was nodding towards the difference between current regulated and voltage regulated power supplies, i.e. a PC should output power with a variable current and a fixed voltage.

Actually that does lead to another question, have they put any charging circuitry into the vapouriser itself, or have they been lazy and put a dumb battery in there. If the latter is true, then only the charger that they supply is going to work, just connecting it to any other 5V supply will likely damage it by overcharging or charging too quickly.

Sorry you were confusing me, I thought that when you were taking about chargers, I thought you were talking about the mains charger itself, I've just checked and I see now that the usb cable itself has something built into the end of it.
Either way I highly doubt the computer is to blame, it's much more likely that they've taken shortcuts in the design of the charger.
>> No. 23501 Anonymous
20th December 2014
Saturday 6:11 pm
23501 spacer

To elaborate on that point:

USB power is regulated at 5v, but current capacity varies widely. The spec mandates a minimum of 500mA, but some ports can supply up to 2.1A. For properly regulated devices, this is unimportant, as the device will only draw what it can safely handle; A properly designed port will safely limit current if the device tries to draw more than it can provide. Badly designed e-cigarette chargers and batteries often bollocks this up in all sorts of ways, because of the myriad forms of stupidity and recklessness employed by Chinese manufacturers. Bad chargers and bad batteries can interact in all sorts of ways, creating a shitstorm of potential failure modes.

An e-cigarette charger has two jobs - to step down the 5v USB supply to 4.2v, and to provide suitable current limiting for batteries with particularly stupid charge controllers. A shit charger could supply too much current to a shit battery, which will stress the li-ion cell, leading to premature failure and the potential for overheating and fire or explosion. A particularly shit charger could supply more than 4.2v if it can draw more than 400mA of current, leading to damage to the battery charge controller. If a charger doesn't have proper overcurrent protection, then it could be damaged by a battery that tries to draw too much current. The voltage regulator in the charger could misbehave in all sorts of other ways due to variations in supply current. Occasionally, the perfect storm of failures occurs (a fault happens when the mains adapter, charger and battery all lack adequate protection circuitry) and this is the result:


The Chinese are virtuosos at making terrible electronics. Jobs get contracted, sub-contracted and sub-sub-contracted to the lowest bidder. They clone designs without fully understanding them, substituting similar components that compromise the product. They skimp on components that aren't essential to the function of the device, but that compromise safety. They use the thinnest possible wire and the cheapest solder alloys to save on cost, they use cheap PCBs and sloppy etching methods that result in inconsistent boards, they buy components from dubious sources that often turn out to be counterfeit, reject or recycled parts. Even the best brands occasionally let dodgy products slip through the net of quality control; I wouldn't use an unbranded Chinese product if you paid me.
>> No. 23502 Anonymous
20th December 2014
Saturday 6:18 pm
23502 spacer
I just looked more carefully and noticed all the USB portions have eGo written on them in tiny writing. The mains plug doesn't, nor do the batteries but the latter all came in eGo branded boxes.
>> No. 23503 Anonymous
20th December 2014
Saturday 7:40 pm
23503 spacer


eGo isn't a brand, it's just a generic description for the common type of mid-size battery. It is in theory a trademark of Janty (and licensed to Joyetech), but has been genericised through relentless cloning and copyright infringement.
>> No. 23504 Anonymous
20th December 2014
Saturday 7:42 pm
23504 spacer

I'm really getting sick of all these new things to learn.
>> No. 23505 Anonymous
20th December 2014
Saturday 7:56 pm
23505 spacer

Welcome to the brave new Chinese world, where nothing is quite as it seems. It could be worse:

>> No. 23520 Anonymous
26th December 2014
Friday 1:01 pm
23520 spacer
So fucked up
>> No. 24145 Anonymous
29th May 2015
Friday 10:39 pm
24145 spacer
>>21194 >>21195
>> No. 24146 Anonymous
29th May 2015
Friday 10:59 pm
24146 spacer
How does the damage compare to full-on cancer-sticks?
>> No. 24147 Anonymous
29th May 2015
Friday 11:20 pm
24147 spacer
I don't know about all that, but I do know that in the nuked comment branch with 273 children this metaphor got deleted.

>this article is a clumsy interpretive dance through a semantic minefield.
>> No. 24148 Anonymous
30th May 2015
Saturday 1:04 am
24148 spacer

Before I get started, the obligatory disclaimer: No activity is absolutely free of harm or risk, including the use of electronic cigarettes. The question is not whether e-cigarettes are safe, but of the relative risks of e-cigarette use. Cigarettes are known to be extremely harmful, so the potential harms of e-cigarette use must be considered in relation to that alternative.

The study is completely inconclusive, due to major methodological flaws. Numerous vital facts are omitted which make the study irreproduceable, most notably information on the e-liquid used, the equipment it was vapourised in, and the temperature at which vaporisation took place. These factors are crucial, as e-liquid is not a homogeneous product and incorrect vapourisation can cause the production of toxic byproducts.

The issue of exposure levels was not reasonably addressed by this study. The effects of any toxin are highly dose-dependent; This can be seen clearly in the findings, as lower concentrations of vapour showed negligible toxicity. The researchers merely used vapour concentrations which they speculated to be equivalent to a standard cigarette, rather than using existing data on real-world use patterns of e-cigarettes. As they did not adequately specify their vapour collection methodology, it is impossible to know if the results relating to nicotine exposure were simply due to extreme and unrealistic exposure levels. The study makes the same point, albeit in a rather grammatically garbled manner:

>The clinical implications of this work are related to the potential detrimental lung effects of exposure to inhaled e-Cig which may be dose-dependent, although further studies are needed to determine what are the usual levels of absorbed e-Cig vapor that are harmful to human lung health.

TL,DR: These researchers took an unspecified concentration of an unspecified e-liquid, vapourised it in an unspecified manner, then soaked rat lung cells in the condensed liquid for 24 hours. You can't draw meaningful conclusions from such a study, and the paper's authors didn't; The findings were completely overstated in the press release. Nicotine is definitely toxic and will in sufficient concentrations cause pulmonary damage, but this study doesn't get us any closer to working out what the threshold of significant harm is, and whether e-cigarette users are exposed to harmful doses.

A frustratingly large proportion of research into e-cigarettes is of similarly poor quality and limited usefulness. By contrast, Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos has been doing absolutely superb work that has had real impacts on improving the safety of e-cigarettes. It is no coincidence that he is the only researcher to have made real efforts to engage with e-cigarette users, to learn what products they are actually using and how they use them. For example, Dr Farsalinos discovered last year that a large number of e-liquids contained diacetyl, a common flavouring ingredient that has been linked to respiratory disease when inhaled in high concentrations. Almost immediately, manufacturers of e-liquids started removing diacetyl from their products as a precaution, and many brands now state on the packaging that they are diacetyl-free.
>> No. 24197 Anonymous
31st May 2015
Sunday 2:53 am
24197 spacer
Sounds like it might be worth giving it a few years then...
>> No. 24198 Anonymous
31st May 2015
Sunday 2:59 am
24198 spacer
Rubbish. If you're using fags now then get on that ecig as quick as you can. I used one for 6 months, dialing down the nicotine dosage month by month, and now I don't smoke or use the electronic. The end for the tobacco industry is basically here.
>> No. 24201 Anonymous
31st May 2015
Sunday 3:23 am
24201 spacer
>For example, Dr Farsalinos discovered last year that a large number of e-liquids contained diacetyl, a common flavouring ingredient that has been linked to respiratory disease when inhaled in high concentrations. Almost immediately, manufacturers of e-liquids started removing diacetyl from their products as a precaution, and many brands now state on the packaging that they are diacetyl-free.
Let me see if I've got this straight. The manufacturers knowingly used an ingredient known to be harmful, then removed said ingredient, and marketed their product based on it not containing the harmful ingredient they knowingly used in the first place?
>> No. 24202 Anonymous
31st May 2015
Sunday 3:49 am
24202 spacer
They didn't know it was harmful.
>> No. 24204 Anonymous
31st May 2015
Sunday 3:55 am
24204 spacer
That doesn't fly, unless the change you're talking about happened sometime in the mid-1990s.
>> No. 24205 Anonymous
31st May 2015
Sunday 6:11 pm
24205 spacer

>If you're using fags now then get on that ecig as quick as you can.

Absolutely. The safety of vaping is often discussed in absolute terms, which is a huge error - we are primarily concerned about the relative harms in comparison to cigarette smoking. E-cigarettes are undoubtedly much less harmful than traditional cigarettes, the question is whether they're 90% or 99% less harmful and how we can further reduce those harms. The facts have been badly misrepresented by a constant burble of poor-quality studies and overblown news headlines.

Cigarette smoke is a cocktail of horrifyingly toxic chemicals, the majority of which are not found in e-cigarette vapour. Tobacco-specific nitrosamines are the most significant carcinogen in cigarette smoke, but are found only in minute quantities in tobacco-flavoured e-liquid and are completely absent in other flavours. The second most significant are polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which don't occur in e-cigarette vapour at normal atomiser temperatures.

Cigarette smoke is high in carbon monoxide, of which there is none in vapour because nothing gets burned. The tobacco plant is remarkably good at concentrating radioactive elements from groundwater, so tobacco smoke contains radioactive isotopes of lead and polonium - again, not found in e-cig vapour. Much has been written about acrolein and aldehydes, which are found in small quantities in e-cigarette vapour, but at concentrations ten to a hundred times lower than in cigarette smoke; Temperature-controlled atomiser technology developed by Dr Farsalinos is starting to appear in commercially-available devices, further reducing levels of these compounds.

Cigarette smoke also contains MAOIs, which greatly enhance the addictive properties of nicotine. Switching to e-cigarettes makes it far easier to taper off your nicotine levels or quit completely.
>> No. 24206 Anonymous
31st May 2015
Sunday 6:45 pm
24206 spacer
>The safety of vaping is often discussed in absolute terms
Really? I really don't see the media being that alarmist about electronic cigarettes.
>> No. 24207 Anonymous
31st May 2015
Sunday 7:43 pm
24207 spacer
It's pretty foul how the e cigarettes have been demonised. They're genuine life saving tools, I stopped smoking using one and so have thousands and thousands of other people. Yet where's the coverage? Basically nowhere, aside from alarmist shite.
>> No. 24208 Anonymous
31st May 2015
Sunday 7:55 pm
24208 spacer

A recent study showed that 22% of people think that e-cigarettes are as harmful or more harmful than conventional cigarettes, an increase from 15% the previous year. That change is more marked amongst current smokers. Those perceptions must come from somewhere, and I think the media plays a crucial role. Journalists have a habit of sensationalising science reporting, and their coverage of e-cigarettes is no different. Small studies are blown out of proportion, without the context necessary for understanding the real science. I think that this constant drip-feed of shocking headlines is drowning out the more subtle but vitally important message that while e-cigarettes may be somewhat harmful, they are vastly safer than conventional cigarettes.

>> No. 24224 Anonymous
1st June 2015
Monday 6:15 pm
24224 spacer

Nice try Philip Morris.
>> No. 24624 Anonymous
1st September 2015
Tuesday 12:24 am
24624 spacer

Dropping my old Kanger Aspire and smashing it to pieces at work neatly coincided with my getting paid on Friday. I'm now surrounded by clouds of vapour and wishing I'd gotten into the subohm side of things much sooner. I haven't had any dry hits off this yet, and it really does excel at the higher wattages off my iStick. Lovely bit of kit.
>> No. 24625 Anonymous
1st September 2015
Tuesday 12:27 am
24625 spacer
That looks fancy as fuck.
I just got an itaste MVP 2.0 which seems to do fine. I think it can do different wattage and stuff but I can't be arsed to figure out the controls yet.
>> No. 24626 Anonymous
1st September 2015
Tuesday 12:57 am
24626 spacer
Not really, it's still regarded as a very entry-level tank as the coils are prebuilt and the budget price. I'm the first to say that I'm a very casual vaper; I simply don't have the time or space to really get into building mechanical mods or twatting about with building my own coils. I understand the basics but am still waiting for the inclination to get into vaping as a full-time hobby to hit me. Until then, this current setup suits me fine.
>> No. 24627 Anonymous
1st September 2015
Tuesday 1:57 am
24627 spacer

You don't need to get into rebuilding. You can put 100w+ into a Herakles coil, which is more than any sane person needs. I build coils because I'm stingy, but you can get equally good performance from the new generation of subohm tanks.
>> No. 24629 Anonymous
1st September 2015
Tuesday 5:27 pm
24629 spacer

This is going to sound edgy, but a lot of discrediting and sensational coverage is likely financed by the smoking lobby. The actions they took a generation ago when the deadly effects of smoking was really being irrevocably proven by science shows the devious and criminal lengths they will go to to protect their own business. You can also look at the European ban of Snus too - so much preferable to smoking and yet tobacco interests shut it down outside scandinavia.


Just looking for a bit of advice: When and why might someone need to replace a subohm tank.

I went through several Kanger EVOD MEGAs and now I'm over the moon with my Innokin iTaste MVP3 Pro but other than changing the coil when the vapour starts to taste burnt and flavourless I can't see a reason to change the tank. Is it just about fresh seals and potential leakages developing?

Also what's the advantage of building your own coils? Paying 1-2 quid every 1-2 weeks for a new coil is fine with me, especially when buying in bulk, but is there a performance issue here?
>> No. 24630 Anonymous
1st September 2015
Tuesday 8:15 pm
24630 spacer

>When and why might someone need to replace a subohm tank.

A tank only needs replacing if it is damaged or if you want to upgrade. You can often find replacement seal kits, or buy suitable o-rings. I have an old Kayfun that has seen better days but still works fine.

>Also what's the advantage of building your own coils?

Coil building mainly came about because of mechanical mods. Before we had variable voltage devices with high outputs, the only way to vape at high power was to use a mechanical mod and build a very low-resistance coil (power = voltage x current, current = voltage / resistance). Low-resistance coils weren't readily available, and they tended to be old-fashioned designs. The development of modern high-airflow tanks went hand-in-hand with rebuildable decks.

