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>> No. 70947 YubYub
18th May 2022
Wednesday 2:36 pm
70947 Silly internet things
I think we've brought it up before that normal human relationships these days require a low-level flow of silly internet images. I don't know why it's like this but otherwise you might be viewed as antisocial. Can you two post some images and maybe videos so I can have an archive for when I know I need to contact someone to make them believe I'm a normal human being but don't have anything to say (because I'm a cunt)?
Expand all images.
>> No. 70948 Ambulancelad
18th May 2022
Wednesday 2:53 pm
70948 spacer

For what it's worth, some people seem to like the smell of arse.
>> No. 70949 YubYub
18th May 2022
Wednesday 3:07 pm
70949 spacer

You will die.png
Why are these women getting excited by their brother/father's cologne. I don't get turned on by my mum's perfume.
>> No. 70950 Billbob
18th May 2022
Wednesday 3:12 pm
70950 spacer
You're gay. Riddle solved.
>> No. 70951 R4GE
18th May 2022
Wednesday 5:12 pm
70951 spacer

Everyone loves Bartolo Colon.

>> No. 70953 Anonymous
19th May 2022
Thursday 11:50 pm
70953 spacer

pallet chase.jpg

>> No. 70969 YubYub
22nd May 2022
Sunday 8:59 pm
70969 spacer


>> No. 70970 Paedofag
22nd May 2022
Sunday 10:57 pm
70970 spacer

here's a funny cat picture i found
>> No. 70971 Ambulancelad
23rd May 2022
Monday 12:29 am
70971 spacer

activate skeleton.jpg
I don't see why I, an embittered and miserable bachelor, am posting assistance to help the rest of you fucking pussy-patrollers get laid yet again. Perhaps I should only post bad images from now on.
>> No. 70972 Paedofag
23rd May 2022
Monday 12:34 am
70972 spacer


>> No. 70973 Auntiefucker
23rd May 2022
Monday 12:51 am
70973 spacer


That's the thing lad, the worse they are the more birds like them. It's like dad jokes, but memes. Dad memes.
>> No. 70974 Auntiefucker
23rd May 2022
Monday 12:52 am
70974 spacer


>> No. 70975 Anonymous
23rd May 2022
Monday 5:20 pm
70975 spacer
What is this shite?
>> No. 70976 Searchfag
23rd May 2022
Monday 5:24 pm
70976 spacer

Read the OP.
>> No. 70977 Samefag
23rd May 2022
Monday 5:33 pm
70977 spacer
Refer to dogs as 'doggos' or 'puppers', that always goes down a treat with basic bitches.
>> No. 70979 YubYub
23rd May 2022
Monday 8:37 pm
70979 spacer

andy's mum's toys.jpg
chronic masturbator boy here again. If you do that, I hope they give you monkeypox. Even I have standards.
>> No. 70981 Searchfag
23rd May 2022
Monday 9:32 pm
70981 spacer

The bane of social anxiety.
>> No. 70982 YubYub
23rd May 2022
Monday 9:33 pm
70982 spacer

And you'll stay chaste with those kind of standards.
>> No. 70983 YubYub
23rd May 2022
Monday 9:41 pm
70983 spacer


A bit gynocentric, that website, but the article raises a few fair points.
>> No. 70984 Anonymous
23rd May 2022
Monday 9:47 pm
70984 spacer

A reverse search shows that image exclusively on ifunny, funnyjunk, kiwifarms and /pol.
>> No. 70985 Moralfag
23rd May 2022
Monday 9:48 pm
70985 spacer
>> No. 70986 Crabkiller
23rd May 2022
Monday 10:00 pm
70986 spacer
It's from Tumblr, if you'd spent a few more seconds in detective mode you'd see the ifunny catches the top of a post.
>> No. 70987 Moralfag
23rd May 2022
Monday 10:04 pm
70987 spacer
I think I did recommend Logan Ury's book a couple months back that actually addresses that first point about being a maximiser. Why can neither of you two do as your told?
>> No. 70988 Anonymous
23rd May 2022
Monday 10:36 pm
70988 spacer

i think i wuold like to be single forever, honestly, but women just can't get enough of my cock.

no sooner have i set up a date with the mexican girl, the czech one is back on the radar now asking me to come stay over the jubilee weekend. i was hoping to go for a nice walk in the peak district on my own but instead i'll probably be off my tits on md rutting her like a rabid fox humping a dead badger.

i had started to consider posh english girl from a while back a cold case, but she started sending me photos of the sunset out of nowhere and is coming back soon. i was just going to settle in and catch up on the films i've missed, but instead i'm going to have to swot up on bronte and austen to figure out how I make her flaps soggy.

it's all so distracting, how do i learn to be an chronic masturbator?
>> No. 70989 Billbob
23rd May 2022
Monday 10:40 pm
70989 spacer

Standards are relative and are really only an impediment if you are trying to punch above your weight. Lads who try and fail are often entirely oblivious to the fact that women have standards too, as well they should, and that they're not just going to go for a git like you who doesn't measure up, just because you fancy them.

