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trent daria headphones.gif
>> No. 28060 Anonymous
28th December 2021
Tuesday 8:58 am
28060 MP3 player + headphones
It's been a long, long time since I last did cardio and in the interim I lost my iPod Nano. I know phones seem to do everything these days but I'm a stubborn dinosaur who likes owning his data and I'm looking for a good MP3 player to use. Amazon is predictable full of dodgy-looking Chinese garbage but perhaps one of you good fellows has a recommendation.

I also need some decent noise-cancelling headphones, both for gym use and general commuting. I'm not a trenchant audiophile but they should have a good bass, and if possible I'd rather not shell out more than I have to for Bose or Beats (though I hear rumours the latter are crap anyway). Anyone else in my boat or similar?
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>> No. 28061 Anonymous
28th December 2021
Tuesday 10:36 am
28061 spacer
Wtf ladm7 , use your phone.
>> No. 28062 Anonymous
28th December 2021
Tuesday 10:41 am
28062 spacer
Shan't, won't and don't wanna. My phone is bulky and the section for mirror-gazing weightlifting freaks like me is in the basement where reception is rubbish, so streaming isn't an option in there. In any case I still need a recommendation for headphones.
>> No. 28063 Anonymous
28th December 2021
Tuesday 10:46 am
28063 spacer

Put the MP3s on your phone and use a media player, you muppet.
>> No. 28064 Anonymous
28th December 2021
Tuesday 10:55 am
28064 spacer
There aren't any noise-cancelling in-ear phones worth a damn and over-ear headphones are a terrible choice for exercising in.

And use an mp3 player fucking zoomer.
>> No. 28065 Anonymous
28th December 2021
Tuesday 11:46 am
28065 spacer
I use my phone with mp3s on, kept in sync from PC with Syncthing.

For headphones I have the Sony WF-1000MX3, which I'm happy enough with. Not sure they are super bassy, although I think you can control with an app.
>> No. 28066 Anonymous
28th December 2021
Tuesday 3:40 pm
28066 spacer
You can never go wrong with a set of Sennheiser CX. They do ones made for phones with the little in-line remote thingy.

For the price you can't complain at all, but it's more the case that they're really the only ones under a 70 quid or so that aren't shit. Most of the big brand ones sound absolutely crap, and it has little to do with price- They market them on appearance and gimmicks rather than sound quality nowadays, because they know your average pleb won't be able to tell the difference on their 128kb streaming audio as long as they bass is loud.

As for the player itself nah, you're really out of options there, but frankly by [current year] I would imagine even the Chink knock-offs are getting pretty decent. Personally this is why I've always stuck with Sony phones, because they still let you have both an SD card and a headphone jack, and the music app is actually pretty good.
>> No. 28067 Anonymous
28th December 2021
Tuesday 5:01 pm
28067 spacer
Do you have a phone? Friggin use VLC media player.
>> No. 28068 Anonymous
28th December 2021
Tuesday 5:55 pm
28068 spacer

Not OP but I hate this typical response with an utter passion. My phone is too big in general, too delicate to use during exercise, and it doesn't have anywhere near the battery life I need for a long haul flight.

Of all the things I've lost over the years I miss the nudes the mp3 players with 24 hour+ battery life the most.
>> No. 28069 Anonymous
28th December 2021
Tuesday 7:36 pm
28069 spacer
Don't planes have USB charging points?
>> No. 28070 Anonymous
28th December 2021
Tuesday 7:45 pm
28070 spacer

I use the Victure M3. This is exactly the sort of dodgy-looking Chinese garbage you are turning your nose up at, but it plays MP3s, without my phone, for less than £30, so if I sit on it or lose it down a gutter it's no big loss.
>> No. 28071 Anonymous
28th December 2021
Tuesday 7:48 pm
28071 spacer
No, they use liquid fuel.
>> No. 28072 Anonymous
28th December 2021
Tuesday 7:57 pm
28072 spacer
He means to plug his phone in.
>> No. 28073 Anonymous
28th December 2021
Tuesday 8:29 pm
28073 spacer
There is absolutely no reason to not use your phone and cheap Bluetooth earbuds.
>> No. 28074 Anonymous
29th December 2021
Wednesday 3:13 am
28074 spacer

This is pretty much the sort of thing I'm looking for. What kind of battery life does it have?


I've given several already in the thread, but if you want to add the 7 gazillion remotely exploitable bugs in the Android bluetooth stack to the list....

Very definite sage for infosec autism.
>> No. 28075 Anonymous
29th December 2021
Wednesday 1:57 pm
28075 spacer
Thanks, I'll check those out.

Agreed, I suppose I thought .gs was full of boomers like me who wouldn't care for using their phones. Which I can do, but like you said the bulkiness and battery life really aren't ideal. I liked MP3 players because they were tiny, lasted a long time and did a single thing very well. There was no real reason for that tech to change.

I'll take a look - it's not really snobbishness that's motivating my choices, I'm just wary of getting a dud. The quality of Chinese tech has undoubtedly improved in the last decade anyway. So I might give it a bash and report back.

Stop pretending to be me, ladchapm7.
>> No. 28096 Anonymous
25th April 2022
Monday 4:46 pm
28096 spacer
Hijacking this thread. My daughter wants a pair of headphones for her birthday; as far as I'm aware it'll mainly be used when she's either on her phone or the computer. Would earbuds work? I've absolutely no idea if they can be paired with a computer, assuming it'd be no problem with the phone.

This is what I had in mind unless you have any better suggestions:

>> No. 28097 Anonymous
25th April 2022
Monday 5:03 pm
28097 spacer
I'm not sure they'll pair with 2 devices? I can't remember what the word you'd look for is, for this.
Pairing every time she wants to swap between phone and PC might be a PITA. Or she might be more patient than me, in which case, fine.
>> No. 28098 Anonymous
25th April 2022
Monday 5:05 pm
28098 spacer
I might just get a wired pair with a headphone jack to save on fannying about.
>> No. 28099 Anonymous
25th April 2022
Monday 8:56 pm
28099 spacer
Well does t'computer have bluetooth?
>> No. 28100 Anonymous
26th April 2022
Tuesday 7:43 am
28100 spacer
Some wireless headphones come with a headphone jack e.g. Sony ones.
>> No. 28101 Anonymous
26th April 2022
Tuesday 8:26 am
28101 spacer
I've no idea, I doubt it.

Thanks, lad. Any recommendations for wireless headphones with a jack?
>> No. 28102 Anonymous
26th April 2022
Tuesday 3:14 pm
28102 spacer

>> No. 28103 Anonymous
26th April 2022
Tuesday 3:35 pm
28103 spacer


But don't get from Curry's they're shit.
>> No. 28104 Anonymous
26th April 2022
Tuesday 9:06 pm
28104 spacer
I have MPOW H10 noise cancelling, for work, which are pretty adequate and have both BT and a jack that I've never used. They don't seem to exist any more, but Amazon offered me this, which claims 2 BT connections and a jack. If you don't want to support the evil rootkit empire, then why not support our data harvesting Chinese overlords?

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