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>> No. 26181 Anonymous
21st October 2017
Saturday 8:07 pm
26181 Finding a CRT
I'm after a ~21" CRT TV, with a regular SCART 15.6kHz RGB input. Used to be you'd find them at dumps and markets and such but I haven't come across one in a while and the recycling place I went to today didn't have any. I can't find any near me on Gumtree or Ebay, which is puzzling as there must be fucking millions of these things around.

Am I being a mong? Where do I find one?
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>> No. 26182 Anonymous
21st October 2017
Saturday 9:54 pm
26182 spacer
There are a few on eBay, so I'd suggest just waiting for one to turn up in your local area. You might also find one on Freecycle.

Most of them have gone to the tip by now. Charity shops won't take them, because they won't sell. It's really only retro gamers who'd pay anything for a CRT and most of them want the small, high quality Trinitron TVs and professional video monitors.
>> No. 26183 Anonymous
21st October 2017
Saturday 10:03 pm
26183 spacer
What interests you about owning a CRT television, OP?
>> No. 26184 Anonymous
22nd October 2017
Sunday 11:19 am
26184 spacer
Yeah - unless its a pristine mint broadcast Trinitron tube I wouldn't go anywhere near it. And one of those is likely to cost.
>> No. 26185 Anonymous
22nd October 2017
Sunday 11:54 am
26185 spacer
There are of course a bunch on ebay but they're all an hour+ drive away. Freecycle is a good shout, I'd forgotten about it, thanks.

I've already got a huge Sony PVM for retro games as >>26182 guessed, but I need to get rid of it for space and because it's apparently now worth ~£250. I can make do with a little old TV instead. I just don't want to pay stupid prices for one when they used to go for free, god knows how many I've passed up over the years.

I'm not that fussed about how good the display is. That said, I'm expecting to have to go through a few to get one with halfway decent convergence and geometry, but it's surprising how well many CRTs have lasted, given the astonishing engineering precision required of them, and I have fixed CRT monitors in the past so I can take a crack at adjustments depending on the design. (To preempt the warnings: I do know how to do so without grabbing the flyback, discharging one of the capacitors and electrocuting myself, or snapping the neck and having a vacuum tube explode in my face.)
>> No. 26188 Anonymous
22nd October 2017
Sunday 12:08 pm
26188 spacer
>vacuum tube explode implode in my face.
I fixed that for you.

Sorry for being a cunt, but I was born this way.

It took me three attempts to get this post right.
>> No. 26189 Anonymous
22nd October 2017
Sunday 12:46 pm
26189 spacer

If you're not fussy, you could probably scrounge one at your local tip.
>> No. 26190 Anonymous
23rd October 2017
Monday 2:53 am
26190 spacer
No, you're quite correct. Or we're both pedantic cunts, which I'm fine with.

I've tried mate. They don't have any, and the ones I was finding elsewhere seemed to be either 14" built-in-VHS shite or >32" monsters. Most of the latter are also widescreen which is not what I'm after, and some of the last ones before plasma/LCD took over completely have digital image processing in them, with shoddy ADC, and early real-time digital image processing chipsets that added noticeable artefacts and latency. I used to have a WEGA that did this (it was great TV for movies at the time, but the image processing was particularly noticeable on old "240p" games, and couldn't be fucking disabled) and it drove me nuts.

One's popped up on Freecycle so should have something to play around with soon. Thanks, >>26182.

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