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>> No. 27551 Anonymous
31st July 2020
Friday 10:22 pm
27551 Padded Mouse Mats
Yeah, that caught your attention, didn't it? Sicko.

But in all seriousness, are padded mouse mats worth it? Or is there no real different? It's only about ten quid for one but if it's just going to cause my wrist more bother then I'd like to know before hand. Get it? "Hand"! Anyway.
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>> No. 27552 Anonymous
31st July 2020
Friday 10:27 pm
27552 spacer
Are mouse mats even necessary in the first place? They seem superfluous these days.
>> No. 27553 Anonymous
31st July 2020
Friday 10:37 pm
27553 spacer
I think a good wrist rest pad can be helpful, but they tend to be all the way across a keyboard. Like you I think mouse mats are completely superfluous in this day and age though.
>> No. 27554 Anonymous
31st July 2020
Friday 10:41 pm
27554 spacer
You may well think that, but using my mouse on my desk means it hardly budges an inch and when it does it skips and judders about the screen.
>> No. 27555 Anonymous
31st July 2020
Friday 11:01 pm
27555 spacer
I think a new mouse might be a better investment.
>> No. 27556 Anonymous
31st July 2020
Friday 11:15 pm
27556 spacer
I've used this mouse on other surfaces fine, I've used other mice on my desk that were un-fine, I know what the issue is and I'm probably buying a new mouse anyway because lately this one has felt too small late despite my not-terribly-large hands. If you'd like to segue this into why it's actually my keyboard that's the problem go ahead. I mean, I'm only sat in front of my own desk literally looking at the problem, what the hell do I know?
>> No. 27557 Anonymous
1st August 2020
Saturday 12:53 am
27557 spacer
They don't help. A good wrist rest on a keybaord if you type for a living can help if properly adjusted, but that's a micro adjustment. Your desk, your chair, your elbow resting height etc. matter much more. If you do major mouse work, then getting an upright mouse will help you a lot more than an oppai mouse pad.
>> No. 27558 Anonymous
1st August 2020
Saturday 9:17 am
27558 spacer
Depends on how you hold the mouse and your sitting position really. I hold the mouse in my fingertips with the side of my palm resting on the desk. This means my wrist is close to vertical and there's virtually no strain on it, the same way you would hold those big clunky ergonomic mice.
If you hold the mouse fully in your palm like a normal person, the padded mouse mat supports the weight of your arm which takes some of the strain off your wrist, which should be better for you in the long run.

For me a mouse with teflon pads on a fabric mousemat is the best experience generally. If I'm gaming I might use the mouse on the desk if I want to be able to move the mouse faster.
>> No. 27560 Anonymous
1st August 2020
Saturday 11:07 am
27560 spacer
I used to have that exact design mouse mat. I don't seem to remember associated wrist pain at all, it was very comfortable and I only put my dick on it once.

This is pretty much the truth of it from my experience.

I haven't used a mousemat for years; my desk requires a good scrape every couple of weeks due to a build up of what I'm guessing is a hand grease and the weird rubberised bottom of the mouse. The tabletop is pretty worn.
>> No. 27562 Anonymous
1st August 2020
Saturday 2:44 pm
27562 spacer
This is exactly it - the ergonomics of your desk height, seat height, and the size of your body are what goes into should/arm/wrist pain when typing.

Simple, small changes on all of those will yield better results than a different keyboard/mouse or associated pads.
>> No. 27563 Anonymous
1st August 2020
Saturday 3:28 pm
27563 spacer

31MpR2 sPvL._AC_SX425_[1].jpg
I use a gel wrist rest to keep my wrist from resting on the hard edge of my desk. Works like a charm.
>> No. 27564 Anonymous
1st August 2020
Saturday 3:42 pm
27564 spacer

They keyboard ones can be very good too.
>> No. 27565 Anonymous
1st August 2020
Saturday 5:02 pm
27565 spacer

ergonomic management keyboard.jpg
I have a combined Fellowes wrist-pad-mousemat as well as an ergonomic keyboard and a vertical "Anker"* mouse. I don't know if any of them, or the combination, are more to thank for ending my RSI than simply getting bored of Minecraft did, but the weird mouse and keyboard layout are fantastic at putting people off wanting to borrow my machine.

*Just to pre-empt any "wanker" jokes, it's extremely difficult to use it left-handed.
>> No. 27566 Anonymous
1st August 2020
Saturday 6:46 pm
27566 spacer

My desk has drawers in it that prevent you from sitting at ideal ergonomic height. It's alllmost there, but it always feels as if you're sat just an inch or two too low unless you put up with squeezing your legs against the bottom of them. Whoever was designed it must have had an extremely long torso, or very stumpy upper arms.
>> No. 27567 Anonymous
1st August 2020
Saturday 6:50 pm
27567 spacer

(forgot half the bloody post, mods, fix deletion already)

Because of this, I find using a wrist wrest actually increases the sensation of strain on my tendons. It's nice having a bit of padding to stop that protruding bit of your wrist getting sore, but overall increases discomfort. Which is a shame, because my fancy mechanical keyboard came with a very nice leather one.

TL;DR Sort out your desk/chair height first m8. Your elbows should form a right angle and your forearm be horizontal, and your spine should be snugly pushed in by the chair.

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