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>> No. 26680 Anonymous
28th July 2018
Saturday 4:26 pm
26680 Ancient Pottery Used To Play Back Recorded Voices From The Distant Past
Archaeologist believe they have discovered sound recordings encoded in ancient artifacts.


(A good day to you Sir!)
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>> No. 26681 Anonymous
28th July 2018
Saturday 4:41 pm
26681 spacer
No they don't, you arsecandle.
>> No. 26682 Anonymous
28th July 2018
Saturday 5:01 pm
26682 spacer
That website looks fresh out of FrontPage 2003.

Also, [citation needed], [citation needed], and [citation needed].

There's absolutely no scientific explanation here, no evidence of any analysis done, and it even says right there in this weird as fuck website that "There is little evidence to support such ideas, and there are few publications claiming that this is the case".

Why would an ancient potter's wheel "hum" before the discovery of electricity?
>> No. 26683 Anonymous
28th July 2018
Saturday 5:36 pm
26683 spacer

It's theoretically possible to unintentionally record sound while making a pot. A tool like a trowel or stylus will vibrate very slightly due to acoustic vibrations in the room, which could leave marks in the pot akin to the grooves in a phonograph recording. Early phonograph recorders were purely mechanical devices, using a large acoustic horn connected via a lever to a stylus that engraved grooves in wax cylinders. In practice, you'd need absolutely colossal sound pressure levels to engrave any kind of discernable recording, because a trowel is an incredibly ineffective acoustic transducer. Mechanical recording lathes needed a huge horn and a precisely balanced stylus mechanism to produce recordings that were just barely audible. Mythbusters covered it in episode 62, if you're remotely interested.

>> No. 26684 Anonymous
28th July 2018
Saturday 5:38 pm
26684 spacer
Why do you keep posting links to this 'Freakybay' site?
>> No. 26685 Anonymous
28th July 2018
Saturday 5:40 pm
26685 spacer

I think it's his site he's spamming across all the imageboards.
>> No. 26686 Anonymous
28th July 2018
Saturday 7:27 pm
26686 spacer


>>26684 made me think to check why someone may spam such a shitey site, >>26682 made me think it's perhaps a slight mislead.
>> No. 26687 Anonymous
28th July 2018
Saturday 7:28 pm
26687 spacer
addendum: For those unaware, this site contains a javascript-based cryptcoin miner that uses your CPU power to mine buttcoins for as long as you have the tab open.
>> No. 26688 Anonymous
28th July 2018
Saturday 7:46 pm
26688 spacer
I'd have thought someone would put a bit more effort in if you wanted to make some money out of this whole charade, surely? That's worse than the website I made for my Year 10 ICT course work and I hated that subject.
>> No. 26689 Anonymous
28th July 2018
Saturday 8:06 pm
26689 spacer
The content itsself matters little, I imagine.

If you spam this on an imageboard with thousands of visitors (rather than the three we have here), and a few hundred click through and spend 30 seconds to 1 minute reading that poorly researched shite, and 90-95% of them aren't using some form of scriptblocker, I imagine you'll make more than you would with banner ads.

It would depend on what currency is being mined and how intense the script is (and I'm not interested in finding out). Someone who knows more about crypto than I may be able to throw out some figures.
>> No. 26690 Anonymous
28th July 2018
Saturday 8:57 pm
26690 spacer
With your proposed numbers you're looking at a payout of exactly 0 XMR. Multiply them by ten and you're approaching 0.000051 XMR or most of the way to 1¢.
>> No. 26691 Anonymous
28th July 2018
Saturday 8:58 pm
26691 spacer

WHOIS reveals nothing - it's been registered through a Domains By Proxy company.

Looks like OP is taking analytics of all his visitors too.

The throttle(0.0) means he has the miner running at full whack; while coinhive does have a balance check tool OP has set his to anonymous so I don't think we can check it.

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