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>> No. 12500 Anonymous
8th August 2018
Wednesday 12:21 am
12500 Probation
My contract states that during the 6 month probation period my employer can give me a week's notice. Under a different clause, it's stated that I must give a month's notice - regardless of whether I'm on probation or not.

At my previous place, during probation, it was a week each. Is this imbalance (my month's notice to my employer's week) unusual?
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>> No. 12501 Anonymous
8th August 2018
Wednesday 12:25 am
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>> No. 12502 Anonymous
8th August 2018
Wednesday 1:48 am
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Not really - during a lot of jobs I have had, during probation you waive a lot of rights or don't get full benefits.
>> No. 12504 Anonymous
8th August 2018
Wednesday 5:23 am
12504 spacer
It's not particularly unusual, no.
More typically it would be one week each way, but I've definitely seen the setup you're describing and it is not uncommon.

It's worth noting that they almost certainly wouldn't actually make you work a month if you handed your notice in, I'm quite sure you could successfully convince them that it's not a good idea to keep you working at a job you're no longer interested in for an entire four weeks. Though that'd depend on the job in question, I suppose. I'm assuming entry level, forgive me if it's not.
>> No. 12509 Anonymous
8th August 2018
Wednesday 7:48 pm
12509 spacer
I have to give three months notice, and my employer only has to give one :(
>> No. 12510 Anonymous
8th August 2018
Wednesday 8:33 pm
12510 spacer
> I have to give three months notice

I've never understood this, surely no one wants a malingerer or, worse, an agitator hanging around the office. Just stop showing up. What are they going to do, fire you?

This is why gardening leave was invented ffs.
>> No. 12511 Anonymous
8th August 2018
Wednesday 8:51 pm
12511 spacer
It depends on the job. Apparently in the public sector they try and get as much out of you as possible, so will make you work up until your notice date minus unused leave. Apart from that, it tends to correlate with your ability to do damage. If you're a lowly cog whose best attempt at sabotage is going to be causing every printer on the floor to churn out the complete works of Shakespeare, they might have fewer qualms about keeping you on for a bit than if their plan of action for after you leave involves your deputy changing all the passwords, revoking and reissuing all the certificates or having a locksmith re-key the entire building.
>> No. 12512 Anonymous
8th August 2018
Wednesday 9:29 pm
12512 spacer
If you haven't been there two years your employer can basically fuck you off whenever they like.
>> No. 12513 Anonymous
8th August 2018
Wednesday 10:00 pm
12513 spacer
On this subject, I find myself in the position mentioned above where I've worked myself too surely into a job with no possibility of promotion or upward movement. Consequently I have secured an interview in another department with much better hours and better pay that I feel very confident about getting, but want to ensure that my current manager finds out absolutely nothing about it until I get the written offer sent to me and have handed in my notice. Would it be a bad idea to book all of my remaining annual leave so I have to work very little of my notice period and leave my old team with absolutely no one that knows how to use the software as well as I do so that whoever they find as my replacement finally demonstrates to them my worth? It feels like cheap revenge, and there's a very slim possibility I may want to move back into that team in the future once I secure a couple of qualifications/relevant experience for a more skilled job. Mostly I'm just narked off that they've squeezed as much out of me for as long as they have, and I kind of want to screw them over a little bit whilst still being thought of well enough to be begged welcomed back. I've even scheduled my interview for when I know my manager takes his lunch, so he won't know that I'm actually not on holiday that day and it's unlikely he'll see me around the building.
>> No. 12515 Anonymous
9th August 2018
Thursday 12:43 am
12515 spacer

Just take the damned holiday.
>> No. 12517 Anonymous
9th August 2018
Thursday 2:30 am
12517 spacer

Nah, just book your holiday. You don't owe them anything and you're playing by the rules. I doubt anyone will even notice what you've done, particularly if they don't know the timeline of this other offer.

Mind you if all you're doing is essentially transferring to another department, why do you think your manager wouldn't find out about it? And why would you need a notice period to get a different job with the same company?
>> No. 12518 Anonymous
9th August 2018
Thursday 6:55 pm
12518 spacer

And any of that stops you from just not turning up how, exactly?

Or, if you think they're going to sue you over contract law and you were mug enough to sign a contract specifying a three month notice period, turning up and putting your feet on the desk and farting like a complete cunt every minute or so while playing angry birds on your phone, taking half hour fag breaks every 15 minutes and a three hour lunch every day, from which you come back smelling of cheap whores' perfume and stale Stella? They'll soon ask you to just stop coming in.
>> No. 12522 Anonymous
11th August 2018
Saturday 1:57 pm
12522 spacer
You still need to work notice periods even transferring between departments. I know this, as that's how I transferred into this job. I also know exactly who will be interviewing me, and how sodding lazy they are about actually pursuing references. Typing it all out made me realise that if I did try to leave them in the lurch it would just be an attempt at cheap revenge, which might not stand me in the best stead for ever going back at a later date. I think I will still book the holiday, but make up some shit about my parents taking me to Italy for a long-overdue summer break (which, actually, they have offered to do) and act like I'm sorry I'm leaving. Y'know, if I get the job. I really need to get the job. I haven't spoken to anyone else about it in an effort to keep it hush so you two are getting all my pent-up mulling over on the situation, sorry. Thanks.
>> No. 12558 Anonymous
16th August 2018
Thursday 6:22 pm
12558 spacer
An update, for anyone who cares: my current role have just offered me a potential change of contract, offering more hours and more responsibility. Someone has fucking snitched on me, I know it.

Bugger and blast it all.
>> No. 12559 Anonymous
16th August 2018
Thursday 6:24 pm
12559 spacer
Could be worse.
My last employer let me work my full months notice with barely a word to me, then offered me a raise on my very last day.

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