Today, there's no real performance difference between self-built coils and good quality pre-built coils (Kanger OCC, Aspire OCC etc). The manufacturers of high-performance coils have imitated the designs that amateur coil builders perfected. I build my own coils because I tend to vape heavy liquids that gunk up coils within a couple of days, because I like to run a very clean coil, and because I'm a tightwad. I don't find coil building to be particularly fiddly, and £10 worth of Kanthal and cotton will build hundreds of coils.

If you're using an old-style tank with silica wicked coils then I think you'll see a big difference by upgrading to something like the Kanger Subtank or the Nautilus Aspire that takes cotton wicked coils. Beyond that it's diminishing returns, especially if you're a mouth hitter. A Subtank would allow you to try building your own coils without any additional expense, because it includes both pre-built coils and a rebuildable deck.

I'm a mouth hitter, so I don't vape at much more than 15w and just don't see the benefit from modern mega-tanks. Don't get caught up in the macho arms race over more power - vape in whatever way suits you.
>> No. 24631 Anonymous
1st September 2015
Tuesday 9:41 pm
24631 spacer
If you're the same knowledgeable poster who's been imparting your wisdom in this thread since last year, I'd just like to say again that you're excellent. Please never leave us.

>> No. 24632 Anonymous
2nd September 2015
Wednesday 4:28 am
24632 spacer

It's my pleasure, people are usually sick of listening to me drone on about vaping.
>> No. 24633 Anonymous
2nd September 2015
Wednesday 6:17 pm
24633 spacer

There was a semi-retired chap with a moustache from my old work who made his own chutneys, and gave them out to people in the canteen when he wasn't holding sermon about the virtues of vaping out in the smoking area. I'm going to imagine that you're him.
>> No. 24634 Anonymous
4th September 2015
Friday 12:30 pm
24634 spacer
Can you recommend a sub ohm vape that's reasonably affordable (£30?) and fits neatly into the palm of my hand, something around the size of a pack of fags or an old Nokia (rather than the long pen-like Evod+battery thing I'm using at the moment that won't fit in my pocket)?
>> No. 24635 Anonymous
4th September 2015
Friday 2:18 pm
24635 spacer


There's only one high performance device on the market that small, the Joyetech eGrip/Totally Wicked ONE. You're looking at about £45 plus £10 for the rebuildable deck, although you can often find coupon codes to bring that down considerably. I've got one, I absolutely love it, although the power and airflow are best suited for mouth hitters rather than lung hitters and the rebuildable deck is quite fiddly. The Joyetech coils are mediocre, but you can use the brilliant Aspire coils in the eGrip if you swap over a couple of parts, google "aspire coil egrip" for instructions.

The Eleaf iStick mini with a small tank would be the next smallest option, but it'll be a little bit top-heavy.

The most compact high performance option would be a hybrid mech mod with an 18350 battery, but that's a fairly advanced option that requires that you build your own coils and understand ohm's law to tune your power levels.
>> No. 24636 Anonymous
4th September 2015
Friday 6:25 pm
24636 spacer
Thanks for the comprehensive reply. How often does that need refilling? It's a bit smaller than I was imagining, is there a bigger cousin that's still as good? I am looking more for the lung hit but don't like the sting in the throat I get on the Evod, any suggestions there?
>> No. 24637 Anonymous
4th September 2015
Friday 8:32 pm
24637 spacer

Eleaf iStick bending adapter 3.jpg

It holds 3.5ml of liquid, equivalent to slightly less than two Evods filled to the brim. It's much easier to refill than an Evod, you just flip open a little hatch on the side. If you need more capacity than that, take a look at a box mod like the Eleaf iStick or the Kanger Kbox with a large tank like the Subtank or the Herakles.

There's no definitive answer to getting the vaping experience you want, it's just trial and error with different strength e-liquids and different levels of power and airflow. Most lung hitters who vape at higher power levels use lower strength liquid, which reduces the throat hit. If your vapouriser is chucking out massive clouds of vapour, a 12mg or 18mg liquid will knock you on your arse. Higher performance tanks with cotton wicks allow you to use thicker liquids with a high proportion of VG, which gives more vapour and is generally milder on the throat.

If you're moving up from an Evod, you'll find that modern tanks give huge amounts of vapour with a very loose and airy draw. It's a different experience that takes a little getting used to, because there's so little resistance when you take a drag. Coils at high power produce a warmer and denser vapour than you might be used to.

If length rather than width is an issue, Eleaf offer a "bending adapter" for the iStick 20 and iStick Mini that allows you to fold away the tank when you're not using it.
>> No. 24643 Anonymous
5th September 2015
Saturday 5:39 pm
24643 spacer
Thanks for all your help, really appreciated. I think I'll probably get the egrip. Last question, can you recommend a suitable line of juice that's easy on the throat? I'm on a caramel flavour at the moment and really like that.
>> No. 24725 Anonymous
24th September 2015
Thursday 6:56 pm
24725 spacer
Just wanted to thank you again for your advice - moving to sub-ohm was definitely the right choice. After some poking around and talking with other knowledgeable folks I've ended up with an iStick 40 and a Kanger Subtank Nano, way over my original budget but I'm loving it. I'll move up to a bigger tank at some point (refilling is a faff) but for now it's perfect - so much nicer than the Evod, a real pleasure to use.
>> No. 24736 Anonymous
8th October 2015
Thursday 6:00 pm
24736 spacer

you had no problems with the 40w? I have the 50 and my second one is already messing up.
>> No. 24737 Anonymous
9th October 2015
Friday 11:32 am
24737 spacer
No problems yet but then I've only had it a couple of weeks.

What juice do you use with your setup?
>> No. 24738 Anonymous
9th October 2015
Friday 2:22 pm
24738 spacer

Double ban.
>> No. 24739 Anonymous
9th October 2015
Friday 2:28 pm
24739 spacer
Yes, thanks for noticing that post from 18 months ago. We appreciate you bringing it to our attention.
>> No. 24759 Anonymous
2nd November 2015
Monday 11:00 am
24759 spacer

I make my own, it works out at about 5% of the price of buying the premade 10ml bottles. I mix it to about 85% vg, 15%vg at 5mg nicotine and 8% flavouring.

Would seriously suggest mixing your own
>> No. 24760 Anonymous
2nd November 2015
Monday 1:43 pm
24760 spacer

Agreed. I've saved shitloads of dosh mixing my own e-liquid, and once you get the knack of it, it tastes better than the premixed stuff. It also allowed me to finally use e-cigarettes for the original plan I had in mind when I switched to vaping: to quit smoking/nicotine dependency for good. With each 30ml batch, I cut down the nicotine by 1mg and I'm now down to 3mg/10ml.

Also, Vision Spinner 2s are fucking shite. The threads on both of mine have completely stripped after a year of heavy use. If I could go back in time, I'd go for an eGo rather than 510 setup and get a battery with threads that aren't made of soft aluminium.
>> No. 24761 Anonymous
2nd November 2015
Monday 2:41 pm
24761 spacer
Where do you both source your mixing ingredients?
>> No. 24762 Anonymous
2nd November 2015
Monday 3:00 pm
24762 spacer


The 510 connector is shit, but we're sort of stuck with it. It was designed for a pissant little cig-a-like design, but became the defacto standard. We've now got heavy stainless tanks attached to huge mod batteries by this tiny little thread.

>I'd go for an eGo rather than 510 setup

Unfortunately, all the good tanks use 510 connectors because all the good mod batteries use 510 connectors because all the good tanks use 510 connectors.
>> No. 24764 Anonymous
2nd November 2015
Monday 6:56 pm
24764 spacer
for straight vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol i use amazon or ebay mostly. (get my cotton and kanthal wire there too)

nicotine I buy from http://www.bargainvapour.com

and flavouring I get from https://www.chefsvapour.co.uk because I don't know anywhere else that does the 100ml bottles

honestly I do it to save money and not for all the fancy flavours so I keep it really simple. This was my last order (waiting on it this week)

http://tinyurl.com/q9gyqte 1 litre of VG with free shipping is £6.89

http://tinyurl.com/o9r8vtp is £15.36 with shipping (I use a PG base)

and http://tinyurl.com/p2abn7b 100ml of flavouring from is £13.30 with shipping (this is also pg based)

mix it all together and you have 1205ml of vape juice for £35.55

I probably vape around 5ml a day.. (thats quite generous really) so it's about an 8 month supply, or to put it another way 15 pence per day.

Disclaimer: I've not done the math, but I think it's roughly 6mg/ml and about 8% flavouring.
>> No. 24855 Anonymous
6th November 2015
Friday 1:32 am
24855 spacer
That's really helpful, thanks.
>> No. 24856 Anonymous
6th November 2015
Friday 9:32 pm
24856 spacer
Helpful or not it's still bannable.
>> No. 24857 Anonymous
6th November 2015
Friday 11:24 pm
24857 spacer

Vaping isn't illegal.
>> No. 24858 Anonymous
6th November 2015
Friday 11:41 pm
24858 spacer
No, but posting like >>24764 is. Sentence is anywhere from one week to life.
>> No. 24859 Anonymous
7th November 2015
Saturday 12:00 am
24859 spacer

24 hours tops. Let's call it a suspended sentence.
>> No. 24875 Anonymous
13th November 2015
Friday 9:34 am
24875 spacer


am this guy, made my juice and it's come out fantastic, a bit thick maybe but not getting dry hits on the subtank mini so I'm happy, and it should only improve with some steeping time.

Also my ileaf 50w kind of set fire (second faulty unit I've had) would not recommend ileaf to anyone now even though I loved the battery life, size and feel of it.

replaced it with a sigelei 30w mini that I got on the cheap, 30w does feel really limited but I'm still making great clouds with a .4 ohm dual coil build. I think the high vg to pg ratio really helps.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 24876 Anonymous
13th November 2015
Friday 2:49 pm
24876 spacer

>am this guy

And learned nothing, it seems.
>> No. 24877 Anonymous
13th November 2015
Friday 4:08 pm
24877 spacer
>I think the high vg to pg ratio really helps.
I thought I'd come to this conclusion. I'm a bit worried though as I've bought some cheaper juices and even thought they're supposed to be 70/30 VG/PG I have to go really low on the wattage (<20) or they taste burned. Same goes for any juices with a higher amount of PG in the mix.

What wattage are you vaping your homebrew juice at?
>> No. 24878 Anonymous
13th November 2015
Friday 5:44 pm
24878 spacer

at the max 30w which is like 3.6v on my current coils. that's kind of why I find it limited. No hint of burned flavour at all and I suspect with the dual coils I could bump it another 10 watts before it started burning. If it was a single coil build at .4 ohms I guess I'd have to vape at a lower wattage but I'm really no expert so take that with a pinch of salt.

before this juice I had some choclate flavoured and it would burn at around 23w so it really does depend on the flavouring and not the other ingredients. (does glycerin even burn?)

do you replace your coils every 2 weeks or so? or maybe heat them while the cotton is still dry? that could also contribute towards a burnt taste

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 24884 Anonymous
22nd November 2015
Sunday 2:56 am
24884 spacer
>do you replace your coils every 2 weeks or so? or maybe heat them while the cotton is still dry? that could also contribute towards a burnt taste
It's not that, with the same coil I can put one tank's worth of the cheaper juices and have to go down <20W (it's at 15 right now), then the next refill with my favourite (but expensive) juice it's perfect again.

Thanks for your links, I'll give homebrewing it a shot.
>> No. 24887 Anonymous
22nd November 2015
Sunday 4:48 am
24887 spacer
Last night I saw someone vaping in a bar. There are few ways to stand out as a dildo, but vaping is up there.
>> No. 24888 Anonymous
22nd November 2015
Sunday 1:42 pm
24888 spacer

Do you not get out much, or do you live in some godforsaken backwater? I see people vaping pretty much every time I go out.
>> No. 24889 Anonymous
22nd November 2015
Sunday 1:54 pm
24889 spacer

A bit of both, although I have been getting out more recently.
>> No. 24913 Anonymous
28th December 2015
Monday 10:13 am
24913 spacer
So I finally need to replace my two Vision Spinner II batteries and I'm looking into box mods. I vape at 1.8 ohms/3.3volts, and that apparently only draws 6.05 watts. Are there any advantages in choosing a high wattage box mod, say 100w, if I'm vaping with such a low power draw? Could I expect better battery life out of a 100w box mod compared to a 30w one?
>> No. 24914 Anonymous
28th December 2015
Monday 3:44 pm
24914 spacer

High wattage mods are capable of higher wattages, that's the only difference. Most box mods use a single 18650 battery, which should easily last a couple of days if you're vaping at 6w. Some of the monster high-power box mods use a 26650 battery or two 18650s, but they'll be total overkill for your needs. Any of the inexpensive box mods (Sigelei Mini, Kanger Kbox etc) should be fine for your purposes.

Affordable temperature controlled mods are now available. Dr Farsalinos is strongly of the opinion that temperature controlled vaping with titanium coils is the safest option. I recently bought an eVic VTC Mini for less than £30 direct from China. With the new v3 firmware it is an absolutely superb device, I really can't recommend it highly enough. I would be very reluctant to go back to VW vaping - with temperature control you never, ever get dry hits, even if your tank is completely empty.

If you're getting a new tank, most of the newer designs won't vape well at very low power. If you're going to stay at 6w, go for something like the Aspire Nautilus or a Kayfun clone.

I suspect your low power preference might be due to using old-fashioned atomisers that can't cope with a decent amount of power. I'm a fairly conservative mouth hitter, but I vape at 12-18w.
>> No. 24915 Anonymous
28th December 2015
Monday 4:45 pm
24915 spacer

Thanks for the advice. I went ahead and ordered myself a Koopor Mini 60w for £22. It was the second cheapest box mod I could find after the Kbox; the Kbox only goes down to 8w as opposed to the Koopor Mini's 1w, plus the Koopor Mini has temperature control. It should be a welcome change from the Vision Spinners, which often get hot to the touch near the threading.

