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>> No. 27826 Anonymous
14th March 2021
Sunday 8:42 pm
27826 spacer
What browser extensions do you lads run on these days?

Outside of the usual ones you expect:
I made this thread because I only just found out about this and feel like you fuckers have been holding out on me. Block/marks content in youtube videos that is advertising, audience interaction, non-music or what have you.

>I don't care about cookies
You whitelist sites to avoid getting those annoying cookie/privacy popups when you google something in private browser mode. It simply auto-accepts rather than anything fancy.

>Enhancer for youtube
Improves youtube UI and functionality so videos start expanded, I can set video quality preferences and have the site coloured the way I want.
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>> No. 27827 Anonymous
14th March 2021
Sunday 9:41 pm
27827 spacer
"Core" plugins are:
Privacy Badger
HTTPS everywhere

All in Firefox, Chrome stopped being properly moddable and Edge is just bizarre.
>> No. 27828 Anonymous
14th March 2021
Sunday 9:47 pm
27828 spacer
Do the plugins collect data about you? Websites you go to, etc? I only run an adblock.
>> No. 27829 Anonymous
14th March 2021
Sunday 10:04 pm
27829 spacer
uBlock Origin
HTTPS Everywhere
Facebook container
>> No. 27830 Anonymous
15th March 2021
Monday 2:07 am
27830 spacer

While we're here I'd add my core set:

uBlock Origin
User-agent switcher
>> No. 27831 Anonymous
15th March 2021
Monday 9:36 am
27831 spacer
Video Speed Controller
>> No. 27835 Anonymous
1st April 2021
Thursday 10:15 pm
27835 spacer
AdFree Youtube
Coincidence Detector (banned)
De-mainstream Youtube
Dissenter (banned)
Emoji Now Emoji Keyboard
Image Downloader
Instagram Downloader
PocketTube (youtube subscription manager)
Quora Login Bypass
Reverse Image Search
Tab Session Manager
Twitch Clip Downloader
View Background Image (to get the background image of child html elements, not just the one you click on)
Window Resizer
>> No. 27836 Anonymous
1st April 2021
Thursday 10:43 pm
27836 spacer
uBlock Origin
Distraction Free Youtube
Bypass Paywalls
>> No. 27950 Anonymous
30th July 2021
Friday 5:08 am
27950 spacer
>> No. 27951 Anonymous
30th July 2021
Friday 10:11 am
27951 spacer
Why are you using an extension specifically designed for neo-Nazi cunts?
>> No. 27952 Anonymous
30th July 2021
Friday 1:25 pm
27952 spacer
Probably because it has a use. Which one are you talking about and why is it bad?
>> No. 27953 Anonymous
30th July 2021
Friday 1:27 pm
27953 spacer
I assume he's talking about the one which is solely for putting brackets around Jewish names. That's its use.
>> No. 27954 Anonymous
30th July 2021
Friday 1:59 pm
27954 spacer
That's hilariously petty. I assume they're using it because they've got a specific sense of humour.
>> No. 27955 Anonymous
30th July 2021
Friday 2:38 pm
27955 spacer
That or they're not using it and just put it on the list of ones they posted here to get a response.
>> No. 27956 Anonymous
30th July 2021
Friday 3:32 pm
27956 spacer
Which is what I'd assume, considering some people have proven themselves very sensitive to such things on here. And it worked, so good for them.
>> No. 27957 Anonymous
30th July 2021
Friday 3:34 pm
27957 spacer
It only took three months but yes.
>> No. 27958 Anonymous
30th July 2021
Friday 3:51 pm
27958 spacer

Which one in the list does that?
>> No. 27959 Anonymous
30th July 2021
Friday 4:15 pm
27959 spacer

Emoji Now Emoji Keyboard.
>> No. 28079 Anonymous
1st February 2022
Tuesday 9:53 pm
28079 Firefox
my texxxt.png
It's all gone tits up, I'm upset on a fundamental level and it's impacting multiple sites but I can't figure it out, anyone know what I've fucked and how I can unfuck it so the small text is no longer massive and everything is spaced properly? I don't know what I was pressing, but it wasn't too weird and I've never seen this before. It's not a text zoom, that's default, and it's not regular zoom, that's also default. Looked in about:config for devp and that's default too.

I didn't visit any dodgy sites, I promise.

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