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queen caek.jpg
>> No. 71043 Billbob
4th June 2022
Saturday 2:19 pm
71043 spacer
happy jubilee, everyone!
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>> No. 71044 Anonymous
4th June 2022
Saturday 3:02 pm
71044 spacer
That is quite something.
>> No. 71051 Anonymous
4th June 2022
Saturday 11:42 pm
71051 spacer
When all you have is a piping bag, everything looks like scary worm monster. Or however that saying goes.
>> No. 71055 Moralfag
5th June 2022
Sunday 12:18 am
71055 spacer
I'd eat that because it would taste better than a dirty thot sour fish fanny.
>> No. 71056 Moralfag
5th June 2022
Sunday 12:19 am
71056 spacer
I'd eat that because it would taste better than a dirty thot sour fish fanny.
>> No. 71057 Samefag
5th June 2022
Sunday 12:20 am
71057 spacer

Not the worst cake that has ever been attempted.
>> No. 71058 Ambulancelad
5th June 2022
Sunday 12:35 am
71058 spacer

That has genuinely made me sad. Poor little crap Yoda. I think he reminds me of myself in the early 00s - I was dressed in rags and occasionally on fire, but my skin was more yellow than green.
>> No. 71059 Ambulancelad
5th June 2022
Sunday 12:46 am
71059 spacer
The problem is, it's not his fault. Someone worked very hard to make that cake; I couldn't make a Yoda cake anywhere near that good. And when we point out it looks like a deleted clip from one of those Donkey Sanctuary adverts, we're not just bullying the Apu Apustaja Yoda, but also the well-intentioned and loving mother who made a cake for her child despite lacking any aptitude whatsoever for such things.
>> No. 71060 Samefag
5th June 2022
Sunday 2:13 am
71060 spacer

If the Queen last 10 more years then she gets an oak jubilee.
>> No. 71063 Billbob
5th June 2022
Sunday 10:21 am
71063 spacer

>> No. 71064 Searchfag
5th June 2022
Sunday 10:50 am
71064 spacer

Is this your way of telling us that you gave her maj a beefy poz load? Because I'm pretty sure that's high treason.
>> No. 71065 Moralfag
5th June 2022
Sunday 11:18 am
71065 spacer

No, but it would have been interesting if they'd played this song at the Jubilee concert.
>> No. 71066 Billbob
5th June 2022
Sunday 11:31 am
71066 spacer
There's not enough adrenochrome in the world.
>> No. 71067 Moralfag
5th June 2022
Sunday 1:37 pm
71067 spacer
How many jubilees are there? I had assumed they had just invented the Platinum Jubilee when they realised she was going to have one. And it's 70 years; surely there should be a 75-year jubilee too? The Queen would be 101 then, and that's how long her mother lived so you never know. But is there, like, a 100-year jubilee? It'll probably never happen so there's no point in having one, but if some African Swazilander becomes king aged 2 1/2, then lives to be 103, they might need one then. Is the material/metal/mineral planned in advance?
>> No. 71068 Are Moaty
5th June 2022
Sunday 2:12 pm
71068 spacer

There isn't much hope of getting many jubilees out of ARE Charles, so just enjoy this while it lasts.
>> No. 71069 Anonymous
5th June 2022
Sunday 3:15 pm
71069 spacer
It follows wedding anniversaries - I guess because we're all supposed to be married to her or something equally gay.

The wine jubilee in 15 years sounds alright but I'm not sure on granite in 20. If we're at the point of erecting obelisks then it really might be time to abdicate.
>> No. 71070 Moralfag
5th June 2022
Sunday 3:43 pm
71070 spacer
He's 73, so if the Queen dies tomorrow and Prince Charles lives to 98, we could get a Silver Jubilee out of him. But I'd rather that didn't happen; it would cheapen the concept of a jubilee for a man of his age to still get one. Hopefully not every Royal for the rest of time will live past 95; it's already getting a bit predictable.
>> No. 71071 Billbob
5th June 2022
Sunday 4:11 pm
71071 spacer

Maybe the best thing would really be for Charles to pass on the throne and let William succeed ARE Liz. He's not even 40, so we could see a gold jubilee with him if he takes after his nan.
>> No. 71072 Are Moaty
5th June 2022
Sunday 4:23 pm
71072 spacer
I'm not too keen on King Dick, not because he's bald but because I'm not sure there's a real person under there aside from his impeccable taste in a wife.
>> No. 71073 Billbob
5th June 2022
Sunday 4:56 pm
71073 spacer

>aside from his impeccable taste in a wife

Anybody has impeccable taste in women when put next to Harry.

And I'm not racist but I really don't mean Meghan's ethnicity, at all, but the fact that she is a spoiled, self-important Murrikin bint with no regard for the culture she has married into.
>> No. 71074 YubYub
5th June 2022
Sunday 6:07 pm
71074 spacer
Harry is one of my favourite royals. Meghan, however, is both the bad kind of SJW and an extreme media luvvie. I don't know what her fanny can do that would make Harry choose her over literally being a prince, but it must be something absolutely astonishing. I'm talking "a bumhole on the front" or better.
>> No. 71075 Billbob
5th June 2022
Sunday 8:02 pm
71075 spacer
> an extreme media luvvie
Mate you have a "favourite royal" you don't get to criticise anyone for appearing in the media. Your preference for bumholes to vaginas doesn't seem relevant either.
>> No. 71076 Auntiefucker
5th June 2022
Sunday 8:04 pm
71076 spacer
Sorry, Meghan. You also give your kids stupid names.
>> No. 71077 Anonymous
5th June 2022
Sunday 8:25 pm
71077 spacer
>favourite royal
Tosser spotted.
>> No. 71078 R4GE
5th June 2022
Sunday 8:51 pm
71078 spacer

Giving the general impression you're envious of her marriage to Harry.
>> No. 71090 Ambulancelad
6th June 2022
Monday 10:00 pm
71090 spacer

Remember that time he dressed up as a Nazi for that party?

so does she.

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