I also ordered a Nitecore i4 charger, which seems to be the gold standard for battery charging, and some Panasonic NCR18650B 3400mah batteries. The batteries apparently aren't particularly suited to sub-ohm vaping, but I think they'll be just fine for my purposes.

I already have an Aspire Nautilus Mini which works pretty well at 6w when the coil's clean. I'm a lung hitter and I tend to take long puffs, and I find that upping the power makes things a tad too harsh.
>> No. 24916 Anonymous
28th December 2015
Monday 5:30 pm
24916 spacer
The other place seems to have profiled vapes as "mouth-fedoras" which I find a little odd as the vast majority of fedora types never smoke (excepting pipes). I see single mothers pushing prams and tall men in expensive suits with them. People who either don't want to smoke because they have kids or can't smoke in their bank buildings without taking the lift all the way to the ground floor but took it up in the first place because a fag goes so well with a nose full of beak. A lot of rough looking blokes doing it for the missus too, although they often give up and go back to grubby rollies. If it was just me I'd say okay, maybe I am a bit of a fedora type, it's not for me to say, but the counter evidence is there. Perhaps it's a transatlantic difference.
>> No. 24917 Anonymous
28th December 2015
Monday 6:19 pm
24917 spacer

In my rough-as-arseholes home town, there are more vape shops than pasty shops. You can buy five 10ml bottles of e-liquid for less than a snide pouch of GV, which is a big deal when you're skint. I regularly see elderly people with box mods. I hear that you can now buy e-cigarettes in some prisons.

What is weird is how quickly vaping has become ordinary. I remember when people would stare in the street when I was vaping. Now I find myself having conversations at bus stops about what liquid I'm using, chatting to strangers in the smoking area about subohm tanks. I used to panic about running out of e-liquid because it meant waiting for a delivery, but now I can buy half-decent liquid at a petrol station.
>> No. 24918 Anonymous
28th December 2015
Monday 9:32 pm
24918 spacer
What is weird to me is how vaporisers that don't actually look like cigarettes have become ordinary. I just happened to be walking through the city centre one day and seeing people sucking on what looked like cheap-looking magic wands clenched in their fists, and I was only half-certain that these must be the same thing as the four-inch long uniform sticks with blue lights at the ends that I knew to be electronic cigarettes.
>> No. 25001 Anonymous
19th February 2016
Friday 7:15 am
25001 spacer
Right, so I've got my juice production down now, but being max VG it's clogging up my Kanger OCC atomisers really quickly, and at ~£2 a pop that's starting to add up. Can any of you recommend a tank that allows you to open it up and replace the cotton easily, rather than having to put in a disposable atomiser each time? Currently using an Eleaf 40 TC box, which supports temperature control and titanium wire so potentially I'd like to be able to wrap my own coils as well. There's a bewildering array of stuff out there about RTAs, which seems to be what I'm after but some seem to take OCC-style atomisers as well for some reason... I just don't know where to start, so any advice appreciated.

I've worked as a sparkie in the past so all the Moore's law/impedance measuring etc isn't going to be an issue.
>> No. 25002 Anonymous
19th February 2016
Friday 1:53 pm
25002 spacer

>There's a bewildering array of stuff out there about RTAs, which seems to be what I'm after but some seem to take OCC-style atomisers as well for some reason...

Lots of RTAs have a rebuildable deck that fits in place of the atomiser. It's a convenience feature that allows you to switch back and forth as you please. It's a good option if you're on the fence about rebuilding. The best performing tanks of this type are the Smok TFV4, the Uwell Crown, the Youde Zephyrus and the Joyetech Cubis. The first two are serious cloud chasing tanks that don't perform well at less than 30w. The Zephyrus is an excellent all-rounder. The Cubis is a novel design that is 100% leakproof, but it doesn't use a traditional RBA deck so it's slightly fiddly to rebuild.

There are a truly bewildering array of pure RTAs available, so it's difficult for me to make a specific recommendation. The Aromatizer is very popular and has both good performance and an easy to build deck thanks to the Velocity-style posts. If you're a mouth-to-lung hitter and prefer a tight draw, there's still a lot to be said for a Kayfun clone.

Personally, my favourite RTA is the Youde Goblin Mini v2. It only holds about 3ml of juice, but it's absolutely tiny. Paired with a small box mod, it makes for a very pocketable setup. It isn't a cloud chasing tank, but it gives excellent flavour. It wicks very consistently if you use the method shown in GrimmGreen's review.

When vaping max VG, the trick is to use as little wick as possible. Thicker juices need only a wisp of cotton to wick, any more will just impede the flow of juice. When you first get your tank, watch a few tutorials on Youtube and only add a fraction of a ml of juice until you're happy with the build.
>> No. 25003 Anonymous
20th February 2016
Saturday 5:27 am
25003 spacer
Comprehensive and enlightening as ever. Thank you. I had been leaning towards the Zephyrus and your post confirmed it. (Just bought one for £19.50 so we'll see how it goes.)

The Cubis looked interesting but I'm sick of refilling my current 3.5ml tank all the time, running out of juice when on an evening out etc so definitely want something bigger. If I'm not mistaken it seems requires proprietary atomiser coils, too, which isn't a big deal but not really what I'd like.
>> No. 25004 Anonymous
20th February 2016
Saturday 2:08 pm
25004 spacer

What's wierd to me is how intensely nerdy it all is, and frankly it puts me off.

Nevermind the fact that it's nothing like a proper smoke and it makes my throat feel like I'm having an allergic reaction to something, all these conversations about "Oh yeah mayte got this new atomiser it's well ace, here have a puff on that, sick innit" and stuff just does my head in frankly.

Sage for being a miserable fuck.
>> No. 25005 Anonymous
20th February 2016
Saturday 4:39 pm
25005 spacer
You're not just a miserable luddite fuck, you're a miserable luddite that's going to die of a horrible disease at an early change. Tell me how 'well at least I didn't talk about my vapouriser' will bring you comfort during your long, slow death in hospital.
>> No. 25007 Anonymous
20th February 2016
Saturday 4:44 pm
25007 spacer

>What's weird to me is how intensely nerdy it all is, and frankly it puts me off.

It's the same with any emerging technology. You need to be a bit nerdy to get it all working, because the technology isn't very mature. The pace of change rewards nerdiness, because something miles better comes out every few months.

Within a couple of years, vape technology will have stabilised enough to kill off most of the nerdiness. In the best possible way, it'll all become rather boring. The vast majority of people will just buy a £20 kit from the corner shop and use it until it breaks.

We went through the same cycle with radio, television, mobile phones, tablets and a hundred other gadgets. In the beginning only nerds used them, but eventually they became a very mundane part of everyday life. The swanky thing your nerdy mate uses is hardly any different from the bog-standard one your mum bought from Argos.
>> No. 25010 Anonymous
20th February 2016
Saturday 5:16 pm
25010 spacer

Good call. When you get your tank, I recommend following the wicking method shown in the video below. Poking the wicks down is by far the best method on Youde decks, because otherwise they're prone to leaking.

If you have any questions about building, fire away.

>> No. 25014 Anonymous
20th February 2016
Saturday 5:57 pm
25014 spacer
>Nevermind the fact that it's nothing like a proper smoke
This is what kept me away for years. I think I got my first bits of hand-me-down vaping gear in 2012, somewhere around then, a long battery plus tank stick thing and it never stuck with me because it just wasn't as enjoyable as having a rollie. I wasted money every now and then over the years trying to find replacements that were better but it wasn't until I got a decent box mod kit some time mid last year that I finally found something that produced enough vapour so that it actually felt like smoking, and I immediately found that I enjoyed it more than smoking too. I've not been back to tobacco since. I'm not trying to sell you on it, despite what >>25005 says nobody really knows the health implications at this stage, and sorting out what you want/like is still a right old maze (see: all the discussion in this thread), but yeah. The point I'm trying to make is that it does matter what gear you use, and it can be as satisfying as a proper smoke if you get it right.

I also get to sit in a pub puffing away and chatting with my mates instead of having to keep going outside all the time, which has its ups and its downs; you miss out on the random smoker's chats, but I was pretty fucking glad not to have to be out in the elements this winter. I can also visit non-smoking mates' places and instead of having to go outside on my own I get comments from lasses about how "lush" it smells. Never once heard that in my 15+ years as a smoker.
>> No. 25015 Anonymous
20th February 2016
Saturday 6:11 pm
25015 spacer
>despite what >>25005 says nobody really knows the health implications at this stage

I certainly know that having a scalable nicotine dosage means you can dial the nicotine down over time, and outright give up the drug altogether. It's what I did, I used to have about 25 a day, bought a cheapo kit off the internet, started with super strength product, dialed it down over 6 months to zero nicotine, forgot to take it out with me one day and then realised I wasn't actually bothered. It's miracle technology, I have no doubt I would have smoked for the rest of my life if it wasn't around.
>> No. 25016 Anonymous
20th February 2016
Saturday 6:37 pm
25016 spacer

>nobody really knows the health implications at this stage

A systematic review by Public Health England concluded that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking. All the major components in e-cigarette vapour are known to be safe at the levels found in real-world use. There is an overwhelming body of evidence for the relative safety of e-cigarettes.

The remaining 5% risk accounts for doubt over the safety of e-cigarette flavourings and some of the compounds created by thermal decomposition. This risk is being progressively reduced by better formulation of e-liquids, by the introduction of temperature controlled vaping and the move towards inert coil materials.

Although vaping may not be perfectly safe, we are absolutely confident that it is vastly safer than smoking. Concerns over the risks of vaping are largely misguided and may dissuade smokers from switching to a far safer means of consuming nicotine.

>> No. 25017 Anonymous
20th February 2016
Saturday 7:14 pm
25017 spacer
>Although vaping may not be perfectly safe, we are absolutely confident that it is vastly safer than smoking. Concerns over the risks of vaping are largely misguided and may dissuade smokers from switching to a far safer means of consuming nicotine.
Agreed. It's not the nicotine I'm concerned about, though, it's the flavourings, which (unlike nicotine and the glycols) are an unknown on the bottle most of the time, and some of which have been shown to contain known carcinogens, albeit in quantities that are debatable in toxicity. The bottom line is that we don't have decades of research on many of these chemicals and consequently a degree of caution and concern is appropriate, especially given the current trend towards ever larger clouds of vapour being inhaled. A 200W Kanger Kvod running full whack with a .1Ohm coil is an entirely different beast to the dinky little 7W Evods of old, and when I read people describing using the former as being like "chewing" the vapour I do start to wonder what effect that's having on their lungs.
>> No. 25018 Anonymous
20th February 2016
Saturday 7:15 pm
25018 spacer
So long as you don't buy from iffy manufacturers I think you will be safe. If you intend to inhale these chemicals for years on end, then yeah maybe be more concerned, but if you're going to use them as a cessation tool over a period of a few months I should be less concerned.
>> No. 25025 Anonymous
22nd February 2016
Monday 12:03 pm
25025 spacer
I have to admit I'm much more addicted to nicotine now than I was when I was smoking rollies. I have my vape with me everywhere and use it constantly, whereas I only ever use to smoke five or so rollies in the evening (or a lot more when getting drunk). I've tried reducing the nicotine levels, but I just end up vaping more. I'm down to roughly 4mg juice at the moment (can't be entirely sure as my homebrew juice isn't an exact science, I think my last batch is less as I'm ripping through it). 4mg is pretty low, but I like the big clouds on my box mod now so I'm probably taking in roughly the same amount of nicotine as when I was vaping tiny little puffs of 12-18mg juices on my old Evod.

Good job to the lads/lasses who've used it as a quitting device though, well done you lot. I'm not really looking to quit though, if I'm honest. I enjoy it too much.
>> No. 25027 Anonymous
22nd February 2016
Monday 2:04 pm
25027 spacer
In your own anecdotal experience, have you noticed any change in your lungs/breathing/respiratory capacity etc. now that you've switched over to being a frequent vaper? Is running for the bus or cycling up a hill a bit easier now that you're off tobacco smoke or about the same? Does the back of your throat feel a bit weird, or do you have any signs of a cough?
>> No. 25028 Anonymous
22nd February 2016
Monday 2:46 pm
25028 spacer

Assuming proper wick maintenance, which I doubt a lot of nu-vapees are aware of.

If left more than a couple of weeks before replacing, you're essentially inhaling the wax. I imagine there are also a lot of people out there running too high a voltage for their tank, etc, to get "more vape" exacerbating that problem. There is also the problem with oils and that people think they're "all the same innit" and buy ones which contain di-acetyl and end up with respiratory problems. That 95% may or may not take that into account.

Moral: Do your homework and it'll be 95% safer. Don't, you'll end up with popcorn lung.
>> No. 25029 Anonymous
22nd February 2016
Monday 5:41 pm
25029 spacer
I haven't noticed any negative effects at all, it was a remarkably and surprisingly easy transition, but to be honest I've not noticed any major positive effects either. My lungs do feel slightly less fucked, I don't have the croaking wheeze the morning after a heavy night out, and my clothes don't stink. I'm an unfit cunt though so I still can't sprint for more than a few hundred yards without getting winded. Thinking about it I do definitely cough less than I used to.

Like I say though, by the time I changed over I was only smoking half a dozen a day anyway, and even though there have been periods in my life where I was smoking hash heavily on top of the cigs I never developed that morning hacking phlegm cough that most long-term smokers seem to have.

Really though the biggest difference is the price. I used to go through a 25g pouch of Golden Virginia in a week or so, which works out at roughly a quid a day at least. Now I'm making my own juice (easily an order of magnitude cheaper than the good VG juices and tastes just as nice), and thanks to the encyclopaedic knowledge of >>25002 I won't have to be buying replacements atomisers every week, which should bring the total cost down to literally pennies a day.

(By the way mods, sorry for the error "I only ever used to smoke" in my previous post, too late to fix it now, but it's poor form and I won't grumble about any red text.)

