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>> No. 24893 Anonymous
30th November 2015
Monday 7:39 pm
24893 Satnavs
Looking to buy a GPS/Satnav as a Christmas present, all suggestions welcome. Looking to spend ~£50 though I can stretch a bit.
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>> No. 24894 Anonymous
30th November 2015
Monday 7:45 pm
24894 spacer
Knock it off, the YMCAfalseflaglad.
>> No. 24895 Anonymous
30th November 2015
Monday 7:46 pm
24895 spacer
Use your phone. Let Uncle Google guide you.
>> No. 24896 Anonymous
30th November 2015
Monday 7:50 pm
24896 spacer
This. My phone is far more handy than a Satnav. Just buy an in-car charger.
>> No. 24898 Anonymous
30th November 2015
Monday 7:55 pm
24898 spacer
Go for Tomtom or Garmin, I've got an older version of this one and it's been fine for a few years. http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00BHT79JS
>> No. 24899 Anonymous
30th November 2015
Monday 8:04 pm
24899 spacer

Problem is it eats through your data. Heaven forbid you want to use it abroad. As for actual satnavs, any old one will do. My Garmin cost £70 about 3 years ago, it was the cheapest one in the Currys I went past when I was lost in Birmingham, and it still does me fine today. Most worthwhile impulse buy I've ever made.

Really though, it's 2015, they're one of those gadgets that if you manage to buy a bad one of, it's because you're a moron who bought a Chinese knock off on eBay for £30 or something. Smartphones have made them pretty much redundant in the same way as standalone MP3 players and cameras, so there's a pretty uniform level of functionality across the board.

Your most serious purchasing decision should probably be whether you prefer the interface on a Gartmin or a TomTom. You can pay extra for gimmicks like live traffic information and whatnot, and I think most of them already have stuff like speed camera warnings built in as standard by now. I can't actually think of a single feature I really desire in a satnav beyond telling me where the fuck to go, though, so if you're anything like me the basic model should be fine.
>> No. 24900 Anonymous
30th November 2015
Monday 8:26 pm
24900 spacer

>Problem is it eats through your data.

There are loads of apps that provide offline mapping. Google Maps can pre-cache the data you need over wifi, or you can download the TomTom app. Ten quid gets you a decent in-car charger and a dashboard mount.

>> No. 24901 Anonymous
30th November 2015
Monday 10:38 pm
24901 spacer
+1 for TomTom app - I think its the most expensive app I own (27 quid I think for the UK version) but worth its weight in gold. The original TomTom devices always had the easiest to use software and the modern apps are really good.
>> No. 24902 Anonymous
30th November 2015
Monday 10:53 pm
24902 spacer
I have a sat nav because of where I live it's not too difficult to go somewhere where there's no mobile data signal.
>> No. 24903 Anonymous
30th November 2015
Monday 11:12 pm
24903 spacer
I would still use a decent dedicated unit if I had one, though. I generally don't like having my phone doing long-running operations for hours and hours sitting on the dash. Obviously if it's just nipping across to the next town somewhere unfamiliar a phone will suffice but if you're putting in serious mileage at the wheel (e.g. doing the Mongol rally or something) then I'd definitely spend the dough on a dedicated unit.
>> No. 24904 Anonymous
30th November 2015
Monday 11:24 pm
24904 spacer
You do know it is 2015 and that you can buy an in car phone charger for a fiver, right? Right?
>> No. 24905 Anonymous
30th November 2015
Monday 11:52 pm
24905 spacer
No you tedious fucking cunt lad, I had no idea!
>> No. 24906 Anonymous
1st December 2015
Tuesday 12:12 am
24906 spacer
Mate, it just sounds like you are hiding something. Why are you beating around the bush? Come out and say whatever it is you want to say. Do you have a shit phone? Is that it?
>> No. 24907 Anonymous
1st December 2015
Tuesday 1:03 am
24907 spacer
The main reason I like having a separate unit is because my phone is already acting as my media player via bluetooth, and usually streaming Spotify (unlimited data).

Yes, I could run Google Maps navigation along with that, but I don't really like the nav blasting out of my car speakers, and it feels like a bit more of a hassle to change albums and shit on the go.

If you don't use your phone as part of your ICE then it's certainly better.

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