I don't normally like the phrase that much that women owe you nothing, but in this case, well, they really do not.

And if as a lad you don't like your lot in life, then it's up to you to change and become a more attractive person (within your possibilities).
>> No. 70992 Crabkiller
26th May 2022
Thursday 8:35 pm
70992 spacer

I had an idea. I would go through Facebook and pick my favourite "Suggested for You" filler shite, because this will surely be the perfect image for this thread.

It might not have been.
>> No. 70993 Auntiefucker
26th May 2022
Thursday 9:36 pm
70993 spacer
Heil allow it.
>> No. 70994 Paedofag
26th May 2022
Thursday 9:52 pm
70994 spacer
I was buying some Puma trainers a couple of weeks ago and looking into the story behind their "Rudolph Kessler tribute" shoes was very interesting.
>> No. 70995 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 11:51 pm
70995 spacer
It's also seemingly vitally important to regularly announce that you have lots of unread books, but will - gasp! - buy more books anyway. Yes, that's the whole joke, every time.
>> No. 70996 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 11:56 pm
70996 spacer
I have lots of unread books and have stopped buying books. I hope you enjoyed my fresh twist on the formula.
>> No. 70997 Are Moaty
27th May 2022
Friday 12:12 am
70997 spacer
I for one, do not own a Kindle.
>> No. 70998 Paedofag
27th May 2022
Friday 12:49 am
70998 spacer
I've owned 2 or 3 kindles, but sold them every time because I never use them and can't abide all the Amazon advertising that they forcefeed you.

I treat myself to a ReMarkable tablet for taking notes at work, and find that it handles PDFs better than any Kindle, not least because it's substantially bigger. Now it has support for all the major cloud providers, so I just yank PDFs from my online storage and read from there.

That said, I am still amassing physical books even though I've got absolutely loads that I haven't read, what am I like?
>> No. 70999 R4GE
27th May 2022
Friday 6:48 am
70999 spacer

It's a weird one - Rudolf and Adolf Dassler were both fairly keen Nazis, but they also sponsored Jesse Owens and Tommie Smith.
>> No. 71000 Crabkiller
27th May 2022
Friday 11:49 am
71000 spacer


Or look at Hugo Boss. He joined the NSDAP quite early on and his company made the bulk of all Nazi uniforms.
>> No. 71001 YubYub
27th May 2022
Friday 12:11 pm
71001 spacer
The kindle app for iPad doesn't have ads, because they aren't allowed to sell kindle books on there.
>> No. 71002 Anonymous
27th May 2022
Friday 12:41 pm
71002 spacer


Hugo Boss was a straightforward Nazi, but the Dassler brothers were Nazis who played a supporting role in the black power movement. Maybe they just didn't give a toss as long as they could flog trainers.
>> No. 71003 Searchfag
27th May 2022
Friday 12:49 pm
71003 spacer
>Rudolf and Adolf Dassler were both fairly keen Nazis, but they also sponsored Jesse Owens and Tommie Smith.
People who sponsor race horses probably don't overlap much with people who want horses to have human rights.
>> No. 71004 Samefag
27th May 2022
Friday 12:56 pm
71004 spacer


Bit akin to having that one token black friend.
>> No. 71005 Moralfag
27th May 2022
Friday 1:36 pm
71005 spacer
Hitler gave Jesse Ownes a congratulatory Nazi wave after he won his medals, which is far more recongition than he got from his own president. Owens also said that he got the greatest ovations of his career in Berlin.

A lot of Nazis seemed to be down with the brown. "Real recognise real" as the saying goes.
>> No. 71015 Billbob
30th May 2022
Monday 3:29 pm
71015 spacer
Pay an extra tenner and the advertising goes away.

Interested you have a Remarkable though - I like the look of those very much. Has it been as good as they look?
>> No. 71016 Moralfag
31st May 2022
Tuesday 8:19 pm
71016 spacer

This was "Suggested for you" by a Facebook group called The Vintage News. I mention this purely so I will know why if I get recommended thousands more posts from that group now.
>> No. 71017 Anonymous
31st May 2022
Tuesday 10:37 pm
71017 spacer

It's no wonder facebook is losing members.

In the younger generation, it's generally avoided nowadays because it's "full of mums and paedos".
>> No. 71018 Searchfag
31st May 2022
Tuesday 10:41 pm
71018 spacer
I don't think that's a new thing. My girlfriend worked in a school about 8/9 years ago and even then it was only the low ability kids who used it.
>> No. 71019 Are Moaty
31st May 2022
Tuesday 11:21 pm
71019 spacer


>> No. 71020 Paedofag
31st May 2022
Tuesday 11:51 pm
71020 spacer

Facebook is weird in that I think everyone has it, but most people don't use it. It has the legacy advantage of the bygone time where it was THE social media, between about 2008-2012ish, but nowadays everyone uses Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok. I have a Facebook but I don't have any of those others.