>If left more than a couple of weeks before replacing, you're essentially inhaling the wax
What wax?
>> No. 25033 Anonymous
22nd February 2016
Monday 8:37 pm
25033 spacer
I have to admit I'm the same. I took up vaping because it was cheaper and smelt less than fags. Recently one of my devices broke and I needed to smoke - I stormed through my usual pack of 10. Think I'll have to do cold turkey.
>> No. 25034 Anonymous
22nd February 2016
Monday 9:30 pm
25034 spacer

Even in a really bad scenario, vaping is still much safer than smoking.

Diacetyl is of concern in e-liquids, but it is also present in cigarette smoke in quite high concentrations. A study of 159 e-liquids found only one liquid with higher concentrations of diacetyl. While we definitely need to ensure that diacetyl is removed from all e-liquids, we need to keep the risk in proportion.


Dirty atomisers are an issue, but it should be remembered that the hydrocarbon gunk on even a filthy coil represents just a fraction of a cigarette's worth.

Regarding excessive voltage, even a very naive user is quite unlikely to routinely vape at dangerously high levels. Someone who has never used an e-cigarette is able to identify dry puff conditions, where aldehyde concentrations become dangerous. You'd need to be a masochist or have no sense of taste to tolerate more than one puff.

>> No. 25035 Anonymous
22nd February 2016
Monday 9:34 pm
25035 spacer


IMO it's just a convenience thing - you can vape in more places than you can smoke, so you do it more often. If you're concerned about your level of nicotine use, I'd suggest tapering through lower-strength liquids rather than trying to quit cold turkey. Do whatever you need to do to stay off cigarettes, even if that means vaping like The Flying Scotsman.
>> No. 25046 Anonymous
9th March 2016
Wednesday 1:43 am
25046 spacer
So Butyric Acid has apparently been used as a replacement for the acetyls, and it's nasty stuff too. Chemistlad, any comments?
>> No. 25047 Anonymous
3rd April 2016
Sunday 5:10 am
25047 spacer

Vape update:

If you're looking for a basic starter kit, my new recommendation is the Joyetech AIO. It makes tons of vapour with good flavour, it's completely leak proof and it costs less than £15. It combines a 1500mah battery and a slightly miniaturised version of the excellent Cubis tank.

I've got an embarrassing amount of vape gear, but this is my new favourite setup for when I'm out and about. It works almost as well as an RBA on a mod, but it's tiny and dirt cheap. If you're looking for a simple setup for a friend who is new to vaping, I can't think of anything better.


In other news, I've recently been vaping unflavoured liquid. It started as an experiment, but it turned out to be surprisingly pleasant. There's a subtle sweet taste with a slightly smoky tang. After a couple of weeks on unflavoured liquid, off-the-shelf liquids all taste disgustingly sweet to me. If you DIY, I'd recommend trying it.
>> No. 25048 Anonymous
3rd April 2016
Sunday 4:47 pm
25048 spacer
What sort of concentrations? There's a lot of it in milk products.
>> No. 25064 Anonymous
4th April 2016
Monday 5:02 pm
25064 spacer
Any comments on the battery life, in relation to how long you've had it and how much you vape in an average day?
>> No. 25065 Anonymous
4th April 2016
Monday 7:46 pm
25065 spacer

Battery life always varies with your vaping style. It's an all day vape for me using the stock coils at about 3ml a day. The main limitation for me is the 2ml tank, but it's piss easy to refill. It should comfortably last all day for a beginner and would probably last most people through a workday with room to spare.
>> No. 25066 Anonymous
5th April 2016
Tuesday 2:28 am
25066 spacer
Standard, cheers for the recommendation and the useful info mate.
>> No. 25067 Anonymous
5th April 2016
Tuesday 9:30 am
25067 spacer
>2ml tank
Oh fuck no.
>> No. 25068 Anonymous
5th April 2016
Tuesday 1:52 pm
25068 spacer

The Joyetech AIO is an unfortunate but necessary response to the Tobacco Products Directive. New products introduced after the 20th of May 2016 will be subject to regulation. Refillable tanks may not have a capacity greater than 2ml and must be closed with a child-resistant cap. E-liquid bottles may be no larger than 10ml, no stronger than 20mg/ml and must use a 'leak-proof filling system'.

Totally Wicked are challenging the Directive in court, but they have no guarantee of success. There will be a transitional phase-in, so non-compliant products can remain on sale until November. The TPD won't affect your ability to personally import products from outside the EU, so you'll still be able to order anything you like from Fasttech.

If you don't like the sound of these regulations, I urge you to write to your MP and support the Totally Wicked legal challenge.

>> No. 25069 Anonymous
5th April 2016
Tuesday 7:57 pm
25069 spacer

>> No. 25070 Anonymous
5th April 2016
Tuesday 9:23 pm
25070 spacer

>Tobacco Products Directive

Smells European to me. Vote "leave" to save are vapes.
>> No. 25071 Anonymous
5th April 2016
Tuesday 10:20 pm
25071 spacer


JME is parring me, smh.
>> No. 25072 Anonymous
6th April 2016
Wednesday 12:44 am
25072 spacer

I'm not even angry with your use of internet ebonics, that's fucking cool.
>> No. 25106 Anonymous
19th April 2016
Tuesday 8:31 am
25106 spacer

I couldn't resist grabbing a Kanger Dripbox. £30 for a bottom fed RDA package.

There's no control whatsoever, it just puts out 60W and has a bit of protection circuitry in it. It's pretty obviously a low production cost way to test the market for mass produced squonking mods. They even sell fully built decks for it, cotton and all.

As a device, it's exactly what I've been looking for, a way to drip without dripping. I use this in the car, and during work. I don't need to fiddle with it out and about, and it's more compact than basically anything but an ego.

There's not much else to say, other than I really hope it does well enough for Kanger and others to jump on the bandwagon and bring out something pricier with variable wattage built in.
>> No. 25107 Anonymous
19th April 2016
Tuesday 7:17 pm
25107 spacer
It's not ebonics, racistlad.
>> No. 25108 Anonymous
19th April 2016
Tuesday 7:38 pm
25108 spacer

Sociology mandem call it MLE.


As a MTL vaper I have no need for such a device, but squonkboxes are a potential workaround to the Tobacco Products Directive rules on liquid capacity. The rules say that a tank can't hold more than 2ml, but say nothing about having an integrated holder for an e-liquid bottle. We'll have to see how things play out over the coming months.
>> No. 25109 Anonymous
19th April 2016
Tuesday 9:54 pm
25109 spacer

Ebonics=/=internet ebonics. A simple internet search would have cleared that up for you, you argumentative shite.
>> No. 25110 Anonymous
19th April 2016
Tuesday 10:00 pm
25110 spacer

> internet ebonics

e-bonics, imo.

Coat? It's almost spring.
>> No. 25111 Anonymous
20th April 2016
Wednesday 12:28 am
25111 spacer
How does that make it any less racist? In fact, that is just more racist. Just because it is typed in in a funny way with the wrong grammar and spelling, it is ebonics? Oh, I'm sorry. I meant to say internet ebonics.

Stop importing dolphin rape from across the pond.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 25112 Anonymous
20th April 2016
Wednesday 12:54 am
25112 spacer

We're in /g/, so stop arguing about whatever the fuck you lot are arguing about. No faggotry.
>> No. 25113 Anonymous
20th April 2016
Wednesday 12:59 am
25113 spacer

Forgive my probable ignorance, but why would being an MTL inhaler rule dripping devices out for you? I MTL the vast majority of the time and have no issues with it, compared to using a tank. Is it just that subohm is too hot for you? That's understandable, of course, but there's nothing stopping you building a 3 or 4 ohm deck, either.
>> No. 25114 Anonymous
20th April 2016
Wednesday 2:09 am
25114 spacer

MTL doesn't rule out drippers, they're just a less attractive option.

I prefer small decks with a tight chimney, which tends to give me denser vapour at low power. I also prefer the more precise power adjustment of a VW/TC device; With MTL there's a smaller window between "not hot enough" and "badly overheating" because of the lower airflow.

RDAs are great if you like to fiddle with your coils and change your wicks often. I'm not a massive tinkerer in that respect. I tend to get good life from my coils and wicks. My juice consumption is much lower than most lung hitters, so the very large juice capacity of a squonker isn't a big advantage for me.

Some MTL vapers love drippers, I'm just not one of them. The Dripbox looks like an excellent device if you like that style of vaping and it's fantastic value for money.
>> No. 25115 Anonymous
21st April 2016
Thursday 2:11 am
25115 spacer
All this time I had thought this thread was in /A/. Heh.
>> No. 25137 Anonymous
23rd April 2016
Saturday 5:36 am
25137 spacer
>it just puts out 60W
60W with no control? Wow. I'll be waiting for the next one, at least.

Interesting idea, though.

I've just got me a dual 18650 box mod and have mostly been surprised by how much cooler the vapour is vs. my old ileaf. Now I'm chain puffing at 30W and the Nano tank I've got on it that would normally be disturbingly hot is only barely warm. The box itself stays room temperature, which the ileaf certainly didn't, scary devices those, plenty of people reporting battery failures/fires... I should've upgraded ages ago.

Nice to have some proper battery life too.
>> No. 25155 Anonymous
23rd April 2016
Saturday 8:00 pm
25155 spacer


I believe the dripbox is an unregulated device with protection. It won't put out more than 60w to protect the battery, but it'll put out less if you wrap a high-resistance coil. A li-ion cell puts out about 4.2 volts fresh from the charger, so a 0.5 ohm coil will put out about 35w, tailing off as the cell depletes.

In the bad old days before high-power regulated devices, most serious vapers were using mech mods - just a battery tube with a switch. You controlled your power by wrapping coils of different resistance. If you fired one with too little resistance, your battery boiled itself to death. If you ran the battery flat, it would never hold a charge again. Early mech mods had a nasty habit of exploding like a pipebomb. Some daft bastards still use mech mods today.

Thank fuck for the Provari.
>> No. 25162 Anonymous
24th April 2016
Sunday 8:45 pm
25162 spacer
>Some daft bastards still use mech mods today.
It still amazes me that so many people used them in the first place. You don't fuck around with lithium-ion batteries, not when they're in your pocket/hand/pointed at your mouth.
>> No. 25163 Anonymous
24th April 2016
Sunday 10:09 pm
25163 spacer

You have to view it in context. When mech modding started, the commercially-available kit was bloody dreadful. Janty brought out the eGo in early 2011, before which we only really had cig-a-likes. The Provari came out later that year, but it was something like $300 and was only capable of supplying 15 watts. The first RBA wouldn't come out until 2012 and silica wicking was still the norm.

Against that backdrop, mech mods were revolutionary. They were sort of a terrible idea, but the early users mostly knew what they were doing and were extremely cautious. Subohm vaping was slightly taboo in those days, because we didn't really know how far you could push an 18650.

The real problems came along years later, when unwary and unskilled users bought mech mods because they were cool. Nobody did anything properly daft until the Chinese clones hit the market and the bros started cloud chasing.
>> No. 25164 Anonymous
24th April 2016
Sunday 11:38 pm
25164 spacer
>You have to view it in context.

The context being that you can either choose to hold a deathtrap to your face or you could give up smoking, come on lad it's not 'cool' anymore.
>> No. 25170 Anonymous
25th April 2016
Monday 8:57 pm
25170 spacer
>When mech modding started, the commercially-available kit was bloody dreadful.
Oh, agreed. And yeah, Chinese manufacturers kicking out mechanical mods for the masses was a fairly typical example of their complete disregard for the safety of their customers, with predictably horrifying results.

By the way, anyone using Kanger OCC's may want to stock up ASAP as the new cylindrical versions are atrocious; the cotton is packed far too tightly, which leads to poor wicking, and consequently needing replacement after a few days of light use. I've checked out a few reviews and lots of people seem to have the same problem.

I'm not sure if it's my mind playing tricks on me but even the square OCCs seem to have got shittier over the year I've been using them, the old (horizontal coil) ones seemed to last forever whilst the newer ones burn out much more quickly. This is on the same device at the same wattage with the same kind of liquid so I don't really know what else it could be.
>> No. 25172 Anonymous
25th April 2016
Monday 9:17 pm
25172 spacer

It's the bloody cloud chasing bros again. Manufacturers are optimising for quantity of vapour over everything else. I was recently sent a prototype Youde tank - the included coils had a recommended power of 40-55w. I tried it at 30w and thought something was broken, because it produced absolutely no vapour. Nope, it fired fine, it just had so much mass that the heat wasn't reaching the liquid. I built up the RBA deck with a sensible build and the tank worked fine. Joyetech seem to be the only manufacturer who aren't obsessed with CHUCKIN' TITS.

If you have a stock of old OCC coils, they're piss-easy to clean and rewick. All you need is some cotton and a pair of tweezers. Being a miserable skinflint, I naturally suggest using the RBA deck instead.

>> No. 25175 Anonymous
26th April 2016
Tuesday 2:46 am
25175 spacer
After a lot of experimenting, my sweet spot is around 1 Ohm and 20W (smooth, moderate amount of vapour, nice battery life) and apparently that doesn't really fit with these new designs, which is a shame.

I'm also concerned that this stupid race for the biggest vapour production is going to get used as a reason to shut down one of the things I like the most: that I can enjoy it indoors when I'm out having a drink. If lads start filling up pubs with their "cloudz" then it won't be long before it all gets banned from most places, assuming some government blanket ban doesn't do the same. I check whether vaping is allowed when I enter a pub, gig venue etc, and over the last few months I've had a few places say "it's fine as long as it's not one of those ones that makes the huge clouds of it".

>If you have a stock of old OCC coils
I do, the ones with the tops that can be taken off, so I'd put in new wire anyway if I was going to do it. I've only got kanthal that's too thick and have been considering buying nichrome/Ni200, any comments?

