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>> No. 26256 Anonymous
13th January 2018
Saturday 12:25 am
26256 spacer
I would like a nice chair to comfortably waste my life in front of computer screens on. Where's a good place to try out a few? What lesser known options should I know of? Are Aerons entirely a meme at this point? Budget doesn't matter.
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>> No. 26257 Anonymous
13th January 2018
Saturday 12:37 am
26257 spacer

If budget doesn't matter, I recommend Posturite. They make the best office chairs in the UK. I have one I got for free, but it's worth a grand.
>> No. 26258 Anonymous
13th January 2018
Saturday 2:42 am
26258 spacer
I have exactly that chair you feature. It is coming up to 18 years old. I bought it new but you can get them for about £250 - £350 on eBay in perfect condition. It might be a meme, but if you sit at a computer then they are the absolute best.
>> No. 26259 Anonymous
13th January 2018
Saturday 8:41 am
26259 spacer
It's worth spending the money on a chair like that because they last. I broke about 3 cheap chairs in the space of a few years (I was about 13 stone at my heaviest, so heavy but not some obese fat-arse.)

My advice is to get a chair that's guaranteed for 24 hour use, anything with less of a guarantee isn't worth buying:
>> No. 26260 Anonymous
13th January 2018
Saturday 6:45 pm
26260 spacer
Exactly this - buy cheap, buy twice.
>> No. 26261 Anonymous
13th January 2018
Saturday 7:00 pm
26261 spacer
I don't have space to keep the second one.
>> No. 26262 Anonymous
13th January 2018
Saturday 10:33 pm
26262 spacer
I only stopped using mine after 8 years daily use because the foam had begun entirely coming off the arm rests. If I could find a way of replacing it I would, and would continue using it.
>> No. 26263 Anonymous
13th January 2018
Saturday 10:53 pm
26263 spacer
If Aerons are a meme it's for good reason. They're bloody good.

I don't know if the chair market has evolved to even higher standards since, but the fact you can get a refurbished Aeron for £300 makes it pretty pointless to look.
>> No. 26264 Anonymous
14th January 2018
Sunday 1:21 am
26264 spacer
Aerons are not just a meme, I used two different models at work (couldn't tell you which) and they are bloody comfortable over the 8-16 hours I spend in them on working days. They are quite adjustable, though, and you either need an ergenomics expert on call to make sure you set it up for you or spend the some time to learn why what seems immediately most comfortable might not be the best options long term. They are designed to interact with the desk you sit at via the arm rests as well. That my sound daunting, but some of it is wankery if you don't literally spend all day in one. They are pretty solid in terms of build quality and the netting "upholstery" means you don't sweat or overheat unless you add extra insulation while also making up for minor misadjustment problems by moulding slightly to your body. The downside is that they need some setup and, more importantly, they require you to maintain (chair supported) decent posture.

It's definitely a solid choice, but it's not the only choice out there. If budget doesn't matter "Ergohuman" has much the same rep and has even more tunable knobs and almost always feature a head rest which gives you more options for relaxed positions. But on the flip side, the more tunable knobs the more you need to know about why and how to adjust them to get the most out of them.

If you really do spend most of your days in a chair in front of a screen and you don't have someone to tell you how that works best, then I'd thoroughly recommend learning a bit about ergonomics (maybe harder than it sounds, there's a lot of snake oil out there especially around "gaming chairs") and then pick one of those two that fits you.
>> No. 26265 Anonymous
14th January 2018
Sunday 3:12 am
26265 spacer
And advice for the cross-legged, cronic wankers, among us? Asking for a friend ofcourse.
>> No. 26266 Anonymous
14th January 2018
Sunday 9:45 am
26266 spacer
The foam on my armrests starting cracking, I wrapped them in duct tape, and then stretched some old socks over them. Now I have lovely wool arm-rests.
>> No. 26267 Anonymous
14th January 2018
Sunday 2:15 pm
26267 spacer
A colleague of mine sits cross legged most of the time on his aeron, I assume wanking is quite comfortable at the same time. Go for it.
>> No. 26268 Anonymous
14th January 2018
Sunday 3:08 pm
26268 spacer
Is there a chair big enough to accommodate both my arse and the cat? I keep ending up perched on the edge.
>> No. 26269 Anonymous
14th January 2018
Sunday 3:19 pm
26269 spacer

Aerons come in three sizes. I believe I've had this discussion here before, and one of our ilk had a larger sized one so he could curl up on it like a filthy vegan.

In other words yes.
>> No. 26270 Anonymous
14th January 2018
Sunday 3:23 pm
26270 spacer

Grand. I'll keep an eye out.
>> No. 26271 Anonymous
14th January 2018
Sunday 9:43 pm
26271 spacer
>>26262 You can get replacement arm rests for the Aeron.
>> No. 26272 Anonymous
14th January 2018
Sunday 9:51 pm
26272 spacer

I'll look into that thanks.
>> No. 26273 Anonymous
15th January 2018
Monday 7:39 pm
26273 spacer
Still regularly do curl up and sleep in mine.
>> No. 26275 Anonymous
15th January 2018
Monday 11:24 pm
26275 spacer
Are you a cat m8?
>> No. 26276 Anonymous
16th January 2018
Tuesday 12:08 am
26276 spacer
You can pick up used, sometimes reupholstered examples of expensive £800+ chairs on ebay for a couple hundred squid.
>> No. 27972 Anonymous
25th August 2021
Wednesday 11:24 am
27972 spacer
Did you get one, lad? Mine's starting to go and I'm looking for another. Amazon has 50,000 of the same Chinese one and then some hideous looking "gamer" chairs.

Any recommendations? I am a disgusting fat fuck (110kg), if that changes anything.
>> No. 27973 Anonymous
25th August 2021
Wednesday 11:36 am
27973 spacer
As you're that big, you should really try some out first. I would spend the money with these guys, have used them, and if you're lucky one of their stores is near you.


I've recently stopped using my Aeron and now use a Varier kneeling stool, or have the desk at standing height. I know this is heresy.
>> No. 27974 Anonymous
25th August 2021
Wednesday 11:59 am
27974 spacer

The Size B and C Aerons are suitable for users up to 158kg. You'll probably want the Size C, which has a generous amount of extra width.
>> No. 27975 Anonymous
25th August 2021
Wednesday 12:55 pm
27975 spacer
Unfortunately all those shops are in the SARF. My arse isn't wider than any standard office chair I've sat on so far, but it's close. I intend to lose the weight again (I lost 35kg 2014-2016 and kept most of it off until 2019), but I've been saying that, well, since 2019. Anyway, that's a conversation for /emo/ and /fat/.

I'll have a hunt round ebay and the like and see if there are any local.
>> No. 27976 Anonymous
25th August 2021
Wednesday 3:28 pm
27976 spacer
Well, it went from 'starting to go' to 'gone' in short order. Since I need to work I went to the local furniture recycler and got a standard office chair dealie for £40 delivered. It's fine.
>> No. 27977 Anonymous
25th August 2021
Wednesday 5:10 pm
27977 spacer
Someone's been listening to my phone calls - only today i was complaining about this standing desk.

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