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>> No. 25953 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 1:52 am
25953 Cyber security and Python
Any recommendations for books/resources on cyber security? The recent hackings got me curious, and I have been reading around it since. Something more under the hood type of book for a noive.

Also I picked up Python again. I learn best by doing small projects. Any resources for something like that would be appreciated too.
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>> No. 25956 Anonymous
12th July 2017
Wednesday 8:18 pm
25956 spacer
Never use the word cyber. It's like a bozo marker in the information security industry.
>> No. 25957 Anonymous
12th July 2017
Wednesday 8:26 pm
25957 spacer
There are some books in the /lit/ review thread that might be relevant.
>> No. 25991 Anonymous
18th July 2017
Tuesday 2:26 pm
25991 spacer

I hate the ponce who wrote them (in a very lazy sort of way) but Greyhat python and Blackhat python should be right up your alley.
>> No. 26002 Anonymous
19th July 2017
Wednesday 5:17 pm
26002 spacer

Expires in 12 days.
>> No. 26003 Anonymous
19th July 2017
Wednesday 6:52 pm
26003 spacer

Good shout. I'd highly recommend paying the full whack to get the two Schneier books - they're absolutely essential reading IMO.
>> No. 26005 Anonymous
20th July 2017
Thursday 11:37 am
26005 spacer
Give me a few days and I'll put a zip of them all up it anyone wants.
>> No. 26006 Anonymous
20th July 2017
Thursday 1:21 pm
26006 spacer
>> No. 26015 Anonymous
20th July 2017
Thursday 5:24 pm
26015 spacer
And I almost bought them. Cheers m8.
>> No. 26017 Anonymous
20th July 2017
Thursday 6:40 pm
26017 spacer
I'm just going to root around and find all the ones I can, not paying for it myself. So some may be missing.
>> No. 26018 Anonymous
20th July 2017
Thursday 7:22 pm
26018 spacer
Found them all but my torrents are all stuck on finding peers so I don't know.
>> No. 26019 Anonymous
20th July 2017
Thursday 7:40 pm
26019 spacer

Libgen, best beloved.
>> No. 26020 Anonymous
20th July 2017
Thursday 7:50 pm
26020 spacer
It's fine it's working now.
Libgen, bookz, whatever. Easier to grab them all from bibliotik than some from one place and some from another.
>> No. 26021 Anonymous
20th July 2017
Thursday 10:35 pm
26021 spacer
This should work, there are copies of some of them in epub and pdf because I don't know what format would be preferred or even available to download so I got them both. The 'Malware Analyst's Cookbook and DVD' does not have the DVD .iso included because it was the same size again as the rest of the others together. I'm sure you can find it if you want it.

Not sure where better to upload it, either. Let me know if the files are corrupt or anything.
>> No. 26022 Anonymous
20th July 2017
Thursday 10:39 pm
26022 spacer
Oh I put a few other related books in there that I had too.
>> No. 26023 Anonymous
20th July 2017
Thursday 10:59 pm
26023 spacer
Fantastic work lad - the Threat Modelling book by Adam Shostack is one of my favourites. Thank you very much.
>> No. 26024 Anonymous
20th July 2017
Thursday 11:21 pm
26024 spacer
Cheers, great stuff, truly.
>> No. 26025 Anonymous
21st July 2017
Friday 11:32 am
26025 spacer
No problem. Just noticed that the Malware Analysts Cookbook wasn't in there at all as it was in another dir and I didn't realise. Anyway it's there now.
>> No. 26090 Anonymous
29th August 2017
Tuesday 8:08 pm
26090 Biometric
Lads. How easy is it for anyone (alphabet agencies, Russians, hackers, etc) to get a hold of my fingerprint that I use to unlock my phone with?
>> No. 26091 Anonymous
29th August 2017
Tuesday 8:23 pm
26091 spacer

Google probably already sold them it.