(And what do you do to get prototype tanks, eh?)
>> No. 25176 Anonymous
26th April 2016
Tuesday 4:00 am
25176 spacer

I'm not a fan of Ni200. It has very low resistance and is physically weak, which makes it a pain in the arse to build with. Unless your mod can fire very low resistances (<0.1 ohm) you need to use 30ga wire to get a sensible number of wraps. Ni200 wire of that thickness snaps very easily. Tightening the screws on an RBA deck without snapping Ni200 is a nightmare. I haven't used nichrome in years, but it seems to be a perfectly satisfactory material. There are minor safety concerns about both materials.

My current favourite material is SS316. It has a reasonable resistance, it works well with wattage or temperature control and it's easy to build with. It seems to stay clean for longer than other materials, possibly because it is very corrosion-resistant.

I recommend Youde branded wire. It's reasonably priced and comes clean from the factory with no trace of machine oil.

If you have a vaping-related blog or YouTube channel with any sort of following, manufacturers throw stuff at you. It's cheap publicity and they get useful feedback. When you see a "version 2" come out weeks after the release of a product, it's because all the reviewers hated some aspect of it. Savvy manufacturers have started sending out prototypes to avoid releasing a crap first attempt. My postman hates me.
>> No. 25180 Anonymous
27th April 2016
Wednesday 5:29 am
25180 spacer
>My current favourite material is SS316.
>It seems to stay clean for longer than other materials
Sold. Any suggestions on what gauge I'd want for .5 - 1 Ohm dual coil setup? Or comments about clapton/zipper/all that stuff?
>> No. 25184 Anonymous
27th April 2016
Wednesday 2:23 pm
25184 spacer

You'll probably want 28ga. The resistance of ss316 is about half that of kanthal, so a seven wrap 3mm dual coil will come out at about 0.4 ohms.

The resistance of the coil doesn't matter very much if you're using a VV/VW mod. What matters much more is heat capacity and surface area. A coil with a lot of thick wire will take more power to get up to temperature. A coil with greater surface area will produce cooler vapour for the same power. These factors obviously have a relationship with resistance, but that relationship is indirect. An ss316 and kanthal coil of the same shape and size will behave quite similarly, but the ss316 coil will have about half the resistance.

Good coils balance these factors against your vaping style. Tiny coils with thin wire get up to temperature very quickly, but their temperature will fluctuate a lot and give a very feisty vape with lots of pops and crackles. Very large coils take longer get up to temperature, but they're more stable at higher power - the extra metal acts as a sort of heat reservoir.

Clapton and twisted coils have far higher heat capacity and somewhat more surface area than conventional coils. You'll probably need to increase your power output to get all that extra metal up to temperature. They are also physically very large, so you'll need an RBA with a large build deck. I think they offer the greatest benefits to high-power lung hitters, but a lot of mouth hitters use them successfully.

Experimenting with exotic coils is now quite easy, because you can buy these wire types ready-made. Youde sell clapton wire and several kinds of twisted wire for £3-£5 a roll. These wire types are only available in kanthal at the moment, but I have it on good authority that SS316 is on the way.


For the record, I usually vape a very boring coil - 3mm diameter single coil, six spaced wraps of 28ga ss316. I vape in TC mode at about 220 celsius.
>> No. 25188 Anonymous
4th May 2016
Wednesday 5:08 pm
25188 spacer
Cor, wicking this Zephyrus deck is a bit of a dark art. I think I've got it down but there's been leaks and spitting along the way.

I wound up with a free Delta II (shop sent the wrong thing and let me keep it). Junk compared to the similar Kanger tanks I've used in my opinion, poor taste, almost impossible to see how much juice was in it, and the damn thing wouldn't stop whistling (eventually found and fixed it myself but it was a glaring manufacturing error that a lot of people were complaining about). Avoid that one, lads.
>> No. 25213 Anonymous
23rd May 2016
Monday 1:29 am
25213 spacer
So vapelad, have you had a go on one of these yet?
It's the proper version of the (sigh) "squonker" that Kanger kicked out a few months back. Tempted to give it a try.
>> No. 25214 Anonymous
23rd May 2016
Monday 4:48 am
25214 spacer

Nope. I'm a low wattage MTL vaper, so it's not my style at all. Initial reviews have been good, but Kanger quality control has gone a bit wonky recently so caveat emptor.

I have been thoroughly enjoying the Joyetech Egrip II. It's damned close to the perfect out-and-about mod for my needs. 80w with TC, 2100mah and 3.5ml capacity, no bigger than a fag packet. It uses a Cubis-based tank, so no leaks and excellent performance. The build quality is impeccable and it looks and feels gorgeous. The mad fuckers at Joyetech put Flappy Bird in the firmware, for no discernible reason.

>> No. 25215 Anonymous
27th May 2016
Friday 12:05 am
25215 spacer
The reviews all seemed positive so I took the plunge, it's not really my thing either but eh, it's a cheap toy if nothing else. I'd like a nice big deck to build on and I'd also like a break from worrying about leaking from air inlets. Now for the wait from China.

The first Egrip I bought for a mate as sort of a "starter box mod" and frankly the construction was awful - it leaked and was a fiddly nuisance in most respects, it just felt cheap. He went out and bought himself a Subox pretty shortly after and I've not seen the Egrip since. Glad to hear the build quality has improved.

>Joyetech put Flappy Bird in the firmware, for no discernible reason.
We'll be playing Doom on these fucking things in no time, count on it.
>> No. 25216 Anonymous
27th May 2016
Friday 12:42 am
25216 spacer
>The Joyetech security stickers on the product are removed so that this product can be offered to customers like you at the lowest price possible.
Nope, that seems totally legit to me.
>> No. 25217 Anonymous
27th May 2016
Friday 1:35 am
25217 spacer

It seems shady as fuck, but it's basically legit. Several manufacturers have a "suggested retail price" that is effectively mandatory - if you undercut that price, they cut off your supply. Fasttech want to be the absolute cheapest supplier, so they get grey-market products through other dealers. They scratch off the identifying codes to prevent the manufacturers from tracing the product back up the supply chain.

The products listed as "authentic" on Fasttech are completely legit. Your warranty is void when the ID code is removed, but good luck claiming on the warranty of any vape gear.
>> No. 25218 Anonymous
27th May 2016
Friday 3:17 am
25218 spacer
Have the new laws kicked in yet limiting the amount of juice we can buy?
>> No. 25219 Anonymous
27th May 2016
Friday 10:26 am
25219 spacer
>Several manufacturers have a "suggested retail price" that is effectively mandatory - if you undercut that price, they cut off your supply.
That's been illegal in non-shitholes for at least 20 years. Is there any evidence of it actually happening?
>> No. 25220 Anonymous
27th May 2016
Friday 1:49 pm
25220 spacer
Fasttech do sell clones, but they more or less label them as such. "Kanger-style [model]". I assume they're manufacturer rejects?
>> No. 25221 Anonymous
27th May 2016
Friday 6:38 pm
25221 spacer

The TPD is now in effect, but there's a transitional period. Retailers can sell whatever they like until November 2016. They can continue to sell their existing stock until May 2017. It should remain legal to import non-compliant products from outside the EU for personal use. Nobody is entirely sure whether nicotine base for DIY liquid is covered by the TPD or not.



Retail Price Maintenance is outlawed by Article 14 of the Anti-Monopoly Law, but that legislation is only selectively enforced. The courts tend to overlook antitrust issues unless there's a flagrant cartel or the abuse of a dominant market position.

The Chinese legal system is profoundly weird. They didn't have a legal system to speak of between 1954 and 1978, and didn't get anything we'd recognise as contract law until 1999. Their first anti-monopoly legislation was implemented in 2008. Trials are still held in closed court with no jury, they are inquisitorial rather than adversarial and court records are not public by default.

The courts are overtly political. To quote Xiao Yang, former leader of the Supreme People's Court:

"The power of the courts to adjudicate independently doesn't mean independence from the Party. It is the opposite, the embodiment of a high degree of responsibility vis-à-vis Party undertakings."

Price fixing of all sorts is endemic in China. The laws are only enforced where there is a compelling public interest to do so. Foreign companies ripping off Chinese customers get crucified, Chinese companies ripping off foreign customers get a free pass.


>> No. 25222 Anonymous
27th May 2016
Friday 6:53 pm
25222 spacer

If a product doesn't have the word "authentic" in the title, it's a clone. They have recently been using the word "styled" to make the distinction clearer.

The authentic stuff on Fasttech is legit.
>> No. 25223 Anonymous
27th May 2016
Friday 8:20 pm
25223 spacer
Ah, so they're based in a shithole then.
>> No. 25302 Anonymous
27th June 2016
Monday 9:32 pm
25302 spacer
Vapelad, any thoughts on the Theorem/Notch coils?
>> No. 25303 Anonymous
27th June 2016
Monday 9:47 pm
25303 spacer
So lads, I've gone back on the fags after a 3 year hiatus, and looking to get into vaping again. Last time I just bought a Liberty Flights starter pack, which did the job. I'm thinking of just going into my local shop, which is well-reviewed by a mate (it's a branch of E-Cigarette Direct - http://www.ecigarettedirect.co.uk/ ). Anyone here got any experience of these shops?
>> No. 25304 Anonymous
27th June 2016
Monday 9:54 pm
25304 spacer
Why not just stop again?
>> No. 25305 Anonymous
27th June 2016
Monday 10:06 pm
25305 spacer
I am stopping.
>> No. 25306 Anonymous
27th June 2016
Monday 10:18 pm
25306 spacer

I've never been in one. A quick look on their website suggests that their range of stock is quite limited. Equipment prices aren't outrageous, but they aren't excellent either. What little they do sell is of decent quality, provided you stay away from the cig-a-likes and eGos. Their e-liquid prices are steep, even by high street standards.

If you don't mind telling me what your nearest town is, I may be able to suggest a better shop. Alternatively, if you give me an idea of your budget I could suggest a choice of suitable starter kits to buy online.
>> No. 25307 Anonymous
27th June 2016
Monday 10:34 pm
25307 spacer
Visit any vape shop and have a go, from what I've seen most of them seem pretty eager to do a demo for people who are in your position. Don't feel pressured to buy on the spot as they likely have a ridiculous markup on their hardware.

My recommendation would be a Kanger Subox Mini kit (though not from that site at their price - get it from Fasttech), pair it with a Samsung 25R battery. The Subox is solidly built, holds a decent amount of juice, allows you to swap out a spare battery of the industry standard 18650 (which can be a life saver if you're away from a mains/USB port for charging), and the replacement attys are available in every vape shop in the land at whatever coil impedance you wind up liking.

If that's a bit more than you want to spend, take a look at the Joyetech AIO. You'll be refilling/recharging a lot more often, can't swap batteries, and the atomisers aren't as universally available, but it's a much smaller device, cheaper, and well reviewed.
>> No. 25308 Anonymous
27th June 2016
Monday 10:47 pm
25308 spacer

The Theorem is a divisive tank. Most people really like the performance and flavour, but there are some practical issues. The 2.7ml juice capacity is a problem for a thirsty tank like this - you'll be refilling a lot. The fill hole is quite small and deeply recessed, so it doesn't fill well from normal bottles; you really need a syringe or a needle-tipped bottle. I think it would be an excellent choice for someone who is used to dripping, but it doesn't suit my needs. If you liked the Youde Goblin Mini, I think you'll like the Theorem.

The notch coils are absolutely stellar if you're a lung hitter, but hopeless if you mouth-to-lung. Don't even bother running one at less than 30w, preferably a fair bit more. They give a similar vape to a clapton coil, but they ramp up to temperature much more quickly. They're also totally foolproof and consistent, so there's no fiddling about with drill bits and tweezers.

IJOY make a decent notch coil clone if you want to try it with your existing tanks. It's available in 3.5mm and 5mm diameter to fit different sized decks and costs £4.20 for ten from China. Joyetech also do a notch coil head for the Cubis tank range, if you like pre-built coils.

>> No. 25309 Anonymous
27th June 2016
Monday 11:08 pm
25309 spacer

Solid recommendations.

The Joyetech AIO is so cheap (£13.50 from Fasttech) that you could buy a couple of them, which gets around some of the battery life and liquid capacity issues. The vapour performance is very good and it's very easy to use. I'd prefer the Subox Mini, but the AIO would be a great choice if the Subox seems too bulky or complicated.
>> No. 25310 Anonymous
27th June 2016
Monday 11:39 pm
25310 spacer
My 2 cents:

I was what you could call a light smoker, maybe 10 a day tops - or a few more if I've tickled a few beverages. Some days / weekends I wouldn't have a smoke at all, so I decided to head down the vape route. I started my research online as a total n00b and immediately got hit with so much info I didn't really know which way to go.

Luckily, a friend of mine had recently setup a Vape shop and invited me down. I got to try out all the kit and flavours on offer, before settling on a MVP3 box with Kangertech Sub Tank running Lighthouse Liquids White Shoal - a nice fruity blend of cantaloupe melon and mixed berries in a .3 strength.

The initial hit of going straight to sub ohming took a little getting used to. The vapour is thicker and 'wet' so can make you cough a bit. I initially smoked it like a cigarette, taking in a mouthful and then inhaling - then pushed on to 'lunging' it whereby you inhale it straight into your lungs. A few tweaks of the temps and wattage and I was very pleased. I haven't touched a cigarette since - over a year and half now. I'm 27 and have smoked since I was [13]

Since then I've upgraded my tanks and boxes up to my current poison: a carbon fibre Suprimo Spade box with a Aspire Triton 2 atomiser with Klapton coils. I have nice selection of mainly fruit based juices - always stuck to premium American liquids such as Beard, Cosmic Fog, Lighthouse Liquids and more recently Wick Liquor.

If I can offer any advice for someone looking to get into it, please find yourselves a decent, preferably non chain, local store (support local business) and get chatting to the guys, try stuff out and you'll be well on your way.
>> No. 25311 Anonymous
27th June 2016
Monday 11:43 pm
25311 spacer
It's Maidenhead.

These look like good options. I like the idea of the swappable battery, especially when I'm out on a drive. However >>25309 has a point, and I'm a forgetful cunt that can be relied on to leave things in the car so this is an option too.

