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>> No. 70322 YubYub
20th January 2022
Thursday 5:40 pm
70322 spacer
Who do you think is the next celebrity to be revealed to be a carpet-bagger case, therefore rendering all their years of work unbroadcastable, a la Jimmy saville? I think it's Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Seems to have a lot of fingers in a lot of pies, and he's always so nice and pleasant, he must be hiding the darkness within his heart. Maybe Ashley Banjo too.
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>> No. 70323 Anonymous
20th January 2022
Thursday 5:52 pm
70323 spacer
It's going to be one of the big Northern comedians. Peter Kay or Jason Manford, perhaps. That or a slightly less famous one who will sink a series he was barely in, like Super Hans.
>> No. 70324 Billbob
20th January 2022
Thursday 6:21 pm
70324 spacer
Jimmy Carr.

Just look at him.
>> No. 70325 Samefag
20th January 2022
Thursday 6:27 pm
70325 spacer
Over his lifetime David Attenborough has travelled all across the developing world, much of which was during eras of lax international oversight for the sex trade and where local attitudes to minors were very different.

I'm not saying he did, I'm just saying that were it another man with a similar story then I wouldn't be completely flabbergasted if something comes out shortly after his death. Assuming anyone was still alive.
>> No. 70326 Moralfag
20th January 2022
Thursday 6:28 pm
70326 spacer
I heard Dwayne Johnson sold his arse for many of his roles.
>> No. 70327 Searchfag
20th January 2022
Thursday 6:35 pm
70327 spacer
When American comedian Bob Saget died recently, I saw clips of his comedy roast. While he was known as a wholesome family entertainer, his stand-up comedy shows were notoriously offensive, so everyone roasting him took it in turns to call him a paedophile and a hideous serial predator and rapist, because those were the sort of jokes he always made. But they all made the same jokes, about the same victims, and none of them were funny. And they did sound similar to those jokes about Harvey Weinstein before his crimes came out. And then Bob Saget died suddenly in a hotel room, not from drugs as far as I know. If it wasn't drugs, my next guess is suicide, and I jumped from there to wondering if maybe they weren't jokes at all in his roast, and it was about to be made public. He died a couple of weeks ago and I haven't heard anything yet, but if you loved Full House, I would encourage you to rewatch it now just in case.
>> No. 70328 Samefag
20th January 2022
Thursday 6:43 pm
70328 spacer


>> No. 70329 YubYub
20th January 2022
Thursday 6:46 pm
70329 spacer


>> No. 70330 Samefag
20th January 2022
Thursday 6:49 pm
70330 spacer

Wishful thinking rather than any actual evidence.
>> No. 70331 Are Moaty
20th January 2022
Thursday 6:59 pm
70331 spacer
God I fucking hope so, imagine telly without that glazed, vacant mug appearing every 5 minutes.
>> No. 70332 Searchfag
20th January 2022
Thursday 8:56 pm
70332 spacer
Do you actually watch television unironically in 2022?
>> No. 70333 R4GE
20th January 2022
Thursday 9:09 pm
70333 spacer

Do you actually unironically use "it's {currentyear}" to berate people on the internet in {currentyear}?
>> No. 70335 Anonymous
20th January 2022
Thursday 10:24 pm
70335 spacer
Other than to identify with progressive politics, yes.
>> No. 70336 Auntiefucker
20th January 2022
Thursday 10:53 pm
70336 spacer
He has a point. Even if you're sat watching TV in the old fashioned way, why are you finding yourself stuck watching the ITV magician all the time? Even with Freeview there's plenty of other channels.

For what it's worth I still watch TV at night sometimes. Sometimes you never know what you'll get and that's interesting in its own way. Streaming is where I go when I know what I want to watch.
>> No. 70337 Moralfag
21st January 2022
Friday 12:19 am
70337 spacer
Barely even 10% of freeview channels are worth watching, though. It's mostly TV shopping and weird infomercial type stuff.
>> No. 70338 YubYub
21st January 2022
Friday 12:54 am
70338 spacer
I only watch Freeview and the occasional free streaming service (yes, it's me again; I don't think there are two of us) and this is a massive exaggeration. Only around 20% of the channels are unwatchable TV shopping and shite, and that's if you include the gay dating channels up in the few-hundreds. I would also argue that you'd only watch 10% of Sky channels too. I never watch CITV, but I'd say it's still worth watching if you're ten years old. There are some film channels that are really good, but which I rarely watch just because I can't be bothered. ITV3 is definitely worse than it used to be, but ITV4 has obscure sports and other brilliance. ITV2 is admittedly shit.

As an exercise, I think I have around 130 channels on Freeview, but that's including radio stations. So, including radio stations, here are 14 channels I enjoy regularly: BBC1, BBC2, ITV1, Channel 4, Channel 5, BBC Four, Quest, ITV4, E4, BBC News, Sky News, al-Jazeera, BBC Radio 1, and BBC Radio 3. That's more than 10% already, and I had to delete BBC Parliament and GB News (which I very rarely watch but do watch sometimes) to limit myself to 14.

Anyway. Does anyone think Ant or Dec might be a sex predator?
>> No. 70339 Ambulancelad
21st January 2022
Friday 1:26 am
70339 spacer
I'm fairly sure they're both smooth like an Action Man under their clothes.

