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>> No. 66065 Anonymous
30th July 2020
Thursday 4:52 pm
66065 spacer
Should convicted sex attackers be referred to as 'naughty'?
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>> No. 66066 Crabkiller
30th July 2020
Thursday 5:03 pm
66066 spacer
It's how he described himself, while chasing a parliamentary researcher round his house and trying to grope her.

Sort of admire his (ex) wife turning up to support him, and then announcing the divorce as soon as he was convicted.
>> No. 66067 YubYub
30th July 2020
Thursday 6:39 pm
66067 spacer
They constantly referred to a now convicted multiple child rapist as 'Daddy" because that's how he made his victims refer to him.

Call me old fashioned, but I don't think that the media using these cute nicknames derived from words uttered during sexual assaults is good for society or the victim.
>> No. 66068 Crabkiller
30th July 2020
Thursday 9:12 pm
66068 spacer
who is he and what did he do?
>> No. 66069 Are Moaty
31st July 2020
Friday 1:21 am
66069 spacer
He's a Tory MP who sexually assaulted a parliamentary worker, and then chanted "I'm a naughty Tory" as he chased her around his house trying to grab her arse. While the wife was away, obviously.

I mean, we've all been there.
>> No. 66071 Anonymous
31st July 2020
Friday 8:39 am
66071 spacer
He also lost the Tory whip but had it reinstated by Theresa May when she needed his vote to fend off a leadership challenge.
>> No. 66083 Billbob
2nd August 2020
Sunday 12:09 am
66083 spacer
A former minister has been arrested after a woman in her twenties accused him of rape, sexual assault and coercive control.

The Conservative MP was taken into custody early on Saturday and was still in a police station in east London by late afternoon.

The complainant, a former parliamentary employee, accuses him of abuse during a relationship last year.


ITZ spreading.
>> No. 66084 R4GE
2nd August 2020
Sunday 12:23 am
66084 spacer
Former minister too. Should be possible to narrow it down.
>> No. 66085 Billbob
2nd August 2020
Sunday 12:27 am
66085 spacer
The rozzers have said it's man in his fifties and a few papers have said it's a senior MP.

There's about 10 people it could be.
>> No. 66087 Ambulancelad
2nd August 2020
Sunday 4:33 am
66087 spacer
Chris Grayling will probably cop to it even if it's not him.
>> No. 66088 Moralfag
2nd August 2020
Sunday 4:51 am
66088 spacer
I think he's probably too incompetent to pull off even a sex assault.
>> No. 66089 Anonymous
2nd August 2020
Sunday 7:11 am
66089 spacer

I can't see it being Hammond, the possibility of him having a penis disgusts me.
>> No. 66090 Moralfag
2nd August 2020
Sunday 9:54 am
66090 spacer
No longer an MP and in his sixties so it won't be Hammond.

Apparently it's one of Hunt, Grayling, Javid, Clark, Brokenshire, Hinds, Freeman, Fox, Freeman, Stride and Mundell but a couple of those are gay.
>> No. 66091 Searchfag
2nd August 2020
Sunday 11:13 am
66091 spacer
I'm narrowing it down by proximity to East London. It seems a bit much to get Mundell down to East London on a Saturday. That leaves:

BROKENSHIRE (wrong side of London)

Seems like a lot of shagging goes on in Parliament - what's all that about?
>> No. 66092 R4GE
2nd August 2020
Sunday 11:17 am
66092 spacer
I think a lot of MPs treat parliament like a boy's own club, particularly the tories. Lots of jolly japes.
>> No. 66093 Moralfag
2nd August 2020
Sunday 11:44 am
66093 spacer
Yeah I keep hearing that name too. Can't say I have heard of him before this, so I'm not sure how "senior" he is.
>> No. 66094 Anonymous
2nd August 2020
Sunday 1:56 pm
66094 spacer

This is what happens when your workplace is constructed like the school you went to, but with a Pub instead of a Tuck Shop.

(I'm an NHS Vassal, so instead of a Pub we get an RVS / League of Friends shop)
>> No. 66095 YubYub
2nd August 2020
Sunday 3:03 pm
66095 spacer

It's a massive part of the problem - and one of many reasons why normal people don't want to be MPs or get involved in public service.
>> No. 66096 Billbob
2nd August 2020
Sunday 3:08 pm
66096 spacer
I had this thought a few years ago when I watched a documentary about Parliament. It was uncanny the way they had to go from room to room on a set schedule and various other trappings. I think it's a big part of why so few of them appear to take the gig seriously.
>> No. 66097 YubYub
2nd August 2020
Sunday 3:10 pm
66097 spacer

And bells ring to tell them when, also just like school.
>> No. 66100 YubYub
2nd August 2020
Sunday 8:25 pm
66100 spacer
I'm convinced going to one of those posho public schools or boarding schools is guaranteed to turn you into a right deviant, too.

I remember reading some autobiographical book by roald dahl or someone, that went into detail about all sorts of weird domineering bullying practices, like being made to sit on the toilet to warm the seat up for a prefect and such.

I can only see formative experiences like that turning you into a wrong 'un, frankly.
>> No. 66101 Are Moaty
2nd August 2020
Sunday 9:29 pm
66101 spacer

Interestingly, I believe this practice is known as "fagging".
>> No. 66102 Anonymous
2nd August 2020
Sunday 10:02 pm
66102 spacer
Fagging/roasting fags is mentioned a fair bit in Tom Brown's schooldays and Flashman.
>> No. 66103 Are Moaty
2nd August 2020
Sunday 10:18 pm
66103 spacer
The French used to refer to BDSM as 'the English disease'. The boarding school upbringing of much of our international gentry must have been a factor in this.
>> No. 66104 Ambulancelad
2nd August 2020
Sunday 10:42 pm
66104 spacer
Was this before or after they discovered the Germans?
>> No. 66105 YubYub
2nd August 2020
Sunday 10:45 pm
66105 spacer


bit rich of them, considering the patron saint of perversion was a frog.
>> No. 66106 Are Moaty
2nd August 2020
Sunday 10:48 pm
66106 spacer
The Germans have the same where spanking/caning is referred to as 'doing English'. I blame the fact that corporal punishment remained in our boarding schools long after it was abandoned by continentals.

What will be interesting is to look at whether BDSM is even more popular in Singapore given caning is a national pastime for them.
>> No. 66107 Auntiefucker
2nd August 2020
Sunday 11:19 pm
66107 weird
This guy has deleted all his social media today. Sure it's just an coincidence.
>> No. 66108 Samefag
2nd August 2020
Sunday 11:24 pm
66108 spacer
If I had a penny for each time I'd accidently pressed the "delete every single piece of social media I have ever had" button I'd have no pennies because it doesn't exist and entirely coincidentally I'm not a rapist.
>> No. 66109 Searchfag
2nd August 2020
Sunday 11:34 pm
66109 spacer
Just conjecture at this stage, of course. But he is in his fifties, a prominent tory and an ex minister.

Fucking delicious if true. He's a loathsome cunt.
>> No. 66110 Billbob
3rd August 2020
Monday 3:08 am
66110 spacer
Since the whole Brexit thing got done finally, he's completed life. He just needed to delete Facebook to get the platinum trophy.

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