Payday on Friday, so time enough to make up my mind. Cheers lads.
>> No. 25312 Anonymous
28th June 2016
Tuesday 3:55 am
25312 spacer
Interesting, thanks for your perspective; always appreciated. I can imagine it not being much use for a MTL hitter.

So my take on using a clone: I've been using it without the plastic plug, initially because the one it came with was misshapen and was pushing the lid up (clones, I know, I know). The obvious side-effect of removing the plug means that it'd definitely leak if I left it on its side whilst full, but refilling is easy. In that sense it's sort of like running an RBA, but without having to drip every five minutes, and the top comes off loosely enough that I can when I feel like it. And yeah, given how quickly the thing drinks juice, the tank is weirdly small. I can't think of a good reason for this to be the case, it could easily have been a good few mm taller without affecting functionality or consumer appeal. Bottom line, I can only use it at home, but despite these reservations, I've been enjoying it when I do.

I've been going from 20-40W and the notch coils (at least the ones it came with) seem happiest at 25-30W, and are still workable and pleasant down to 20W, to my surprise, given what I'd read beforehand. I've since read some comments from folks disliking the notch coils for being too fiery/tasting burnt, all of them pulling >50W; that might be true, it's not something I'm about to verify, but it's curiously counter-intuitive anyway, given the size of the coil. I've yet to put a clapton build on the tank, so I don't really have an objective point of comparison, but the notch coils seem to clog to the point of needing swapping very quickly, even with relatively non-gunky juices. (I'm mulling over boiling the coils to clean them, skinflint fuck that I am. A quick rinse has done the job so far but I suspect that won't last.)
>> No. 25313 Anonymous
29th June 2016
Wednesday 7:26 pm
25313 spacer
Payday's here and I'm going with your Subox and battery recommendation.

My next wonder is liquid, unsure where to buy from as previously I got that from Liberty Flights. I'll review the rest of this thread and have a think.
>> No. 25314 Anonymous
29th June 2016
Wednesday 9:42 pm
25314 spacer
If you used to use a skinny little eGo pen setup and haven't vaped since, then you need to be aware that modern devices produce far more vapour and have much higher airflow. Where you used to have to suck like crazy just to get a mouthful of vapour it's now more like inhaling through a straw. This means you'll want a lower amount of nicotine in your juice or you'll make yourself sick, plus the nicotine throat hit becomes much more noticeable at higher volumes of vapour. Personally if I go above 6mg nicotine I find the hit on the throat unpleasant, and 12mg is unbearable; I used to vape 18-24mg liquids back in the day and now mostly vape around 3mg, and that's not for wanting to cut down my nicotine consumption, it's because (for my tastes and the volume of vapour I now like) 3mg is the sweet spot for the best flavour and smoothness on the throat. YMMV, but don't go digging out an old bottle of 24mg from 2013 and chuck it in with a .5 Ohm coil or you'll likely be in for a nasty time.

Partly this is because the ingredients that make up the "vapour" part of the liquids have become much more important. You'll need to figure out what ratio of "VG" to "PG" you like in your juice. PG carries flavour well but has a harsher throat hit. VG produces voluminous clouds of vapour and is light on the throat but doesn't carry flavour as well. To begin with I'd really recommend going to a shop that'll let you try some out; ask specifically about the PG/VG difference, nicotine strengths, and ask to have a go, as all this stuff comes down to personal taste and there's no substitute for experience.

Then there's wattage - again, this comes down to personal preference. Check the ratings on the coils it comes with, and have a play around. If you want to get into it later, your device also supports temperature control.

That looks like a lot of text. Hopefully this isn't all too daunting, but it won't take you long to figure out what works for you. I will say that the end result is so far ahead of the old devices that I would literally rather take up smoking rollies again than go back to an eVod.
>> No. 25315 Anonymous
30th June 2016
Thursday 6:29 pm
25315 spacer
Cheers lad you're a fucking star player.
>> No. 25316 Anonymous
2nd July 2016
Saturday 5:52 pm
25316 spacer

Got the Kanger subox and some nice 6mg element liquid, I'm puffing away like a fucking steam train but this is good shit, I've been off the fags for 24 hours and all my surplus baccy is in the bin with no cravings. Cracking input lad.
>> No. 25317 Anonymous
2nd July 2016
Saturday 6:24 pm
25317 spacer
So chaps, I'm a slight asthmatic and mild smoker (as in 5-10 a day tops). You probably just thought "Woah you mental cunt, you smoke when you have athsma?" and you are correct. For this reason I am looking to switch to vaping.

However, whenever I've tried vapes before, I've noticed that peculiarly, they make my throat start to close up almost immediately; whereas real cigs only do this to me if I chain smoke, or at the height of summer when I tend to get it more severely anyway.

Is there some sort of chemical in the liquids that an athsmatic could be particularly sensitive to, thereby enabling me to avoid liquids containing it? Or am I just shit out of luck and have to think about coming off nicotine altogether?
>> No. 25318 Anonymous
2nd July 2016
Saturday 6:37 pm
25318 spacer
You should pop into a shop and try the wares, I'm the new kangerlad and can attest that units like my new one are very different to the pen-shaped hobbies you get in petrol stations.
>> No. 25319 Anonymous
2nd July 2016
Saturday 6:52 pm
25319 spacer

As a non smoker I find the smell of vape quite pleasant and acceptable. Fags just stink to fuck. That's my 2p worth, anyway.
>> No. 25320 Anonymous
2nd July 2016
Saturday 7:52 pm
25320 spacer
Nice to hear, glad it's worked out. Always happy to chat about this stuff.

If you've got respiratory problems then "don't use either" is probably the right answer, but if you google around there's a lot of anecdotal reports of asthmatic smokers switching to vaping and seeing definite benefits, and apparently a scientific study that indicated the same.

Everyone I've seen coughs the first time they try vaping (usually because they inhale too much or hold down the button at the wrong time - there's a bit of a knack to it), and I've read people say it took as much as a couple of weeks to adjust from smoking, finding it constricting or "wet" on the lungs to begin with, which sounds a bit like what you're describing. I'd hazard a guess that it's at least partly down to the cilia in their lungs needing to grow back; they're the tiny hairs used by your lungs to move moisture/particles around, smoking burns them (hence smoker's cough) and they grow back when you quit.
>> No. 25321 Anonymous
2nd July 2016
Saturday 7:57 pm
25321 spacer
Poking around, I've just found a page that covers most of that last paragraph as well as a few other things to consider: http://www.ecigarettedirect.co.uk/ashtray-blog/2015/07/vape-e-cig-cough.html
It's a vaping blog so expect a bit of evangelising but it mostly seems on point.
>> No. 25322 Anonymous
2nd July 2016
Saturday 8:12 pm
25322 spacer

There are basically four ingredients in e-liquid - propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, nicotine and flavouring. The nicotine should be fine, but you might be having an allergic reaction to any of the other three components.

Propylene glycol provides the tickle at the back of your throat that you get from proper fags. It isn't toxic, but it is a respiratory irritant and can increase the risk of asthma in high concentrations. Fortunately, it is entirely optional - many companies make PG-free e-liquid.

You might be sensitive to one or more flavouring ingredients. You could try a few different flavours to see what sets you off, or vape unflavoured liquid. I've been using unflavoured liquid almost exclusively for the past few months, partly because of safety concerns about some flavouring ingredients.

Glycerine is highly inert, so it's very unlikely that you're allergic to it; I haven't found a single case of glycerine allergy in the literature. In the unlikely event that you are allergic to it then you're probably shit out of luck, as 100% PG liquid would be unbearably harsh.
>> No. 25324 Anonymous
2nd July 2016
Saturday 8:16 pm
25324 spacer

Cheers mate, I'll have a good read. I thought it'd be the case that after some adjustment I'd see an improvement.

To clarify though I'm not talking about coughing- I'm talking about the very specific sensation of the windpipe constricting that you get when something triggers your athsma. Cigs have never done it, my usual triggers are cats and pollen. But some of the vapes I have tried in the past also seem to do it.


Ah, that's something I hadn't considered. Tht's perhaps the main reason I've stayed away from vaping so far, because it seems like the liquids are still in an unregulated wild-west sort of state where anything could be in them.

Sounds like I'm going to have to try a few different liquids, because I've a good feeling that I'll end up having a good time with some and a bad time with others depending on their ingredients.
>> No. 25328 Anonymous
2nd July 2016
Saturday 9:05 pm
25328 spacer
Expertlad, I've got a few juices that I liked in the shop. Would you advise having multiple tanks for each, or is it pretty easy to just have separate coils and give the tank a swish-around?

I looked up how much another kanger tank would set me back, looks like it'd set me back about £36 quid. Should I do something else?

Sorry for asking what must seem blatantly obvious questions but you've done me good this far.
>> No. 25329 Anonymous
2nd July 2016
Saturday 9:12 pm
25329 spacer
Just shove it in the tank when each one runs out. The first few puffs are a bit mixed, but after that the new taste comes through.
>> No. 25330 Anonymous
2nd July 2016
Saturday 9:13 pm
25330 spacer
*another two kanger tanks
>> No. 25331 Anonymous
2nd July 2016
Saturday 9:24 pm
25331 spacer
Thing is I like the idea of having different ones to dip in and out of. I like the element zen, which is a pretty subtle and subdued flavour, but my other two have a bit more sugary oomph which I wouldn't want to vape on all day but should be good as a treat.
>> No. 25334 Anonymous
3rd July 2016
Sunday 6:51 pm
25334 spacer
You can get an authentic Kanger Mini tank for $23 inc. delivery from Fasttech, although it'll probably take a couple of weeks to arrive from China: https://www.fasttech.com/products/0/10004861/2770000-authentic-kangertech-subtank-mini-clearomizer
>> No. 25335 Anonymous
4th July 2016
Monday 7:06 am
25335 spacer
only $21.99 from 3FVape, from China. I've got one, a couple of delivery days:
>> No. 25336 Anonymous
4th July 2016
Monday 10:48 am
25336 spacer


"Pay peanuts, expect monkeys."
>> No. 25337 Anonymous
4th July 2016
Monday 1:43 pm
25337 spacer
I don't know 3fvape but Fasttech's items that are labelled "authentic" are the genuine article.

He's not buying batteries anyway, and the Subox he has is regulated, not a mechanical mod. Even if he buys a dodgy atomiser and it shorts the box will simply refuse to fire.
>> No. 25338 Anonymous
4th July 2016
Monday 4:46 pm
25338 spacer
>I like the idea of having different ones to dip in and out of.
When you've had a bit of a play around with the Kanger and if you're feeling adventurous you could try out an RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser). They're basically little buckets into which you drip juice directly, and they tend to provide better flavour than more complex tank designs like the Mini. You need to coil and wick them yourself, they don't hold very much juice (and if you leave them on their side there's nothing stopping spillage), so they're not without their hassles. As >>25329 says, though, it only takes a few puffs for a new flavour to come through (especially if you're dripping directly, as with an RDA) so if you've got a few flavours and fancy swapping around when you're relaxing at home they're great for that. They're also simple in design, so you can pick them up on the cheap.

They're definitely at the "hobbyist" end of the vaping spectrum, though; it all depends how far down that rabbit hole you want to go. You'd need to do some youtube watching about coil/wicking techniques at a minimum. There are now hybrid RDA/tanks like the Avocado and Theorem that try and offer the best of both worlds, but as discussed above they're not without their own issues.
>> No. 25339 Anonymous
4th July 2016
Monday 5:09 pm
25339 spacer

My old itaste mvp is dying, seems to taste of burning no matter how much I change the parts. Someone gave me this and it works brilliantly; does anyone know what sort of battery and coil I'll need to replace when they start to go? It says KangerTech Subvod on the side.
>> No. 25341 Anonymous
4th July 2016
Monday 5:35 pm
25341 spacer
The battery isn't replaceable on the Subvod. If it's a Nano tank (it looks like it) then it'll take any OCC/SSOCC atomiser that's above 0.4 Ohms.
>> No. 25342 Anonymous
4th July 2016
Monday 5:49 pm
25342 spacer

The Subvod kit uses a Toptank Nano tank. It takes Kanger SSOCC coils. You'll want the 0.5ohm version. Fasttech sell them for £6.25 (link below). They're shipped from China so delivery takes about two weeks, but they cost twice as much if you buy from a UK seller. Always remember to prime a new coil by dripping juice onto the wick - cotton wicks burn easily if they're not kept wet.

This tank uses a standard 510 thread, so you can use almost any battery you like. A direct replacement for the Subvod battery would cost £15. A more advanced "box mod" battery would allow you to control your power and provide longer battery life; box mods start at about £30. The most popular box mod at the moment is the Joyetech Vtwo Mini (£26) with a Samsung 25r battery (£4).

>> No. 25343 Anonymous
4th July 2016
Monday 6:28 pm
25343 spacer
>> No. 25346 Anonymous
13th July 2016
Wednesday 11:10 am
25346 spacer
My asking this in advance was an astounding work of prescience. Shortly after I got way too drunk and somehow broke the tank, so I need a new one. I don't remember how I broke it, nor do I remember which book drunk me thought it would be hilarious to hide roughly £500 cash, in my relatively large library. I need that money to live on. Drunk me is a stupid cunt.
>> No. 25347 Anonymous
13th July 2016
Wednesday 1:57 pm
25347 spacer

If you've just broken the glass window, you can buy a replacement for £3.

>> No. 25348 Anonymous
13th July 2016
Wednesday 2:05 pm
25348 spacer
He can't, he's hidden his money.
>> No. 25353 Anonymous
13th July 2016
Wednesday 10:54 pm
25353 spacer
I spent 4 hours going through my books page by page. I'm starting to suspect that drunk me is smarter than sober me.
>> No. 25356 Anonymous
14th July 2016
Thursday 2:18 am
25356 spacer
Found it.
>> No. 25357 Anonymous
14th July 2016
Thursday 3:20 am
25357 spacer
Glad to hear it mate.
>> No. 25359 Anonymous
16th July 2016
Saturday 3:24 pm
25359 spacer
Vapelad, do you dry burn your coils before use? Any comments on spaced vs. contact wraps?

