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>> No. 27978 Anonymous
31st August 2021
Tuesday 4:02 pm
27978 RAID drives from a dead machine
I just fired up a machine I've had in storage for a few years, and one of the power supplies crapped out in a cloud of smoke after a few minutes. The machine seemed healthy enough up until that point - appeared on the network, had the expected shares, but didn't allow RDP connections for some reason - I didn't have a monitor plugged in so was a bit blind.
There's a fair amount of specialist reading material on the machine, spread across 5 RAIDed 2.5" SATA drives. Only 500Gbyte or so in total.
So - if a replacement PSU doesn't fix it, are RAIDed drives standard enough that I can bang them into an external reader, one at a time, on a second machine, and recover my stash onto a single drive? I wouldn't be comfortable using an outside contractor, as there's work stuff on it as well as filth. It's an HP Proliant DL360 using whatever nasty built-in RAID controller it shipped with, and I have no idea how I set it up.
There's this, http://www.freeraidrecovery.com , but it looks like a free lunch being offered by attractive Russian ladies (hence the pic), which is nice and all, but I'm a tad cynical.
Inb4 'RAID is not backups. Yeah, I know. Most things are backed up, but there might be a month or two of smut, as that was never automated.
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>> No. 27979 Anonymous
31st August 2021
Tuesday 4:52 pm
27979 spacer
They are not standard enough, in my experience - I don't want to pour too much of a dampener on you though. If you can get 3 of the drives in a machine, with the same interface, you might have enough to recover. You will somehow have to figure out what RAID configuration you used.
>> No. 27980 Anonymous
31st August 2021
Tuesday 10:30 pm
27980 spacer
>HP Proliant DL360
I think those typically kick around with two PSUs, and for the sake of redundancy the PSUs are easily, if not cheaply, replaceable.

If you somehow happen to have another of them kicking around, you should be able to recover by placing each drive in the corresponding place in the array.

As >>27979 points out, you'll need to know what RAID configuration you were using, because that will affect the layout of the data on the drives. You also don't stand much chance of recovering the data from individual drives, particularly since IIRC the Proliant range use the proprietary HP Smart Array, which does its RAID in hardware so the OS sees only a single device.
>> No. 27981 Anonymous
31st August 2021
Tuesday 10:30 pm
27981 spacer
>If you somehow happen to have another of them kicking around
To be clear, here I'm referring to another DL360 of the same generation.
>> No. 27982 Anonymous
1st September 2021
Wednesday 9:12 am
27982 spacer
Yeah, it has 2 PSUs (700W, ffs, in a 1U server), but I idly only fed power into one, and am now too chicken to only power it from the other one. Replacement coming from ebay, for a tenner.
I hadn't seen how cheap whole machines are now - so yeah, if I have to, I'll get one and play swapsy. Dunno if the raid configuration is held on a disk or on the raid card, though, so could still be a pain. With any luck it will fire up fine with the new PSU, and I can pull it all into a VM and flog the box for a pittance.
>> No. 27983 Anonymous
1st September 2021
Wednesday 3:41 pm
27983 spacer
>and am now too chicken to only power it from the other one
Just do it. The worst that'll happen is that it will crap out in a similar way.
>> No. 27984 Anonymous
1st September 2021
Wednesday 6:19 pm
27984 spacer

I have an old DL360, but given you're talking about 2.5" drives, I think you have the model or so after mine. I believe mine is a G3, which is a 1U server with 2x5.25" hard drives. It is actually brand new, only run for 2 hours, despite being almost 15 years old.

If you get stuck, and it might help, would happily send it or parts.
>> No. 27985 Anonymous
24th September 2021
Friday 2:11 pm
27985 spacer
Thanks, all. Cheap ebay PSU sourced, machine fired up and filth harvested and backed up then wiped, no harm done. Box shoved in a rack to be ignored for another decade. It's not even worth provisioning as a VM server or anything, so much power and noise for only moderate grunt.
>> No. 27986 Anonymous
24th September 2021
Friday 5:10 pm
27986 spacer
>so much power and noise for only moderate grunt

I have two DL585s and a couple of Sun Sparc's that are in exactly the same category. If I thought there was any gold in them, I would probably recycle, but it seems a shame to just scrap/throw them away.

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