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typical internet explorer configuration.png
>> No. 26229 Anonymous
22nd December 2017
Friday 11:14 am
26229 spacer
I've been using the Opera browser for almost 20 years now. I 've continued using version 12.15 ever since they sold out to China, and it's finally beginning to show its age because it doesn't always load sites with HTTPS security.

Any suggestions for configurable, non-bloated browser and email clients that run on Linux?
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>> No. 26230 Anonymous
22nd December 2017
Friday 12:07 pm
26230 spacer
Not Vivaldi? It's working nicely for me, although I use a minimum of plugins, and don't use the email client (although I used to use Opera's, it began to creak under the strain of massive mailboxes).
>> No. 26231 Anonymous
22nd December 2017
Friday 12:16 pm
26231 spacer
Thanks, I'll take another look. I initially ignored Vivaldi because it lacked an e-mail client. But you are right, Opera really wasn't up to the job of handling more than about a year's worth of e-mails.

For e-mail, I need something that has a GUI, good Bayesian filtering, RSS feeds, and is visually or conceptually bloated.
>> No. 26232 Anonymous
22nd December 2017
Friday 12:22 pm
26232 spacer
Firefox has massively improved in performance since the Quantum update. If you haven't used it for a while, it's well worth trying. Make sure you get version 57.
>> No. 26233 Anonymous
22nd December 2017
Friday 12:43 pm
26233 spacer
I use Firefox in the TOR browser bundle, so I know it's still bloated. So far Vivaldi seems nice; I can even use my Chrome extensions.
>> No. 26234 Anonymous
22nd December 2017
Friday 12:54 pm
26234 spacer

IIRC, the browser bundle uses a custom long term support build of Firefox that's positively ancient. I don't know how you define "bloated", but from the data I've seen, Vivaldi is objectively slower than Edge.
>> No. 26235 Anonymous
22nd December 2017
Friday 1:37 pm
26235 spacer
That makes sense. TOR would want an older version, I suppose. I also see what you mean about Vivaldi being on the slow side. I am sticking with it at the moment because it's the most configurable browser I've found that still uses Webkit.

I'm trying Sylpheed Claws for email at the moment. It looks great so far. Needed to add a plugin for RSS.
>> No. 26236 Anonymous
22nd December 2017
Friday 8:40 pm
26236 spacer
Try Seamonkey x64. It has it's own email client. Has RSS feeds too.
>> No. 26237 Anonymous
23rd December 2017
Saturday 12:17 am
26237 spacer
It's almost 2018, what the fuck does anyone need a personal email client for? Any webmail service worth using supports pulling in mail from POP or IMAP and probably has better spam filtering than anything you could run locally.
>> No. 26238 Anonymous
23rd December 2017
Saturday 1:29 am
26238 spacer

You've been using the worst, most hackable browser ever, one that has a JIT engine that doesn't even bother with security. Nevertheless, I like the fact that there's still people on the internet vulnerable to exploits I wrote in 2012.


Offline mail access, neetlad.


What you want is firefox-esr (extended support release). It's slowly going the way of unusable but more slowly than the release tree.
>> No. 26239 Anonymous
23rd December 2017
Saturday 6:56 am
26239 spacer
>Offline mail access, neetlad.
Again, it's almost 2018. How exactly is this a problem anyone in a developed country has anymore?
>> No. 26240 Anonymous
23rd December 2017
Saturday 6:57 am
26240 spacer
Sylpheed is great! It actually has a lot more features than I need, but they don't get in the way. I like the way they've not thrown away the pragmatic 90s interface for the sake of stylishness.

There is a plugin that lets one view HTML mails with Webkit and even browse the web in the mail body. I know HTML mail is an abomination, but it is a nice touch given that I receive a lot of it (otherwise I'd probably use Pine).

Sounds dangerous. I'm closing the curtains and buying a dog as we speak.
>> No. 26241 Anonymous
23rd December 2017
Saturday 7:12 am
26241 spacer

> Offline mail access, neetlad.

It's 2017, granddad. We've got service workers now.
>> No. 26243 Anonymous
23rd December 2017
Saturday 5:10 pm
26243 spacer

I realise that you're just a child for whom the Internet is simply this magic thing that just happens behind your smartphone's screen, but you should at least try to understand that there are millions of users out there with real jobs who access their email across wired networks via something called a "corporate email server". If those people are unable to be on the same network as that mail server (often due to something us adults like to call "security") then offlline mail access is a significant boon.

