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>> No. 26764 Anonymous
13th October 2018
Saturday 8:35 pm
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I and a dozen others have recently begun tenancies in an old, previously empty building. We (understandably) have no active landline connection. I believe the landline is still in place, but BT require an engineer visit before we can start paying for the leased line. I'd like to know if any of the work the phone engineer might do is DIY-able.
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>> No. 26765 Anonymous
13th October 2018
Saturday 8:42 pm
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As far as I know (and I don't know much to be honest), for a situation like yours they would send an engineer out and charge the same regardless of the state of the wiring at your premises.
Plus everything up to the socket in your house remains the property of Openreach, if they suspect anything has been tampered with, I think they are able to impose extra charges.
>> No. 26766 Anonymous
14th October 2018
Sunday 11:36 pm
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Tech guy here.

You should not fit one yourself. This is definitely engineer work.

As it is, don't try and do it with BT, they will charge you for this. You will not be their customer, strictly speaking, until you have a live service. So break out now.

Certain companies will cover the costs of the Openreach engineer to fit this for you. I know, for example, that the Post Office Homephone and Broadband is currently waiving engineer fees. If you sign up as a customer with them, they will fit the master-socket at no cost to yourself.

This could be done within three working days.

Quick correction on another poster. The internal socket also belongs to Openreach, just not the front cover of the socket, which belongs to the customer. So, you cannot fit it yourself, as it is not your property.

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