It's also interesting in terms of how people do use it, if they do- I've got like 120 "friends" on there, but if I scroll through it I only see a dozen or so people actually posting. The people who do use it use it constantly, everyone else just passively comments every so often, or trolls on groups. The people who do post only post memes or pictures of their new vinyls or something like that, the whole "post pictures and statuses of what you're up to each day" way of using it has dropped entirely out of fashion.

I feel like people are highly alienated nowadays because we all figured out that social media is dogshit, but by the time we realised, the damage was already done, and we never went back to the old way of doing things.
>> No. 71021 Crabkiller
1st June 2022
Wednesday 12:24 am
71021 spacer

I stopped using facebook when it started becoming a mere money making machine for Zuckerberg. And it became more true every day that if the product is free, then you are the product. As the saying goes.
>> No. 71022 Auntiefucker
1st June 2022
Wednesday 2:28 am
71022 spacer

i stopped using it when i realised it was shit which was about 4 days after i signed up
>> No. 71023 YubYub
1st June 2022
Wednesday 10:56 am
71023 spacer

It always was shit, but what could you do when 80 percent of your circle of friends were using it for almost everything.
>> No. 71027 R4GE
1st June 2022
Wednesday 1:19 pm
71027 spacer
In my first year of uni (2010), my hallsmates (is that even a word?) made me one because I didn't have it, and I had to assume ownership because everyone would think I was a gay pedo or something if I didn't.

I deleted it about a year later, and ever since I've had nothing. I have a close core group of friends but always wonder if I'd have more right now if I had kept up with it all.
>> No. 71028 Samefag
1st June 2022
Wednesday 1:42 pm
71028 spacer

Lanlord Meetup.png
It's very useful for organising events and generally keeping in touch with people that life puts distance between, which if we're being charitable does make it a very good tool as you get older.

I bet the young people these days will have a worse time as they get older. You can't organise a piss-up with a mate from your university days using a tik-tok dance and I refuse to believe anyone actually enjoys doing audio/video-notes rather than typing over text despite that apparently being all the rage with the 20-somethings these days.
>> No. 71031 Billbob
1st June 2022
Wednesday 2:29 pm
71031 spacer
>You can't organise a piss-up with a mate from your university days using a tik-tok dance
Bees can.
>> No. 71184 YubYub
4th July 2022
Monday 7:40 pm
71184 spacer

Saw this and thought of you two x
>> No. 71185 R4GE
4th July 2022
Monday 8:56 pm
71185 spacer
How indeed are you supposed to build a pyramid while someone's giving you head?
>> No. 71186 Ambulancelad
4th July 2022
Monday 9:12 pm
71186 spacer
Your mum can't stop me.
>> No. 71219 Samefag
30th July 2022
Saturday 4:05 pm
71219 spacer


>> No. 71222 Moralfag
30th July 2022
Saturday 8:54 pm
71222 spacer

it's fine m8, the tech companies are all going bust in the upcoming great depression 2: revengeace anyway.

mark zuckerberg is gonna be mark flip-a-burg before long

>> No. 71223 Anonymous
30th July 2022
Saturday 9:01 pm
71223 spacer
I would welcome Mark Zuckerberg becoming Marx Uckerberg as much as the next man, but high streets will die long before people stop inventing phone apps to privatise and monopolise basic social interactions.
>> No. 71224 Are Moaty
2nd August 2022
Tuesday 10:32 pm
71224 spacer

There is university called Keck in America. https://keck.usc.edu/

Remember when Kek was a popular phrase?
>> No. 71226 Samefag
4th August 2022
Thursday 1:01 am
71226 spacer
I recently insisted on sending the "In the Deer 2nite" video to two different women on a night out, and I even asked them afterwards to make sure they'd watched it. They both said they liked it and had not seen it before.

I am now going to send one of them the 10-minute "Amazing Robocop Rap", another favourite YouTube video of mine. If she admits to hating it, that will prove that In the Deer 2nite is a winner. If she claims to enjoy it, then I don't know, because maybe she's just being polite but also maybe she has outstanding taste in YouTube videos.
>> No. 71227 Anonymous
4th August 2022
Thursday 1:03 am
71227 spacer

>I am now going to send one of them the 10-minute "Amazing Robocop Rap", another favourite YouTube video of mine

Why didn't I think of this? that tune is a straight banger. you're certain to sort the wheat from the chaff this way.
>> No. 71233 Crabkiller
5th August 2022
Friday 9:09 am
71233 spacer
She didn't like it.
>> No. 71234 YubYub
5th August 2022
Friday 5:09 pm
71234 spacer

Fuck her then, she has shit taste.
>> No. 71235 Auntiefucker
6th August 2022
Saturday 8:30 pm
71235 spacer


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