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>> No. 28019 Anonymous
2nd December 2021
Thursday 4:19 pm
28019 Fan heaters that don't suck.
This is pushing it a bit for /g/ , but -
can you get fan heaters with continuously variable output? I've got a heater in my little office, but it clicks from 1KW to zero, while still running the fan, so I get a blast of cold air.
I'd rather it was more subtle, and backed the airflow down a bit, backed the heat off a bit based on the incoming air temperature. Obviously tune it so it's not hunting wildly.
Is this something one can buy, or do I have to build my own?
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>> No. 28020 Anonymous
2nd December 2021
Thursday 4:32 pm
28020 spacer
Just put a jumper on.
>> No. 28021 Anonymous
2nd December 2021
Thursday 4:35 pm
28021 spacer
If they do, they'll be very expensive, I would imagine, simply because of how cheaply and easily the type you describe are made.

I know this isn't really in the spirit of your question, but an oil filled radiator might be what you need, as I think it uses variable power, but even if it doesn't there's obviously no cold air ever blowing at you, and they actually retain heat, which I've found is more useful in a household setting than a fan blower.
>> No. 28022 Anonymous
2nd December 2021
Thursday 5:14 pm
28022 spacer
The oil radiators work much better.
>> No. 28023 Anonymous
2nd December 2021
Thursday 7:56 pm
28023 spacer
No, the electronics needed continuously varying multiple KW of electrical output are relatively expensive, at least compared to the cost of a little heater.

However, a lot of modern coolers are built with ceramic PTC elements rather than bare nichrome wire, they're still basically the same with 2 fixed heat settings and a thermostat, but because PTC elements are self-regulating the power output drops as the element heats up so hypothetically with the thermostat set to max it should cycle off and on less due to the overheat protection, but it really depends how they're designed and in practice they may be no different.

Otherwise as others have said, an oil filled radiator or simple convector might be better.
>> No. 28024 Anonymous
2nd December 2021
Thursday 8:27 pm
28024 spacer

The wind turns a generator which heats a coil, thegenerated heat is then picked up on the wind and blown across the user. Would it work?
>> No. 28025 Anonymous
2nd December 2021
Thursday 8:31 pm
28025 spacer
Couldn't you just point two fans at each other?
>> No. 28026 Anonymous
2nd December 2021
Thursday 8:37 pm
28026 spacer
I mean the air movement relies on wind alone. The fan is simply a mechanism to turn the generator.
>> No. 28027 Anonymous
2nd December 2021
Thursday 8:41 pm
28027 spacer
Perpetual motion.
>> No. 28028 Anonymous
2nd December 2021
Thursday 8:44 pm
28028 spacer
A kW PFC stage isn't terribly expensive, as it's the front end of a moderate PC power supply. I could then PWM the output of that (which is basically 450V DC) into a series pair of regular elements.
Probably have horrible flicker & harmonics, but fuck it. Hm, I could just use the whole PC PSU, and switch in and out power resistors mounted to a massive blown heatsink, fed from 12V. That would be relatively sanely priced, not too offensive to the mains supply, quiet and reliable.

You're all right (except jumper lad), I should ditch blown air and get a panel or a convector. If I can rest my feet on it, so much the better.
>> No. 28029 Anonymous
2nd December 2021
Thursday 10:28 pm
28029 spacer

It would, but the need for it to be windy to stay warm seems impractical.
>> No. 28030 Anonymous
3rd December 2021
Friday 4:14 am
28030 spacer

IIRC the Dyson Hot + Cool fan heater does have continuously variable output, but it's also £400.

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