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>> No. 71123 Moralfag
22nd June 2022
Wednesday 2:40 pm
71123 spacer
Should AI have a chance to become PM? Would it be beneficial for good governance?
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>> No. 71124 Moralfag
22nd June 2022
Wednesday 2:43 pm
71124 spacer
Well it's not a person, so no. Not that I don't think even a confused border terrier wouldn't make a better PM than our present one, but I don't want to give the Tories the race to the bottom they so desperately want.
>> No. 71125 YubYub
22nd June 2022
Wednesday 4:30 pm
71125 spacer

Democracy is an over-idealised dead end, and we would be better off ruled by technocratic management software programmed to allocate resources and maintain infrastructure based on deep learning algorithms designed to predictively model the best net outcomes for all people, independent of ideological motivations, regardless of social class, race or gender.

Some people might not like it, but fuck them, but we can send them to live in Australia or something where they can have all the twitter arguments they want and enjoy living under shite incompetent human governments who don't do anything, while the rest of us transcend to a higher plane of unity and scientific advancement.
>> No. 71126 Anonymous
22nd June 2022
Wednesday 4:58 pm
71126 spacer
AI is shit too. We should just alternate between governments. Let them take it in turns. They won't implement foolish populist bollocks because they don't need to win votes, and they won't turn massively corrupt because they will spend half the time in opposition. And because they know they will win the next "election" each time, they can plan what to do when they are in power.

We could even have a method like the Conservative Party has for its MPs now, where everyone submits letters asking for the other party to take over, and if more than a certain percentage of the country does so, then the changeover happens earlier. But that might be democracy then and all my brilliant plans would be ruined.
>> No. 71129 Anonymous
22nd June 2022
Wednesday 8:23 pm
71129 spacer
I wish Raab would follow Dorries' lead and whore himself on a competitive TV show. The Krauts already have a template that won't require much translation: Schlag den Raab. It might take fewer than six episodes to find out if he's actually good at anything except being a fucking mong though.
>> No. 71131 Paedofag
22nd June 2022
Wednesday 10:35 pm
71131 spacer
The older I get the more in favour I am of sortition. Which, I will add, is what Athenians originally meant by democracy given all candidates are equal as opposed to the corrupt oligarchy that arises with voting.

Give us a driving interest in making every citizen aware of and capable of participating in the system, officials with real skin in the game of what happens to the rest of the population. Or at the very least the candidates we deserve who will hang all the paedophiles, make the anniversary of Dianna's death a national holiday and have political pundits turn to reading entrails to divine the future makeup of government.

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