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>> No. 24743 Anonymous
18th October 2015
Sunday 11:00 pm
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Is telephone exchange equipment, most primarily DSLAMs, susceptible to brownouts?. I would imagine BT employ UPS systems, right? I keep experiencing mains voltage dips and I happen to be on the same transformer as my telephone exchange, each time this happens it knocks out my line.

My servers survive because I've got a rack of UPS boxes, but I'm trying to figure out what's killing my connection.

It's either my UPS spiking out a dirty phase when they click on, somehow fucking with my router. Or, It's exchange end.

I have no idea how to exclude either of those possibilities.
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>> No. 24744 Anonymous
19th October 2015
Monday 2:00 am
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All telephone exchanges have UPSes and backup generators, but they're primarily designed to maintain the POTS network and may not provide sufficient power conditioning for DSL equipment. By design, a DSL connection is running at close to the absolute limit of the line, so the connection is vulnerable to all sorts of minor disturbances.

Dips or transients causing equipment malfunctions at the exchange could be the source of the problem, but there is another (IMO more likely) candidate; a significant sag or frequency fluctuation could cause other electrical equipment to malfunction and produce electromagnetic interference, which is then picked up on your phone line.

If you have a compatible router, it might be worth using DSLstats or Routerstats to monitor your connection and see if that shines any light on the situation.
>> No. 24745 Anonymous
19th October 2015
Monday 2:34 am
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Thinking of it it now, my connection is overhead and my line passes close by some nasty old sodium street lights. That could very well be the source of my problem. Best find my air rifle.

Very informative, Thank you. Ill have a good look at that software.

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