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>> No. 27302 Anonymous
26th November 2019
Tuesday 10:21 am
27302 New toy, broken. Sadness
New phone arrived this morning, a year after ordering (yay, indiegogo). It's a lovely jewel of a thing, and the keyboard feels excellent.
Bastard thing's got a cracked outside screen cover, so I'm guessing I'm going to have to send it back, to a company that's in the throes of shipping and unlikely to be very responsive, but I've contacted them.
Arse. I was really looking forward to this.
It doesn't look user-replaceable, and as it's a 'perk' not a purchase, I don't know where I stand.
Whinging here rather on their forum because their forum is full of the most insufferable pricks.
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>> No. 27303 Anonymous
26th November 2019
Tuesday 11:15 am
27303 spacer
The Cosmo Communicator? I dunno I think PDAs have had their day. What kind of clerical work are you realisticly going to get done efficiently and comfortably on something the size of a smartphone?
>> No. 27304 Anonymous
26th November 2019
Tuesday 11:50 am
27304 spacer
>>27303 https://www.japantimes.co.jp/life/2019/11/25/lifestyle/lonely-death-reconstructions/
>> No. 27305 Anonymous
26th November 2019
Tuesday 1:19 pm
27305 spacer

l33t hacking?
>> No. 27312 Anonymous
26th November 2019
Tuesday 5:21 pm
27312 spacer
>>27303 I dunno I think PDAs have had their day.

That's probably why you didn't buy one, and I did.
I've had Nokia Communicators, teeny tiny laptops, the Gemini and now this. It's hardly a PDA, it's a computer with a small but tolerable keyboard. I really don't like touchscreens for text entry, and this is something I can easily pocket, and which has a decent battery life so it'll probably work when I want to use it.
As for 'why' - it's a fine email machine, and fine for hammering out words for code or documents. I still tend to go back to a real machine for editing, but for getting the first cut of things, if I can't be arsed to fire up a laptop or find somewhere to perch it, it works nicely. I played with various OSes on the Gemini, but lacklustre support for the Mediatek means I ended up back on Android. I'll try again on the Cosmo.
>> No. 27313 Anonymous
26th November 2019
Tuesday 5:30 pm
27313 spacer
>>27305 l33t hacking?

it does make a decent ssh / remote desktop / X box, which seems to be what the kids think l33t hacking is all about.
>> No. 27314 Anonymous
26th November 2019
Tuesday 5:41 pm
27314 spacer


That is basically what I meant, joking aside. I only have personal projects to faff about with but have still often wanted a 'proper' keyboard for this sort of thing. Even just for emailing in the field in my real job, though personally I prefer a good software keyboard over an "okay" mini keyboard. A thumb board is preferable to both, something in the XDA format would be genuinely useful for my work, but a the clamshell of this or the Gemini or the GPD Pocket are just not ideal for the outdoor-ish work I find myself doing, and modern smartphones are still pretty excellent at typing while standing up, walking etc, but lack the ability to run weird old proprietary software I use, and they don't play well with our VLAN either.
>> No. 27315 Anonymous
26th November 2019
Tuesday 7:02 pm
27315 spacer
Yeah, the clamshells aren't good for standing use.
It's stunning that blackberry managed to shit the bed so comprehensively. They had the best thumboards, good screens, a decent understanding of power and security. I loved the thumbwheel thingy, that's a fine navigation tool, fast and accurate.

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