Gok Wan is a known randy bastard, but he's been out of the game for a while anyway.
>> No. 70340 R4GE
21st January 2022
Friday 5:39 am
70340 spacer
>> No. 70341 Auntiefucker
21st January 2022
Friday 8:04 am
70341 spacer
From what I've been told by people who worked in the TV Industry, if you're a woman you don't want to be shooting on location with Hugh fearnley-Whittingstall.
>> No. 70342 Are Moaty
21st January 2022
Friday 1:10 pm
70342 spacer
The more feminine Hairy Biker gives off bad vibes. Too softly spoken.
>> No. 70343 Paedofag
21st January 2022
Friday 3:18 pm
70343 spacer
I've heard similar things concerning men and Kate Humble.
>> No. 70344 Are Moaty
21st January 2022
Friday 4:01 pm
70344 spacer

>Gok Wan

His name is an anagram of GO WANK, no less.

I've always felt that Cliff Richard only dodged Yewtree because they couldn't make anything stick. There were allegations by three different men who were young teenagers when he allegedly fondled them. He did win his court cases, but you can't help feeling like there's something latently dodgy about celebs who shroud their sexuality in secrecy all their lives, especially in times like ours when coming out gay is hardly going to raise an eyebrow anymore. Your nan who used to swoon over Sir Cliff when she was a teenager would hardly have a heart attack if he went public about being gay.

On the other hand, Freddie Mercury did avoid the question all his life and up to his death bed, and always refused to comment in detail when pressed, and he wasn't a wrongun, but those were arguably different times.
>> No. 70345 Searchfag
21st January 2022
Friday 7:02 pm
70345 spacer
Homosexuality is not very Christian in some people's eyes.
>> No. 70346 Samefag
21st January 2022
Friday 7:31 pm
70346 spacer

>> No. 70347 Anonymous
21st January 2022
Friday 8:51 pm
70347 spacer

How convenient.

Kind of a lame excuse for having adventures in Narnia.
>> No. 70451 Are Moaty
15th February 2022
Tuesday 5:51 pm
70451 spacer
I found out recently that Alvin Stardust wasn't a carpet-bagger. He looked like Gary Glitter, who is a carpet-bagger, so it confused me.
>> No. 70452 Searchfag
15th February 2022
Tuesday 6:26 pm
70452 spacer
>> No. 70453 Samefag
15th February 2022
Tuesday 7:57 pm
70453 spacer

>Gruenbaum adds that she bent over to prepare her equipment when Andrew came up to her and said, “Hey nice a–. Do you take it up the a–?”

>Despite the uncomfortable and unwanted advances, she continued with him for six sessions.

>“He was always naked under the towel,” Gruenbaum added. “All the way through he was talking about anal sex and making anal sex jokes. He asked when I had last had sex. It went on and on,” she said.

Bit of a bumder too, eh?
>> No. 70454 YubYub
15th February 2022
Tuesday 8:44 pm
70454 spacer
Imagine him reaming Sarah Ferguson's ginger arsehole. Vile.
>> No. 70455 Billbob
15th February 2022
Tuesday 9:07 pm
70455 spacer
You bloody what? That's incredible. If anything, it's even more incredible than knowing the difference between Alvin Stardust and Gary Glitter.

>> No. 70456 Ambulancelad
15th February 2022
Tuesday 9:48 pm
70456 spacer


>> No. 70457 Samefag
15th February 2022
Tuesday 10:04 pm
70457 spacer

Don't mean to sound like an enabler or anything but isn't this how massages work? I once got a legitimate massage having got off a plane with a stiff neck and the woman was both very clear this wasn't a knocking shop and that I should take my clothes off.
>> No. 70458 YubYub
15th February 2022
Tuesday 10:16 pm
70458 spacer
In the context of physical therapy or sports massage, it's typical to leave your kegs on. The Sun are doing her a disservice by describing her as a masseuse as opposed to a massage therapist, which is what they prefer since masseuse carries erotic implications. In a spa setting, it's generally at the punter's discretion, and obviously if you're hoping to get a swift handjob then being clothed under the towel is sending the wrong message.
>> No. 70857 Are Moaty
29th April 2022
Friday 3:37 pm
70857 spacer
Tim Westwood sexually abuses (mostly black) teenagers. Is he the next saville?
>> No. 70858 YubYub
29th April 2022
Friday 3:54 pm
70858 spacer
He's always given the vibe of the type of lad in his 20s driving round in a Citroen saxo trying to pick up school girls.
>> No. 70860 Anonymous
29th April 2022
Friday 11:41 pm
70860 spacer
He has excellent taste, and also he's a 64-year-old man whose radio show presumably still regularly has him saying, "Brap brap, hold tight for the mandem ting, fam". So I'm in two minds about whether or not this was foreseeable with hindsight.
>> No. 70861 Anonymous
30th April 2022
Saturday 12:21 am
70861 spacer

100%, but I think he was picking up sixth formers so legally it's alright.


>> No. 70862 YubYub
30th April 2022
Saturday 12:12 pm
70862 spacer
BBC should have tight upper pay constraints for presenters. Let them be a proving ground for new talent but cap pay so they don't get these fuckers staying around for 30 years, they can go idle kids on ad-funded money or not at all.
Who on earth is going to complain?
>> No. 70863 R4GE
30th April 2022
Saturday 12:26 pm
70863 spacer
All companies should have upper pay constraints relative to the lowest paid employee.

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