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>> No. 12898 Anonymous
23rd January 2019
Wednesday 3:27 pm
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I haven't had a job since 2005.

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>> No. 12899 Anonymous
23rd January 2019
Wednesday 3:46 pm
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What's your point? You have 15 minutes to turn this into an interesting thread.
>> No. 12900 Anonymous
23rd January 2019
Wednesday 4:02 pm
12900 spacer

I want to get a job but I can't give any references. I don't even have any friends, I've been a recluse for years.

Wat do?
>> No. 12901 Anonymous
23rd January 2019
Wednesday 4:20 pm
12901 spacer

Or what?


Are you on the dole? You might be able to get work experience. Apart from that, if you're able - bodied, try going door to door in an industrial estate, the lads there are helpful and can often direct you towards someone that's looking for work provided you look like you can pull your weight.
>> No. 12902 Anonymous
23rd January 2019
Wednesday 4:30 pm
12902 spacer
>I want to get a job but I can't give any references

Make them up. You worked at Comet, Woolworths, Jessops, HMV, Patisserie Valerie, Carillion, Poundworld, Toys 'R' Us, etc., depending on how far back you need to go. Heck, if you look on Google Street View at the areas of your town at the areas full of restaurants then about half of them will have gone bust since the pictures were taken; you worked as a waiter for one of them.

All that is holding you back is a lack of ambition and creativity.
>> No. 12903 Anonymous
23rd January 2019
Wednesday 4:34 pm
12903 spacer

>Or what?

Probably would have just deleted it.
>> No. 12904 Anonymous
23rd January 2019
Wednesday 4:35 pm
12904 spacer
I've noticed a disturbing trend that everywhere you've ever worked has gone bust shortly afterwards. What's your secret?
>> No. 12905 Anonymous
23rd January 2019
Wednesday 4:41 pm
12905 spacer

Do some voluntary work or ask at the Jobcentre about work placements. It'll help build your confidence, get you back into the habit of working and you'll get a reference. It shouldn't affect your benefits.

There are loads of local organisations who offer back-to-work support programmes for the long term unemployed. You could do a bit of Googling, or ask at the Jobcentre or Citizens Advice.

You might want to consider your education options. If you don't have many qualifications, taking a vocational course at your local FE college might be a good route back into work. A recent qualification on your CV shows employers that you're actually motivated to get back into work, rather than just applying for stuff because the Jobcentre told you to.

Self-employment is also an option worth considering. You can get free mentoring, a loan to cover your start-up costs and claim the New Enterprise Allowance for the first six months.
>> No. 12906 Anonymous
23rd January 2019
Wednesday 4:50 pm
12906 spacer
If you're disabled/mentally ill there are a lot of services which give advice to people with these conditions looking for work. I used a couple last year, and while they were a bit basic for me (I already had a half decent CV with a fair amount of work experience) I can see it would be useful for those who have less experience.
>> No. 12907 Anonymous
23rd January 2019
Wednesday 5:03 pm
12907 spacer
The whole point of work is looking busy rather than actually doing work. Everyone in the finance team at Patisserie Valerie was so good at looking busy rather doing their jobs that they didn't notice there wasn't any money for them to shuffle around and those lovely people at Grant Thornton were so good at pretending to audit that they didn't notice it either.
>> No. 12908 Anonymous
23rd January 2019
Wednesday 8:03 pm
12908 spacer
Offer to do people's gardening, go door to door.

If you can cycle consider deliveroo.

Look on fiverr for things like dog sitting, cat sitting.

Can you play any instruments or know any foreign languages? People are always looking to learn.

These jobs aren't ideal but they're a start.
>> No. 13252 Anonymous
12th September 2019
Thursday 2:06 pm
13252 spacer
>ask at the Jobcentre about work placement

fucking don't lad, its slave labour under a different name. volunteer at a charity. alternatively alot of places don't give two shits about employment.

best advice get on the train if you live somewhere that has one. blah blah blah ticket prices its bullshit. any cunt can find a job in london or brighton or birmingham. so do that and commute.

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