However dense and millennial you may be, it should at least be obvious to you that, if the software is being maintained, then it is being used and therefore has use cases.

Happy Christmas you thick cunt.
>> No. 26244 Anonymous
23rd December 2017
Saturday 5:15 pm
26244 spacer
Check out the bitterness on this grumpy gus. Fucking hell. I bet he is scared of the hoodies on the bus.
>> No. 26245 Anonymous
23rd December 2017
Saturday 5:20 pm
26245 spacer

> (otherwise I'd probably use Pine)

Now there's one piece of ancient software.

Any reason why you wouldn't use mutt, it's at least a thousand times better than pine and has far less security "features", or are you just addicted to vulnerable software?
>> No. 26246 Anonymous
23rd December 2017
Saturday 5:22 pm
26246 spacer

Is that still a thing? I remember having a hoodie and attaching my wallet to my baggy jeans with a bike chain twenty years ago. You kids, honestly.
>> No. 26247 Anonymous
23rd December 2017
Saturday 5:37 pm
26247 spacer
OP is clearly not on a corporate network, you dense cunt.
>> No. 26248 Anonymous
23rd December 2017
Saturday 6:09 pm
26248 spacer

You've either believed a load of shit that your IT department have fed you, or you're making shit up.

Either data is too sensitive to leave the building or it isn't. If your corporate email is so sensitive that you aren't allowed to access the mail server from the other side of the corporate firewall, then you shouldn't be allowed to walk out of the building with mail data on your laptop. If data is too sensitive to leave the building, then it's too sensitive to be exchanged over email at all - the protocol is inherently insecure and you don't have control over the endpoints. You certainly shouldn't be allowed to know your own mailserver credentials and connect to the server using software you've chosen and installed yourself.

Any company with the policies you're describing is a security disaster waiting to happen. I consider myself lucky to never have encountered such a woefully inept bunch of chancers in over a decade of consulting.

t. someone who has been on Moxie Marlinspike's boat
>> No. 26249 Anonymous
23rd December 2017
Saturday 8:41 pm
26249 spacer
I have heard that webmasters and newsgroup administrators use Mutt a lot because it's better at dealing with massive amounts of mail. But all my mail and newsfeeds together are still well under a million messages, and Sylpheed handles that with no problem.

>muh security
I don't own anything that would be worth the trouble of hacking, and neither does almost anyone else.
>> No. 26250 Anonymous
23rd December 2017
Saturday 8:44 pm
26250 spacer

1) Fuck Moxie "white bloke with dreadlocks and a single ssl trick" Marlinspike. I sort of admire his love of working on boats but I mainly want to reshape his head with a ball pein hammer. He's also not that bright, you might as well cite being friends with Jacob Applebaum or Morgan Marquis-Boire.

2) Not being on the same network as your (home) email server is a common occurrence and can sometimes be something as simple as a case of you being the consultant and being onsite at a company that has highly regulated Internet access. Ok I'll just use my smartphone oh wait there's no signal here because the entire building works as a sort of Faraday cage but nevermind I'll just log into GMail using the powers of my imagination.

3) > t.

Please. Just. Fuck. Right. Off.
>> No. 26251 Anonymous
23rd December 2017
Saturday 11:31 pm
26251 spacer
>(home) email server
>you being the consultant and being onsite at a company
You still haven't quite grasped the "personal" qualification here, have you?
>> No. 26252 Anonymous
25th December 2017
Monday 4:17 pm
26252 spacer
Merry Christmas everyone. Thanks to whoever suggested trying Vivaldi again; it is great.

If you guys are in your 40s some day and thinking about all the stuff you argued about on .gs, don't be embarrassed. Everyone does it, and it's harmless. Only boring people never did anything cringey in their life.
>> No. 26253 Anonymous
8th January 2018
Monday 2:59 pm
26253 spacer
The filtering and search functions in Claws are pretty bad, as is the documentation. This page explains it better:


It doesn't really affect me, because I have very simple filters and use grep for any complex searches.
>> No. 26254 Anonymous
9th January 2018
Tuesday 1:39 am
26254 spacer
I miss Presto so much, I've tried countless browser hoping something could fill the void but nothing comes close. I don't want twenty extensions just to get the functionality I had ten years ago

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