E-mail addresses and advertising info are only worth so much, you know...
>> No. 26092 Anonymous
29th August 2017
Tuesday 9:47 pm
26092 spacer

How much of a target are you?

The phone doesn't actually store your fingerprint, just some vectors used for comparison. You can't recreate a fingerprint from that data, but you could recreate something that'll pass as a fingerprint on that particular device.

If I was a major player and I wanted your fingerprints and DNA, I'd let Royal Mail do all the hard work for me. I'd send you a bogus letter from the DVLA or HMRC asking you to confirm some details or claim a refund or whatever. You fill out the form (leaving your fingerprints all over it) and lick the gummed strip on the prepaid envelope (giving me a nice smear of DNA). The government could of course lift this from a legitimate piece of correspondence.

I could also send someone purporting to be delivering a parcel or doing a questionnaire, then lift your prints off the clipboard. You can usually get a full set from a clipboard - people tend to accept it in their dominant hand when it's given to them, but then switch to their non-dominant hand when they're given a pen. The stooge can also hand you the clipboard twice by asking you to hold it for a second while they tie their shoelaces or faff about with their deliveries; by handing it to you from the paper end and the clip end, they maximise the odds of getting a clear set of latent prints.

If you're really paranoid, I'd lift them off your recycling bins or your car door. I could also bribe a cleaner at your workplace to steal something likely to carry your prints.

With a top-tier DSLR and a long tele lens, it's possible to take a detailed picture of your fingerprints from across the street. 99% of keys can be duplicated in this manner as well.

Don't fuck with nation-state adversaries.
>> No. 26093 Anonymous
29th August 2017
Tuesday 10:43 pm
26093 spacer
Well... That's the alphabet agencies out of the way... What about nefarious forces overseas getting that kind of data? You are thinking on a more personal level, as in I will be targeted. I'm not thinking that way. I'm more concerned out someone breaking into some server somewhere and grabbing a bunch of biometric info. You know, like credit card thieves.

The vector stuff was really interesting mate, compared to the all out /boo/ assault...
>> No. 26094 Anonymous
29th August 2017
Tuesday 11:27 pm
26094 spacer

Targeting is 99% of intelligence. Bulk data just isn't very valuable, which is why so many people in the intelligence community think that the current approach of "collect everything, sort it out later" is actively counterproductive.

Biometric data is of particularly little value in bulk, because it's so intimately tied to your physical presence. If I want to pwn your phone, there are immeasurably easier ways than stealing your fingerprint and either spoofing a fingerprint scan or making a gelatine fingertip. I can't really do anything useful with your fingerprints unless I'm into some serious blackbaggery. A crook would infinitely prefer a Gmail login or a credit card number.

Think from the attacker's perspective - what can they actually do with your fingerprints? Unless you're a high-value target being attacked by a very well-resourced adversary, your fingerprints are of no value to anyone.
>> No. 26095 Anonymous
30th August 2017
Wednesday 1:03 am
26095 spacer

You are a frightening individual, in one manner or another.
>> No. 26096 Anonymous
30th August 2017
Wednesday 7:06 pm
26096 spacer
He thinks he's hard, but he knows I take him.

Meet me and let's settle this.
>> No. 26097 Anonymous
30th August 2017
Wednesday 8:23 pm
26097 spacer

I'll take both of youse cunts at the same time.
>> No. 26098 Anonymous
30th August 2017
Wednesday 8:49 pm
26098 spacer

Yeah well I'm bringing me brother, and he used to be in the cadets.
>> No. 26099 Anonymous
31st August 2017
Thursday 6:46 pm
26099 spacer
I've had your bro and he's a pussy.
>> No. 26100 Anonymous
31st August 2017
Thursday 9:18 pm
26100 spacer

Yeah well your brother is a female to male tranny and he has a pussy.
>> No. 26101 Anonymous
31st August 2017
Thursday 9:29 pm
26101 spacer
Isn't that a bussy?

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