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>> No. 24408 Anonymous
15th July 2015
Wednesday 6:14 pm
24408 Amazon/cheap tablets
Hello chaps,

Apparently the Amazon Fire Kindle 8Gb is £60 today, or £10 more for the 16Gb.

My old man got a Hudl a month back, not bad for £100 after I took off all the Tesco bloatware; so since I've been looking for a cheap tablet for myself.

Any recommendations before I sign up for the Amazon Prime trail that unlocks the sale?
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>> No. 24412 Anonymous
15th July 2015
Wednesday 6:40 pm
24412 spacer
The Kindle Fire tablets are very good, although they don't run standard Android and so have a slightly limited choice of apps. All the major apps are available through the Amazon App Store, although you don't get any of the Google apps (Gmail, Chrome etc).

If your budget will stretch to £100, then I'd suggest paying the extra for the Fire HDX over the HD - it has a much sharper screen, a faster processor, better battery life and twice as much RAM. The HD is still a perfectly good tablet, but the HDX is properly excellent.
>> No. 24413 Anonymous
15th July 2015
Wednesday 7:21 pm
24413 spacer
It would appear that the HDX discount does not require you to engage in a cunt-off with Amazon over cancelling your Prime trial at just the right time. It also appears that the discounted HDX is described as "previous generation" - would that include the innovations you've mentioned or would one have to go for the larger (and considerably more expensive) one?
>> No. 24414 Anonymous
15th July 2015
Wednesday 7:53 pm
24414 spacer

The HDX 7 listed at £99.99 has all the bells and whistles I mentioned, and is a steal at that price. That model is due for replacement (hence the substantial discount) but it's still miles better than the newer HD 7. You can see a comparison of the various models at the link below:


The HDX 8.9 is pretty poor value for money at £329, especially when compared against the recently discounted Nexus 9.
>> No. 24415 Anonymous
15th July 2015
Wednesday 8:00 pm
24415 spacer
The only decent Android tablets I've used have been Nexus models and Sony's Xperia Z2. The rest haven't been terribly impressive. The Amazon appstore limitation is a definite drawback of Kindle tablets in particular. Half of the appeal of Android for me is the integration with my google account.

I don't think Android is a very good tablet OS either. You can get a refurbished iPad mini for not much more than £100, you might want to look at that.

You can just go into your amazon account settings and cancel your prime subscription as soon as you start your free trial, and still get all the benefits for the 30 days.
>> No. 24416 Anonymous
15th July 2015
Wednesday 8:12 pm
24416 spacer

>I don't think Android is a very good tablet OS either. You can get a refurbished iPad mini for not much more than £100, you might want to look at that.

The first-gen iPad Mini is getting seriously long in the tooth. It had fairly modest specs three years ago and is pretty much obsolete today. The screen is dismally low-res by modern standards and the processor is fairly sluggish, but the biggest issue is the lack of memory - with just 512mb available, it can't cope with even light multitasking, and sometimes bogs down with just a single tab open in Safari.

I can see an argument for choosing a second-gen Mini over something like a Nexus 9, but unless you're really attached to iOS I think a first-gen model would represent poor value for money.
>> No. 24417 Anonymous
16th July 2015
Thursday 12:54 am
24417 spacer
Shit, I must've thought the original had the 2's specs, my mistake. I have no recommendations then, unless you're willing to fork out £200 for an iPad air.
>> No. 24494 Anonymous
17th August 2015
Monday 2:42 am
24494 spacer
How would that HDX 8.9 work out if it were on sale for, say, half that price?
>> No. 24495 Anonymous
17th August 2015
Monday 6:53 pm
24495 spacer
I swear Guv, it just fell right off the back of that lorry.
>> No. 24498 Anonymous
17th August 2015
Monday 7:31 pm
24498 spacer
Last year's HDX 8.9 for £140, or what looks like it might be the current Nexus 9 for £200-220? I'm aware that Amazon have sort of gimped Android on their table, and apparently want you to pay extra to disable their advertising. I'm also aware that both rather cuntily fail to support an SD card.
>> No. 24500 Anonymous
17th August 2015
Monday 10:16 pm
24500 spacer
I guess we have an answer. The 65%-discounted HDXs from Amazon's special have apparently sold out. Does the Nexus 9 at £200 represent good value? Word on the street is that Google doesn't have a new tablet in the pipeline for this year.
>> No. 24501 Anonymous
17th August 2015
Monday 11:46 pm
24501 spacer

The Nexus 9 is a superb tablet and is very fairly priced at £200.

The Asus Zenpad S 8 is a good alternative if you're looking for something slightly smaller and cheaper. The battery life isn't quite as good as the Nexus 9, but it is more powerful, and has USB Type-C and an SD card slot.
>> No. 24502 Anonymous
18th August 2015
Tuesday 12:25 am
24502 spacer
I don't know. I've used 7-inch tablets and they didn't really seem that much better than my 5.5-inch phones, which were already difficult enough to do anything productive with, whereas the 9-inch Chinese knock-off I was recently shown was more like a decent size, albeit the display resolution was shite. I intend to use it both as a reader and as a second screen, so as a fat bastard with chunky fingers the extra inches make all the difference IYKWIM. But that SD card slot, though. Since I'm more likely to be using the phone for music, and putting mainly books on the tablet, the capacity may be less of an issue, but still the dishonesty of the SD card line bothers me a bit.

Choices, choices. Perhaps I'll just have to see if I can showroom a couple to see how they feel. Bizarrely, the price of the 16GB Nexus 9 has been slowly dropping all night. When I left work Amazon wanted £225, whereas now they're almost down to £200.

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