Also, have you tried any ceramic coils? I'm curious to give those a go.
>> No. 25361 Anonymous
16th July 2016
Saturday 4:43 pm
25361 spacer

>do you dry burn your coils before use?

No. Overheating the coil degrades the structure of the metal, increasing the likelihood that metals will leech into the liquid. We're not sure how much of a risk it actually poses, but until we have good research I'm not taking the risk. If you need to clean coils, I suggest using alcohol or an ultrasonic bath.

>Any comments on spaced vs. contact wraps?

Contact coils tend to produce denser vapour, but they're more finicky to adjust and tend to work poorly with temperature control. In my experience, a Kuro Koiler can reliably produce tightly spaced coils that are the best of both worlds. Wire is cheap, so it's worth experimenting to see what works for you.

>have you tried any ceramic coils?

I've tried the Youde SCC and the Vaporesso cCell coils. The Vaporesso coils are OK for direct lung, but they need a lot of power. The Youde SCC coils are irredeemably awful.
>> No. 25365 Anonymous
20th July 2016
Wednesday 11:07 am
25365 spacer
My missus is thinking of buying me a sub-om setup(?) so I can vape oil with a CBD suspension.

Anyone else use it to self medicate for pain? Does it work for you? I know it wont make me high or anything, that's not the goal.
>> No. 25366 Anonymous
20th July 2016
Wednesday 7:37 pm
25366 spacer
If you just want to take CBD then I would assume the best way to take it would be orally - there's surely no need to involve a complicated delivery mechanism like a sub-ohm vaping device. It would also be a wasteful way of doing it (since you'll be exhaling substantial amounts, to the extent it vaporises properly with nicotine vaping gear at all - a cursory google suggests CBD oil doesn't mix with VG, which is a primary component of e-juice), and liquid CBD is not cheap.

If you're dead set on vaping it, I'd suggest a vaporiser designed for cannabis oil, but I can't make any recommendations there. You're probably better off asking /A/.
>> No. 25367 Anonymous
20th July 2016
Wednesday 8:05 pm
25367 spacer
So firstly, thanks again for the input, especially on the ceramic coils; I'll give them a miss for now.

I've been messing around with not dry burning, so far it seems ok on spaced and contact single coil builds but hopeless on dual. Any suggestions? I've read around but it seems that everyone who makes dual coil builds dry burns to ensure parity. I've been as exacting as I can in balancing the impedance for each side (as far as I can test it, which is to two decimal places), but one always seems to burn more than the other and the result is a nasty throat hit. How do you prevent "hot spots" without dry burning?

I've seen "Kuro Koilers" (or similar) on ebay but I've been making do with hanging a mole wrench as a grip/weight and wrapping around screwdrivers so far. It makes tight contact coils pretty well. For the price I might pick up one of those things anyway, especially if they make nice even spaced coils.
>> No. 25369 Anonymous
22nd July 2016
Friday 6:51 am
25369 spacer
The tank that arrived is quite different in design from the original one. It's pretty good except makes a loud pop every time I start to inhale and also I can't figure out how to refill it without practically dismantling the piece. Both of these things are rather annoying.
>> No. 25372 Anonymous
24th July 2016
Sunday 2:48 am
25372 spacer
>a loud pop every time I start to inhale
Sounds like a dodgy coil, try a different one. Is this still with the original Subvod battery?

What tank did you order? >>25342 didn't link to one.
>> No. 25373 Anonymous
24th July 2016
Sunday 5:18 am
25373 spacer
Seems like a waste of money to chuck out the whole coil before its time just because it makes a noise. I kept the old coil as it wasn't broken although I haven't checked to see if it'll fit in the tank. There was a spare with the new one though. Yes it's the same battery.
I got this
>> No. 25374 Anonymous
24th July 2016
Sunday 8:13 am
25374 spacer
As >>25342 said, the Subvod kit uses a Toptank Nano, you've bought a Sub Tank Nano (If you insist on buying from a UK site then you should be able to pick up a Toptank for about £20). The Sub Tank will still work fine with your battery, but yeah, no top filling. The SSOCC coil that the Toptank came with will fit in it, so test that for the popping.

What liquid are you using? Liquids with a high PG ratio tend to be significantly less viscous than the high-VG juices that sub-ohm tanks are really designed for, and in some cases this can lead to flooding of the coil, causing spitback and popping. Is it spitting when you fire? If you turn it upside down and flick it at the sink, does juice drip out?
>> No. 25375 Anonymous
24th July 2016
Sunday 9:22 am
25375 spacer
Oh well. It's not leaking or spitting at all, I'll just put up with it.
>> No. 25489 Anonymous
16th August 2016
Tuesday 11:42 pm
25489 spacer
What is the best value mod? I'm on a tight budget but my kanger evod is dying and I'm looking for something better. I'm willing to pay a bit more if it's something that I won't grow out of in a year. I'm totally lost with all this stuff, which is why I haven't bothered to upgrade until now even though I've had leaking problems with the Evod since day one. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>> No. 25490 Anonymous
17th August 2016
Wednesday 1:49 am
25490 spacer

As mentioned previously in this thread, the Joyetech AIO series is an excellent option if you're looking for something that's cheap and easy to use. These devices use the Cubis tank system, which is 100% leakproof and produces vastly more vapour than you'd get from an evod. The AIO range has been recently updated to include a slightly larger pen-style version and a mini box mod. A starter kit will cost you about £15 and five replacement coils are £5.50.



If you want something more sophisticated, then you'll want a box mod. A modern box mod is enormously versatile, but requires a bit of figuring out. They're also fairly hefty devices. You'll need a tank to go on top of the mod and a battery to go in it. The most popular options are the Kanger Subox and the Joyetech VTC Mini. These mods are available as a starter kit with a tank for about £36. A suitable battery (a Samsung INR18650-25R) will cost you £6.


If you're on a tight budget, e-liquid is probably the easiest place to save money. High street e-liquid is typically £3-£5 for a 10ml bottle, but you can buy excellent liquid online for a fraction of that.


Mixing your own liquid is by far the most economical option. You can buy a complete kit for about £20 that will make over 200ml of e-liquid. It's a bit of a faff, but it's not difficult. A simple online calculator will work out the proportions for you.

>> No. 25491 Anonymous
17th August 2016
Wednesday 5:47 pm
25491 spacer

I'm looking at getting one of those Joyetech AIO box ones. Anyone know if they are any good, and how cheap/easy to acquire the parts are?
>> No. 25492 Anonymous
17th August 2016
Wednesday 7:16 pm
25492 spacer

The AIO devices all work really well. The liquid capacity is limited to comply with EU law (2ml), but they're easy to refill. They don't have variable voltage, which makes them easier to use but less versatile. The only part you'll need to replace is the coil - they cost £5.50 for five.

If you like the look of the AIO box mod but would prefer something more sophisticated, take a look at the Egrip II or the eVic AIO. These are compact all-in-one box mods like the AIO box, but they have more power and temperature control. The Egrip II has a non-replaceable internal battery; the eVic AIO takes a standard 18650 replaceable battery.


All of these devices use Cubis coils:
>> No. 25493 Anonymous
17th August 2016
Wednesday 11:30 pm
25493 spacer
What's the difference between this and the Subox you posted?
>> No. 25495 Anonymous
18th August 2016
Thursday 3:41 am
25495 spacer

The Mini-c is a bit less powerful than the Mini, but you wouldn't notice the difference - 50w is plenty if you're not into cloud chasing. The kit comes with a slightly smaller and simpler tank than the Mini kit; that tank has an RBA section, so you have the option of building your own coils. With the Mini-C's tank, you can only use pre-built coil heads.

It hasn't been officially released yet, so I haven't had a chance to try one and can't vouch for it. Kanger stuff is usually excellent except for the sodding Nebox and it seems to be excellent value. I think it's probably worth a punt.

It's worth bearing in mind that Fasttech's ETAs on non-stock items tend to be a bit "optimistic", so you might be waiting longer than you expected. None of the major Chinese sellers have stock available yet. If you want one, UKEcigStore are claiming to have stock in hand and are actually offering it for less than Fasttech.

>> No. 25496 Anonymous
19th August 2016
Friday 11:12 pm
25496 spacer
Finally bit the bullet and ordered myself some stuff the other day. I'd taken up smoking again a couple of months back after being stressed out with work, and found it far too enjoyable so wasn't going to be giving up easily. Arrived today. Got myself an Aspire Nautilus Mini and eLeaf battery. Started on a 50/50 Tobacco flavour, only 6mg. Loving it.
>> No. 25498 Anonymous
27th August 2016
Saturday 1:11 am
25498 spacer
Been trying out this unflavoured malarkey this evening.

I can see why it would take you weeks to get used to. It is not pleasant.
>> No. 25499 Anonymous
27th August 2016
Saturday 1:18 am
25499 spacer
I was chatting to a guy on the bus the other day of about 50 who's a paratrooper, on medical leave for a broken ankle. We struck up conversation, and he had an e-cig, which he was saying he would put his liquid morphine into that the doctors gave him for his ankle, and vape morphine. I didn't know you could do that, but now I'm curious as to what other liquid drugs you could vape. Liquid diazepam is likely. Ketamine vials though? I've foolishly smoked ketamine crystals rolled into a joint with tobacco, and although it kind of fucks you up, it's not the most pleasant experience, and it taste like burnt plastic. Could you freebase cocaine, dissolve it in water, and vape that?

Definitely gonna get an e-cig now.
>> No. 25502 Anonymous
30th August 2016
Tuesday 9:52 pm
25502 spacer
I ordered one off of that Joyetech on Friday. Website says payment received and I seem to have an account, but I never had a confirmation email or anything like that you'd usually expect.

Anyone have experience with ordering from this lot? Are they usually alright about posting stuff or does this seem like it's gone wonky?
>> No. 25503 Anonymous
30th August 2016
Tuesday 10:47 pm
25503 spacer
Not really related, or maybe it is, just a different orifice, but I'm considering getting a prostate massager - the vibrating one. The missus got me a plug for Christmas and I've been using it more now, it's pretty damn fun - so I'm excited to think what a 6 inch silicon massager with a vibration function will do.

And for those that think it's gay, whatever, keep sucking on a metal tube in public.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 25504 Anonymous
31st August 2016
Wednesday 12:02 am
25504 spacer
That does sound unusual. I'd contact customer support rather than waiting.
>> No. 25505 Anonymous ## Mod ##
31st August 2016
Wednesday 12:14 am
25505 spacer
Just in case any other passing Americans think they're frightfully funny; you're not, and the sign at the top of /g/ is in effect in perpetuity. But you'd know that already if you were actually meant to be here.

As you were.

black xoxo
>> No. 25506 Anonymous
31st August 2016
Wednesday 12:49 am
25506 spacer

If you mean Fasttech, then they usually send out confirmation of the order, payment and shipping. If you haven't received anything, check your spam folder. If you log in to your account, you can see your order status. They upload a photo of the parcel when it leaves the warehouse, for reasons that completely elude me.

Fasttech are perfectly reliable, they're just not very fast. I've ordered tons of stuff from them and it has all turned up... eventually.
>> No. 25507 Anonymous
31st August 2016
Wednesday 1:02 pm
25507 spacer

No, I mean Joyetech.co.uk, it's the top Google result for Joyetech and the site that their official website links to. I posted earlier that I was considering an AIO box.

The order has changed to "completed" now, but I'm at work, so if it isn't waiting for me when I get home I'll know something's afoot.
>> No. 25508 Anonymous
31st August 2016
Wednesday 1:59 pm
25508 spacer
I keep seeing the company name 'Joyetech' and it keeps confusing me into thinking >>25503 is actually a relevant post.
>> No. 25509 Anonymous
31st August 2016
Wednesday 3:48 pm
25509 spacer

You are not alone.
>> No. 25510 Anonymous
31st August 2016
Wednesday 8:03 pm
25510 spacer

Let's play a game of "sex brand or vape brand".

a) Slippy Syrup
b) Sliquid
c) Nitecore
d) Nexus
e) Njoy

The winner gets 100ml of Mother's Milk.
>> No. 25552 Anonymous
7th October 2016
Friday 6:17 pm
25552 spacer
So I bought the Kanger Mini-C from fasttech, took about a month to arrive but I wasn't bothered. I used it for about an hour and was impressed but now it won't fire and the ohm reader just keeps flashing, in exactly the same way as the below video. I'm using a Samsung 30q battery and the stock coil, tried two other coils and it makes no difference, put the tank on a shitty ego battery and it fired. Is it fucked? I don't know what to do now.

>> No. 25553 Anonymous
7th October 2016
Friday 11:13 pm
25553 spacer

Check the 510 connector on the mod. Make sure there's no liquid in the connector, give the contact pin a little wiggle with the tip of a small screwdriver. If it still doesn't work, contact Fasttech support at the link below. Don't tell them that it worked for an hour, just say it was dead on arrival. They'll ask you to send them a video showing the fault. On low-value items, they'll usually send out a replacement without asking you return it. If they do ask you to return it, they'll reimburse your shipping costs in full.

>> No. 25554 Anonymous
7th October 2016
Friday 11:14 pm
25554 spacer

If anyone gives a toss, the answers are:

a) vape
b) sexy times
c) vape
d) sexy times
e) both
>> No. 25555 Anonymous
7th October 2016
Friday 11:44 pm
25555 spacer
Thanks for the quick response lad. As far as I can tell there isn't any liquid in the connector and I've given it a wiggle and still no luck. The puzzling thing is that the ohm read out seems to be working properly, rather than saying 9.9 like when I disconnect everything. The 30q should be fine in this mod right? I only have the one battery at the moment but it was brand new so I can't see that being the problem unless it isn't compatible in some way?

