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>> No. 27545 Anonymous
25th July 2020
Saturday 6:15 pm
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Is there an e-reader that works especially well for reading PDFs?
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>> No. 27546 Anonymous
25th July 2020
Saturday 6:50 pm
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Get yourself a Holmes-Ginsbook device?

I also would be interested in a better answer, I've bought a few over the years, and none have been satisfactory. I don't know if just a sodding great high-res tablet is the answer these days?
>> No. 27547 Anonymous
25th July 2020
Saturday 6:55 pm
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BOOX do e-readers with 10.3" and 13.3" e-ink displays, but they're about £500 and the software is a bit janky.

If you need portability, you're probably better off with a base-spec iPad; if you don't, get yourself a massive 4K monitor.
>> No. 27548 Anonymous
25th July 2020
Saturday 7:19 pm
27548 spacer
If you truly have to read a lot of PDFs on a portable device, get a tablet mate. While it's possible to make resizable/reflowable PDFs nobody ever does so there's always margin and paging annoyances on an e-reader. Kindle does an alright job for occasional use but I crack out the MS surface for longer periods, using reference books etc.
E-readers for standard literature which is always available in a more appropriate format.
>> No. 27549 Anonymous
25th July 2020
Saturday 11:28 pm
27549 spacer
If it's a purely textual PDF or a textual PDF with embedded images then you're probably best off converting it to mobi or epub. If it's a PDF with specific tabling / formatting then that'll probably be lost in conversion and you'll be best off reading it on a tablet like otherlad said.
>> No. 27550 Anonymous
26th July 2020
Sunday 12:22 pm
27550 spacer
I read all mine on the Kindle - most of them are old O'Reilly books that I was able to buy in PDF form, back in the day. Never found any PDF that doesn't render; your milage will obviously vary if you're downloading a lot of PDFs from other sources.

I like the Kindle because it's so cheap, its practically disposable, and almost indestructible - I particularly like that fact its a one-task device, when reading on a phone/table/laptop, I find the temptation to switch task and start doom-scrolling websites too high.

Sageru, because most people don't like Kindle.
>> No. 27559 Anonymous
1st August 2020
Saturday 9:26 am
27559 spacer
I love my kindle, but...

Amazon intentionally gimp the basic models to push people to the more overpriced models up the range. The basic model now has a grainy low resolution screen, and it's only recently that they've started putting a light on it.

I'm sure the battery life on mine has plummeted over the 2 or 3 years since I bought it too, and it might just be tinfoil hat time but I wouldn't be surprised if that's intentional.
>> No. 27561 Anonymous
1st August 2020
Saturday 12:16 pm
27561 spacer
I have to disagree on the last point. Internally Amazon track the battery life of every single Kindle (they have a graph that shows the internal battery charge of all Kindles out there right now, and the average battery life of each model). Their business model involves giving the Kindles away - if you have one and it breaks, even slightly, they'll replace it free-of-charge without too much effort on your part (just be nice to the customer service rep).

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