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>> No. 14114 Anonymous
25th October 2021
Monday 7:14 pm
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Do you lads keep up with news in your industry at all? I feel like a bit of a dipshit as I've missed huge developments in the NHS and private healthcare/research since COVID-19.

Aside from maybe renewing my FT subscription, is there anything else I can do to keep on top of things?
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>> No. 14115 Anonymous
25th October 2021
Monday 7:58 pm
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What I do is when I'm slacking off at work I go and waste time on the internet. I'm guilty of posting here now that I work from home but in the beforetime I would browse industry websites and various philosophical think pieces about life that I could get away with at work.

I don't see why FT would give you this, do they have a section on it?
>> No. 14116 Anonymous
25th October 2021
Monday 8:43 pm
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My work is very weird, in that it seems to be being run with the explicit aim of making sure nobody ever has to do any work. I come here to complain about the twats who do nothing quite often, but whenever I'm busy, this seems to be a great affront to the corporate philosophy, like I'm not supposed to be doing anything either. Anyway, I have a lot of free time when I'm sitting at a desk doing IT support, and once I've read all the worthwhile stories on the BBC website, I will then migrate to theregister.com, which has news from the IT world. And that's all I really do, industry-wise. They don't want me going to trade shows and things, because then I wouldn't be at work, playing the glorified receptionist and surreptitiously looking at britfa.gs on my phone.

There are probably people on Twitter you could follow who would keep you abreast of NHS developments, but if you're a brain surgeon or something, I think you just have to read real research and you'll know better than me where they keep that stuff.
>> No. 14117 Anonymous
25th October 2021
Monday 9:28 pm
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If there's some kind of professional registration for your workplace, they'll usually have newsletters and what have you. the IBMS send out a magazine every month to registered scientists.

Also your boss probably gets a shitload of junk-mail magazines that are intended to flog new equipment, but they do have useful things in sometimes, so ask him to pass them on to you instead of putting them straight in the bin.

But overall I don't think you need to bother unless you've got designs on being some kind of top manager exec type who makes decisions and all that. Personally I couldn't give a fuck, I just want to get paid.

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