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>> No. 24688 Anonymous
10th September 2015
Thursday 7:36 pm
24688 spacer
This TV appears to have put itself into acid mode. Resetting the colour etc. settings to the default hasn't worked, and neither has the "factory reset" setting in the super-secret service menu. Spoke to two local repair firms - one wouldn't be drawn on what it might be, and the other suggested the panel might be shot, while interpreting random people on the internet suggests that it might just be one of two boards. The OSD colours look a little off, but this may just be because of the transparency. If it maters, onset was sudden.

Any ideas, lads?
Expand all images.
>> No. 24689 Anonymous
10th September 2015
Thursday 7:57 pm
24689 spacer

If it's playing up on all input sources, then it won't be a simple fix. I might have a better idea of what's wrong if you can get me a photo of the TV showing a test card.
>> No. 24690 Anonymous
10th September 2015
Thursday 8:08 pm
24690 spacer
TVs generally die because of the capacitors failing.

Finding the one tiny component causing the problem isn't a walk in the park

>> No. 24691 Anonymous
10th September 2015
Thursday 8:13 pm
24691 spacer
That stupid bint clearly doesn't know how to play naughts and crosses.
>> No. 24693 Anonymous
10th September 2015
Thursday 8:24 pm
24693 spacer

From top to bottom:
- That JPEG off a USB stick
- A video off of YouTube
- The same video with the TV's "Blue Mode" on (which it wouldn't let me do with the JPEG showing)
>> No. 24694 Anonymous
10th September 2015
Thursday 8:25 pm
24694 spacer

This time without the bottom chopped off. (Thanks, Paint.)
>> No. 24695 Anonymous
10th September 2015
Thursday 11:32 pm
24695 spacer
Bad caps, man. There was a spate of them, RS got custom out of it I'm sure. You could make a bit of pocket money buying spares/repair screens on ebay for peanuts, chucking in 50p of new caps and reselling them.
>> No. 24696 Anonymous
11th September 2015
Friday 2:20 am
24696 spacer

Not a clue mate, sorry. The difference between the image and the video rules out any of the obvious suspects.
>> No. 24719 Anonymous
12th September 2015
Saturday 7:29 am
24719 spacer
Those first pictures - is that using its internal tuner, or an external box?

It kind of looks like it's interpreting a YpBpR or YUV picture as RGB or vice versa.
The chatter down an HDMI lead that a box has with a TV, where the box reads the capabilities that the TV offers, and tries to pick some settings that will work (EDID) certainly includes non-RGB display options.
Short answer: It's bloody odd. Try a new cable, and wiggle it (also, turn _everything_ off for a while.
I can see why shops aren't offering guaranteed fixes.
Have you searched for model number , colour (or color)?
>> No. 24720 Anonymous
12th September 2015
Saturday 9:06 am
24720 spacer
It's hard to tell from that picture, is the Jpeg off a usb stick normal, or are the colours off too?
>> No. 24721 Anonymous
12th September 2015
Saturday 10:25 am
24721 spacer

The first pictures are off a Virgin TiVo via HDMI, as is the video (via YouTube) in the second. The HDMI cable is as supplied with the box, and is working just fine on the backup TV (which is then older model from the same manufacturer).

It may be difficult to tell because I was using my phone camera in the room at night with no flash, but Carole's colours are off in the JPEG as well. Again, the JPEG is from the TV's internal picture viewing app reading it off USB where many of colour adjustment functions aren't available, while the video is a YouTube upload via the cable box, so is potentially an imperfect reproduction using different compression. I'm guessing that it probably isn't the panel, since on the YouTube app on the box stills from 2D animations just looked as if the colour had been turned up, while stills from live-action were in "acid mode", and if it were the panel both would be ruined. To illustrate that, here is a picture of the YouTube app on the this set (top) and the backup set (bottom).
>> No. 24722 Anonymous
12th September 2015
Saturday 10:27 am
24722 spacer

The quality of the photos may make it difficult to notice, but the second still on the top row should look like this, and take my word for it that it does on the bottom set.
>> No. 24723 Anonymous
18th September 2015
Friday 12:43 am
24723 spacer
Turned out to be one of the chips on the t-con board. £80 in all.
>> No. 24949 Anonymous
17th January 2016
Sunday 2:32 pm
24949 spacer
Elaborate mate.

My TV is dying on me. It looks like OP's picture but the difference is that it becomes okay after a few minutes. Maybe it is a different issue?
>> No. 24950 Anonymous
17th January 2016
Sunday 6:04 pm
24950 spacer
>it becomes okay after a few minutes
What happens if you turn it off and immediately back on once it's fixed itself?
>> No. 24951 Anonymous
17th January 2016
Sunday 6:47 pm
24951 spacer
It will be fine until the next morning. After waking up and turning it on, it goes mental again.

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