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>> No. 26458 Anonymous
6th April 2018
Friday 6:11 pm
26458 spacer
Hey everyone. A few years ago someone recommended a Sansa Clip Plus as an MP3 player for running. Because I was broke at the time I didn't get one.

It looks like they've gone up considerably in price, with the cheapest I can find being a £50 refurbished one.

Can they be had any cheaper?

If not, are the 'sport' and 'jam models (between £20 and £30) much worse in terms of features and build quality?
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>> No. 26459 Anonymous
6th April 2018
Friday 8:20 pm
26459 spacer
No idea lad, but we talked about cheap MP3 players recently and how important they are. I have never heard of this one and would love to hear more.
>> No. 26460 Anonymous
6th April 2018
Friday 10:54 pm
26460 spacer

The Sansa Clip+ was very popular with audiophiles circa 2009, because it had exceptionally good audio performance and easily modified firmware. When matched with a good headphone amplifier, it could easily match the performance of specialist MP3 players. It has now mostly fallen out of favour because of affordable audiophile players like the FiiO X-series and the move towards smartphones.
>> No. 26469 Anonymous
9th April 2018
Monday 5:18 pm
26469 spacer
Bumping this as a good cheap mp3 player would be really convenient if anyone has any suggestions.
>> No. 26471 Anonymous
9th April 2018
Monday 5:58 pm
26471 spacer
These days you can have an old Android phone for a couple of quid; if you turn the wifi and phone off you should have decent battery life, and the DACs of former flagships tend to be more than serviceable. Something like an HTC Desire.
>> No. 26475 Anonymous
9th April 2018
Monday 7:20 pm
26475 spacer
The best one for running I've ever had was the iPod nano 6th generation, I'm assuming you can get a used one for next to nothing these days. If you're willing to deal with the impracticality of having to use iTunes then they're the smallest and hardest wearing little things.

Honestly for running, assuming you don't want to get one of those daft armbands for your phone and just take that, I think any generic chinese player with a clip on it will do you - I'm not particularly after audiophile sound when I'm running, don't know about you.
>> No. 26478 Anonymous
9th April 2018
Monday 8:01 pm
26478 spacer
I use my ancient Nokia N95 for this, as it's got play & skip buttons.
Just popped onto ebay - they still seem to cost a bit, I don't know if there are other phones with actual buttons?
(N95 has lost charm since Nokia Maps / whatever MS called it / whatever it is now desupported it - and its GPS was never that great either, I think that the antenna was somewhere daft)
Still, my first smartphone, still got a soft spot for it, even if, with everything running simultaneously it burnt power faster than the charger could supply it. sage4ramble.
>> No. 26479 Anonymous
9th April 2018
Monday 8:37 pm
26479 spacer
Why would you want an MP3 player in addition to a smartphone?
>> No. 26480 Anonymous
9th April 2018
Monday 8:46 pm
26480 spacer


He wants it for running. It can be a bit of an arse to have a big phone slapping around in your pocket while jogging. A tiny mp3 player that clips to your waistband or pocket is far less annoying.

There's various solutions for this, but they're a little silly.
>> No. 26481 Anonymous
9th April 2018
Monday 8:47 pm
26481 spacer
I'm going to assume they were an idiot and bought a phone without a headphone jack.
>> No. 26484 Anonymous
11th April 2018
Wednesday 6:42 am
26484 spacer
For me it saves power on my phone to use another small device for songs, but I'm often going long distances without the ability to stop and charge along the way. Plus >>26480
>> No. 26485 Anonymous
12th April 2018
Thursday 1:10 am
26485 spacer
I've got a Sansa Sport, it's essentially the same thing, only downside is not being able to slap rockbox on it but aside from that it's grand and the battery lasts forever.
>> No. 26486 Anonymous
12th April 2018
Thursday 11:31 am
26486 spacer
As a result of this post, I dug my Clip out for the first time in a few years. The headphone port is dodgy, and afaik it just needs a re-solder but I had a decent phone by that point so just forgot about it. They are very good, but if you have a large collection of music, Rockbox is unusably slow.
>> No. 26487 Anonymous
14th April 2018
Saturday 10:10 pm
26487 spacer
>iPod nano 6th generation, I'm assuming you can get a used one for next to nothing these days.
Not really. You can get the 8GB ones for less than £50 if you're patient on ebay, but the 16GB ones still go for £80+, and as you say, you have to deal with iTunes. Some don't mind, it's just an inconvenience as far as I'm concerned. I'm also the kind of twat who downloads FLAC where it's available, and in their boneheaded way Apple still refuse to support it - you've got to convert to MP3, or ALAC, their proprietary lossless format.

I got tired of running my phone down, so picked up a little DAB/FM unit. It's surprisingly good for what it is, and lasts about six hours per charge.

Anyone ever used wireless headphones, jogging type or otherwise? I've been thinking of shelling out for some in the house, it'd be great not be tethered to the desk.
>> No. 26488 Anonymous
14th April 2018
Saturday 10:11 pm
26488 spacer
(Sorry to jack your thread with that last query, OP.)

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