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>> No. 13206 Anonymous
19th July 2019
Friday 6:31 pm
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I'm trying to work out if I should take a 2 year internship that pays what I'm on now and leads to a career with a fair amount of international travel on higher pay. The downside is my current career track is comfortable and interesting work whilst, with an internship, I will be moving around every 6 months in offices that are will bring greater stress and likely duller work.

I can sum it up as the fact that I like my current job but a brighter career could follow if I move. Any advice on how to jump to a decision on this?
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>> No. 13207 Anonymous
19th July 2019
Friday 11:03 pm
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Is the pay between about 30k-35k by any chance?

And yes, think long term mate.
>> No. 13215 Anonymous
21st July 2019
Sunday 12:15 pm
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International travel is not a perk.
>> No. 13216 Anonymous
21st July 2019
Sunday 3:28 pm
13216 spacer
That depends on how you look at it. I worked with a bunch of contractors who were staying in hotels during the week and traveling home for the weekend, and without exception every single one of them was in the loyalty scheme for the hotel they were staying at, racking up points and earning free nights to use on their holidays.
>> No. 13217 Anonymous
21st July 2019
Sunday 3:52 pm
13217 spacer

That maybe so, but even one flight a week quickly becomes a brutal punishment, even in business class.
>> No. 13218 Anonymous
21st July 2019
Sunday 4:50 pm
13218 spacer

That very much depends on how much you like being at home. I wouldn't recommend it, but some people prefer being a rootless peripatetic.
>> No. 13219 Anonymous
21st July 2019
Sunday 6:10 pm
13219 spacer

I spend most of my time at work too but I'd rather suck my dad off than have to deal with air travel on a regular basis. Even a short flight takes up half your day and it's miserable from start to finish, particularly if your flight isn't entirely full of seasoned flyers.
>> No. 13220 Anonymous
21st July 2019
Sunday 6:23 pm
13220 spacer

It's a typical example of 'it takes just a small amount of people to ruin it for everybody.'

You can have a flight of 99 great flyers, but it takes that cunt who is in and out of the overhead luggage every five seconds, hassling for their meal as if they're special and not sat in cattle class or that one person who thinks their screaming kid is as adorable to everybody else.

Coupled with people who won't stop speaking. Leave me a-fucking lone. I didn't choose to sit next to you, I want to watch films and zone out.
>> No. 13221 Anonymous
22nd July 2019
Monday 9:40 am
13221 spacer
I'd suggest a nice pair of noise-cancelling headphones for anyone going on a plane ever, let alone regularly.
>> No. 13222 Anonymous
22nd July 2019
Monday 6:29 pm
13222 spacer

Butting in here just because my question doesn't deserve its own thread. I've been offered a post in Newport. What's Newport like? I'm concerned that as a post-industrial South Welsh city it'll be an absolute hellhole, but I'd rather have first-hand accounts than my own suspicions.
>> No. 13223 Anonymous
22nd July 2019
Monday 6:32 pm
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>> No. 13224 Anonymous
22nd July 2019
Monday 6:48 pm
13224 spacer
It's a bit shit. Depending on whereabouts your actual job is, it might be commutable from somewhere more civilised like Cardiff. Do not ever, under any circumstances, take the M4 westbound between junctions 24 and 26 with less than three days' worth of rations. The congestion never stops.

Where would you be moving from, and why?
>> No. 13225 Anonymous
22nd July 2019
Monday 6:56 pm
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>> No. 13226 Anonymous
22nd July 2019
Monday 7:03 pm
13226 spacer

I once had to go to Newport on the train for reasons. I'm not saying it's a shit place but I did feel relief wash over me as the train pulled out of the station knowing that I was going home.
>> No. 13227 Anonymous
22nd July 2019
Monday 7:04 pm
13227 spacer
I have that feeling any time I leave the south east.
>> No. 13228 Anonymous
22nd July 2019
Monday 7:10 pm
13228 spacer
Wales, in a nutshell.

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