Thanks for the fasttech tips, it's looking like that's the next step.
>> No. 25556 Anonymous
8th October 2016
Saturday 1:19 am
25556 spacer

The 30q is marginal at 50w, but it should be fine.

Is the battery fully charged? What ohm reading are you seeing on screen? Have you tried using the mod in bypass mode? Have you tried removing the battery, checking the contacts and replacing it?
>> No. 25557 Anonymous
8th October 2016
Saturday 1:52 am
25557 spacer
The battery is fully charged and the contacts are fine as far as I can tell. I've tried bypass mode, doesn't seem to make any difference. I'm reading 0.50 on the screen, which blinks ten times when I try to fire it. The Volts register for a split second before the blinking starts.
>> No. 25558 Anonymous
9th October 2016
Sunday 4:29 pm
25558 spacer

A supermarket recently had disposable e-cigs (Nicolote) in their bargain bin so I thought what the hell and picked some up.The first one's packed in now, so I took it apart In case you ever wondered, pic attached is the inner assembly originally housed in a metal tube.

The white cap on the left houses the indicator LED, pressure sensor and probably the rest of the brains which handles over heating protection and end of life detection. Three cables: red attached to the left hand side of the battery, blue which pokes out on the right of the battery attached to the red lead there and black, which attaches to the right hand side of the battery.

The fluffy thing on the right is the coil assembly: the red cable sticking out was attached to the little tab on the battery.
>> No. 25559 Anonymous
9th October 2016
Sunday 4:30 pm
25559 spacer

Close up of the unwrapped coil.
>> No. 25560 Anonymous
9th October 2016
Sunday 4:42 pm
25560 spacer
Looks more like some kind of evil tampon. Thanks for posting it though, interesting. What was it like to smoke?
>> No. 25561 Anonymous
9th October 2016
Sunday 6:52 pm
25561 spacer
Not terrible. It's very easy to use, you just drag and go. Downside of that is that it takes 1/2 - 3/4 second to heat up so you have to take a measured drag and can't take a quick puff. The ones I got were the supposedly "tobacco" flavoured but it's more of a sweet-ish vanilla aroma.

It has a faux-ash plastic top which lights up orange, fading in as it heats up and fading out as it cools. When it wants you to replace it, it just flashes. I didn't like that setup much, since it's hard to see in daylight what the LED is doing when you're using it, forcing you to take a drag then quickly turn it around and hope you catch what it showed you. There's also no way of telling how much longer it'll last, so if you're relying on these you'd have to carry a spare.
>> No. 25919 Anonymous
18th May 2017
Thursday 5:04 am
25919 ~

>> No. 25945 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 1:28 am
25945 spacer
Lads, the unflavoured juice, does it have any odour?

Basically, I will be at my mum's for a couple of days, and she is anal about any kind of smell (even nice ones). Everything has to be neutral, apparently.

I can put up with shit taste if it means I can vape indoors, and she doesn't smell anything.
>> No. 25946 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 2:23 am
25946 spacer

There's a slightly musty, oily smell - a cross between a library and a chip shop. It's less noticeable if your coil is spotlessly clean, but there's still a subtle odour. Keep a window open and you should be fine.

Also, lemon-lime liquids smell like cleaning products.
>> No. 25947 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 3:53 pm
25947 spacer
Before I try it... Will it set off the smoke alarm in a hotel room?
>> No. 25948 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 4:05 pm
25948 spacer
>> No. 25949 Anonymous
5th July 2017
Wednesday 2:31 pm
25949 lol
Just came across this thread while doing some uni research on vaping and stop smoking.

Nuts how the technology has come on since this post, I mean just look at these 'vapourisers' now:

>> No. 25950 Anonymous
7th July 2017
Friday 4:32 pm
25950 spacer
>Nuts how the technology has come on since this post
It is, although tbh I'm more amazed that mechanical mods (i.e. no control circuitry whatsoever on the lithium battery, just a button to fire) are still being made. And people are still buying them, because they're pretty, or something?

Actually, vapelad, why do people still buy mechanical mods?
>> No. 25951 Anonymous
7th July 2017
Friday 4:36 pm
25951 spacer
Oh and I definitely wouldn't describe the smell of unflavoured liquid as "neutral", but more musty than chippie. I'd guess your mum's just trying to put you off using the thing at all so I doubt she'll be happy either way.
>> No. 25952 Anonymous
7th July 2017
Friday 7:53 pm
25952 spacer

>Actually, vapelad, why do people still buy mechanical mods?

Fuck knows. I don't see many of them these days, but it seems unbelievably daft that anyone is still risking an explosion for the sake of a worse vape. The responsible retailers have stopped selling unprotected devices and most others seem to just be getting shot of their old stock. A lot of "mech mods" still on the market have a sneaky hidden protection circuit, which seems particularly odd - for an extra £2 in components they could have made it VW/TC.

I suspect there are still some remnants of the daft macho vapebro subculture; some subset of that group think that a DNA250 or an RX300 isn't quite manly enough. I still can't quite believe that a 300 watt box mod is a thing you can buy.
>> No. 25954 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 2:59 am
25954 spacer
>I don't see many of them these days
I was in a vape shop earlier today and they had a few fancy-looking brass ones (no prices, but no way they were less than £100). That's a canny point about them having "stealth" protection circuitry, I can well believe that's true. Still fucking stupid.

>I still can't quite believe that a 300 watt box mod is a thing you can buy.
I think my gaming PC hits just a little over that when running Furmark. Who on earth can even inhale this, and what kind of coil/wick arrangement do they use? A year back I dicked around with an RDA on ~0.2 Ohm dual claptons, got up to ~60W before the vape became simply obnoxiously thick, not to mention it was a massive hassle to run (and of course it ripped through juice like nobody's business). I've ended up with RDTAs, dialing everything right down to about 20W max between 0.5 and 1 Ohm single-coil clapton.

That "cloud chasing" is anything other than a temporary novelty is just confusing to me, but everyone needs a hobby I suppose. I can't imagine what a 300W vape would even feel like, but personal preferences aside... there's no way that's healthy, surely?
>> No. 25955 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 4:00 am
25955 spacer

I've had a go on a 300w Sigelei at full power. Even with 1mg liquid I nearly fainted after the first puff. The vapour was boiling hot and so dense I could practically chew it. I had a sudden pang of empathy for Thomas the Tank Engine.

The really extraordinary thing was the atty - a Smok TFV12, the most insane piece of vaping hardware I've ever seen. It's a standard tank with disposable coils, but they offer a 14-coil head rated for 350w. I tried it at 70w and it produced literally no vapour. The box describes the tank as "explosion proof", which I assumed was a daft bit of poorly-translated engrish until I had a go on it. It's basically a thermonuclear reactor with a drip tip.

>> No. 26135 Anonymous
16th October 2017
Monday 7:21 pm
26135 spacer

Picked up one of these on a whim, mainly because it looks hilarious and some Chinese site was getting shot of them for $20 (I was picking up some other bits and bobs anyway). It has quality control issues that have apparently become common with Kanger over the last year or so (the software doesn't work, the pyrex tank was so loose it'd literally fall off, the plastic spitback protector is disconcertingly close to the top of the coil posts, probably more that I'll discover as I play around with it; it's got all the Kanger authentication cards/codes so I doubt it's a "clone"). It's utterly impractical and I can't see it being much more than a conversation piece, but still fun to mess with.

I've not really been paying attention to vaping since getting a Theorem/Avocado and having those as my stay-at-home vapes, with a Subtank for when I'm out, any major developments vapelad? (Outside the ridiculous TPD ban, of course.) I have a quick glance at reviews from time to time but most are either affiliated with a retailer (so obvious conflict of interest) and/or vaping at a far higher wattage than I ever go near. I'd be interested in hearing about any tanks that are good for flavour at lower wattages, but I vape direct lung and most of those seem to be talked about for mouth-to-lung hitters.
>> No. 26136 Anonymous
16th October 2017
Monday 9:26 pm
26136 spacer

Not much has changed at the high end. The rebuilding crowd are all using the same DNA knock-off VW/TC mods with velocity-style tanks. There are still some minor tweaks happening in terms of consistency and leak resistance, but I don't think that there's a lot of room for improvement left.

What has changed is the low end of the market. You can walk into your local vape shop, spend £20 on an Aspire PockeX or an Innokin Endura and get a really excellent vape with no dicking about. This is great news for new vapers, but it's also a boon for experienced vapers who want something simple and reliable that works well at low-to-medium power. The 2ml TPD limit has actually been quite useful in this respect, because it has created a counterbalance to the cloud-chasing madness.
>> No. 26137 Anonymous
17th October 2017
Tuesday 2:29 pm
26137 spacer
Interesting that things haven't changed at the high end. I'd kind of got used to the rapid pace of development, seems almost sad that it's slowing down but I suppose there comes a point with some products where they are effectively optimised. (I read that lithium cells will continue to develop, both in per-charge longevity and overall life, but that's a whole different industry, obviously.)

A weird coincidence, I have an Endura but found the draw incredibly tight. It did me ok for a week or so as I was away working and had forgotten to bring some part of my gear, but I wouldn't have said it's a good choice for anyone other than new vapers or dedicated MtL hitters. It got chucked in the drawer as soon as I got home.

I appreciate the sentiment about the 2ml limit putting a damper on the cloud chasing nonsense, but for someone like me who vapes 15-25W/3-6ml nic, it's just small enough to be actually irritating, as it means refilling multiple times a day. I suppose that's a ridiculous gripe compared to however many hours of my life I spent making rollies as a smoker, but I enjoyed that process, whereas refilling a tank is just a chore.
>> No. 26140 Anonymous
17th October 2017
Tuesday 3:56 pm
26140 spacer

I had a puff while I was taking a shit in the McDonald's bogs and I think it set off the fire alarm.

I have a similarly designed Smok and I'm not all that keen on the tank lid. The lesser problem is that the hole's really small so I have to transfer my liquid from the big bottle to a smaller one with the right sort of squirty nipple before I can put it in. More of an issue is that the way the lid twists open isn't exactly secure. Sitting down with it in my pocket can put enough torsion on it to open the top, which leaks the liquid wastefully and messily.
>> No. 26141 Anonymous
17th October 2017
Tuesday 8:12 pm
26141 spacer
From an underpaid employee who recently had to evacuate an entire gallery (including one primary school trip's worth of squawking 10 year olds who took the alarm as a clear signal that they could raise their voices to match it) because someone went for a crafty one in the loo, please stop fucking vaping in toilets.
>> No. 26142 Anonymous
17th October 2017
Tuesday 8:19 pm
26142 spacer
Okay, I'm just confused why either a heat or carbon monoxide detector would be sensitive to it.
>> No. 26143 Anonymous
17th October 2017
Tuesday 8:35 pm
26143 spacer
Because we're a commercial space that hosts members of the public in very large numbers, our fire alarm system has to be a lot more sensitive than the one in your kitchen. We have events here regularly that require us to have an early warning one, and there are some pieces here that are valued at something stupid like 6M. We've had it set off by a smoke machine that some outside people brought in without notifying us too, before I started volunteering here - apparently that's why events bookings have to be asked if they're bringing a smoke machine now, and be told they're not allowed to do it. I'm very glad I don't work in the bookings office because I can just imagine how Tarquin from Shoreditch behaves when he's told he can't have his shitty smoke machine "ambiance" at his showing.
>> No. 26144 Anonymous
17th October 2017
Tuesday 8:41 pm
26144 spacer
Events bookings and smoke machine... in a McDonalds.

>> No. 26145 Anonymous
17th October 2017
Tuesday 9:40 pm
26145 spacer

Sufficiently dense vapour will trigger an ionising or photoelectric smoke detector.
>> No. 26146 Anonymous
17th October 2017
Tuesday 10:27 pm
26146 spacer
I learned something new today. Cheers.
Don't worry McJob lad, I won't do it again.
>> No. 26205 Anonymous
14th November 2017
Tuesday 9:43 pm
26205 spacer
Reporting my experience at just under a week in and it's pretty ace.

I've not had any cravings for proper fags even though I'm on 3mg. That might be down to the fact that you can puff away constantly but still, I just tried a fag as a bit of a treat and it only made me feel ill. Early days admittedly but I could get used to this until I inevitably lose it on a night out.

I picked up the Endura T20s Kit. Pretty cheap but I've had no problems at all and it seems well built.
>> No. 26206 Anonymous
15th November 2017
Wednesday 3:43 am
26206 spacer
So I've been using a little Joyetech all-in-one box for the past year or so, and I think it's about time to upgrade to something fancier. I was wondering if you chaps would have any recommendations? I think it'd be nice to be able to adjust the power and airflow, that sort of stuff. Just a bit more of a customisable experience than I have now, but nothing too in depth like these ones you have to make up your own heads and regulate the flow of liquid or whatever.

I like the look of something like:


But I would be interested to know if there's anything a bit more exciting out there, or if you lads have any good ideas on separate tanks/boxes.
>> No. 26207 Anonymous
15th November 2017
Wednesday 7:38 am
26207 spacer

If you're broadly happy with your Joyetech all-in-one, then there's a more advanced version available called the eVic AIO. It uses the same Cubis coils as the basic Joyetech devices, but it has variable wattage, temperature control, variable airflow and a user-replaceable battery.

Whatever you buy, I'd suggest importing it from a Chinese supplier. It's considerably cheaper and you avoid the 2ml liquid capacity limit that applies to products sold within the EU. Shipping usually takes less than two weeks.


Alternative all-in-one devices with advanced controls include the Kanger Cupti and the Aspire Plato.


If you'd prefer a separate mod and tank, then there are a dizzying array of choices. I think that the Joyetech eVic Primo Mini is a safe choice. It's compact while still being powerful, it feels good in the hand, it has reliable temperature control, the included tank is easy to fill and has a good selection of coils and the kit is very reasonably priced.


You'll also need a battery. I recommend an LG HG2, because it's the highest-capacity cell that's capable of delivering a full 75 watts. I suggest buying this from a UK-based seller, because lithium batteries tend to get delayed in airmail shipments.


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